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Tac Light Power Pro Flashlight REVIEW

Tac Light Power Pro Official Website:

What is Tac Light Power Pro?

As per the infomercial, it is a tactical military-grade flashlight that has a bright 500 lumens illumination and comes with a durable exterior that can survive the … Read the rest

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Pour N Paint REVIEW

official Website:

What is Pour N Paint?

As per the television infomercial, it is a paint roller system that helps in painting walls and ceilings without dripping. It fills up with paint and evenly spreads it on any surface … Read the rest

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Dry Erase Plus REVIEW

What is Dry Erase Plus?

It is a dry erasable whiteboard in the form of decal that can be put up anywhere and removed easily. Dry Erase Plus guarantees to transform the way you communicate, plan, recall and organize your … Read the rest

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One Power Readers REVIEW

What are One Power Readers?

They are an innovative set of pairs of glasses with a range of .5 – 2.75 of strength in each lens. The glasses automatically correct the up-close vision with their precise focal power strength seamlessly … Read the rest

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Sankom Socks REVIEW

What are Sankom Socks?

They are patented compression socks that claim to provide relief from a host of medical problems like varicose veins, sore muscles, blood pooling and others.



For Rejuvenation and Respite from Tiredness in Legs
Sankom … Read the rest

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Multi Cleaner REVIEW

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What is Multi Cleaner?

It is an innovative 3-in-1 cleaning tool that performs cleaning functions like sweeping, mopping and spraying easily by switching between the functions smoothly.


Amazing 3-in-1 Cleaner

True to its name, Multi Cleaner, … Read the rest