Airbrush Magic REVIEW

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What is Airbrush Magic

It claims to be a set of amazing airbrushes that can be used to create artworks that can even change colors like magic. As per the TV infomercial it is an easy way for kids to create airbrushed artworks quickly and have them change color with the activator pen. Airbrush Magic assures to provide tons of creative fun to kids by helping them create artworks using airbrushes.


Airbrush Magic REVIEW

Ink Dried Out – Shelly in her Airbrush Magic review complains that the pens are of very poor quality. The ink was already dried and the ink from most of the pens had run out.

Another Airbrush Magic user – Samantha complains that the Airbrush Magic pens were disappointing and frustrating for her children. 2 of the Airbrush magic pens were already dried and could not be used.


Soggy Cardboard and Flimsy Stencils – Amy complains in her Airbrush Magic REVIEW that the blowers don’t work and the cardboard and stencils that comes with it are flimsy.

Sally complains that she was very disappointed to find that the Airbrush Magic pens don’t work. She is happy with the pictures on the stencils but complains that the cardboard is lightweight and cheap, after just two uses with blow pens the cardboard becomes soggy. Her kids’ joy was short lived till the pens worked.

Carol in her review complains that the stencils are very flimsy which is a shame. She too like Oliver says that had it been plastic than it could be reused.


Messy and Too Small – Oliver complains that the Airbrush Magic is of poor quality. Airbrush Magic pens work fine but they make a total mess when kids use them. Also the whole thing is small but appear bigger in the infomercial. He further makes a remark in his Airbrush Magic review that had the cardboard being plastic it would have lasted long.

Tutu complains that the stencils are not of A4 size.

Cindy reveals that though the pens are okay they are terrible to wash off. Her kids hands were stained for days before they washed off.

Ronnie too complains it is a huge packaging for a small item.


Not ready to use – Abbey in her Airbrush Magic review complains that the product cannot be used just out of the box. The picture is perforated into the card and you have to very carefully and delicately pop each of the patterns out as the stencil is very cheap and flimsy – which of-course kids can’t do and soon their enthusiasm is over and they get frustrated. Abbey says she has used dozens of blo pens in the past which plastic type coating but this one was not of great quality.


One Day Wonder – Paula in her review says that Airbrush Magic is a one day wonder and it takes an adult to remove the pictures from the stencils – her girl child likes it but she knows it won’t last long.

Airbrush Magic Claims

Make an impression – Airbrush Magic assures to capture the minds of young and old with its amazing set of 9 airbrushes available in different colors. It can be used to create art projects – form group activity to personalized greeting cards. Although, there is no way to accept or reject Airbrush Magic’s claims due to lack of user reviews.

Easy to use – Airbrush Magic maintains to be a highly creative tool that creates artwork with a twist. To use Airbrush Magic, one has to simply place the stencil on the paper to be painted, blow the airbrush and watch the colors fill in it. It claims that the fun doesn’t end there, once a flat color is filled, the activator magic brush is to be used to change the color to another. The non-toxic and easy to clean Airbrush Magic does sound fun; more shall be revealed with Airbrush Magic reviews.

Amazing airbrush – Airbrush Magic states to have various pens that evenly distribute the color over the artwork desired. Whether it’s a stencil or a hand-painted design, Airbrush Magic guarantees that it will put life and colors into the artwork. Currently there are no Airbrush Magic reviews available yet to substantiate with its claims.

Magically change colors – Airbrush Magic states to comprise of 9 different colored airbrushes that provide a wide range of choice to create artworks. Once the color is sprayed over the artwork, the Activator pen can be used over it. Airbrush Magic alleges that the activator pen changes the color completely to add more pizzazz to the artwork. Although we will know certainly if it does so once Airbrush Magic is reviewed. It also convinces to be easy to clean and completely non-toxic for use by children. Is Airbrush Magic really as good as it claims? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?
Airbrush Magic Set includes:

  • 10 Blow Pens & Stand
  • 30 Stencil Designs

Price: $17.98 | Official website

8 thoughts on “Airbrush Magic REVIEW

  1. Seems most here are expecting Profesional quality from a $15 set. Yes the stencils are cardboard but they serve their purpose. So far the pens seem ok, but again for a cheap server etc I’m not expecting much.

  2. Airbrush Magic requires you to place it to your mouth so you may want to keep cleanliness in the forefront of your mind, especially if your child plans to use the product with a friend.

  3. The stencils are made of very flimsy card. They certainly won’t last long, you would have thought for the price they would have been plastic that can be washed and reused numerous times! Not only that, you have to pick out all the perforated bits of card before you can use them!

  4. Colors just don’t work and these are the cheapest possible stencils. Airbrush Magic is a poor quality item. The Airbrush Magic pens work well but make a total mess. The products inside the box are ting so require a box half the size. The stencils are cheap cardboard and not plastic so rip when popping out the pictures. Don’t waste your money.

  5. Airbrush Magic pens are of very poor quality. The ink was dry and in most of them the ink ran out. The blowers don’t work; flimsy cardboard stencils and not even any paper to practice on.

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