Brother Disney PE540D Embroidery Machine Review

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What is Brother Disney Embroidery Machine

It is an embroidery only machine that promises to be packed with features, and your resource to thousands of cool designs.

Brother Disney PE540D Embroidery Machine maintains that now you can take on any embroidery task knowing that you will be able to handle it comfortably. It is a machine from the reputed brand, Brother and is dedicated for embroidery alone. If you are an amateur who likes to get embroidery done on your clothes, linen or any other items, you will find Brother Disney PE540D Embroidery Machine quite handy, according to its claims. But it also assures professionals that they will never be lost for design ideas because they now have thousands of options right at their fingertips.


It is versatile

Quite simply, Brother Disney Embroidery Machine is a versatile embroidery online machine that is packed with features for your convenience. You might be an embroidery expert or a new enthusiast, Brother Disney Embroidery Machine stresses that you will have no problems working with it. It has several features, which ensure that embroidery is fun and easy for you. Importantly it brings to you several Disney and other built-in designs that can be used creatively. Moreover there are thousands of designs that can be imported to add to its versatility.

It has more than 100 built-in designs

To begin with, Brother Disney Embroidery Machine gives you access to 35 built-in Disney embroidery designs. Thus you have all your favourite Disney characters and more that can be embroidered on to things you want; from outfits to bags and accessories for little ones. Moreover Brother Disney Embroidery Machine also emphasizes on the fact that you can choose from 70 built-in decorative designs, which will help you win brownie points for your creativity.

Brother Disney PE540D Embroidery Machine also uses 5 embroidery lettering fonts, which can be used to your advantage whenever you want.

Thousands of other designs can be downloaded

Brother Disney PE540D Embroidery Machine guarantees you that you will not run out of design ideas for years to come. That’s because it allows you to thousands of designs from There are several other third party sites that you can get access to for downloads. The good news is that Brother Disney Embroidery Machine uses the regular .pes embroidery design files. It means there is no dearth of design options up to 4” x 4” that can be downloaded for your benefit.

As a Brother Embroidery customer, you get to browse through limited edition designs that you can find in Brother Design Library. Some of the top name designs that can be downloaded with your Brother Disney Embroidery Machine include Laura Ashley, Anita Goodesign, Nickelodeon and Morango. Importantly there is no subscription required for you to be able to download these designs. As a result you have an unlimited resource of options without having to spend a penny for it.

Has a substantial embroidery area

One of the salient features of the Brother Disney Embroidery Machine is its 4” x 4” embroidery area. Whether you want to add Disney characters like Nemo, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and more to your kids’ bags or give a special touch to your outfits, you can now do that easily. Brother Disney PE540D Embroidery Machine with its large embroidery area comes to the aid of beginners who have things laid out on the platter for them. There is a lot you can cover with the embroidery options; from home décor to gift items. The design area is conducive for lettering too.

Brightly lit workspace is an advantage

Another area where Brother Disney Embroidery Machine claims to score highly is the workspace, which is brightly lit. That’s why you won’t have any problems seeing the fabric surface at any point in time. Brother Disney Embroidery Machine has super bright lights in the needle area, which ensure that you won’t have any visibility problems while getting your embroidery tasks done. There are many who struggle with vision related issues, who will now find respite thanks to the workspace of this machine that’s well lit.


Smart Bobbin winding system

Quick-set drop-in Bobbin and Bobbin winding system of the Brother Disney Embroidery Machine also stand out because of the functionality they bring. Any time you want to change the bobbin, all you have to do is drop in a full bobbin and pull the thread through the slot. That’s all you need to do to start sewing again. That’s how Brother Disney Embroidery Machine eliminates the need for fishing for the bobbin thread. When you have to wind the bobbin, you just have to load it in the machine and press the lever.

Advance Needle Threader makes things easier

How often have you worked with your regular embroidery machine and had to fish out the tweezers to get the job done? Brother Disney Embroidery Machine asserts that now you can bid goodbye to tweezers for good and there won’t be the need for magnifying glasses as well. Brother Disney PE540D Embroidery Machine assures you complete convenience while threading and one touch is all it takes so that you are ready to go.

Other beneficial features

Some of the other important features of the Brother Disney PE540D Embroidery Machine include its Easy View Backlit Display. With the simple touch of the icon you can choose the design you want from the wide range of built-in embroidery patterns. Brother Disney Embroidery Machine also lets you work with different frames, shapes and lettering fonts. Thus you have all the design options to get started with right at your fingertips. The backlit display allows you to easily see the design you are choosing at any time of the day.

Brother Disney Embroidery Machine is clearly a machine for today’s users because it has computer connectivity. Designs can be imported from the computer thanks to the USB cable while you get free machine updates too.

What do I get?

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