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About Biem Sprayer

Biem Sprayer claims to be a butter sprayer and storage that converts a butter stick into spray in seconds. Biem Sprayer proclaims to melt butter just enough to spray out of nozzle to spray on a toast or for cooking. The sprayer assures to be cool to touch.



How does Biem Sprayer work?

Inserting the butter stick in the Biem Sprayer promises to liquefy the butter so that you can spray only as much butter as you really need instead of wasting the whole stick. The accelerometer of Biem Sprayer senses when you pick it up to use and turns the smart on/off automatically to melt the butter for spraying.


The most efficient butter sprayer
Butter that’s stored in the fridge is hard and cold, difficult to spread, and tears the toast. Melting it on a pan usually burns it. But, the butter storage and sprayer Biem Sprayer convinces that whether you want to spread it on a toast or cook, it helps you use butter as much as you need without wasting. The sprayer emphasizes that it doesn’t overheat or melt the butter but just heats it to 95 degrees. Let’s analyze Biem Sprayer user reviews to know more. Biem Sprayer maintains that you can use it for buttering breads, rolls, cheese toast, vegetables, and popcorn without drenching and making them soggy, baste turkeys or roast chicken, butter steak, pasta, pancakes, or muffin pans with it. Apart from butter stick, Biem Sprayer asserts to be usable with cooking oil, including coconut oil. Is the sprayer that versatile? Biem Sprayer user reviews will tell us more.


Easy and safe
You can store Biem Sprayer in a kitchen cabinet, countertop and also refrigerator, as the creators of Biem Sprayer maintain. Biem Sprayer guarantees to only use heat and air to work and involves no chemical propellants, artificial ingredients, or sprays with inflammables, making it safe to use. The patent pending nozzle of Biem Sprayer declares that it never clogs and it’s a breeze to clean with water and a drop of liquid soap. Is Biem Sprayer that efficient and convenient? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?
Biēm Butter Sprayer – Standard just for $129. and
It includes:1 complete Biēm Butter Sprayer with 1- Biēm Rechargeable battery pack & 1- charger


21 thoughts on “Biem Sprayer

  1. I had the same issues as those outlined in previous reviews. The customer service agents were beyond nasty, the last one telling me (when I pushed for either a refund or a date that the replacement will be shipped), “I hope this is the worst dilemma in your life. I can’t tell you the date that your replacement will be available.”

    I highly recommend investigating your credit card company’s chargeback policy if you are having the same problems that I did. It is a policy that should only be used as a last resort (which I felt it was, given the responses from Biem), but was a quick and easy resolution.

  2. I had the same problem as others have indicated. Only air will come out. It sputtered out a little bit of butter the first time I tried to use it only. I’ve tried to contact customer service using the .com address and received no response. If someone has another way of contacting the company, I would like to know what it is. Has anyone tried to initiate any legal action to resolve these issues. I do not even have an address for them as it was purchased as a gift. All I want is the money returned.

  3. This is the biggest scam and piece of crap device I have EVER bought! Bought in 10/16–yes, 2016–and didn’t receive until late JULY 2017–after being told month after month from January it was “on its way”! THEY ARE CROOKS. After the 1st use–NOTHING! let sit in fridge, took it out and tried to push the heating button–NOTHING–FROZEN. Let it sit on counter for 24 hours and tried again–NOTHING–FROZEN. Changed batteries and cleaned it out–NOTHING–FROZEN. Finally threw it away in disgust. These people are SCAM ARTISTS and are selling GARBAGE FOR $150!

    • My butter Biem butter sprayer also took many months to arrive (maybe 9 months). It is the crappiest product ever. Mine starts spraying on its own. And leaks all over the counter!! I cannot stop it from spraying. I have been trying to get a refund for more than two months, but they won’t do it. I have been told that returns and exchanges are on hold until their engineers can figure out the problem. What a joke!! I regret seeing this thing on Shark Tank.

  4. Weasel given the biem as a gift. Mine also took months to arrive. I’ve used it about four times and it has stopped working. Cleaned it, but it still just blows hot air. Not worth the counter or refrigerator space.

  5. Ordered for my sister last November for christmas, she finally got it in July, she tried to use it once, said it sprayed for 3 seconds and then stopped. So she left it alone for a few minutes, and when she went to pick it up it was hot. She removed the battery and emailed them about the problem. Then customer service began to argue with her.
    They have yet to issue a refund or replace the unit.
    We are now reporting them to the Better Business Bureau to get our money back.

  6. JUNK! TOTAL JUNK! Used it several times and now it won’t spray. Cleaned it as indicated and tried holding the top, covering the nozzle and spraying for a second or two. The top blew off from the pressure, hit me in the eye. It’s worthless and unusable. They don’t respond to any requests for assistance so basically they take your money (and a lot of it) and run.

  7. so if its just spraying air and no butter and you cleaned it as often as you would clean a butter dish, fill it with warm soapy water, hold the trigger and plug the nozzle with you finger until the motor sounds like its trying to spray then release. repeat until the soapy water sprays out. Seriously black mold people, this is not a butter vault, its butter, greasy nasty butter, you gotta clean this thing every couple of sticks.

  8. DO NOT BUY!! Unless you are OK with spending 150dlls for a couple weeks use. Like other users have said after a couple of weeks it starts to smell and there is rotten butter in it, there is no way to clean this thoroughly and eventually there is mold and is not safe. I bought the gift pack and now I am out 160dls. It will start to smell after the 14day return window so you will be stuck with it. Works great but there is no way to actually clean it.

  9. Probably not something the home cook would want to own – it you leave it out for more than a day, nozzle clogs and you have to run the unit for several minutes and hold your finger over the nozzle until it starts to work again. And yes, if you leave it out for more than a few days without cleaning it, it starts to spray smelly tasting butter.

    This would work much better in an industrial kitchen where you might do a lot of buttering – so maybe a restaurant where you need to butter a lot of toast or coat pans with a thin sheen of butter.

    If you’re a home cook, avoid this unless you plan on using it several times a day.

  10. I have the same problem as most of these bad reviews. Does not spray even with the lights on.
    I do not like to lose $150.00 and feel that the manufactures and Shark Tank should give us our money back.

  11. First time ever ordering anything from Shark Tank. Ordered TWO Biem Butter Sprayers in November to have during the holiday season (one for a family member). Did not received them until June. Worked fine for a few weeks. Put it in the refrigerator for awhile but that only drained the battery. Required the use of sticky duct tape to extract the battery from out of the device to put in another battery. Decided to not refrigerate it. Now it is only blowing out hot air. So after having this device for about a month now, it’s pretty clear that it’s useless. I would NEVER RECOMMEND this product to anyone.

    • Same issues here. I bought 2 of them. Used 1 fir about a month with several clogs, tried cleaning it and pressured system as customer service recommended. The to then blew off.
      They were supposed to send a replacement. Been waiting 45 days now. So I’ve been using to other new one I bought.
      This one melts all the butter and clogs just the same.
      Problem now is that the battery only last a day because it’s stuck on.
      Waist if 300 plus.
      Just discussting

  12. Mine was blowing air not butter. Customer service said hold the top and cover the hole for 1 second. The butter started coming out. Only now mine melts all the butter stick and says I’m out of butter. Waiting on customer service…

  13. Well, me too! I wanted to like this so much. This was the first time I saw something on Shark Tank and had to have it. I ordered mine in November! After all the perfecting, I was expecting an excellent product. I am very disappointed. The instructions say you can refrigerate. I was going out of town, so stuck it in the fridge. Today I took it out and it would not work. The light came on, but nothing else. I decided to try changing the battery. The lights came on but, when you press it, it makes the sound it did when it worked, but nothing comes out. Until, you stop pressing then a tiny squirt comes out. That’s it, it won’t do anything else.

  14. Moldy mess!

    Do not get this product. We waited months and months. It makes a huge mess. After a week or so I noticed a bad smell and looked inside. Gross MOLD!

    There is no way this product can be approved by food safety.

  15. Just received my Biem sprayer after almost 7 months. My husband ordered it for me for Christmas, after seeing it on Shark Tank. I was excited, as I thought the concept was ingenious! I followed the instructions to the letter. Cleaned it and placed in the cube of butter. Couldn’t wait to spray it on my fresh corn on the cob. The ready light came on and I was finally ready to reap the benefits of my long awaited gift! It began to spray, and spray and spray! I put it down, and it continued to spray and spray and spray. I had butter on my wall, counter top, etc. The butter began to pool around the base. I put it in the sink and it continued to spray on it’s own! It finally quit after making an enormous mess, and using up most of the cube of butter. What a piece of junk!!! Really? Lori Greiner put her money into this product??? Now I’ll have to go through the joy of attempting to get my husband’s money back! Let’s hope that’s not a hassle as well! What a joke! Save your money! You know the old saying about when something seems to good to be true?

  16. I am so glad I cancelled my order after reading the above reviews. My order was placed in December, after waiting 6 months and not receiving my order I gave up and cancelled it. Everytime I inquried about my order I was told it was coming. The customer service reps for this company are horrible. When i asked what the hold up was I was given attitude and told its first round of making the product and I could cancel my order or deal with the wait. Ask for a supervisor and was laughed at. Will never deal with this company again.

  17. The biem I eventually received after being lied to several time was a joke. After being nearly a year late on delivery, and being told it was for product improvements I was expecting a sweet device. What I got was a $140 plus of junk. So brand new it says clean with soapy water, I did and it barely sprayed the water. It kind of spits it out. I was thinking oh great what a disappointment. I pu r a stick of butter in it and waited. About 3 minutes later it finally was ready. I was like dang that’s slow. So I sprayed some butter. I got a stream about 1mm that sprayed out about 2ft for 6 seconds and then, reheat time. Wait really, 6 seconds of stream …. That’s it. Ok so I wait again. 2 mins this time. I got 4 secs of stream and a little spray. And reheat time. Ugg . Wth? Ok this time it was a min wait. So I sprayed again. I mostly got a spray and it lasted about 12 secs. This was the best it ever got. 45-60 sec heat and 15 sec spray. Keep in mind most things need 40-60 sec spray because the output is soooo slow. Ok so I changed batteries with one that came off the charger and the biem had been on an 80degree counter all night. So it says it’s safe to leave out. Hmm. My email and instructions say 2 weeks. Now they are claiming 1 week on the website. So ill get to that later, the warm biem…
    It took about 30secs to say it’s ready. Same stream issue as before. It takes 2 sprays(heat cycles) to warm the butter nozzle enough to get warm butter through it. At the end of the 2nd spray or the 3rd spray it actually starts to mist. Once you get here it seems good. It consistently sprayed about 18secs and required a heat cycle of about 40 secs. That seems to be the best it can do. Ok so I tried to collect the spray as efficiently as I could. I know this is not exact by any means. Best I can tell it takes about 18 cycles to spray a tbsp of butter. Literally about 20 mins. What a joke.
    Spraying seems to be a bit messed up also. This unit claims to have motion sensors and such inside. Best I can tell, they lied. It does have a level(tip over) sensor that stops you from spraying anything but upright . No you cannot spray it down at you pan you must tip your pan/food to meet the spray. This must be to keep the unit from spraying air. It must need a puddle to pick up in the chamber. This was obnoxious. It’s meant for spraying things on the counter right? So why doesn’t the nozzle spray that way? Why does it spray everywhere? Makes me wonder if they even tested this design.
    Alright, back to the store butter in your biem thing. Ok so I had a brand new stick in it. It was clean. The stick had several months left on the expiry date. After about 10 days I started to get sick from dinners. I didnt think anything about it and was like dang something is really wrong. It never dawned on me that biem was getting moldy inside and spraying it on my food. So I went to refill it. I was about to drop it’s 2nd stick in and looked inside. Ewww nasty. Black mold or something growing in it. I grabbed the soap and washed it out like it says to. It didn’t come out. So I put more soapy water in it and did it several times. I cannot get the nasty stuff out if it. It was like forget it I’ll call for warranty let’s just since it out and get it ready to go back. Nope now it won’t even spray water. All it does is blow air. So now what? I guess I just wasted $140 on a nasty pos.

    When it did spray it was all over the place, overstay on everything. Didn’t spray fast enough, didn’t heat well enough to keep up. It only lasted 1 stick of butter and quit spraying. Now it’s a hazard due to food poiz .
    What a scam. Btw it’s made in china of cheapo crap. Feels like every bit of it when you pick it up. It even smells cheap, only thing good about it was the battery/charger combo. It managed to survive a whole charge and not blow up. I guess thats a bonus. Stay away! Scam! They should be sued!

  18. I did not find that you need to hold the sprayer upright to avoid a stream. My spray is the same upright or inclined 45 degrees. The spray pattern is rather wide, so it does need to be close to the food to avoid overspray. For some things a stream would be better than a spray, like corn on the cob. For popcorn a wider spray pattern is better.

  19. Biem butter dispenser
    Nice concept but what they didn’t tell you is that you must hold the sprayer completely upright or you get a stream instead of a spray.
    Therefore your Kitchen gets the background spray not your food. I’m kind of disappointed in this 150.00 butter sprayer.

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