Sparkleez Review

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What is Sparkleez

It claims to be a set of figurines that are shiny and can be colored easily with the accompanied markers easily to create a unique blend of design out of them. These figurines can be colored over and over and brought to life by the children’s imagination.


A tiny, shiny world

Sparkleez promises to be an amazing set of shiny figurine toys that give the kids a choice to color them and customize them as per their imagination. At this point of time there are no Sparkleez reviews available that can back its claims. Most toys today are pretty boring and kids start to lose interest in them very easily. Sparkleez alleges to engage them for hours and keep doing so in a very constructive manner. Sparkleez states to be a shiny set of figurines that come with village set with a story set in a Twinkle Town all set and ready to color. Sparkleez surely sounds very promising for kids but to verify its claims we will need to wait for Sparkleez reviews.

Coloryour imagination

Sparkleez asserts to come in Twinkle Town Tree and Princess Petal and her friends set where all of them come in just silver hue with no other color. It provides a range of colors that children can use to fill them up with. All such fancy claims by Sparkleez will be validated only once we analyze the user reviews. Sparkleez assures that children can make these figurines their own by coloring them with different options and style using the 5 magic wand markers. Sparkleez asserts to have these markers easily changeable if there is a mistake or if the child wants to color it over and over again using the magic eraser wand. Sparkleez convinces to be clearly a great way of providing kids hours of fun and can be perfect for them to open their mind. Can Sparkleez really provide such an activity for kids and never bore them out? Send us your Sparkleezreviews.

Features and benefits

Sparkleez guarantees to fascinate any kid easily and can be a great activity for birthday parties, a sleepover party and more. It is very difficult to believe Sparkleez’s claims as it is yet to be reviewed. Sparkleez promises to have an array of cute characters and colorful options that will never run out. The coloring part only helps enhance the child’s imagination and can engage them into a fruitful activity as opposed to watching television or playing video games. Sparkleez also states to be a great display piece that can be used to showcase the skills of kid to add to their pride. Sparkleez surely seeks attention but its capabilities as a fun activity will be confirmed once users review it.

What do I get?

You get Sparkleez Twinkle Town Tree Set and Sparkleez Snowberg Ice Cave for $19.99 + $7.99 P&H.Official website

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