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About Beados

The innovative new craft idea that involves making exciting designs with specially made beads. It lets you create 3D shaped designs with beads that join with water.

Truly exciting and revolutionary

Beados is the new sensation that is gaining popularity among children across countries. It’s a new concept that promises to stimulate creativity in children and provide lots of fun and new possibilities to them. It involves making imaginative use of colorful beads held intact with water by creating new designs, which come out as three-dimensional shapes children can play with. In addition to that, you can also create your own designs and fill them up them with your favorite colorful beads.


Fun, fast and fabulous. And easy too!

Beados is a new launch from the house of the renowned Moose Enterprises that has been introducing several innovative craft ideas and toys for years. Like its predecessors, Beados also promises loads of fun and new discoveries. It comes as a kit which comprises multi-colored beads some of which glitter, a beads dispenser pen, a tray and design templates. You are instructed to make designs by first selecting a design, then load the beads in the handy dispenser pen and push the knob at the top to shoot beads on the tray. After that, you have to spray it with water and leave it to dry. After ten minutes, the beads will stick completely, which you can gently extract from the tray by sliding a design template under the dried bead design. The procedure to use Beados seems wholly simple, convenient and hassle-free that children can enjoy.

Safe and non-messy

Beados states that even though it’s elaborate and helps you create lots on interesting and vivid designs, it is totally safe and convenient. It does not require heat to make the beads join each other nor any glue or chemical solutions that can be toxic. You just need to spray water on the beads to bind them so that shapes of your choice are created. Also, the Beados tray can be cleaned easily with soap and water after use.

What do I get?

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