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What is Armor All Wipes?

Armor All Wipes asserts to consist of wash wipes, wax wipes and tire shine sponges that guarantees to clean, shine and protect the car. It claims to be a breakthrough lift and clean technology and declares to make it easy, comfortable and quick to undertake outside cleaning chores of the car. This claim of the Armor All Wipes will be attested only once users review Armor All Wipes.



Armor All Wipes states that wash wipes are pre-moistened and allow removing soils like dirt, dust, bird droppings, road grime and more. It promises there is no need of water and convinces the extra-large wipes size quickly cover the surface area. It proclaims to enhance the shine of the car with its wax wipes. Wax wipes maintains to protect the car and is easy to use. Does Armor All Wipes really work as promised? send us your Armor All Wipes review.

Completing the trio are the sponges catering to the tire. It emphasizes to improve the shine of tires that well compliments the shine and cleanliness of the car. It alleges to take care of weathered plastic and rubber trim. Armor All Wipes effectively caters to the outside of the car all season. At this point of time there are no Armor All Wipes reviews to verify this claim.


What do I get?
Armor All® Ultra Shine Wash Wipes (12 pack) and Armor All® Ultra Shine Wax Wipes (12 pack) for just $19.95 plus $7.95 processing and handling,Armor All® Tire & Trim Shine Sponges (8 pack) with it.

Armor All Wipes Review

Armor All Wipes review reveals that one wipe effectively cleaned the pollen off the hood of a truck without leaving streaks or smears. However, the packaging was substandard. The taped closure was impossible to reach and had to be ripped up, taped back together and inserted in a baggie. Armor All Wipes are not individual wipes and wouldn’t be very useful on a muddy car but does a good job of cleaning rain spots, dust, and pollen from parking garages.

Armor All Wipes review says that it’s a handy product if one lives in an area with a lot of birds and flying insects.

Armor All Wipes review discloses that it includes 12 extra large wipes the size of a hand towel. The re-sealable front is good to keep the towels dry and fresh and to remove easily. Armor All Wipes smell very good, clean, and fresh.

Armor All Wipes review praises it for working on a big and very dirty SUV and truck after a week of rain and snow storms. Armor All Wipes cleaned all the dirt effectively, leaving a shine on the car and worked well on the inside glass to clean fingerprints. Even though convenient, Armor All Wipes took 45 minutes to clean the entire truck. Armor All Wipes are great for those who live in apartments or don’t have access to a hose or car wash. Armor All Wipes review also adds they’re a little wet and streak initially when the wipes are drier if you don’t go over the area. They also leave lint like car towels. Armor All Wipes take a lot of time and 8 of 12 wipes to clean bigger cars just once; they are useful for spot wipes and impractical for a complete cleaning.

Armor All Wipes review states that because the package is re-sealable, and the remaining wipes don’t dry out. The wipes quickly clog with dirt and need to be put aside to use a new one. It took seven wipes from Armor All Wipes package to clean a mid-sized car. One needs to go over every inch of the car, and needs redoing of areas smeared with dirty wipes. Armor All Wipes are no substitutes for car wash.

Armor All Wipes review calls it impractical way to wash the whole car. On a car that’s been taken out on a dirt road uses up all 12 wipes in a package. Armor All Wipes works great for areas that a car wash misses.

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