The Dream Machine By Brother Review

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What is The Dream Machine By Brother :

It is a sewing machine that claims to have industry’s largest built-in high definition LCD display, amongst other features to make sewing a breeze for you.

The Dream Machine By Brother maintains that it can be the machine you have been looking for to express your passion for sewing or embroidery for that matter. You love to make things at home for yourself or your loved ones. You might be experienced with using a sewing machine or a new learner who wants to take your skills to a whole new level altogether. In either scenario you want to make sure you are working with a machine that not only makes things easier for you but ensures that you can get the gorgeous results you want. The Dream Machine By Brother asserts that it can offer you just that because it is packed with several other features including the stratling LCD display to make things more convenient for you.

The Dream Machine By Brother and its Innoveye 2 Technology

This is one of the highlighting features of The Dream Machine By Brother and it’s like having a built in camera and scanner, according to its claims. It is the first time technology for the industry, which ensures that you get an up-close view of the needle area. As a result you will have a precise positioning of the needle without any hassle. The Dream Machine By Brother also stresses on the fact that it gives you ability to scan the whole embroidery area. That means you have several exciting options when it comes to embroidery and you can get on with your projects with ease.


The Dream Machine By Brother for a large workspace

The Dream Machine By Brother emphasizes on the fact that you get 56 square inches of workspace, which is a huge advantage. The 11.25 inches needle to arm means that quilters can easily accommodate a rolled king-sized quilt. But that’s not all; The Dream Machine By Brother also promises you a 38% larger embroidery area than the previous models. In addition to that there is the stability frame, which is not only large but stable as well. Hence all your projects can be larger than life and while the machine keeps you on top of things at all times. AccuTrac embroidery system is another feature of this machine that you can benefit from.

The Dream Machine By Brother is convenient for use

The Dream Machine By Brother claims that it has been specifically designed to work for users with different skill levels. The new user interface can be handy because it has larger and clearly defined icons. You can also view your design properties in preview mode, which is an added advantage. The Dream Machine By Brother boasts of new zoom and adjustment features, which lets you see your own creations in vivid colours and larger size. Learners can make the most out of the built-in HD tutorials while there’s the option of streaming your own creations too. And when the machine is not running, you can listen to music or watch videos.


What Do I Get?

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