Silhouette Mint Review

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What is Silhouette Mint

As per the infomercial it is an innovative and powerful way of creating customized stamp right at home. This amazing stamping system has a “thermal printing” ability which creates 3D reliefs of the stamp designs for an amazing effect. Anyone can use it to create numerous designs using the Mint Studio which helps in designing personalized stamps.

Stamping revolutionized

Silhouette Mint proclaims to the next step of evolution when it comes to stamping machines. Silhouette Mint states that one can stamp custom designs in any way possible right at home. Currently there are no Silhouette Mint reviews available that will substantiate with its claims. Silhouette Mint assures to be one of a kind stamping machine that will allow you to do more rather than stick to just limited options which basic machines provide. At this point of time there are no Silhouette Mint reviews available that will attest to its claims.

Innovative machine

Silhouette Mint declares to be next generation stamping machine that comes with custom software that helps in making jaw dropping stamp designs. Although little can be believed on what Silhouette Mint claims since there are no user reviews available at this point of time. Silhouette Mint claims to have a sturdy body and a design slot that prints out the designs from the computer. The stamp kit available with Silhouette Mint is in a variety of 15 mm X 60 mm and 30 mm X 30mm for vivid designs. No claims of Silhouette Mint can be yet proved until we analyze user reviews. Silhouette Mint alleges that it readily connects to a computer and prints the stamp in a very different way over normal methods. Silhouette Mint declares to come with a special “thermal printing” technology that creates 3D reliefs of custom designs that are sent over it to print on Mint Stamp Sheets. Can Silhouette Mint really provide such amazing printing? Send us your Silhouette Mint reviews.

Stamping made easy

Silhouette Mint promises that once the printing is done there is hardly any complex steps left for stamping. All one needs to do is take the Silhouette Mint stamp and ink it with the desired colors with option of black, red, blue and yellow inks. Once applied Silhouette Mint can be used to stamp on anything for as much as 50 times till the ink dries up. To re-apply all one needs to do is apply the ink again over it and they are ready to go. Silhouette Mint does sound very fascinating; user reviews will expose the truth.

Mint studio software

Silhouette Mint emphasizes to be so amazing because of the combination of its printing technology and the power of Silhouette Mint Studio software. Can Silhouette Mint really help in generating great stamps will be verified only once users review it. Silhouette Mint convinces to help turn designs available in the Silhouette Design Store into stamps too. There are about 50 designs in total that are available to access and convert them quickly into stamps. Are these designs attractive? User reviews will soon reveal the facts. Silhouette Mint guarantees that one will never run out of ideas all thanks to the possibility of creating custom stamps using the software. Silhouette Mint states to have the ability to add and create own designs, turn text into a stamp using any font that is available on the computer and even good at importing images in the software. In fact, Silhouette Mint alleges to be so good that one can take a photo and convert it into an amazingly looking stamp to add some dazzle to the design. This way Silhouette Mint promises to provide stamp designing options that is only limited by imagination of the users. Such far-fetched claims about the designing options made by Silhouette Mint are surely fascinating but will be only validated once users review it.

So many uses

Silhouette Mint declares to be the perfect stamping kit that can create amazing stamps by following simple steps of – design it, mint it, ink it and stamp it. Silhouette Mint assures to be perfect for creating stamps customized for kids personalized items, a great way to stamp gift letters, inspiring stamps for giving grades to kids, a great way to say thank you for products sold in a stylish way, which will boost brand value and making invites that will be cherished for years to come. Because there are no Silhouette Mint reviews available currently it is difficult to accept everything that is claimed by it.

What do I get?

You get Silhouette Mint for $129.99.Official website

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