Cricut Cake Machine Review

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Have you ever tried decorating cakes but for some reason you just can’t get it right? Now there is Cricut Cake from Provo Craft. It is the ultimate kitchen companion. With Cricut Cake decorating can be fast, fun and easy. It cuts fondant, frosting sheets, gum paste, cookie dough and even chocolate with precision. So you can now decorate cakes like a professional. You can also design baked goodies and appetizers. The Cricut Cake works for beginners and pros. You now have an easy and fun way to decorate. Get professional bakery quality results every time


How does Cricut Cake Machine work?
Cricut Cake is the most inspiring kitchen appliance you would have ever seen. If you are always looking for ways to make your friends and family feel loved but it is hard to find the time to personally decorate cakes and desserts then you should get yourself Cricut Cake and decorate special cakes like a professional baker. With Cricut Cake anyone can unleash their culinary creativity. You can make beautiful cakes with a personal touch for that special occasion or create holiday cookies and treats with intricate details that make it so much for your family. Using it is simple. With Cricut Cake it is just three easy steps: select image, select size and press cut, and let Cricut Cake do all the work.

Cricut Cake cuts different sizes. It can be used to decorate layered cakes, sheet cakes, individual cakes, round cakes, hemed cup cakes, and you can even create any cookie shape you want. You can add that professional yet personal touch to brownies, bon bons, truffles, tarts, and pies. Cricut Cake works with all your existing cartridges so you can transfer any image to your cake. Cricut Cake is a safe appliance with an easy to remove cleaning brush that goes into the dishwasher. The sleek modern design is so compact and easy to store. It is also solid, durable and is build to last.

CriCut Mini – The perfect companion for every occasion just got a bit smaller. The Cricut Cake Mini delivers the same quality and the same great results as the Cricut Cake while taking a little bit less of your counter space so that you have more room to build your beautiful cakes and pastries.

Get precise professional looking results everytime you create something special for an event, holiday or just fun. Cake decorating has never been easier or more fun. The Cricut Mini works with all of the Cricut and Cricut Cake cartridges. The creative possibilities are endless.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –
Cricut Cake Machine
Provo Craft® Cricut Cake Personal Electronic Cutter includes Cricut Cake Basics Shape & Font Cartridge for $199.99.

Cricut Cake Mini
Provo Craft® Cricut Cake Mini Personal Electronic Cutter includes Cricut Cake Basics Shape & Font Cartridge for $199.99.



Reviews and Complaints
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4 thoughts on “Cricut Cake Machine Review

  1. The My Globe Cricut cartridge is really a charming cartridge featuring all of the most well-known monuments from all across the planet. Consider a trip across the …cricut

  2. I am so extremely disappointed with Provocraft and ANY distributors they have of their products. I am a faithful Cricut user and own what feels like everything ever made! ALL I want is a Cricut Cake! I bought one (paid for and all) at Joann Fabrics because they were the only place I could find to ship to an APO address. Well, even though they have taken my money and sent me a shipping confirmation and tracking number; no one can find where it has shipped. They keep telling me give it 4-10 weeks yet the carrier has no packages in the system coming to my address and the tracking number isn’t valid.

    I live in the UK as we are military. However, we have an USA address!! It doesn’t cost any extra to ship to our address and actually it’s sometimes cheaper because of it being a military installation. Well, after calling every different number I was told to call because apparently you cannot place an order by calling the number listed at I still have no order! I am charged so much to call 800, 888, and 866 numbers. I can call stateside numbers with my phone plan, but there are none available. Finally, I am given a correct number to call (although it was an 866 number) so that I could place an order with When I placed the call, the representative was not sure if it could be shipped to an APO address, but offered to try.

    Come to find out he could NOT place an order for me for $299 with the bonus (worth $150) as the website offers (and I was making one payment not installments) simply because I wasn’t ordering online!! You have got to be kidding me! I would order online if the online system had an option for me to select AE as the state! All he said was sorry, his system would not let him discount to the website price. Well, I ordered it at Joanns for $179 a week ago and was willing to pay the $299 here simply because it did have some extras and I’m desperate to get this machine. I have to tell you how disappointed I am that because we are military we can’t purchase this Cricut Cake.

    That’s the only logical explanation because we have an US address, shipping cost no extra, and quite frankly if it did I would pay the extra. I have never in my life been so aggravated and disappointed with a company. I will be sure to inform everyone I know personally as well on all the blogs and forums I am a member of and often times discuss Cricut products how ridiculous this company is. It’s a shame! ALL I wanted to do was place an order and buy the Cricut Cake. I have spent over $60 now in phone calls trying to find somewhere that would sell me this.

    If Provocraft doesn’t want my business they don’t have to have it. I can also assure my friends will walk away as well. We take things like not shipping here personally. Maybe one day, Provocraft will get a heart and include us military that would like to enjoy their products where ever we are. Until then, I’ve lost every bit of respect for this company.

    Thank you,

    A Justice

  3. Is Cricut Cake easy to use?

    Is it expensive?

    Is it easy to install?

    How does the Cricut Cake work?

    Is it easy and convenient to use?

    How long would it take to decorate a medium size cake?

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