Skinsafe Scissors

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What is Skinsafe Scissors?

Scissors need to be sharp in order to cut anything but if your children use these sharp scissors it can prove to be very dangerous. Regular scissors can’t be used by everyone, especially children because they could hurt themselves. Here’s introducing an incredibly safe to use scissors, the Skinsafe Scissors. Skinsafe Scissors is an innovative and versatile cutting tool designed to cut everything else but your fingers. You are sure to love the safety the Skinsafe Scissors delivers. It is the most practical solution for families of young children, and for everyone else!


How does Skinsafe Scissors work?

Skinsafe Scissors are designed with a defined angle of the infinity edge ceramic blades. This ensures that the scissors cut everything else but you. The tips of the Skinsafe Scissors are rounded too, so as to prevent piercing. With Skinsafe Scissors your children can carry on doing their craft activities without the fear of being cut.

Ideal for everyone – Skinsafe Scissors are perfect for everyone to use. They are great to use for team trainers, scrapbook makers, dog groomers, and garden lovers! Skinsafe Scissors are so versatile. You can safely use the Skinsafe Scissors to cut everything from thick plastic to fine filament and fishing line because they are guaranteed not to cut your skin! These amazing scissors are sturdy enough for your toolbox and safe enough for your child’s use.

Rust Proof and Anti-Microbial – The best part about the Skinsafe Scissors is that they are rust proof and anti-microbial. Even if you get them dirt, simply rinse them under running water. It’s that easy! The infinity edge ceramic blades require absolutely no sharpening.

Colors available – You can choose your pair of Skinsafe Scissors from two colors: pink and black. With the Skinsafe Scissors you are guaranteed to change the way you think about scissors.


You get 2 Skinsafe Scissors for $10 + $9.90 S/h at the Official website | Order the revolutionary safe to use Skinsafe Scissors in black or pink today!

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