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Are you embarrassed by the unsightly cellulite on your body? Don’t you wish you could wear pretty strappy dresses again? The cellulite deposits are really something that disturbs many and thus it is very important to know that cellulite can be toned whenever you want.


How does Instant Slim Wrap work?
The new revolutionary Instant Slim Wrap can do that and much more! Instant Slim Wrap is a fantastic personal body wrap that not only exfoliates, cleanses your skin, it also detoxifies your body, tightens loose tissue so that you lose inches that last for weeks!

With Instant Slim Wrap, you can lose weight without exercising! All you have to do is simply apply the special clay, wrap the Instant Slim Wraps around your affected areas and relax! It does all the work! It contains wonderful all-natural ingredients that work like Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Caffeine, Tripeptide-1and Tripeptide 10A.

The kit contains jars of Pure CBody Contouring Clay which is to be applied much before any wrapping is done on the affected part of the skin. It can actually extract the fat content and make it seem toned. The Wide Contouring Bandages are meant to tone some of those parts which appear sluggish and lumped. The Loofah Mitt is used to exfoliate the skin where you have applied the clay and the bandage.

It is especially effective for high muscle regions like thighs and underarms or triceps. Regular usage of the Instant Slim wraps can do wonders for your body and make you look really slim and toned!

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Details at www.SlimWrapKit com

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    Has anyone tried the Instant Slim Wrap

    Does it really exfoliate, detoxify and cleanse your skin

    Does it really tighten loose tissues

    How does Instant Slim Wrap work

    What are the ingredients

    Are there any side-effects

    How long before you see results

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