Pearl Hair Remover Reviews and Complaints

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You know what a pain hair removal can be at home; but it’s something you feel you have to go through because you want to put your best foot forward. Or then you have to contend with expensive salon treatments that can burn a hole in your pocket. You want to try and avoid those harsh chemicals at any cost and other clinical treatments can not only be invasive but they are prohibitively expensive as well. Thankfully now you have a pain free, easy to use and efficient hair removal solution at home in the form of Viatek Pearl Hair Remover.


How does Pearl Hair Remover work
Now you can remove hair painlessly within the comforts of your home and what’s more there won’t be any redness or mess created either. Who needs harsh chemicals to get rid of unwanted body hair when you have this hair remover at home? It’s an extremely convenient device that is compact and portable so that it can be taken with you wherever you go. It also means no matter where you are; you could be travelling or on a holiday for that matter, you can be at your best at all times.

This Viatek Pearl Hair Remover works in three different steps offering you sensational results. While in the first step it makes the first contact, crystallization is the next step while disruption is the third and it combines brilliantly to ensure that you have respite from unwanted body hair. You get professional quality results without having to step out of the house or having to make time for those expensive salon visits that can cost you dearly. And indeed you won’t feel any pain while using this hair remover, which is what, makes it score highly over some of the other hair removal products in the market.

Viatek Pearl Hair Remover is already creating waves and with good reason too. It’s also extremely versatile and can be used on your arms and legs, at the same time it’s sensitive enough to be used on your bikini area. In fact you can use it practically anywhere to get results you have been looking for.



What do I get?

  • 1 Pearl Hair Remover
  • 1 Bootle of Soothing Serum
  • 1 Large Tip for Body
  • 1 Small Tip for Face
  • 4 Large Buffer Pads
  • 4 Small Buffer Pads

All this for just $199.99 + shipping. Official website | |


Pearl Hair Remover Video


4 thoughts on “Pearl Hair Remover Reviews and Complaints

    • If you are thinking of buying products like Pearl Hair Remover after looking at TV infomercials about them, then you also need to be aware of the pitfalls that might be involved along the way. The product itself is not of great quality in many instances and you get charged high shipping fees to have it delivered. You are sold various upsells that are an absolute waste of your money and you are not even given a chance to see the final order, forget cancelling it. If you want to return the product you have to pay one way shipping fees too. And there is no help coming from the customer service desk, which means you are left struggling on your own.

      That’s why; you just need to stop buying products like Pearl Hair Remover on spur of the moment. Careful research about these products is required and you can manage that by reading genuine reviews. There will also be Fake reviews to contend with, because that’s what manufacturers and affiliate marketers have been up to these days. But you can sieve through these reviews and get to real reviews that will save you from great hassle.

  1. Has anyone tried the Pearl Hair Remover from Viatek, does it really work?

    Does it really remove hair efficiently?

    Does the Pearl Hair Remover deliver professional salon quality results?

    Can you use it anywhere on the body?

    Is it truly painless hair remover?

    • Pros:
      Pearl Hair Remover is very effective in removing hair from the skin. It works amazingly well once it is kept in the right angle as directed by the manufacturer’s. It is very comfortable to use while removing the hair and doesn’t give burns on the skin or generate bumps and redness which occurs using other tools or razor since the thermo-transmission mechanism is safe to use on even the sensitive of skins. And also in comparison it gets out the maximum hair out from the area of focus without making any motor noise. Plus the hair removed using Pearl Hair Remover grows slower than normal which is one of the most important benefits of all.

      the thermo-transmission process adopted by Pearl Hair Remover is actually a process wherein the hair actually is exposed to a lot of heat literally burning it. This might leave burning hair smell while using Pearl Hair Remover. It may so happen that it doesn’t remove all the hair in one go and might require another pass over the skin and if not held at the perfect angle it wouldn’t work at all. Also it is quite costly for those looking for cheaper solutions.

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