Brother Persona PRS100 Review

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What is Brother Persona PRS100?

If you are looking for an easy to use, single needle embroidery machine that could do many things a multi-needle could do plus so much more then what you need is the Brother Persona PRS100, a single needle embroidery machine with multi-needle versatility.

Brother Persona PRS100 is an incredible and affordable single needle embroidery machine that can be used to embroider difficult to reach areas like caps, sleeves and bags with ease.


Advanced Needle Threading System

This revolutionary innovative embroidery machine can thread a needle in just seconds with just a press of a single button. It’s that amazing!

Droplight LED Embroidery Positioning Marker

The days of struggling to guess where the needle will drop is over! The embroidery foot with the LED pointer is designed to easily see your needle drop position – a feature critical for embroidery. You can check the embroidery field easily with the trial key and the LED pointer. It is also helpful while using the stitch forward and backward keys.

Embroider More, In Less Space

The best part about the Brother Persona PRS100 is that you can use it to embroider more, in less space.

Brother Persona PRS100 features a mere 18 inches wide footprint, while a standard flatbed embroidery machine is 27.28 inches wide, but can embroider more, in almost any space. This feature makes it easy to keep in any room in your house!

Embroiders Hard To Reach Areas with Ease

Brother Persona PRS100 is a single needle embroidery machine with free arm embroidery. Using the Brother Persona PRS100 can ease your difficulty in trying to embroider finished or cylinder materials, or opening seams to get items hooped properly.

Designed with an exceptional tubular free arm configuration, the Brother Persona PRS100 gives you the flexibility and ease to embroider difficult to reach areas such as caps, pockets and sleeves. So say goodbye to difficulty to embroidering hard to reach areas like caps, sleeves and bags.

Compact Mini Frames for Children’s Garments and Pockets

Featuring a unique new generation of exclusive embroidery frames makes Brother Persona PRS100 an easy to use machine to add touches of embroidery to small items, like children’s garments and pockets.

There are four compact frame sizes that are included, ranging in size from 1.5″ x 1.75″ to 2″ x 2″.

Easy To Use

Brother Persona PRS100 is so easy to use, you will absolutely love the features it is designed with.


Creates Beautiful Designs at Your Fingertips

Brother Persona PRS100 is the most versatile single needle embroidery machine that’s lets you create amazingly beautiful designs with ease.

You get to create more pieces in less time, embroidering at speeds of up to 1,000 spm.

Featuring 405 built-in designs you get to discover the exclusive collection of patterns that include Vintage, Trendy and Floral Alphabet Designs. Enhance your embroidery creativity by adding a personal touch with a professional finish.

Side Bobbin Winding Helps save Time

The best part about Brother Persona PRS100 is that it helps you save precious time. With the easy access side bobbin winding system you get the convenience of saving time while you embroider. Simply wind a new bobbin while the machine is embroidering. It’s that easy! It is recommended to use a 90 weight bobbin thread.

Vertical Bobbin gives Anytime Access

The vertical bobbin located at the end of the tubular arm gives you ‘anytime access” allowing you to easily change the bobbin without having to remove the hoop.

Eliminates Fabric Tangles

Brother Persona PRS100 is so incredible, it completely reduces fabric tangles. The tubular free arm and the new compact mini frames make the Brother Persona PRS100 Persona a “singular sensation”. With Brother Persona PRS100 there is absolutely no risk of tangling!

Color Sort

With Brother Persona PRS100 combining designs is a breeze. Simply cut down on thread changes by having the machine sort the stitch order by color.

4-Spool Thread stand

Brother Persona PRS100 features a 4-Spool Thread stand that easily holds 4 spools of thread so your next color is easily accessible.

This simple threading system allows you to tie the next color thread to the existing one and pull all the way through to the needle. The exceptional design keeps thread tails out of the way.

Cap Frame & Driver Set

You can use Brother Persona PRS100 to embroider caps with ease on the included cap frame.

8″ x 8″ and 4″ x 4″ Frames

Embroider on Brother Persona PRS100 large 8″ x 8″ embroidery area. This is perfect for jacket backs and pillows.

7″ LCD Display

Brother Persona PRS100 is designed with on-screen tutorials that you can watch. You can also control the machine with the large, intuitive on-screen icons. It also shows you up to 260,000 colors with little or no on-screen color shifting.

Built-in dual USB ports

An amazing feature of the Brother Persona PRS100 is that it has built-in dual USB ports allowing you to import and export designs from your USB memory stick.

You can use the second port to connect to your computer to import and export designs or to perform machine updates.

Multiple-line Text Input and Alignment

This feature lets you embroider multiple line poems, phrases, and birth announcements with ease. It also allows for left, center and right alignment of text.

Go Monochrome with One Touch

With just a press of a button you can sew an entire design in a single color with no stops for color changes.

Easy One-touch Frame Adjustment

By moving the frame on the LCD with your finger the frame on the machine also moves.

Compact Size

Brother Persona PRS100 is a compact single needle embroidery machine that is 30% smaller than other conventional machines.

The compact size makes it perfect to add to any room in your house.

Other Features

Brother Persona PRS100 comes with 405 built-in designs, 8 embroidery-like quilt patterns, 140 frame pattern designs, 6 monogramming font styles and 20 embroidery fonts.

Order the Brother Persona PRS100 today! You are guaranteed to love it!

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  • 3 thoughts on “Brother Persona PRS100 Review

    1. Sorry you’ve had issues. I absolutely love mine and have had no issues of any kind. It’s a dream to use and extremely addicting!

    2. I have had the Brother PRS 100 for 2 years and I have had it in the shop for repairs at least 4 times. The last time the repair costs were over $300. They have told me every excuse: the timing, the bobbin,etc. When the Brother PRS is working it is a fun little machine, but it breaks down often. It is really heavy and I have it on the second floor, so it is quite the hassle to take it to the shop. Highly DISCOURAGE the purchase of the frustrating machine!!

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