60 Second Salad Review

What is 60 Second Salad

As per the TV infomercial it is a unique solution to prep a salad quickly and easily. It practically takes away the hassle of not just cutting but even washing and rinsing vegetables.


Healthy salad on the go

60 Second Salad assures to provide a quick and easy solution cutting and chopping vegetables. Although there are no 60 Second Salad reviews available yet that will substantiate with its claims. 60 Second Salad promises to make a mess-free, healthy and delicious salad in no time. 60 Second Salad alleges to be designed to hold all the ingredients together to cut them in one go. 60 Second Salad also alleges to keep your hands safe while cutting them. Such unique way of prepping salad using 60 Second Salad will be further analyzed once we receive user reviews.


Ingenious design

60 Second Salad declares to hold all the ingredients in its unique design and can even be used to rinse and strain with the help of its wave cam top with unique slits. Such hassle-free way of prepping salad by 60 Second Salad will be verified once users review it. Simply cut through the slits on the wave cam top of 60 Second Salad to start cutting the vegetables and fruits in one go. Just rotate the wave cam top for a cross cut to ready the salad. Pop it in a dishwasher for easy cleaning when done. 60 Second Salad does sound impressive; user reviews will reveal the truth.


What do I get?
You will get 60 Second Salad for $10 + $6.99 S&H.
Official website: get60secondsalad.com

6 thoughts on “60 Second Salad Review

  1. My daughter a 60 Second Salad Cutter through Amazon. It was so small like for individual salad..I was very disappointed in the size and it looked cheap. She is happy with it!! I would want the one that was advertised o FB. I WANT ONE THAT WOULD MAKE BIGGER SALADS!! DO YOU KNOW HOW I CAN FIND THE ONE I SAW ADVERTISED ON TV/FB? THANK YOU!!

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