Imagipen REVIEW

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What is Imagipen?

As per the TV infomercial it is a 3D pen that helps in creating breathtaking artworks using gel that converts into solid plastic in merely seconds. Imagipen claims to be a unique artwork designing pen that kids can use to create 3D art with ease.

What does Imagipen claim to do?

3D art with a twist – Imagipen states to have built-in lights that convert the gel that comes out from the pen into solid plastic in seconds. Imagipen assures that it does not need any heat to solidify and is safe to use by children on their own. Such tall claims will be affirmed once users review it.

Unbound imagination – Imagipen proclaims to be an easy to use pen that can create vertical and horizontal artworks and even defies gravity. One can connect multiple 3D artworks made using it and even use it to decorate notebooks, create jewelry and accessorize. Available in two colors – blue and green, Imagipen sounds impressive. We will know more once we receive Imagipen reviews.


Imagipen REVIEW

Elizabeth Owens in her Imagipen review says one of the designs didn’t come out of the template. You also get very little gel with the kit. It takes almost a bottle to make one design and another bottle leaked when squeezing it.

Phyllis Hudson complains in her Imagipen review that the Imagipen kit is very expensive. For the cost of the kit, there should have been more than three tiny bottles of gel. Refill kits are expensive and are hard to find. All you can find are kits with templates. It is difficult to find only the gels. The cost and availability of replacement gels will cause this toy to go in the closet and not be used much. $15-$20 for a kit that has 3 more gels is expensive, especially when it took almost 1 tube of gel to do the turtle. It is not worth the money.

Mia Martinez says they make it look so easy on TV but it is not easy and they don’t send enough plastic liquid. This is a total waste of money.

Carolyn Dixon complains in her review that the mold never hardened even after trying 20 times. This is as cheap as it gets (the quality, not the price). The inks barely made three items (barely). The inks are very hard to squeeze out for 7 year olds and were even hard for the adults. The pictures on the front are very deceiving. The army / castle molds are so ridiculously small. The army men and castle walls were about an inch tall (maybe) and there was no way to assemble the castle walls! Assembling the turtle shell to the body was impossible too!

Paula Goodman who reviewed Imagipen says it is a hard time squeezing the gel from the bottle onto the 3-D molds and once the molds were ready and put to bake they came out still wet and sticky. Putting them in for a total of five more times finally cured them.

Karen Peterson complains Imagipen is very expensive. There is only enough gel to make a couple of things. Not even enough gel to make one of each structure in the kit. The gel tubes are hard to squeeze. After putting it in the oven it was impossible to get the structure out of the mould.

Elaine Edwards complains Imagipen is not child friendly. There are more cons than pros. Difficult to peel it out of the mold.

Debbie Powell says the concept is neat and it is fun making things but it was very messy and within an hour the gel got over. The bottles the gel comes in are so cheaply made that you cannot pull off the cap to expose the fine point tip dispensing cap that was underneath it. When you pull, both pieces would come off together, when the one stuck inside the cap was supposed to be threaded on the bottle of gel. So it was very difficult to get it out from the inside of the cap.

Kirsten Murray complains in her Imagipen review that you may run out of gel and they do not sell the gel pens separately and the only to way to get more gel is to buy more stencil projects. It seems this company cares less about the child creating and more about profit. Each kit comes with a blank stencil to create your own designs but knowing you have to buy additional sets to obtain the additional gel pens makes this craft toy expensive and not worth it. Assembling the bigger stencils likes bridges and cars can be difficult. They don’t really line up properly. You would be happy with the product and recommended for children who like to build and assemble things!

Kelly Baldwin says that Imagipen is very hard to use, messy and takes an extremely long time to dry. It might work better with a larger UV light source. This toy was a big disappointment.

Maria Warren complains in her Imagipen review that first of all the pen paint is messy. The pens leak when you squeeze them and they go all over. If it gets onto your counter tops be prepared to scrub. It’s difficult to get off your hands. The gel is hard to get out of the pens to even create the design, which is really tracing from a piece of paper. Once you trace you are supposed to use this flashlight to make it dry bit it doesn’t dry. Once this is done you then need to try and assemble it, to make it 3-D which is impossible because you are supposed to use the gel as a glue, which again doesn’t harden unless you put in the sunlight and the only way to make the pieces hold together is for you to stand there and hold them while they dry. Also the design is flat, so try making flat pieces stick together just doesn’t work.

Debbie Collins says the pen works smoothly. It is not too loud but it does make a light beeping noise. But the tip does get pretty hot so do not touch until it cools off.


What do I get?

  • 1 ImagiPen
  • 1 Blue Magic Gel
  • 1 Green Magic Gel
  • 1 Glow Gel
  • 1 Orange Gel
  • 1 Fun Guide

Price: $19.99 + $8.99 S/h. | Official website:

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