Atomic Lighter REVIEW | As Seen On TV Plasma Lighter

What is Atomic Lighter

As per the TV infomercial it is a revolutionary lighter that uses plasma arc tactical technology to light up anything the first time, every time. It claims to create an arc instead of fire and doesn’t require any gas or butane to light up.


Atomic Lighter CLAIMS

Tactical lighter – Atomic Lighter assures that it is one lighter that will replace the need to carry any matchsticks or flame-based lighters. The revolutionary functioning in Atomic Lighter is allegedly based on plasma arc tactical technology. Atomic Lighter basically asserts to generate arcs that can be used to light up a cigarette, a bonfire, start barbecue, etc. Currently there are no Atomic Lighter reviews available to substantiate with its claims.

Convenient design – The smart design feature of Atomic Lighter is emphasized to be its rechargeable battery. It practically doesn’t require any gas or fuel to charge; all it states to require is a USB charging port. Atomic Lighter guarantees that it can go up to 100 uses on a single charge. At this point of time there are no Atomic Lighter reviews available that will attest to its claims.

Sturdy body – It is proclaimed that Atomic Lighter is tough on the exterior and is so sturdy that it can be taken for camping, hiking, and more without the worry of dropping and damaging it. Atomic Lighter also promises to work during rains and wind where standard lighters and matches fail. Does such features make Atomic Lighter a must buy? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?
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Atomic Lighter Reviews

Spencer Torres, a reviewer reveals that Atomic Lighter failed to even light a cigar under protected conditions. According to his review, Atomic Lighter can barely light a match and a flame based lighter is better.

Another Atomic Lighter review by Glen Chambers asserts that it stopped working after 2 weeks. He warns other users in his review that Atomic Lighter will not last as long as expected and is simply a waste of money and time if they opt for refund or replacement.

One other customer, Virgil Nelson states in his review that Atomic Lighter is not the best of USB electronic lighters. In his review he suggests to go for better brands that have good quality compared to Atomic Lighter.

Chester Green’s review shares that he received the black lighter with scratches all over it like it was a used piece. And the silver Atomic Lighter failed to charge from the day it was delivered.

An Atomic Lighter reviewer, Michele Walker calls its matte silver finish crappy due to grind marks on it with flaky material. The worst part revealed in her Atomic Lighter review is that it activates even when its lid is closed. So an accidental push of a button in the pocket, purse, bag, glove box, etc. can activate it. Although it does have an auto-shutoff after 8 seconds it can be ready in 2 seconds.

As per Ella Tyler’s review, Atomic Lighter’s size is perfect and its idea is great but practically it falls way short of the lowest expectations.

A frustrated Atomic Lighter customer, Kevin Johnston, writes in his review that his gray lighter broke after getting dropped accidentally. According to his review, the drop was hardly anything but it started smoking and went completely dead. The review further writes that Atomic Lighter makes a horrible, high pitch sound while using it.

Tracey Davis, an Atomic Lighter reviewer, discloses that the gap between the prongs is not large enough for most lighting up most things. Her review complains that the black Atomic Lighter arcs to the lighter instead of posts sometime and her silver one’s bottom light doesn’t work.


Atomic Lighter Questions & Answers

Q. Can Atomic Lighter light a firework wick?
A. Yes it can.

Q. Is the spark gap on Atomic Lighter big enough to light a cigarette?
A. Yes.

Q. Is Atomic Lighter a single or a double arc?
A. It is a double arc for more fire power.

Q. Is it safe to ship overseas?
A. Atomic Lighter is safe since it works on battery and has no harmful fuel or gas in it.

Q. Will the lighter turn on even if the button is activated while the lid is closed?
A. Yes, but it is completely safe since there is no flame but arcs of electricity that is insulated due to the lid being closed.

Q. Can Atomic Lighter shock the user if it is used with a metal pinch hitter?
A. It is recommended to light only a cigarette using it and touch it with a metal pinch hitter.

Q. Is Atomic Lighter a plasma lighter?
A. Yes it is a plasma lighter or can be even called as an electric, electronic, or tesla coil lighter.

Q. Will Atomic Lighter shock the user?

Q. What is the material of Atomic Lighter’s case?
A. Metal.

Q. Does Atomic Lighter have a charge limit before there is a need for replacement?
A. The lighters don’t work beyond a month or so but function perfectly well as long as they are working.

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