35° Below Socks Review

About 35° Below Socks

35° Below Socks states to be a pair of socks that can keep your feet warm and dry even in the coldest weather. It claims to be so thin that it can be worn underneath regular socks and durable enough to be worn alone. The socks promise to be flexible and lightweight and keep the temperature of your feet just right. 35° Below Socks proclaims to be washing machine and dryer safe so that it is easy to clean.



How does it work

The secret of 35° Below Socks is alleged to be in its construction of aluminized thread used in Aerospace Fabric Technology infused with nylon knit fabric that makes it soft to touch. 35° Below Socks convinces that the weave reflects your own body heat so that you stay warm no matter how chilly the weather is. This special weave of 35° Below Socks maintains to minimize perspiration and moisture so that your feet will always be dry. The socks allege to be extremely lightweight and thin so that it is comfortable no matter how physically active you are.


The warmest socks for the coldest weather

Even if the wintry weather is your favorite and you like being outdoors, the cold and sweaty feet deter you from enjoying it to the fullest. There are insulated boots and thick socks to keep the cold out but they aren’t as effective as you would like. However, now the innovative pair of socks 35° Below Socks guarantees to be just the thing for you. 35° Below Socks assures to keep your feet warm and dry no matter how harsh and cold it is outside. 35° Below Socks state to be made with super soft aluminized threads that are infused with breathable nylon knit fabric, which reflects natural body heat and minimizes sweating and dampness so that your feet will be warm, dry and comfortable. Unlike socks in insulated boots or electrical socks that get bulky and moist in 15 minutes, 35° Below Socks emphasize to stay absolutely dry through the day.

Great for anyone and anywhere

35° Below Socks declares that it is great for anyone – men, women and children – and can be worn indoors as well as outdoors. 35° Below Socks alleges to be ideal for daily outdoor chores such as going to work, picking up kids from school or shoveling the show, and also for outdoor enthusiasts such as runners, skiers, winter hikers, and more. Even when you are outdoors, 35° Below Socks will provide you the same warmth as being indoors and watching TV. 35° Below Socks emphasizes to be machine washable and dryer friendly so that cleaning it is easy. Unlike traditional winter socks that are thick and itchy, 35° Below Socks claims to be lightweight and flexible so that the temperature will always be just right. 35° Below Socks maintains to be thin enough to be worn underneath regular socks and durable to be worn alone in winter boots, hiking boots, dress boots and shoes, and sports shoes.


What do I get?

You get 3 pair of the 35 Below® Socks for just $14.99 plus FREE shipping & handling.Official website 35belowsocks.com

41 thoughts on “35° Below Socks Review

  1. I have never in my life had such a big problem trying to get my money back from this company. I order these socks for my husband and was told that a large fits women as well as a mans. Wrong ! A large will never fit a mans foot unless he wears shoes in size 8. I called for a return number wrote it on the invoice. Put back in the package it came in and sealed it. Went to post office asked for a label to return socks. Post man behind counter told me he’ll send it back as refused delivery. That was on January 20, 2017. Still waiting for refund with back and forth emails. Every excuse in the book that they haven’t received package. Two visit to post office, saying they received socks? Read other customers complaints before you order. Lesson well learned.

  2. I live in Michigan we get very cold weather, I purchased these, not happy with them, I tryed them while doing stuff in my garage and feet stayed worm, but out side when doing stuff my feet got cold, as long as I was moving around they didn’t real cold but they were not worm at all

  3. My son delivers mail in North Dakota. Said his feet was always cold so I ordered these for him to try. He loves them, wants more. Now trying to find the number I called.

  4. I wore them last weekend in 28 degree weather. My feet were NOT warm. These socks are a joke. 35 below my ass I should have known better as they came from CA.

    • I LIVE IN RENO NV I ordered these socks my feet stayed cold walking on the floor they were worst then my dollar socks, they do absolutely nothing they are a joke. I wrote the company an email all they said was “I’m sorry they didn’t work for you”

  5. I ordered socks three weeks ago and according to tracking should have been delivered today but they are in the next state. So much for free shipping. They use DLS, who uses these people? I think when they get your order they make the socks.

  6. Ordered these socks 6 weeks ago from the number on the tv ad. The money was taken out of my account. Have not received the socks. I called them 2 weeks ago and they said they would send the socks and they would email the tracking number. Still no Don’t waste your time or money on this.

    • I ordered socks three weeks ago, when i tried to check on delivery they showed { non deliverable addrdss} . thje confirmation qt time of my order had my correct address. I THINK THIS OUTFIT IS A SCAM111111 They have my money but I have no socks Joe

  7. I ordered and still have not got them. Hope they work but I have been getting the run around from the Co. also. I will assume it was a waste of my money.

  8. I ordered these socks plus the gloves that were advertised. If I were to rate the socks 1-10, I would give it a -5 . I wasted my money with these socks and gloves. My son used them both when he went hunting. He said he didn’t understand why his feet felt so frozen until he remembered he put these socks on. He took the 35 below socks off and just wore his regular socks that were over them. Hes said his feet were a LOT warmer without these socks. Invest in some other socks and stay away from these!!

  9. Just placed 2nd order. I live in Michigan and it is 3 degrees out and 5 below wind chill yet my feet are dry and warm. I love these socks.

  10. Was going to order but I didn’t get a positive review if u would just say yes they work or no they don’t work and why

  11. Thanks for the info. If these socks are supposed t keep your feet war, they should work whether you are sitting in front of the tv or outside at work! Just another TV scam!

  12. All of the people with negative comments are nuts! I live in Minnesota and work construction outside. I have worked in negative 20 degrees below zero this year. Wearing only the sock and my regular non insulated work boot, I have stayed perfectly warm. I love them! You people with the poor reviews need to get your circulation checked by a doctor. Get your heads check while your at it.

  13. I ordered three pairs for $19.99. I couldn’t wait to receive my shipment. My feet are always cold even indoors. In my opinion, they do not work. Feet are still cold. I can’t imagine how they would be outdoors in the cold. Probably would get frostbite.

  14. These sock are a ripoff !!they don’t keep your feet warm in 35 degree weather let alone negative 35 .like I said a con /ripoff

  15. Rip off. My feet are actually colder. Waste of money. False advertising. Please people don’t buy this product, it does not work.

  16. Thank you all for your reviews. I will not waste my time and money with the product. I have a medical condition that requires attention to keep my hands and feet warm even in air conditioning in the summer. And feet sweat (and freezing) in winter is a major problem.

  17. Not only am I not satisfied with the product, my feet are not any warmer with this socks than with any other socks!!! I ordered them and was given an order number and told I would receive them in 7-10 days. After not receiving them I called and they had trouble finding my order #…..then checked by name and found it, but it had another order #. Said it would be shipped and I would receive in 7-10 days. I asked to speak to a supervisor….then asked to speak to another supervisor and told them all of the run around was unacceptable. They tried to blame PayPal and then tried to blame my bank….both fell on deaf ears since I had purchased other items for Christmas using the PayPal and my debit card. I told them to just take responsibility and admit that they had screwed up the order! A couple of days later I received a phone call from another supervisor and was told that they were refunding my money to my account, but still no admitting screw up on their end. I Finally received the socks on Dec. 13th….should have seen the refund in my bank today Dec. 16th….but of course it is not here….go figure! Same yourself headache….DON’T ORDER!!!

    • sorry you had such a hard time getting you socks. i would have liked to have more info on the socks. How do they feel, how do fit are they soft, do they seam to hold there shape. How well do they keep your feet warm?

  18. I don’t know what they are all complaining about, I live in Minnesota and I work outside even when it’s-15-30 below. So far I have worn these socks with another pair of wool socks at -15 degrees below zero with tennis shoes and as long as I’m moving my feet have stayed comfortable. I am VERY PLEASED with these socks and recommend them.

  19. I agree with the rest of you. These socks do NOT do what they claim. However, the gloves seem to work great. The socks were a waste of money. DON’T BUY THEM.

  20. Well now that you got the advertisement, I’m telling you don’t buy them, they don’t work. My feet are always cold in the colder months, so I thought I’d give these a try. Even with my house temperature at 72 degrees and with these socks and another pair of socks on my feet were still cold. If I put them on when my feet were already actually warm and with another pair of socks, they don’t maintain the warmth. They were slightly effective when I wore them inside my winter boots and was actively walking. The temperature outside was between 30 and 50 degrees above zero. There’s no way these socks would actually work at 35 below zero. And if they actually did why are you told to wear them with another pair of socks??? Just another means of getting people to spend their money on a product that doesn’t live up to its claims or expectations.

    • I think the idea is that you are supposed to be outside doing something instead of sitting in front of a TV somewhere!

  21. FALSE ADVERTISING it says customer service there is “NO “service any where on this sight & the people don’t speak English !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I agree with the other reviews……seems to be an advertisement……not an honest, independent review. If you want to get a product like what is advertised, check out Heat Holder Socks website and make your own decisions.

  23. Was looking for an honest review. Agree with the other comments. This is an infomercial not an independent review. Based on this I will stay away from this product as the supposed “review” was not a true review.

  24. I was looking for information on whether the socks performed as advertised. Was this article written by someone associated with 35below? It seems to rehash their advertising.

  25. Thought this site was a review. More like a commercial. Said nothing about whether or not the socks performed as advertised. I wasn’t looking for as novel on these socks. Awful site

      • I found the large size was to small for my size 12 feet! The socks do not work! Military for 22 years and 9 years in Europe! I know all about Cold Feet! I doubled them and they didn’t work. no matter what I tried they didn’t work! I put on my Wool Military socks and my feet are warm again! Smart Wool is also a good sock!

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