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Are you tired of chopping, dicing and measuring? Are those kitchen chores tedious? Does it take ages just to prepare the chops? Now you have Cut ‘N Cup to make your kitchen work easy. If you love cooking but hate the work, this is your answer.


How does Cut N Cup work?
Cut ‘N Cup is the handy kitchen helper that helps you chop and dice easily. It is the answer to your chopping, dicing, and measuring woes. After using it once, you will wonder how you ever managed before.

Just place the cup with the blades over your vegetables and fruits and voila, in just a few seconds, you have your perfectly sliced or diced veggies and fruits. Fresh salads, fruit salads, stir fries and more are so much easier to prepare. You can slice and dice delicate eggs, hard carrots, soft olives, fresh cucumbers, radish, mushrooms, onions, strawberries, potatoes – you can chop them all.

With Cut ‘N Cup chopping is easy and quick saving you lots of time. It comes with slicing blades, dicing blades, measuring cup and cap. It has a special blade cover that protects your Cut ‘N Cup. It is even dishwasher safe.

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What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 2 Cups with Blade Covers
  • 2 Slicing Blades
  • 2 Dicing Blades
  • All this for just $10.00 + $15.90 s and h. Official Offer. 30 day money back guarantee.

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7 Responses to “Cut N Cup Review Review”

  1. Helen says:

    Pain in the butt to put together Cut N Cup and can’t use because the blade won’t secure tightly to the cup. Luckily I got this Cut N Cup free with Tortilla Bowl order. DO NOT RECOMMEND! BIG THUMBS DOWN!

  2. Carla Higgie says:

    Just want to say just looking at this there is no way it will work.. What a rip… But love the tortilla bowl maker.

  3. Mark says:

    The Cut-n-Cup is the worst joke for a mini chopper. Go ahead and try the very vegetables he does on the infomercial. It wont work. They have softened or done something to the foods to make them chop easy.

  4. Daniel Denault says:

    I got your Cut N Cup order on february 28. After trying it several times, I conclude that this product is totally useless and extremely difficult to clean. I want a full refund because the advertising for this product was totally misleading. Here is the order number: 45418201207520002

    Please send check to:

  5. sue grzywacz says:

    Just tried a cucumber, with pressure it did slice most of the way through the cucumber but left it stuck on the blade — it’s horrible!!!

  6. sue grzywacz says:

    Cut-n-Cup is awful–it just smashes tomatoes–really haven’t tried anything else, but it seems useless.

  7. Cut N Cup Questions says:

    Has anyone tried the Cut N Cup, is it any good

    Is it easy to use

    Is it easy to clean

    Is it durable

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