Forever Lighter | Rechargeable, Battery Powered USB Lighter

Cigarette smokers face a very common problem many a times and that’s lighting up their cigarette. Most of them carry lighters or matchsticks to light them up but both methods have their drawbacks. The all new Forever Lighter claims to replace them all permanently using its innovative technology. Regular lighters have butane and require lighter fluid as refill once the lighter goes out from its spark. Also they are so cheap that you would buy a new one but if you keep track of how much money you spend on lighters you will be shocked. As its name suggests Forever Lighter supposedly never runs out of gas and never needs any replacement.


How does Forever Lighter Work

The idea of a never exhausting cigarette lighter in Forever Lighter comes from the car lighter technology. It basically doesn’t use butane to light up a flame but instead has a coil like arrangement that heats up so much when charged to make a cigarette burn. In this way Forever Lighter claims to be more insistent than the flames of a regular lighter that can start fluctuating and vanishing under harsh windy conditions. Also unlike matchsticks that can get soggy in moisture laden environment leaving a cigarette lover stranded Forever Lighter works in any kind of adverse conditions.

The secret behind the long life in Forever Lighter is its design that has the coil heating up on the push of a button. This heating takes place by charging Forever Lighter via a USB charger. This means for people who have regular access to electricity which is a common thing now, charging a Forever Lighter on regular durations can believably save a lot of money from buying a new lighter every time the old one goes out or from purchasing loads of matchsticks which doesn’t prove fruitful at all.




What do I get?
  • Forever Lighter in Black
  • Forever Lighter in Silver
$10 plus $6.99 S&H. $10 plus $13.98 S&H. Official website


Forever Lighter Video

7 thoughts on “Forever Lighter | Rechargeable, Battery Powered USB Lighter

  1. I purchased it over phone. the girl tried to sell me lots of additional items. I finally got angry and said NO, all i want is 2 lighters for $10 plus shipping. My card was charged $57 and I received 4 lighters plus I started getting magazines and charged $39.99 per month. I also was charged $29 per month for one of those sites that offer discounts on movies, restaurants, etc. Besides that, the lighters do not last very long. Poorly made.

  2. I bought two of these Forever Lighteres for Christmas gifts. I opened one to see how it worked. Indeed the coil worked, but it continued to heat after the cover was closed. The red light stayed on and I couldn’t figure out why. When I went to open the cover again, the plastic had melted and burned my finger. Not sure why this happened, but I am afraid to give them as gifts.

  3. I have tried to order this Forever Lighter twice and twice your site forced me to order items that were not authorized by me. All I wanted to order was ONE lighter and I did NOT want the second one. But when it showed my my confirmation page, I was charged $25.00 instead of $17.99 like it should have been. Why did it say $25.00 when I only ordered ONE. If this order comes to me with 2 lighters which I did not authorize, then I will report it as an unauthorized debit and return the product to you. If this is the way you are going to do business, then I choose not to be a part of this scam which to me it appears to be juist that. Why can’t I order what I want? I am totally pissed as this is the second time I tried to order. Last time my total was $57.00 so I would like to know what is going on. Pam

  4. Have you tried this Forever Lighter, is it any good?

    How long does the charge on Forever Lighter last?

    Does it work in windy conditions too?

    Can it be used for camping or just lighting a cigarette?

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