Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X

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What is it?

Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X is a 10-Needle Home and Small Business Embroidery Machine.


What does it do?

With the power of 10 needles you can create gorgeous, multi-color designs faster than ever before. You can complete 10-color, 50,000 stitch-count designs up to 12% faster than a 6-needle machine, and up to 30% faster than a single-needle machine.


Auto Needle Threading
It is designed with a built-in automatic needle threading system so you can thread each needle in seconds with just the touch of a button!


Large Built-in 10.1″ High Definition LCD Display
The 22 Built-In Tutorial Videos makes learning easy! You can view the videos directly on the high-definition LCD display, or stream your own creations using the industry standard MP4 format.


Intuitive User Interface
This gives you larger, more defined crystal clear icons, color navigation, scrolling menu, and the ability to view your design properties in preview mode. You get to select from 3 thumbnail sizes – small, medium or large.


Adjustment and Zoom Features
The new zoom function makes your creation up to 800% larger within My Design Center and up to 200% in other modes. Easily adjust your design by rotating in 0.1 degree increments.


Enhanced Runway Lighting
It sheds pure, full-spectrum lighting onto your workspace with 5 built-in LED lights and you can customize the light with any of the 5 settings. Shadows are virtually eliminated ensuring precision and accuracy. You also get to enjoy redder reds and bluer blues.


This multi-needle machine is up to 20% quieter than other models!


Oil Maintenance
Simply press the oil button on-screen to set the hook angle at the best position for oiling. It’s that easy!


Color Sort
You can also sort the stitch order by color when combining designs. It reduces color changes and needle bar movement to minimize embroidery time.


Color Shuffling
The Pin function in Random and Gradient modes ensure your favorite colors are included in your shuffle.


Smart Stitch Management
The tab indicator in the progress bar indicates the stitching sequence. You can also key in the stitch number to go forward or backward by any number of stitches.


On-Screen Letter Editing
You can insert elements, divide letters, words or phrases, combine selected words, and change the font style and size of individual


letters or a whole line of text.
Easily align text Left, Center and Right. Perfect for embroidering multiple line poems, phrases, and birth announcements.


Easy Appliqué Feature
Gives you instant pattern outline to create multiple appliqués in one hoop!


On-Screen Auto Density Adjustment of Original Design
When enlarging designs, the stitch count is automatically recalculated to 100%, so your resized design will look just like the original.


Group and Ungroup
Lets you easily group letters and/or designs to move all at once.
eXact design positioning with enhanced InnovEye 2 Technology
InnovEye 2 Technology now works with the optional Cap Frame and Cylinder Frame!


Virtual Design Preview
You get a real-time camera view of the needle area and can see your embroidery design superimposed on your fabric so no scanning needed! There are three useful options for positioning while zoomed in –


Align, Rotate and Move.
Enhanced Snowman Embroidery Positioning Marker
The Snowman Embroidery Positioning Marker offers 9 options for alignment of embroidery designs. Pair with InnovEye2 Technology to automatically position the design for precise embroidery placement.


Embroidery Design Connection By Innoveye® 2 Technology
With the InnovEye 2 Technology embroidery design connection is easy and precise. Combined with the Snowman Embroidery Positioning Marker, you can reposition your design many times in many directions. Perfect for aligning designs for borders and quilt blocks.


My Design Center
My Design Center integrates with InnovEye 2 Technology to offer new design capabilities at your fingertips, without a PC.


BES4 Dream Edition Software
BES®4 Dream Edition is a full-featured lettering, monogramming and customization PC software program PLUS a free wireless upgrade kit and access to a free cloud-based application for storage and basic on-the-go editing capabilities.


Expansive Embroidery Area
You can stitch out the built-in designs as they are, or expand your creativity with the design editing features which allows you to customize your creations. Personalize in just about any style with a full range of built-in fonts. Personalize fonts by adjusting the spacing, or change the thread density to improve the look of stitching.


Customizable Settings
Each needle gives you the option to customize settings for speed, color lock, and now the disengagement of the needle threader – useful when using a thin needle.


Innovachrome\ Led Thread Color & Monitoring System
Each of the 10 thread spools has a full-color LED light underneath. This mimics the color of the thread that belongs on the spool for each design, eliminating guesswork! The visual status system also indicates when a thread color change is needed, what the next color is, as well as thread breakages and alerts.
Official Website:brother-usa.com

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