Touch Points REVIEW

About Touch Points

This is an incredible new breakthrough to help reduce stress. Just strap TouchPoints on your wrists, hold it in your hand or clip it on your clothing for stress relief at home or in the office. Alternating … Read the rest

SmartCone Splatter Guard REVIEW

About SmartCone Splatter Guard

It is an open design pot and pan topper that guarantees to stop stove top splatters and boil overs.


SmartCone Splatter Guard CLAIMS

Simply add it to the top of the vessel and cook. It … Read the rest

My Fit Jeans REVIEW

My Fit Jeans

This one size fits all denim is designed to make you look and feel wonderful whether you gain or lose weight. My Fit Jeans are made with Inteli-stretch denim technology that make the jeans conform to your … Read the rest

Night Vision Tac Glasses REVIEW

Night Vision Tac Glasses

These military inspired glasses help sharpen your vision and shield your eyes. Glaring light can affect night vision which can be dangerous for you. Night Vision Tac Glasses block blinding glare helping you see objects that … Read the rest

Tri Power Shower Review and Verdict

About Tri Power Shower

Tri Power Shower offers the ultimate shower experience by allowing you to choose your own shower experience from different settings and with added power.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with water pressure, you finally have a … Read the rest


About My Tuggles

My Tuggles are stuffed animals that are just like real pets that can actually walk. Just pull on a leash and watch them magically move as they wiggle and waggle everywhere. What’s more? No batteries are required. … Read the rest

Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray REVIEW

About Starlyf Paint Magnet Tray

It is an all new gravity defying, non-spill paint tray that holds the paint like a magnet holding to a metal. Unlike traditional paint trays which are difficult to handle when you are standing on … Read the rest

Echo Plus vs JBL Charge 3 vs JBL Flip 4

Compare what is it? Echo Plus vs JBL Charge 3 vs JBL Flip 4

Echo Plus by Amazon is a next-generation hands-free speaker and a built-in smart home hub that comprises of voice control to perform various functions by voice … Read the rest


What is SnapTrap?

It is a patent pending single handed strap that instantly straps and keeps anything together. SnapTrap promises to be easy to use! With SnapTrap you can strap anything together with one hand and then simply pull the … Read the rest

Bark No More REVIEW | As Seen On TV “Stop Barking” 2018 Device

About Bark No More

Bark No More is a training tool that trains your furry friend to control unwanted barking. It works on the principle of ultrasonic sound waves. When your dog starts barking uncontrollably Bark No More’s internal microphone … Read the rest