Celebrity Curls Review

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Is your hair too thin or thick and doesn’t hold a curl? Do you want celebrity curls but not pay celebrity prices? Introducing Celebrity Curls! Now you can create all the celebrity glamor with Celebrity Curls system. It’s so easy. Get your Celebrity Curls kit with 9 curling strips, styling hook, and a Red Carpet style guide now.


How does Celebrity Curls work?
Simply insert the Celebrity Curl wand into the curling strip. Hook a section of hair and slide through the curling strip. Blow dry and simply release. That’s all there is to it.

Celebrity Curls heat activated curling strips work like magic to transform your look from drab to fab – instantly. Other curling products can damage your hair. So get that new look without damage to your hair and try out different glamorous curls.

Celebrity Curls give you curl after curl and long lasting curls every time. Select the wide strips to give you loose, luxurious curls or use the thin strips to make soft, spiral curls. Just curl your ends for a cascade of luminous curls.

Go ahead and create your own celebrity curl style. It works on all types of hair, even hard to curl hair. It’s perfect for the little princess too!

Are you in a hurry? Get fast curls instantly. Just start spraying – curl, hook, dry, for extraordinary results every time. It’s easy. It’s fun. Everyone loves them.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
  • 18 Celebrity Curlers
  • Styling Hook
  • Red Carpet Style Guide
  • Locking Curl Spray
  • All this for $20 + $6.95 s/h/p.



Reviews and Complaints Please see the "Reviews" section below.


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7 thoughts on “Celebrity Curls Review

  1. I am usually very sceptical about products that have celebrity names involved somewhere. It’s like trying to tell users that you can aspire to be like some big name celebrity with the help of the product. But one has noticed that these products don’t really live up to their claims. And that’s what I am beginning to think about Celebrity Curls after looking at the review sites that I found online. It’s actually sad to even call them review sites because they were clearly set up by the manufacturer to sell the product. And I instantly thought if the manufacturer is willing to go to this length to sell his product, it must be quite shoddy. And that’s put me off for good.

    • You are quite right about the fact that it’s manufacturers’ gimmick to bring up these sites to promote their products. And this is not a one off case but quite a common strategy. You just wish that these sites would get punished for what they are doing but the problem is that search engines haven’t been able to spot them as fake sites. It’s important to not fall for such strategies and stay away from fake reviews.

  2. My granddaughter ordered this product…they kept taking $20. out of her bank account over and over again until the account got into trouble to the point she cannot open another checking account…even though she finally paid everything off..the official at the bank said this was not unusual for this company, they were notorious for this practice…..we are in the process of looking into the guidelines for a Class Action Suit..this is ruining young credit….anyone having had this problem should step up to the plate…she was told this could stay on her record and take seven years to straighten out…

  3. I bought Celebrity Curls and ordered 2 packs because I have lots of hair. I paid $53.00 and it said 2 to 4 week to arrive, and that was March 23,2011, and today is June 15,2011 and I still have not received them. I tried to find the website again with no luck and have no phone number to contact them. Does anyone out there have a customer service number. I have filed a complaint with the BBB in the meantime, but would still like a phone number if someone has one

  4. This product – Celebrity Curls was such a rip off!! 1. Marketing makes it sound so easy to use. This couldn’t be father from the truth…it’s almost impossible to use (mostly due to cheap flimsy plastic materials). 2. It was extremely painful, ripping out my hair whether wet or dry. 3. I don’t have thick hair, in fact its pretty fine, however one order of the “curls” wouldn’t even cover half my head 4. When I finally managed to curl my entire head with this product (3 hours later) they fell right away…all that pain and work for nothing…cant be believe I paid $ for this piece of crap.

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