Better View Slanted Seat Cushion

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What is Better View

It is a slanted seat cushion that lifts the driver of any car to a better viewing angle to drive properly and provides comfortable seating too.


Comfortable Driving:

Better View promises to provide ease and comfort when it comes to driving the car. It is a common fact that while driving the position of the seat and the viewing angle matters a lot. Most seats that are designed to fall back towards the inside and can make a driver literally sink in the car seat. Such a position can be really annoying while keeping the eyes on the road and at the same time feel comfortable riding the car. Better View is said to be designed keeping that very idea in mind where a raised and more comfortable angle is provided to the driver to get a safer view.

Ergonomic design:

Better View is supposedly designed keeping in mind the rules of ergonomics because it counters the effect of regular seats and reverses their disadvantage. Regular car seats make the driver sink and as a result there is a lot of strain on the back while driving to keep a steady position that provides with better view of the road. Better View is said to raise the seat in such a way that there is minimal stress on the back while driving. Better View claims to be perfect for the posture due to such an advantage and can lift any worn in and sagging seats without the need to replace them. Also Better View is said to fit for most of the seat types installed in the cars making it a universal solution for easy, comfortable driving.
The material that is used for making Better View is also high quality comfortable one which makes seating for longer hours a relaxing experience especially on longer drives. It is said to have dense memory foam having extra comforting properties which lasts longer than any other regular material. Better View supposedly is easy to assemble and when it comes to cleaning it comes with covers that can be easily washed in the machine. Plus the size of the seat stays unaltered while using it so Better View doesn’t add discomfort to the existing design.


    What do I get ?

  • Buy 2 Better View for $19.95 plus $15.9 P&H.
  • Official website :

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