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Fleas have a permanent home on your pets and if not treated well they can be a threat to your pet’s health and at the same time to your family. Fleavac is an amazing way to get rid of fleas permanently. It is a formula that contains bentonite clay mixed with essential oils that goes inside the vacuum and effectively kills 100% of the fleas inside it.


How does Fleavac Work

It has been proven that 80% of pet fleas are in the home rather than on your pet. Fleavac starts acting upon this very flea that is hidden in the home and cannot be cleaned by any regular method. Also Fleavac is the safest way to get rid of fleas since it is to be added inside your vacuum and starts acting as soon as you start vacuuming the house.

Fleavac was invented keeping in mind the need of a natural and environment friendly way to get rid of fleas. The kill pellets of Fleavac are effective enough till the vacuum is full which means it is not heavy on the pocket too. The effectiveness of Fleavac is tested over at an independent lab that shows that 44% of fleas are evacuated in the first 15 minutes and 100% of them are removed in just 4 hours of time. The amazing part of Fleavac is that it works in both bagged and bagless dirt chambers in vacuums. Plus the 10 foot Fleavac attachment hose provided can be great to even treat pets safely.


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What do I get?
Get the FleaVac kit for just $19.95 + S/h. Official website FleaVac.com

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