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About Colorama Dot To Dot

Colorama Dot To Dot states to be an innovative problem solving exercise that follows the join-the-dots format to engage the adult mind and over time improve memory, sharpen focus, and solve problems. Other than being helpful, Colorama Dot To Dot also convinces to be highly entertaining, providing hours of fun to the player.


How does Colorama Dot To Dot work?

Colorama Dot To Dot states that the player has to join the dots according to the numbering and align them to form a recognizable shape. With more than 100 challenging puzzles with intricate figures Colorama Dot To Dot maintains to give you a mental workout and gradually improve your thinking speed and concentration thus helping you in problem solving and focusing in day-to-day activities including work. Colorama Dot To Dot asserts to include more than 100 challenging puzzles that take 15 minutes each to solve giving your mind a 15-minute exercise session.

Colorama Dot To Dot Features and Benefits

A fun exercise for your brains – Why become a couch potato and waste time on inane TV shows or stay glued to the internet? Hours of these mindless activities can dull your mind. And of late if you have been struggling to concentrate on work or other activities and have been dealing with a weak memory then a little workout of the brain every day will benefit you greatly. Colorama Dot To Dot is a set of connect-the-dot puzzles that promises to do just that while letting you have endless fun. From the house of Colorama, Colorama Dot To Dot emphasizes to keep adults mentally engaged and entertained for hours with challenging exercises. Colorama Dot To Dot guarantees to that you need to follow the dot-to-dot format and follow the numbers and align them to form different shapes and figures. With this, Colorama Dot To Dot promises to give you mental workout daily.


Sharpen focus, improve memory and problem solving – Colorama Dot To Dot promises to contain over 100 puzzles that take 15 minutes each to solve. As the player solves each Colorama Dot To Dot dot-to-dot puzzle, it states to give an exercise to the brain and help in enhancing problem solving, sharpening focus and improving memory. Colorama Dot To Dot proclaims that it works better at giving mental workout compared to other puzzles because the player needs to comprehend dots and visually find the correct layout. Colorama Dot To Dot claims to have unique designs of nature such as butterflies or wildlife, architecture like the Eiffel Tower and other such elaborate figures that are a challenge to create. With such intricate designs, Colorama Dot To Dot assures to make that the player also feel a sense of achievement once a puzzle is solved and encourage to do more.

What do I get?

  • 1 Colorama Dot-To-Dot
  • 1 Pocket Dot-To-Dot
  • 1 Deluxe 10 Color Pen

Price: $12.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling | Official website:

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