Silhouette Curio Review

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What is Silhouette Curio

It claims to be a DIY machine that is designed to single-handedly perform many jobs. It is very different from regular die cut machines as it has provision to perform five attractive options like a Swiss army knife. It has the capability to Cut, Sketch, Emboss, Stipple and Etch on most surfaces.

Best DIY machine

Silhouette Curio claims to be the best of DIY machines that are available today for creative people. Although at this point of time there are no Silhouette Curio reviews available that will attest to its claims. Silhouette Curio states to be perfect for various types of jobs and is not constrained to only paper sheets or thin leather materials but can perform well on thicker and vivid number of surfaces. Silhouette Curio proclaims that it is basically engineered with precision to provide a cutting edge innovation in the field of creativity. This way it enhances the ability of users to do more and perform at their creative best. Can Silhouette Curio really provide so many functions? Silhouette Curio reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Multiple functions

Silhouette Curio asserts to be one of the rarest machines that provide a total of five options to the users which include the possibility of cutting, sketching, stippling, etching and embossing. Such far-fetched claims by Silhouette Curio will be only verified once we analyze user reviews. Silhouette Curio assures that even under embossing it provides three distinct types – Path Emboss, Score & Emboss and Print & Emboss. All these three different styles are distinct and provide a refreshing output. All said and done, we cannot believe upon everything that Silhouette Curio claims until we receive user reviews to back it. Silhouette Curio maintains to be equipped with high precision blade that cuts deep and is the most versatile cutting machine till date. The sketching can be done with multiple colors, plus the embossing can give a nice faux-letterpress effect on cards, business cards, invites, etc., stippling helps in creating amazing patterns and etching helps in laying out amazing designs for customized jewelry, charms, home décor and much more. How well these functions work with Silhouette Curio will be validated once we get to read user reviews.

Silhouette Curio declares to be even good at multi-tasking since it has dual carriage which can be used to mix and match different blades, pens and specialty tools to perform multiple functions together. This means one can easily emboss while sketching or cutting at the same given time. Silhouette Curio does sound fascinating; user reviews will expose the truth.

Works on many materials

Silhouette Curio emphasizes to relieve the users from the problems of limited choice when it comes to material. In fact Silhouette Curio comes with the ability to cut up to 2mm thick materials easily with its deep-cut blade. This particular blade is made from sintered tungsten allow with super fine powder that makes it durable and stay sharp for many uses. Silhouette Curio promises to have an innovative design that comprises of thicker clearance that lets the user utilize complete new pallets for their projects. The option of having removing or adding platforms help in accommodating lot of various materials. It lets work happen on wood, foils, leather, foam and even metal sheets. Such fancy claims made by Silhouette Curio will be only substantiated once it is reviewed by genuine users.

Design store

Silhouette Curio guarantees to help in creating amazing designs and support the ideas of every artistic mind. Silhouette Curio alleges to be driven by Silhouette Studio software and the Silhouette Design Store. Is this a good feature available with Silhouette Curio will be confirmed with user reviews. This particular feature will help in literally unlocking the power of Silhouette Curio and make every design the library available to perform emboss, stipple or etching jobs. Silhouette Curio convinces to be the only machine that has the provision to unlock the embossing, stippling and etching with dual carriage options with help of the Studio software. Such fancy claims made by Silhouette Curio sure sounds very promising but we will know if they are true only once we analyze user reviews. Multiple functions can be performed using Silhouette Curio as it alleges to come with a cutting force of 210 grams and the ability to work on project for a large size of 8.5 inches by 12 inches. Silhouette Curio also states to perform better with different cutting mat and embossing mat. Can Silhouette Curio deliver on its promises? Send us your Silhouette Curio reviews.

What do I get?

You get Silhouette Curio for $249.99.Official website


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  1. How is this a review. All you did was re-write Silhouettes own product description with the phrase “Silhouette Claims” added. You suck. I hate baiting predator websites like this.Total Crap!

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