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What is Stretch and Fresh

It is a reusable and stretchable silicone food storage cover that claims to create a air-tight and liquid-tight seal for easy and fast food storage. It is promoted as an alternative to Saran (plastic) wraps, expensive food sealers like foodsaver, foils, lids and food wraps. It claims to be temperature safe for freezer storage, microwave safe and dishwasher safe (first rack).

How Does Stretch and Fresh work?

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How does Stretch and Fresh Work

Do you end up wasting food ever so often because storing it well and keeping it fresh seems like a difficult task? You just can’t trust those regular storage containers an foils, wraps etc end up costing you a fortune on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean you will have no option but to waste food you have cooked the previous day or fruits and veggies you might have in the house. With Stretch and Fresh you can store food practically and also ensure that it stays fresh as it should be.

In fact food storage has never been easier and more effective. Thanks to Stretch and Fresh you will be able to keep all the freshness of the food intact while storage will be avoided drastically. The secret of Stretch and Fresh lies in the durable and stretchable silicone that is used in its making. The fact that you can stretch the material works to your advantage because you can use it as a covering for containers of practically any size and shape. All the freshness of your food will be sealed tight in the containers and you can use it whenever you want.

Stretch and Fresh lets you keep your food fresh and crisp so that it can be devoured the next day; you can have packed lunches for your kids or take away food on the go for your office day. You will just not be wasting food anymore. To use Stretch and Fresh you need to stretch it and grip it to the bowl or storage container you want to use it on. Then you can simply press to get the perfect air and liquid tight seal that will keep your food fresh so that it won’t be waster anymore.

Stretch and Fresh can stretch to three times its size and is ideal for single or family servings for that matter. It’s microwavable, temperature and dishwasher safe. Stretch and Fresh can be stored flat for your convenience and can be reused over and over again. It also comes with a lifetime warranty making it great value for your money.

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Stretch and Fresh Review

Stretch and Fresh is the latest addition to the long list of food storage gadgets in our search for the ultimate food sealer. Stretch and Fresh is made from food-grade silicone and is re-usable, now it is not sure how many times you can use it but it seems you can use it like 4-5 times. Stretch and Fresh are not a complete replacement to regular food sealers but can come handy for smaller tasks, the Stretch and Fresh reviews are not good. Users are disappointed after finding that it is not different from the regular silicone sealers available for under $15 at the local store round the corner.

Its just that the infomercial makes them look revolutionary and we fall for it. The air-tight Stretch and Fresh demonstration by Joe Fowler, the proof that it won't tear even if it falls to the ground, the versatility that it can be used on all types of containers are enough to convince the buyer that this is the ultimate food sealer he was looking for. Have you wondered how the glass bowl full of veggies does not move when they put the Stretch and Fresh sealer over it, try it at home and you wouldn't achieve it without a struggle, they make it look so easy in the infomercial.

Many users who reviewed this product have complained that it does not cling easily to any bowls other than glass, also the claim that Stretch and Fresh stretches 3 times its original size is somewhat exaggerated. Many users who reviewed Stretch and Fresh say that though it is not totally useless it is hard and awkward to use and get that air-tight and liquid-tight seal on bigger containers full of food. Also Stretch and Fresh looses its stickiness after a few uses and washing. It is easier to use it on smaller bowls and containers but hard for bigger and especially round ones.

Should you buy Stretch and Fresh?
Stretch and Fresh is not an extraordinary product, it is only that the late night infomercials have turned this ordinary product into a life saver. There are several similar silicone food sealers available at we would suggest you the Silikomart Coverflex Reusable Silicone Food Covers, having said that Stretch and Fresh too is a not-that-bad food sealer within its limits.

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Stretch and Fresh User Reviews

Does not cling – Marty in her Stretch and Fresh review complains that she could not get the Stretch and Fresh silicone sealer to cling to anything, it does stretch but unfortunately does not cling to anything. She says the idea is great but the execution is terrible and does not recommend the Stretch and Fresh sealer to anybody.

Not good for Stainless Steel Bowls – Sophie in her Stretch and Fresh review says she was disappointed to find that it doesn’t cling at all to stainless steel mixing bowls but is good for glass.

Not Durable: Melissa says try it too hard and it gets ripped easily even if you don’t have long nails.

Does not work as advertised – Manny in her Stretch and Fresh reviews says that she liked the idea and says not to expect too much from these Stretch and Fresh sealers. She uses large size to cover small casserole, she says its not a replacement to her storage containers but complements them. She says she would buy more of these if they could make them sturdier.

Stretch and Fresh works with Jars – Amy has no problems with the Stretch and Fresh, she mentions in her review that she uses it for jars and containers. They grip great to jars or containers.

Gets ripped – Melissa too is disappointed with the Stretch and Fresh sealers, she mentions in her review that they are hard to put on the bowls, and when stretching it she put a hole in it. She had only used it a few times.

Made in China – Cathy points out to the fact in her review that the Stretch and Fresh silicone sealers are made in China.

Not suited for shaky hands – Lauren who is 60 years old and has Parkinson says she finds it difficult to use the Stretch and Fresh because of her medical condition.


What do I get?
Get 2 Stretch and Fresh 3-Packs today for $10.00 plus $15.98 shipping and processing. Official website

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  1. NoJo says:

    I bought 2 sets of fresh n stretch and it does not work at all!!! I am so disappointed!

  2. Tony C says:

    I purchased two sets, gave one to my in laws. Only seems to work on plastic bowls. On my perfectly dry glass and metal bowls it comes right off.

  3. Andre says:

    I ordered the product, received it in really good time but it absolutely does not work. This must be the biggest scam on TV right now.

  4. Mary Rubrake says:

    I ORDERED Stretch and Fresh over 1 month ago and have not gotten product yet. Have I been scammed?

  5. Has anyone tried the Stretch and Fresh Food Sealer? Is it any good?

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