Car Cane Review

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What is Car Cane

As per the infomercial it is a portable handle that locks into a door latch of any car easily to provide support while getting in and out of the car with ease. It is perfect for people suffering from back and knee pain who face lot of problems while getting in and out without support.



The Car Cane is not the only car assist bar available in the market. There is a far better products like “Able Life Auto Assist Grab Bar” which supports up-to 500 lbs of user weight and there is also “Stander HandyBar” at, they have been in the market for quiet long and have fairly good reviews and ratings at Here is a comparison between Car Cane and Handybar.

Car Cane is NOT ROBUST – Pamela in her Car Cane reviews complains she is disappointed to find robust aluminum head attached to a cheap and flimsy plastic handle. She further complains in her Car Cane review that the big square aluminum head immediately tapers down into a thin handle it is fixed to the handle very superficially and there are only 3 tiny screws that secure the massive head into the low-quality handle.

Car Cane Wobbles – Paul says in his car cane review that the tool gets the job done fairly well but it does not fit snugly enough and wobbles. This can cause a frail and unstable person to fall and can cause injury.

Check it regularly – Nilesh Patel brought the Car Cane tool for his 90 year old father. In his Car Cane review Patel mentions he is fairly satisfied with the assist tool BUT, is worried about the durability of the product and the consequences when the tool gives in. Patel says in his Car Cane review that his father has been using the tool for a couple of months and it has helped him in exiting the vehicle, however he is not satisfied with the quality of the tool, it is poorly made and is lightweight. His father weighs 200 lbs + and it makes him wonder for how long the Car Cane tool is going to bear the stress and force put on it. The worst part is, Patel says in his Car Cane review that the assist tool is going to give in at the moment when the safety and control of the person using it is completely dependent on the Car Cane tool. He tells to check for any tell-tale signs of the tool wearing out.

Not much useful as a Window Breaker – Harry sheds some light on other aspect of the Car Cane assist tool. In his Car Cane review Harry explains that the tool is so lightweight and flimsy that he wonders how effective it is going to be if someone has to use it to break open the windows of the car.

Max User-weight is misleading – Meg in her Car Cane review says that the the Car Cane’s claim that it can sustain user-weight of 350 lbs, Meg thinks it may hold true to the aluminium head but the handle certainly does not look strong enough to sustain that weight. Also according to her the claim that Car Cane supports 350 lbs of user-weight is misleading as a 150 lbs person can easily exert 350 lbs of pressure and more while getting out of the car. Also Car Cane is unusable on Cars from the late 80s and 90s.

Not very useful – Susan in her Car Cane review says the Car Cane will not assist a handicapped person to enter or leave a vehicle. When inserted, unit points downward at such an angle that one could easily slip off the assist device. Light would not work on my unit or when it finally did work it did so periodically.

Not for SUV – Jeffery in his Car Cane reviews says Car Cane is pretty much worthless if you have an SUV as the latch on this car is too low for Car Cane to be of any help.

Good Idea but Poorly Made – Rick says in his Car Cane review that he has owned the Car Cane for just over a month and aluminum head that fits into the car door latch is already coming out confirming Pamela’s doubt above. He further says the Car Cane idea seems to be a good but very poorly executed.

Inconvenient to use – Cathy complains in her review that the Car Cane was not much of a help for her son who is on the wheelchair. She says it is awkward to use for right handed people especially when getting inside the car. She says her son couldn’t use it effectively with the left hand and seemed like on the wrong side.

Limited use – Car Cane will not work for cars that don’t have latch in the door frame especially on older car door latches that don’t have the loop and have a post instead.

Back-ordered – Many customers who have ordered the Car Cane have not received the product even after 2 months.

May not be made in the USA, could be MADE IN CHINA.

Buy at – Many customers who reviewed the Car Cane have complained that Car Cane shipping is expensive at $7.00 the product is available at for $25.00 with free shipping. Also returning the product in case you don’t like it is hassle-free at than at the official TV site where you have to pay for the shipping.

Does Car Cane work?

Yes it will work on most of the modern cars. But be careful the Car Cane will not work exactly as shown on the TV. It does not fit securely and steadily in the lock and comes out easily. Because Car Cane is designed as an universal device it wobbles back and forth when you use it but does the job. The Car Cane works fine if you just push it down on the lock and not leave it loose, BEWARE Car Cane will disengage if a little bit of pressure is applied upwards. Car Cane may not be very useful for people who need to get out from the car to the wheel chair and vice versa.

Should I buy Car Cane?

We recommend this product, it is a good buy especially if you don’t buy from the official website and buy it at instead. The Car Cane is designed for “universal use” so it will not work 100% efficiently with all the cars, but it will come in handy. You might also want to read more Car Cane reviews before buying this product.

A Cane for car users

Car Cane declares to be very helpful for people who generally have a difficult time getting in and out of the car. Although at this point of time there are no Car Cane reviews available to support its claims. Car Cane promises to provide amazing support that people miss or may have to depend on others for. How good it is at providing support? Car Cane reviews will expose the truth soon. Car Cane guarantees to help everyone because of its simplistic and smart design but we will come to know more of it once we analyze the Car Cane reviews.

Heavy-duty construction

Car Cane states to be made keeping in mind that a person will put all their weight on it in order to get up or get inside the car seat. Nothing can be believed as per Car Cane claims since there are it is yet to be reviewed by users. Car Cane asserts to be forged from steel that is constructed with a capacity to support an amazing amount of 350 lbs. weight. Can Car Cane really be this sturdy? Car Cane reviews will soon expose the truth. Apart from the steel frame the construct comes with a grip cover that lets anyone grip to Car Cane easily. Car Cane alleges to be strong and yet so compact that it can easily be stowed away in the glove box. Such fanciful claims of Car Cane will be attested only once users review it.

Easy to use

Car Cane states to be very easy when it comes to functioning. To begin using Car Cane one needs to simply fix it in the door latch after opening it up where it snaps and locks itself. There are no Car Cane reviews that substantiate claims of such easy usage of Car Cane. Car Cane asserts to be designed to fix in any type standard door lock hence it is universal in nature. It is quite promising but we will need to wait for Car Cane reviews to believe it. Additionally, Car Cane convinces its functionality at night with the help of built-in flash light that consists of super-bright LEDs that can last 100,000 hours. Currently Car Cane promises are not verified due to lack of Car Cane reviews. Car Cane alleges to be great for people suffering from back pain, knee pain or hip pain. It also can be really good for people who drive SUVs and for times when the exterior surrounding is slippery. The compactness, sturdiness and effectiveness of Car Cane is definitely promising and quite unique; But can it really stand the test of real users? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

You will get one Car Cane and a Swivel Seat for $19.95 + $13.9 S&P.Official website

13 thoughts on “Car Cane Review

  1. I wanted this car cane so much. I did purchase it BUT it does NOT FIT IN MY 2003 MERCEDES BENZ.
    Can I return it and get a refund?
    I bought it through STARCREST CATALOG.

  2. Interesting reading the comments. I am trying to find out why I received a package of two carcanes that arrived in the USPS today – unsolicited! Since my wife has to do all the driving now and I can only go here and there with a walker or risky cane I can’t wait to see to what extent it turns out to be helpful. In the meantime I’m surprised to read in the sparse documentation accompanying the package that they are free althought they mention a P&H charge of a little over $1.00 but they don’t show how they are going to collect it! Got to be some kind of scam but I welcome the pair anyway.

  3. Have had several hip surgeries and have found the carcane to be very helpful. In fact my friend want me to order 2 for her. With all the things it can do I think it s great. Not sure if it will cut the seatbelt very easily, but the light and glass breaker will d the trick. I believe that even the glass breaker can be a good defense tool as well.

  4. My sister ordered the car cane off of tv they gave her debit card number to 4 different companies that hit her bank .she called each one to have it cancelled but they wouldn’t. She had to cancel her bank card .its a ripoff

  5. I own a used car Chevrolet Corsica. It has no latch in the door frame. It has a post instead. Any car cane for that?

  6. I waited 8 full weeks to receive the Car Cane, which was supposed to come with a swivel car seat. I received the Car Cane but no swivel seat and the Car Cane ended up costing me $29.27.

    The way that happened was via a smooth system of deception that amounts to a legally justifiable hustle.

    Stay away from this outfit. They are slick con artists and you’ll end up paying double and waiting months.

    Mike Kessler

  7. I saw an ad on TV today that offered Car Cane at $19.95 plus shipping and handling extra Car Cane included. I was not quick enough to write down the phone number and tried to make the same offer order online without success for the same offer. Is it possible to get this offer online if I order online before the offer expires?

  8. Cool idea, but this doesn’t look like it will work on my older 1967 and1989 GM cars because they have a single post sticking out for the door latch instead of a “loop” in which to insert the Car Cane.

  9. I have been waiting now 5 weeks for it and have called them serveral time just to find out its on back order and I have to wait for another week before they will tell me if I will get it soon or I can cancel my order I do not think they are a reliable company

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