Alternacig Reviews and Complaints

What is Alternacig

– It’s an electronic cigarette that is an alternative to a traditional tobacco cigarette and which tastes, looks and feels like an actual cigarette. It produces no tar, flame, ash, nasty smoke odor, or carbon monoxide and saves a lot of money while being a healthier option.


About Alternacig

Why a smoker must switch to Alternacig

Whether you are a new smoker or have been smoking for months or years, Alternacig promises to be an option that you wouldn’t mind living with because it gives the same feeling, taste and even look as a tobacco cigarette. It is said to be a high-tech alternative for the modern age to smoking and one that does not have the actual and dangerous smoke of a cigarette. Alternacig believably only releases odorless vapor that looks like smoke. It claims that it does not have the foul smell of cigarette smoke or even the harmful chemicals, tar, flames, carbon monoxide even ash. Because of these features, not only are you saved from the harmful effects of smoking while you actually indulge in it but you can believably also smoke it even in public places where smoking is banned or even in the company of other people who are averse to passive smoking. Alternacig is thus meant to be a better alternative not only for yourself but also those around you since it does not produce harmful smoke, you can smoke around your kids or seniors without any worry or harming them.

Also because there is no flame in Alternacig, you do not have to worry about accidental burns while lighting it. The electronic cigarette takes the hassle out of smoking – you do not have to worry about not having a matchbox or lighter handy thereby being unable to indulge in the pleasure of smoking when you want to. You do not have to worry about not having a place or ashtray to stub the cigarette out or the ash falling on your clothes and spoiling them. Believably you can just take the Alternacig out and puff it.


How does Alternacig work

Alternacig is supposed to be made of two parts – the cartridge and the lithium ion battery. When the smoker puffs on the cigarette, the sensor in the e-cigarette are said to detect the airflow and then activate the heating element. This vaporizes the solution that is inside the cartridge. Then a smoke like and odorless vapor is produced; this vapor is not like cigarette smoke so it doesn’t have the 4000 toxins that a traditional tobacco cigarette has. To give you the real smoking experience, Alternacig is supposed to have a glowing tip and it is said to turn off automatically when you are not smoking it. So there is no risk of burning bed sheets or anything else when you smoke the day’s last cigarette and happen to doze off with it lit up. You can smoke it at home, restaurants, office, airport, or anywhere else without having to step out. Alternacig also promises to take all the hassle out of your smoking experience.


Rechargeable e-cig

Alternacig claims to come in a rechargeable travel pack, which has six e-cigarettes. All you believably need to do is keep it plugged in with the charge to charge it completely so that you can always be on the go with your pack. The packet of Alternacig is said to be charged with a charging cable and you can also charge it with a USB cable if you do not have an electric socket around. The packet of Alternacig can also be upgraded to deluxe charger pack that comes with an built in battery that will make sure your electronic cigarettes are never discharged and ready to use any time you want even when you are out on long travels and when it is not possible to keep the pack plugged in. Alternacig packet has a built in flashlight or night light. Alternacig comes in regular and menthol flavors so that you can get your choice of smoking experience.


Claims to be Affordable

The filter of each Alternacig cigarette promises to give enough puffs that can replace as many as cigarettes worth one and a half packet! Since usually a single pack of tobacco cigarettes costs up to $10, you could save money ranging from hundred dollars to even thousands in a single year if you smoke the more expensive cigarettes. Alternacig also promises to come with six vapor cartridges, which are believably enough to get you cigarettes equivalent to a whole carton. With Alternacig you can supposedly cost less than $2 for a pack, which one cannot buy anywhere at all for that less a price. Compared to traditional cigarettes, a single Alternacig also lasts much longer and is the smoothest smoking experience that also tastes good.


What do I get?
  • 1 Electronic cigarette
  • 1 Travel pack
  • 6 cartridges
  • 1 wall charger
  • 1 USB charger
You can buy Alternacig in either regular or menthol flavour for $29.95 plus shipping charge of $7.95 at


Alternacig Video



139 thoughts on “Alternacig Reviews and Complaints

  1. I done a survey and was to get this ecig for just postage fee. Now they have removed £69.99 from my bank.

  2. I have just contacted my credit card company and stopped them from taking money out of my account…there is no rhyme or reason to this program and no one to contact and the 29.95 is not true…and no fine print on their ad tells you that they will charge you 109.00 and the 75.00 each month after…SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY!!! I am in the process of trying to get my money back…but they wont get anymore money from here on in!

  3. This Alternacig sucks bad and it will quit working on you in no time at all and I tried to get help but no one would even help me at all. DO NOT BUY you would be wasting your money plus they wont help you at all.

  4. honestly, All Of This Is Crap. I Bought An Itazte With A Reusable Tank that Works A Lot Better And You Have A Wider Choice Of Flavors And Can Get A Set Up That Fits You Perfectly.

  5. I used to be a customer of Alternacigs. It was a very bad mistake on my part. There products suck all the way. Sent everything back and got a full refund. Now, I am with Smokeless Image also known as Volt. They are fantastic, have no problems with them at all. They have a variety of flavors and there milligram starts are 0, 1.2, 1.6, 1.8, and 2.4 high. Stop ordering from Alternacig everyone. Go online and look up best e-cigs.


  7. If you want the best go to Totally Wicked e-liquid dot com and get the best for less! I have had mine for over 3 years and customer service is Great!

    After the initial purchase it costs me less thann $20 a month for fluid and supplies! Shipping is fast!

  8. Everyone who has been ripped off needs to contact their bank to see what they can do about it. Make sure they are blocked from being able to charge you if you signed up for autofill..

    Thanks for all the warnings.. I was thinking of getting this for my son who I want to quit smoking but will not bother.. I will look for something in store so I can not deal with online crap or shipping.

    • I got the offer claiming that I could have this kit for $4.95. I got the kit……….but then they wanted $109 and another $70 every month afterward. I went to my bank and got a new debit card and the bank lady told me that she’s seen several people with the same complaint. This is a fraud.

  9. A HEARTY & ROBUST ” THANK YOU!” to all who posted reviews on the Alternacig. Obviously a rather unremarkable product with remarkably Terrible Customer Service defending some Horrific Business Practices.

  10. I have been vaping for seven months now. I was curious about this particular e-cig, so I decided to read the reviews! Wow, what a bad impression of e-cigs and customer service Alternacigs gives!

    I use Green Smoke which does offer a FREE (really) trial offer, free shipping on ALL orders, fast delivery, and excellent customer service. They are in Florida, and I am in New Mexico and I receive my orders within 2-4 days! They also have an excellent choice of tobacco and other flavors, battery lengths and colors, and automatic shipping at a discounted price. Save your time and money folks ~ switch to Green Smoke!

    • I went to the green smoke website and checked out every thing you said,they do have free shipping however it says it takes 6-8days. And there’s no such thing as a FREE trial offer.

  11. I’ve been ordering Alternacig e-cigarette for about a year now. I Like the e-cigarette very much. My complaint is with the autoship. I’ve received about 3 orders on time, and when I call Customer Service they say there out and I have to wait weeks before I receive the e-cigarette. That’s no way to conduct business. I feel if your going to offer autoship you should receive your order on time. Its seems every time I order a new alternacig Kit it comes in a matter of days. Please resolve this and send my auto ship now. Its going on two months and I’ve not received my auto ship order. Please reply. My email is Thank you MB Lynch

  12. I was going to order the Alternacigs, thanks for the warning. I just head out to the gas stations a purchase a E-cig there.

    Thank You again for the warning

  13. PLEASE DO NOT BUY from these scammers. They sent me half my order and called me a liar when I called to complain The parts I got don’t work. I am sending this crap back to them so that they can….#$%@&*(figure that out)!!!

  14. This was given 4 Alternacigs as a birthday present and I was not happy. Not only did I get the constant run around by Alternacig customer service, but I was treated rudely and one employee even used a “curse” word. I don’t understand how so many companies (esp. THIS Alternacig) in America are allowed to make any claim they want and simply screw the public out of hard earned money. Many calls…many days…many different excuses and I ended up so nervous, I am almost certain that while dealing with these people, I smoked double the amount of cigs than before I tried this piece of crap product. I am in constant contact with the Better Business Bureau and was told they have received thousands of Alternacig complaints. I bet the owner is on a yacht in the Caribbean spending his I’ll gotten millions. And will almost certainly claim bankruptcy when it’s time to pay the piper. Save your money and go cold turkey like I ended up doing. It was a bit rough for a week or two but better than dealing with a company of inconsiderate, ignorant people.

  15. I tried to cancel my AlternaCig order and was given a number that nobody answers!! All I know is if they charge my card next month I will sue them! I wish I had read the Alternacig reviews before ordering!

  16. Thanks to all the Alternacig reviews I decided not to take on this headache don’t need to spend the time nor money with a company that don’t do what they say their going to do. only wish we could find a place to trust and that backs up their word.


  17. Alternacig is the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with on line. Customer service non existent…..ship to wrong address twice….they wouldn’t make it right….I’m out close to $100.00. They do not return phone calls……can’t imagine this company will be in existence e my h longer….. I have found an alternative to Alternacigs….urge others to do the same.

  18. AFTER 3 WEEKS I called to track my $50.00 order only to be told that it was on back order AGAIN! Second time this has happened. Now I call and no one will answer the phone. Not a bad product, just the wrong people with a franchise.

  19. I ordered this AlternaCig product in March, 2013. In July, the battery charger no longer functioned. After calling customer service, I was told a replacement would be sent out and I should receive it within the next 7 working days. 3 weeks later, I called customer, and was told it was on back order. It is now February, 2014… 7 months have passed and no replacement battery. Calling has not been of any use. It has cost me a few thousand dollars in going back to smoking tobacco. The false advertisement, of standing by their product with a warranty, should be left out of their commercials.

    Last month (Jan.) when I talked to customer service, I was told I would get the replacement battery in 3-5 business days. A continual string along with false promises.

  20. Cig won’t charge, used for 5 months. Been trying to get someone on the phone for 3 days. The recording keeps repeating itself. I have tried calling around the clock. I have nine packages of cartridges left I’m off to a smoke shop. BYE-BYE ALTERNACIG.

  21. I am a very very unsatisfied person. I purchased Alternacig and received a defective item, I had return it and they said they would refund me.. its been a month since I return it and they are telling me they never received it, I have no proof if they are lying or if it did get lost off the truck. I am out of the item and my refund. This company is BS… DO NOT order from them it is fake and they will not refund you your money.

  22. I am going public with my unpleasant business experience. Alternacig s please cancel my initial order and refund my money ASAP ..I am done with you..please advise when completed.

  23. 3 weeks and still waiting for shipment after paying for expedited shipping..checking on status of my order only show the cartridges on back order..let me tell you..I made a big mistake and should have done my consumer product homework first..

  24. Let me get negative right off the bat,I would not wipe my a** with this thing, it is not what it is crack up to be, my uncle bought this for my mom something is wrong with battery or charger and had it replaced a couple of times same problem, so if you order it and you have problems with it, send it back with in the 30 days or you have a product after the 30 days your screw. Let me also say the company does not stand behind this product and another thing don’t spend your money find something else to kick the habit.

  25. I’m very disappointed in the packing & shipping . I ordered full flavor filters with my order, I was sent ultra light filters I had no idea that they were not the right filters so I called they they agree to send me the right ones… I had to pay to ship the filters back. but because the 30 day per thing is up they wont send me the right filters that they mess up on , BUT THEY SURE HAD NO PROBLEM TAKING MY MONEY, I sent them all the filters an I get a call saying they wont give me the stuff I paid for. I feel I was ripped off 80 bucks that I work hard to get. Thanks for giving me a headache.

  26. The problem I have with Alternacigs, is the taste. They function the way they are claimed to, but the taste needs to be improved upon, and as for no odor, thats not true, I ordered the menthol and my first impression was very bad, the smell was not very pleasant.

  27. I BOUGHT MINE OFF THE ADD ON TV I still carry it with me all the time I smoked for 39 years I quit and after 7 weeks of not smoking I decided I could trust my self to not go back to smoking. I find it rather comforting when I get a strong urge to smoke I am very glad I have it and I’ve just put on the last of the 6 screw on units and was headed to the web sights to order more I don’t use it often but am glad I have it.

  28. Well, all I can say is that the company is exactly what it says it is. I didn’t even have to pay for the Alternacig to try it because someone let me try the one they had so your getting this review from someone unbiased to the situation. But, I can tell you, I would never smoke another regular cigarette again for the rest of my life! I don’t understand those who have had issues with customer service, all I can think is that they are that “one” that had issues. If your looking for something that is just like a regular cigarette and trying to get rid of all the nastiness of the regular, this is what you need. If you pay 5-7 dollars a pack and smoke a pack a day…you’ll save 2-300 dollars a month. GIVE IT A TRY!

  29. There are several products like Alternacig, which you will find on those late night TV infomercials. There’s huge hype created about these As Seen On TV products, but more often than not you will realize that they turn out to be damp squibs in real. As soon as the product reaches you it’s obvious that you are in trouble with the purchase. But the quality of the product or its effectiveness for that matter is not the only problem you have to deal with. You realize that your purchase has cost you a lot more than you bargained for because there’s some discount offer, cruise deal that you have been sold without knowing anything about it. And cancelling the offer is not possible as well.

    If you want to make sure these problems while buying products like Alternacig don’t arise then you can only trust real reviews to tell you more about them. You will get all the information you need to make up your mind about buying the product. You will also be warned about the pitfalls in ordering that you are going to be faced with along the way. And it will save you a great deal of hassle and money for sure.

  30. Thank you all for your reviews!! I was just about to order AlternaCig!! You all saved me money and headaches.

  31. This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. Their customer service is unbelievably horrible. I am completely amazed how they can make any money at all when they treat their customers in this manner. i will be contacting the better business bureau about their product and service. please do not make a purchase from this company. if you want this product find it elsewhere!!!

  32. I am not understanding anyone at all. There is a lot more negatives then good, I just realized by reading every single one. Yet, you still order from this BS company. Hello, go on the web and type in best ecigs. That’s what I did, some are expensive, and some are not at all. Stop wasting your time, and money on this junk, period. There are a lot of ecigs out there, that are way much better than Alternacig.

  33. I bought the alterna cigarette and found that it had little to no taste at all. I had to charge it a couple of times a day and I wasn’t even using it all that much. It also didn’t provide the feeling of smoking a cigarette (flavor, throat hit)

    I contacted the company and although it took a few days, I received a complete refund and they told me to keep the kit and pass it on to someone else who might be interested.

    Even tho the Alterna cig was not for me, I can say that the treatment I received from the company was great.

  34. Has been one of my worst experiences ever purchasing a product. I can’t get get the battery to charge, it is inconvenient to use, they sent me regular instead of menthol. I just want my money back and no further shipments automated. Do yourself a favor and buy some in other places that will be more reliable!

  35. I’m not sure why anyone would buy one of these over the TV when you can go to any cigarette shop and buy them. I picked up a disposable one today for $10 to try it, and they sell several different types from $10 to $100. Infomercials prey on people with credit cards. Good luck getting your money back. Buy local – every cigarette store has them and some places in the mall have them too.

  36. Alterrnacig just dropped the amount of nicotine in the regular tobacco cartomizers from 1.2% to .8% w/out warning and the price is the same. The lower amount makes it harder to quit regular cigarettes.

  37. I bought the Alternacig and it arrived on Saturday. I really loved it! It stopped working on Monday. I can’t tell if it is the charger or the battery, but it will not work. So far, have been unable to contact anyone via phone. Bottom line is, I was charged $126.70, rather than the $29.95 on TV, and I still don’t have a product that works. I would say, use caution when buying. At least the ones at the gas station have reliable resources.

    • What the hell? I do not understand how you were charged so much, the only thing I can think about is that they were charging you for the auto-ship also. You should send everything back, keep trying till you reach someone.

      • I did not order these. I just went onto website to see what t hey were. I returned the product, have not received any refund. Today I was charged for 6 more cartridges without my order and received the packages today, waiting for return authorization. I am sorry I ever looked at these.

        • Keep trying till you get your full refund back. I made that very same mistake. I have another electronic cigarette that I love very much.

          • File a claim with the Federal Trade Commission. You can do it on line. I’ve done it with an other bad company before, and ended up with my money back.

  38. Wow! Glad I didn’t order…there are way to many negatives about this. They make it sound so good on TV, but you go to the website and they only have regular and menthol..they make it sound like on TV you have a choice of flavors.

    I don’t want to wait more than 10 days either. I saw that one person was still waiting for his order.

    Good luck to the ones who fall for this.

  39. I use 2 other over counter a gas station that have everything right in your hand ingredients number of cartridges charger everything there is no replacement if lost but never had one leak on me an not know what was in it!!

    • Just be careful with the ones you buy in the gas stations. Cause sometimes they might have ingredients that might actually give you headaches. That happened to me. I had ran out of cartomizers on my Volt, and I had to wait for my order to arrive. Went and got this ecig called Finity, omg, it sucks, I was getting headaches like crazy. They had like 5-6 ingredients, wow, that was a lot. Just be careful.

      • You said you ordered 2 Alternacigs. I just did the math for you it should of been 75.88 . How did they come up with that amount. if they told you that it was cheaper like that. Ha, that is a big Rip-Off they did on you.

  40. I am glad I read these comments. My husband & I have been smoking for years. We both would like to quit. We have tried just about everything. As bad as this sounds I am still thinking about trying it. What do you have to lose, $29.95?

      • SMOKETIP.COM is the best place to buy your smokes. I’ve smoked for 26 yrs and its worked for me. I get the “pulls” just like the real ones. I’ve tried other ones and have considered trying another brand to see the differences. Based on the reviews I’m glad I didn’t purchase these. If you’ve smoked as long as I have get the FULL FLAVOR products….don’t get lights or your wasting your money. Also some of the others esp. COFFEE flavored ones taste horrible BUT menthol and regular are pretty great.

  41. Ouch, not too many good reviews. I was just watching their website. This is some kind of joke or what? They only come in 2 flavors regular or menthol, and one strength 1.2%. No flavors or anything like that at all. Thank goodness got my favorite ecig.

  42. Alternacig has a false advertisment on their web site and on a TV commercial as to what you get for $29.95.. What is advertised is 6 “filters” a battery and a chargeable travel case with a charge cord.. What they send is a case that holds 3 “filters” a battery and a USB port charge plug in , the case is not chargeable.. This is false advertisement..

    • The only way you got the chargeable case was to upgrade from the $29.95 to a $49.95 one. I ordered the 29.95 one and the shipping was free. I got a battery, six filters, case that holds 3 filters an USB port charger. I thought the wall charger was included. My worked and it tastes OK. I just got it two days ago. Will hope for the best.

  43. When I first ordered the Alternacigs, it was pretty good. Then the cartomizers started leaking, called customer service they apologized about that. They sent me a pack with free of charge. Then the same thing happened again. So, I decided to return the product back, got my full refund. The sad part is you can only choose regular or menthol, and it only comes in 1.2% mg. No flavors to choose from or the milligram that you want. The price is good for $29.95. There are way better ecigs out there with more option. Do your homework before you order this product.

  44. Ordered this Alternacig but it was a big fail. I used it an at the very first puff realized I wasted a LOT of money. It tastes just like the cheap ones you can get from smoke shops, Walmart, etc. On top of that does not live up to its claim of tasting and feeling like smoking a real cigarette. I returned the product to the company well before the 30 days and still have not received my refund weeks later. Do not waste your time or money. Go buy one from the smoke shop!

    • Though there are e-cigs which are great you have to watch and do some homework to not get scammed. Most of these Cigarette looking sticks are, while not exactly a scam, NOT what they promise. All the ones I have tried are weak and short lived. I now use a refillable unit from a Tampa Fla. based company, Totally Wicked. I really enjoy “Vaping” much more than I ever did smoking. Also you have to be sure of the liquid in the units as a lot of these cheap ones are made in China. Not the purest of ingredients to be sure. Always buy U.S. Based units when possible and especially the e-liquid that goes in them.

      • Also, there are, over the long run, much less expensive units on the market. Especially when figuring the cost of the filters over time. I rarely ever have to spend more than $0.10 per fill. My fill is approx 2.5 packs.

        • Well, said KaLaMar. Please, everyone do your homework. if you are not sure about which he ecigs might be right for you. Go on the web and type in ; best ecigs, you will find alot of selections. I had found blu-cigs, volt(smokeless image) to be very reasonable prices. Omg, so many flavors, and strength to choose from.

        • Can I ask what e-cig you use? Can you refill the cartridge for only 10 cents? Wow what a deal! Please let me know


          • Larry, I actually use Volt(Smokeless Image). Yes, you can refill the cartridges. They have bottles at different prices, also different size batteries, different colors too. I have dropped my ecig quite a few times, it is still operating with no problem at all.

  45. I had sent this product back, checked with USPS it says they received it on Friday the 15. Now when I called today they claimed they didn’t receive it yet. Gonna give them till Wednesday to see what story they might probably come up with. I was beginning to like there product, till each cartomizers started leaking terrible.

      • Its very sad. I was actually sticking up for them, saying their product was good. Wham, my cartomizers started leaking terribly, it was problem after problem. Ugh, still waiting on my refund.

  46. I was told by the customer service rep who took my order that I would recieve both a wall charger and USB charger for the $29.95. I also ordered more cartritges. The wall charger was not included with my order so I called customer service who told me it was not included with the order I placed. However just now on this web site I just saw that for $29.95 you recieve both chargers along with the kit–now why is that? I want answer- not a put off reply. Also would you please inform me and others what the actual ingredients are in the cartridge–all products post their ingredients so you should too.

    Thank you

  47. I want to know exactly what ingredients are in the cartomizer–I like the product, but I think you should make this information available to your customers as most any type of product does this. Please reply. Thank you–Karen

  48. When I had ordered Alternacig, the product was good. The battery life is fantastic, started having problems with the cartomizers. First one was good, then the 2,and 3 one was leaking terribly. called customer service. They apologize and had sent me another pack of cartomizer. Same thing happened again to all 6 of them. Have no idea if they put too much liquid or what. I am scared to order more cartomizers. I called them up, and will be returning the product back. Found another e-cig, I am loving my new one, alot of flavor cartridges. Good luck everyone with your Alternacig.

      • I ordered the Volt, its also called Smokeless Image. They are fantastic there ingredients PG and VG, their strengths are 0,12,18,24. They have so many flavors to choose from, blu-cigs is good also. I prefer the Volt inside. Go on the web. Just type in Volt-ecigs. You will find everything thing you are looking for.

        • Thanks for the information, was going to buy because it looked like a great bargain! I am on to check out volt. People can’t afford to to waste money for something that really not going to help us. I hate dishonesty!

          • You welcome Crystal. Can’t believe what an idiot I was to stick up for this company, when I had ordered from Alternacigs. Hope everyone forgives me, for jumping down there throat. You won’t be disappointed Crystal with Volt.

        • I switched to Victoryecigs. Work great and comes with a car charger, home charger, 2 batteries, 5 cartomizers and a USB adapter that plugs into either charger. Also 3 strengths in reg or menthol. They have a good auto ship monthly and cheaper than alternacigs. No strange tastes.

  49. When I first ordered the Alternacig I was under the impression that if you signed up for auto-ship then I would get the e-cigs free of shipping charges. Well I did sign up for auto-ship and I got my first order with free shipping but as I learned later free shipping only applied to the first order and they mislead you by comparing the price of a regular cigarette to the price of an Alternacig saying alternacigs is less than $2.00 a piece. So they was going to send me 6 cartridges for I believe $29.95, that’s over $3 a piece. Well after trying Alternacig I did like them and 6 cartridges would just not suffice for a whole month but at over $3.00 a cartridge I just was not going to pay that price when I know you can buy e-cigs elsewhere for less. So I called them up and ask them about their advertised price at under $2 to my purchasing price to equal over $3 a piece. That’s when the lady explained to me I was being charged shipping but that they had a deal if you buy 24 cartridges a month then it was free shipping and I would get them for under $2 a piece. Now that sounded better and that will be about how much I would smoke in a month so I did it, I signed up for auto-ship on 24 cartridges a month. Now as far as the battery life goes, well I have to charge my atomizer two times for each cartridge used. Seems like the battery life could at least as long as a cartridge does but I have only tried one other ecig and the other ecig’s battery did last longer. But I like the alternacigs flavor, style and ease of use better over the other one I bought I had to fill the cartridges myself and that was kinda overall would I recommend Alternacig? Yes I would, I am satisfied with my Alternacig and my children are happier not having to smell smoke all the time and my daughter just told me the other day “mom your hair smells good, like shampoo, it doesn’t smell like an ashtray”. So with that note ill close and hope this helps in your decision on whether to try you an Alternacig or not. Have a good day all.

    • I just did the math for you, for 24 cartridges you are actually paying $46.80. You call that a deal. I have an ecig, which you have a choice to fill the cartomizers or not. I choose not to fill them up at all, A box of cartomizers has 5 cartridges in them, I pay $8.95 they give you a deal when you buy a few boxes. Plus, the cost of shipping is way cheaper than Alternacigs.

  50. I would just like to say good morning. I want to get a couple of things straighten out. I am an Alternacig customer. This is how it is. Now, when you order from Alternacig, this is actually what you get for $29.95( 6 cartomizers, 1 battery, 1 Usb charger, and a carrying case). Everything else you want to get is extra. Oh by the way it actually comes with a book, that tells you how to charge the battery, and so on. I have read quite a few comments. Some of them I found to be not the truth at all. If you think this is a rip off, then do not order. Go to another website. I will keep ordering from them. Customer service is fantastic. When I first ordered from them got everything in exactly 4 days. My battery came fully charged. Here is the difference you have to get to know. When you start tasting a little burnt taste, that actually means to change the cartomizer. When you don’t see no more smoke coming out, it means you need to charge the battery. It will actually blink red a few times. Learn to know the difference. I would recommend Alternacigs to my friends in a flash.

  51. I was told when I ordered id get a wall charger in the 29.95 kit I dont want to pull out my laptop when I need to charge it. Also I was told free shipping would take two to three weeks so I paid the extra five dollars for three to five day shipping which took ten days to get it. Also I didnt get but three cartridges I was supposed to get six. It is misleading when you order on what u really get. I was told to send it back when I called them why not give me the wall charger and my three cartridges I was told id get that would have gotten me to order more. I was put on an automatic ordering list so they would send me some every month I totally told the person I did not want to be on that till I tried it first glad I called or id have charges coming off my card I didnt want. I am not pleased and wont order anything else from them. Bad customer service

    • I just read what you just wrote. For some strange reason I am not believing your story at all. I ordered from them and got everything they said I would get. You said you were supposed to get a wall charger that comes with it also. That is so funny and amazing. Nice try. Why don’t you go to another site for electronic cigarette and do the same thing you just did.

      • Rachelle you work for them. This product is a POS and does NOT WORK AT all. I had just bought it a month ago, first 10 minutes and it was in the trash because I didn’t want to go through the BS of sending it back. DON’T BUY IT IS A RIP OFF FOLKS.

        • No, I do not work for them. When I first brought there product Cameron it was ok for the first couple of days, then every single cartomizer was leaking like crazy, called them up, they send me free ones, they did the same thing. Returned it, they received it on Friday the 15th, now when I call. They keep telling me that they had not received it. I am starting to see now, what a bunch of BS this really is.

    • Dreama I too was promised a wall charger and never got it. I also ordered extra filters never got them. They also put me on auto refill which I DID NOT ASK FOR ! My battery had to be recharged when I got it. So far not very happy!!

  52. I called to cancel my order because someone stole my cigarette I am on a fixed income and can’t afford to purchase another order, however I enjoyed one one cig. but the problem I have is contacting the company , you get a recording saying leave a message and there’s nowhere on the wed to to cancel that not right, I called 8:30 am and all I got was this same recording what can I do help!!!

    • I am not understanding what you just wrote. You said you called to cancel your order because someone stole your cigarette. How can they steal your cigarette if you didn’t even get your order yet. Just call customer service at about 10:00 am. You have to remember there time might not be the same hour as where you are at. Explain to them what happened. I am pretty sure they will help you. They are very nice and helpful.

  53. I would like to know when is Alternacigs is going to come out with different flavor cartridges. That would be nice, and amazing.

    • I went to the green smoke website and checked out every thing you said,they do have free shipping however it says it takes 6-8days. And there’s no such thing as a FREE trial offer.

  54. I would like to clarify some of the mis-information on this post. The $29.95 basic starter kit includes: 1 lithium-ion battery (the white part of the cig that needs to be charged), 6 cartridges in your choice of regular or menthol flavor, 1 travel case (a box to put them in), and 1 USB charger. There are additional items available, such as: a larger package of cartridges in case 6 is not enough, a car charger for $9.95, a deluxe battery operated charger with built-in light and a wall adapter for $30.00, an extra lithium battery for $19.95 (good to keep a spare charged and ready so you don’t have to wait a couple of hours while it’s charging). As far as taste, that is really personal preference, so the only way to know if you will like it is to try it. The company stands behind this product with a 100% money back guaranty -if you don’t like it just send it back in the postage-paid envelope they provide and they will issue a full refund. I don’t know of any other e-cig with a deal like that!

  55. I just purchased my Alternacigs. It was shipped to me in 4 business days. It was fully charged and ready for me to take my first puff. I am very pleased with everything I got. I have been ready some of the reviews, and they weren’t very nice, it seems like some didn’t know what they were doing. It actually comes with a book with instructions, and if you still don’t understand then call customer service. I would recommend Alternacigs to people that I know that smoke like me. Give it a shot, don’t be so quick to judge. The battery is still going strong.

  56. First and worst ecig ever. But if you’re not completely happy they’ll refund your entire order. Including shipping “coasts”(see the website). Since then I’ve invested in real ecigs. Try joye, the 510-t series is my new favorite. But even the blu disposables are better than this. As a side note, njoy is an unrelated company, but still a great way to transition.

  57. Watching a commercial on television for this Alternacig right now, I can tell from the commercial and the web site this is nothing more than a rip off. I have been vaping for over 2 years and there are many really good companies to get your e-cigs from. This is not one. After some investigation into this new way of smoking I can tell you that many cigarette companies are jumping on the band wagon to get into this new product due to the lack of regular cigarette sales. It would not be a surprise to learn that this company is owned by a cigarette company.

    • I was going to buy this for my Husband that has been smoking for about 30 years now!

      He is kind enough to go out on the deck of our house to smoke so our Son and I don’t have to breath and smell it! But with all the snow and below 0 weather that we have been having lately i feel bad about him having to do that. Also i always panic when we take a trip that requires flying and he has to go ouside of the Aiports to smoke. There has been a few times he has made it to the plane as they where closing the doors. With something like this he would not have to do that.

      Gary, what do you use that works for you? You say this is a “Rip Off”…but didnt say what you use that is not a “Rip Off’!

      • Check out . This website will tell you everything you need to know about e-cigs and vaping… much nicotine are in the e-juice and the ingredients as well…..I started with them and they are so nice and helpful…..also….there are many vaping sites on YouTube that can help too…..and they are not TV gimmicks…….hope this helps you.

      • Why don’t you use your own judgement and purchased this for your husband. If he doesn’t like it, you can always return it. do not go by what others says. I purchased it, and I love it. Not only that the price is fabulous, the nicotine is 1.2%, I do believe the regular is non-menthol.

      • I purchased the Alternacigs. I love it no problem at all. For $29.95 you get the battery USB charger and 6 cartomizers. Also a carrying case all for that price. I had looked nonlinear for others nothing compares to Alternacigs. Purchase it for your husband if he doesn’t like it. You can always return it for a full refund.

        • Sounds to me like you have a share in the company, or work for the company of You sure are pushing this product.

          • First of all, I do not work for the company at all. I had purchased it, and liked it at first. So, I was complimenting them on there product. Then I started having problems with there product. They tried to solve it for me, same thing started happening over and over again. Had no choice to return it back to them. Does that answer your question SUSAN.

    • This is not a rip-off. I actually purchased the Alternacigs. I have no problem with it at all. the cartridges are very good, plus it all depends on how much you smoke. They do refund you your money back if you are not satisfied at all. This is a very good price, I had checked others out on-line, they are way too expensive. Before you judge, you should give it a try, and see for yourself.

      • Rachelle, you sound like you are being paid by Alternacigs. All you say is how wonderful they are and in essence calling people liars when they have negative reviews. Amazingly enough you are the only one responding to the negative reviews. There are a lot of choices out there and Alternacigs IS NOT the best one.

        • Yes, I do want to apologize to everyone. This was my first time trying it. It was OK at first, then problem started happening, didn’t do my homework. Want to apologize for my actions. Found another ecigs, I am totally loving it. Now I can say that Alternacigs sucks big time. Do your research everyone. There is Blu-cigs, Volt. Greensmoke, etc. If you want to find good ones just go one the web, type in best ecigs. There is also a guy call, he gives good reviews on different ecigs. I purchased the Volt, different flavors and cartomizers, and different strengths ranging from 0,12,18,24. Tried the Blu also.

  58. I just purchased this Alternacig and am having trouble trying to recharge the battery so I can use a new cartridge. Help!!! Maybe I should just return it for a new one or a refund. Whats your suggestion?

    • Did it start off tasting like that? Because mine does not taste like that until its time to change the cartomizer. That’s how I know I need a new one, it starts tasting funny and there’s very little smoke coming out. Sorry you didn’t like yours. I’ve tried one other e-cig, the kind you fill yourself and I really did not like it.

    • For your information, regular cigarettes leave a bad taste in your mouth also. Hope you find the one that you are looking for.

  59. I am looking at this for a friend of mine, and was wondering how much nicotine is in these Alternacig electronic cigarettes. Is it the same amount that is in a regular cigarette, or is it less, more. I would like to know, does it contain tobacco, what is in these. I see nothing listed on your website as to what is in these. I know it puts out water vapors, but what chemicals are you inhaling to give you the feeling of a real cig. Please let me know, and I may consider getting for a friend of mine.

    Thank You

    • According to the research I’ve read they use propylene glycol and water and i believe there is 1.2% nicotine. You can look up propylene glycol yourself but it is used in a lot of stuff; food, food dye, and they use it to make smoke like the kind you see in theatrical events. Hope this helps.

  60. Have you tried this Alternacig, is it any good?

    Does it really do what it claims?

    Is it really effective?

    What are the pros and cons of the Alternacig

    Is the Alternacig easy and convenient to use?

    Do you recommend Alternacig to other customers? OR do you know a better alternative?

    Do you think the Alternacig ad is misleading?

    Did you get a chance to review your Alternacig order?

    Is the shipping amount fair enough?

    Are you satisfied with the Customer service?

    How to return the Alternacig?

    Is Alternacig available in stores?, which stores carry them?

    Did you receive your order in time?

    Is this product made in the USA?

    • 1. yes and yes I like them. The only time I smoke a real cigarette anymore is only when my Alternacig is charging. I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and I think I’m going to order me another one so I’ll be able to have one charged at all times so I will be able to quit smoking real cigs all together. It is really easy to use. It comes charged so all you have to do is open the package and screw together the electronic cigarette and a cartridge. I signed up for auto-ship so there was no shipping charges for me. They give you 30 day trial so you can return it if you don’t like it. I would recommend Alternacig to others as a matter of fact I’ve already recommended it to several people and two of them have ordered them and tell me they like it. As far as another alternative, I do know of one alternative that I did try and I did not like it, it didn’t taste like a real cigarette it tasted more like a sweet cigar and I had to fill the cartridge myself, was kinda messy. I have a friend of mine that bought an ecig at a local tobacco outlet and she gave over a hundred dollars just for the ecig and she pays about the same for the cartridges as I pay for alternacig. The only thing misleading for me was they said if i signed up for autoship then I would get the Alternacig for free shipping so I thought that I would get free shipping with my future shipments but that’s not the case you only get the free shipping with the first shipment but they do have a package deal where if you order 24 cartridges then you get free shipping so thats equal to about 36 packs of cigarettes. comes out to less than $2 a pack, I don’t know where you live or how much you pay for cigs but I pay right at $6 a pack so thats big savings a month for me. so as far as if shipping price is fair I cant say because I get mine for free shipping. yes I reviewed my alternacig order. When I contacted them to change my order to the 24 cartridges, I got a recording at first because they was closed, they have business hours like a store would have. but when i called back the next day I got someone on the phone quickly, she was very polite and courteous and took no time at all to change my order and my order was shipped to me that day and I received it 4 days later. If you want to return your package I believe they give you a package to send it back in. As far as I know alternacig is not available in stores. I found two addresses on alternacig the BBB has them listed in WI and they have a trademark in FL, so yep as far as I know they are made in the USA. hope I answered all your questions and this helps you in making your decision on whether to purchase one or not. Just remember to each his own. I like alternacig but my sister is the one who recommended I buy the one she has, but I didn’t them. so there you go.

          • There’s Volt (smokeless image) my favorite. They also have blu-cigs, which you can actually purchase at any Walgreens store. There is also Evergreen smoke, V2, No7’s, and etc on the web. hope this helps you out Brian.

      • I got the Alternacig for my better half and he has been smoking them for almost a week in the house and car. Well guess what my house now smells like a cigarette and so does the car. We have not smoked in the car or house for over 6 years, after I quit smoking I washed and repainted all the walls and furniture. I kept telling him the house and car were starting to smell like an ash tray, so I had him blow smoke in my face and yuk it smelled like a cigarette. They say they have no smell well guess what if you are not a smoker they smell, so please do not advertise them as order less.

        • Why, don’t you go on the web, and look for other ecigs. There are ecigs out there way much better than Alternacigs. I had actually ordered Alternacig, very big mistake I made. I returned it. Got back on the computer. Found what I liked, of all the ecigs I found online, found blu-cigs, and Volt to be very reasonable prices.

      • I liked Alternacig on the first day till I had to charge the battery for three days in a row paid $69.95 plus tax which came to $77.90. Do you think with that price they would give you a decent battery.

        • If, I were you. I would send everything back to them. Go on the web, and find an ecig, that is right for you. Good Luck

    • I have only been using the alternacigs for about 2 months now but so far they have lived up to their claims. I have NOT noticed any side effects. They are said to be safer to use than regular cigarettes, I cannot say they are completely safe to use since they do at least have nicotine in them but I can say this before beginning use back when I was still smoking real cigarettes all the time I would wake up every morning coughing, coughing, coughing but since using the Alternacig I do not wake up coughing, its been such a pleasure to still be able to smoke but not wake up coughing. As far as cost, well with what I get it comes out to $1.95 per cartridge and each cartridge lasts about as long as a pack and a half of cigs and I pay about $5.85 for a pack of cigs that’s $8.77 for a pack and a half. so yeah that’s nearly $7 I’m saving. Hope this helps. I’ve read other people’s reviews and tried to comment so you may go back and read some of the other comments I’ve said, you may find more information on Alternacig, from one happy customer. have a good day.

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