Hydro Mousse | Does HydroMousse really work?…find out here

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What is Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn?

HydroMousse claims to be world’s first home hydro seeding system. Hydro Seeding is often expensive and requires to be done by professionals. But with Hydro Mousse they claim you can get the professional results without being an expert. They say if you can water your lawn than you can use the Hydro Mousse liquid lawn.


If you have the luxury of space around the house you want to take good care of it and make it look gorgeous. It adds to the aesthetics and value of your home after all. However maintaining grass around the house can be tedious and you often have to contend with dog spots, dry spots and shade for that matter. But HydroMousse offers to help you with these problems. It’s liquid lawn seeder that can help grow grass wherever you spray it. Thus HydroMousse promises to help you with the regular issues with grass growing that you are faced with.


How does HydroMousse Work

HydroMousse is very easy to use whenever you want. All you have to do is attach it to the garden hose, turn on the dial and spray. It will do its job and help grow grass anywhere you want to spray it. The secret of Hydro Mousse is that it has an eco friendly sticking solution that ensures that seed is attached to the soil. Moreover there’s a conditioner that can loosen the hard soil and that will responsible for it to absorbing water a lot better. Eventually it can all lead to a lush looking lawn, according to claims made by HydroMousse.

Hydro Mousse includes a mixture of high quality seeds that can blend easily and well with your existing lawn. It can lead to easy growing for many home owners who want to beautify their surrounding spaces. Hydro Mousse is known to work well and bears results even in extremely cold or hot conditions. These claims suggest that you will be getting professional quality results that you desire but they will be available to you at the fraction of the cost. HydroMousse means you will have the lawn you have always dreamt of, through a simple, cost effective and eco friendly solution.


Ingredients of HydroMousse Liquid Lawn

  • Perennial Rye
  • Kentucky Blue
  • Tall Fescue
  • Fine Fescue


Hydro Mousse claims to work in all climatic conditions

Hydro Mousse stresses on the fact that it contains a proprietary blend of grass seed and it is supposed to be suitable for all climates. Hence wherever you might be, you will get the best lawn results. You will also be pleased to find that 1 bag of grass seed can cover up to 100 square feet of area. Thus with Hydro Mousse you get decent coverage to ensure that your surroundings are as lush as you’d want them to be.

Hydro Mousse promises to be the only grass seed you will need to make sure there are stunning green lawns growing around your properties. Many of us would love to have lawns to add to the aesthetic values of our homes. But that’s often difficult without the right seeds, which require minimum maintenance and care. Now Hydro Mousse emphasizes that you can have a brilliant lawn without too much effort.


Hydro Mousse is easy to grow

It is a proprietary blend of grass seed that claims to give you lush lawns like you have always wanted. Hydro Mousse maintains that it can bring you all the benefits of Hydro Seeding for your home lawn. Moreover it claims that the grass is quite easy for you to maintain too. Once it reaches about 3 inches you can start mowing as well.


What do I get?

  • 2 Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn Bottles

Price $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling! Total amount $27.9 | Official website hydromousse.com

What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a method where seed, fertilizer and mulching of the land takes place mechanically in one step. It generally consists of applying a mixture of wood fiber, seed and fertilizer. It also has stabilizing emulsion with hydro-mulch equipment that protects the exposed soil temporarily from getting eroded by wind or water. This practice is also known as hydro mulching, hydraulic planting, hydraulic mulch seeding and hydraseeding.


Sod is great if the requirement is for a new lawn. It is quite expensive and can cost almost 3 to 5 times more than hydroseeding. Hydroseeding with Hydromousse produces a nice looking turf similar to that of sod within a short duration with cost saving benefits.

Hydromousse allows the growth of new seedlings on your soil as opposed to Sod which sometimes has issues with type of soil it is grown upon or having compatibility issues with the soil it is planted upon. This process is known as “not taking” and Sod that looks like it can be rolled easily right back up even after years of planting means it “didn’t take”.

Plus with sod the roots are chopped causing less healthy plants. Also it needs enough experience to install it and if not properly planted it will shrink over the first month resulting in gaps between the sod rows.

Disadvantages of Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn

Hydroseeding needs lot of water during the seed application process but also once its hydro-seeded with need of two or three times watering per day. Unlike sod it doesn’t create lawns overnight and most grass types will take around 3 to 4 weeks for filling in. Hydroseeding will be not good for dry period without proper irrigation. It is more expensive with less labor involvement and has higher chance of rooting properly.

Instructions for Hydro Mousse

Ensure there are no forecast of heavy rains and flash floods for a few days. Keep the lawn watered to the requirement as freshly seeded ground should be wet throughout. This is necessary for germination else drier soil will kill the germinated seedlings in tender state. Such grass will be poor and sparse with weeds sprouting out. Watering should be consistent with four to five lighter waterings per day so that the ground doesn’t dry out in between watering. Infrequent heavy watering should be completely avoided as they can cause puddles and wash-outs creating bare spots on the ground.

Hydromousse Hydroseeding Preparation

Rocks and debris should be removed for hydroseeding and existing weeds should be controlled. Existing soil should be modified or topsoil should be added and the soil acidity should be adjusted. Also surface should be contoured and smoothened for hydroseeding.


HydroMousse Video

41 thoughts on “Hydro Mousse | Does HydroMousse really work?…find out here

  1. Oh, boy! When I am going to learn that all of these things are only scams? I thought I had learned to check for reviews BEFORE I tried something like HydroMousse the last time. But no, fortunately, I checked here before I opened and tried to use the product, so I will be able to get full refund for the more than $60 I had invested! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL for your faithfulness to the truth and to this website willing to let the rest of us know, the truth. You all know, there is an absolute truth, right, well you sure told it here! Again, thanks!

  2. Sounds like a problem with the dispenser. The product may be fine, but the sprayer gets clogged? No, I haven’t tried it and I’m not going to either. Thanks for all the warnings!

  3. Hi,
    I am Agri, Engineer and I have agriculture establishment in Jordan. My main work is to maintain the lawn in football stadium and landscaping lawn in gardens. Please send to me more information about hegrolawn and if there a hegrolawn for hot climate turf grass as paspalum and cold seed grass. And how to be a dealer for this product in jordan and KSA And Gulf cuntries.

    Thank you and Best Regard
    Eng.Farouk Bashabsheh

  4. I wish I had read these reviews before as well. I used this product and got no “mousse” effect at all when spraying. What I seemed to get was green-colored water mixed with the seeds. As mentioned elsewhere, the only way to know where it was treated was where it was wet — the colored water disappeared quickly. I sort of knew that this would not be much to it when while spraying the mix would not come out at a workable rate until I turned the sprayer over. I usually am very good at checking out “As Seen on TV” reviews first but somehow I missed it this time. Lesson learned…

  5. Thanks for posting users feedback. Had not I read the feedback of users, I would have purchase Hydro Mousse. Thanks very much for your service, this feed back is needed on all TV items making outlandish claims. Keep up the good work.

  6. I ordered Hydromousse and it is the biggest scam I have every seen if anyone is thinking of ordering this product SAVE YOUR MONEY IT IS A SCAM

  7. I spent hours preparing the ground for the process. the sprayer dial required pliers to turn to the different settings. I set the sprayer on “water” and out came the seeds. because of the difficulty changing the settings I lost all of the seeds in one 3’x3′ puddle. to top it off, even though the container was properly sealed/connected, I now have green fingers and legs. I was wearing gloves and pants but the solution dripped/backsprayed and soaked through. Do not waste your money or your time! They claim to have a money-back guarantee but no information how to get a refund!

  8. Thank you all for the reviews. I was seriously going to by enough for a few acres. I was so excited to have a green lawn. Looks like I will have to do it the old fashion was. Again thank you for the reviews. I will not buy this product.

  9. The dad says satisfaction guaranteed yet when I tried to return the crappy item they state it’s not returnable the green crap covers about 10 sq ft not 100

  10. The only thing that turns green is your hands. Put some seed in with some green food coloring and you will get the same result because that is all it is. Complete waste of money. This is the first time in my 60 years that I have risked an “as seen on TV” product and will never order another. I now have a $65 plastic hose sprayer.

    How this company stays in business if a mystery to me.

  11. I tried the product with poor results. It just mad a mess of my hands with no results on the lawn. DON!T BUY!

  12. I was all excited about this product until I read these reviews. No way will I purchase. Five bad reviews is enough for me and there are far more. No good ones.

  13. Thank you to everyone who gave a straight and honest review. I elves n Utah and we’ve been in a drought for a long time and n matter what type of gassed seed we try, the lawn is spotty, burn spies, etc. I as excited when I saw the commercial for Hydro Crap. I always check check reviews to see if it’s up to snuff. Now I will save money, time, energy, anger, etc for NOT using this faulty product. Have those of you who have written reviews considered contacting The Better Business Bureau? Sounds ‘ something’s knowingly wrong, lets make it almost impossible to contact us, ‘ anyways with NT being honest with doubling the seed order, crappy sprayer, nil on the phone number. It’s something I’d look into contacting

  14. I tried 2 Hydromousse, very disappointed the only thing it did was it sprayed out green once it hit the ground. The only way to tell where to spray was by the wetness on the ground nothing like the video showed. It has been over a week now watered 3x daily many of the seed have mot even sprouted yet I will not be ordering any more.

  15. I have read the reviews and I’m glad I did!!!! I will NOT be buying this product. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write a review.

  16. I purchased hydromousse and the product is crap ~ didn’t work at all just made a mess ~ called customer service to return and get money back and was told that I would have to pay for shipping it back to them ~ what is the point ~ I paid $7.95 to get it here and then to have to pay that to return it ~ I would only be getting $5 back. I spoke to customer service and they were no help at all ~ totally rude and threatened to hang up on me ~ after I had requested a manager 3 times ~ finally sent me to a voice mail!! Don’t waste your time or money on this product

  17. I was considering purchasing this product as a gift for my mother whose lawn could use some help. I decided to check out the reviews before I made up my mind. I read about 20 or so reviews and all of them even the good reviews included complaints. So, my mind is made up. I will NOT be buying this product thanks to the honest reviews of actual customers.

    • I’m so glad I read these reviews. I viewed the TV infomercial and although attractive, I needed to hear from past users. I appreciate (and trust) consumer reviews more than company boasts. …On to the hardware store for a bag of seed.

  18. I used this HYDROMOUSSE product, as stated above the sprayer doesn’t work very well, the seed was spread good , but no matter how tight I connected the hose to the sprayer, it leaked( I have a brand new hose so its not my hose connection.) The seed was spread all over the areas that I needed it, but was not thoroughly covered with the green stuff, no matter how much I shook the sprayer. I followed instructions with the amount of seed/green stuff. I was satisfied that the seed was where I wanted/needed it, so I took the remainder of the green stuff(1/2 bottle). Put it in an empty Windex bottle, added water, sprayed all areas(adding water when it got 1/2 full. I now have nice green seeded areas that I had to do. Product needs new sprayer, I believe it didn’t mix well because of leaking from the hose connection.

  19. I purchased this product after looking at the website. They made it seem so easy to use and claimed to be giving you double the order. Upon receiving our order, we received 1/2 lb of seed if that and a little bottle of green liquid. I mixed the liquid and the seed as instructed and attached the bottle to our hose, however I did not get the mousse effect that was supposed to stick to the ground, etc. The product came out liquidy and did not cover as much of an area and stated on their website. This was a waste of money and time.

    • I agree, Hydro Mousse is a rip off, the product was not thick, just green water! You could do the same with water and seeds. Waste of money!!!

  20. I wanted to try the idea of repairing spots with hydroseeding, which usually is only used for new lawn applications. This product is NOTHING like it is advertised. I’ll enumerate the issues:
    1.Company clearly states that they will send DOUBLE THE SEED with the purchase, which is NOT TRUE. they only send about 1/2 lb of seed in one bag. They further try to tell you that you are receiving one bag only with the double of seed when the small bag they make is the 1/2 lb bag.
    3.The hose sprayer attachment does not work well, and does not seem to mix the seed well either.
    4.Close attention was paid to their instructions, and at the end the applied grass looks no different that GRABBING THE SEED AND MIXING IT WITH WATER.
    5.For all of the above, and for the SAME PRICE, YOU CAN GET A 7LB. BAG OF PREMIUM GRASS SEED which will guarantee better results

  21. Will a generic sprayer work? One that you use for weeding/fertilizer etc.? Maybe the product will work in a different sprayer.

  22. Save your money and seed the old fashioned way. Sprayer doesn’t work right, messy and uncontrollable. Company has so little confidence in their product there is no contact info.

  23. I ordered Hydromousse product and couple refills… I like the idea with the exception that THE SPRAYER DOES NOT WORK. It is the whole concept of the formula and the sprayer does not work. Thought maybe I did something wrong the first time and that bag and green stuff was wasted so very carefully tried it again ,very carefully, obeying each step and the same thing happened. The minute I turned the knob to light and then to heavy spray there was no stopping it because the sprayer would not stop. it emptied itself, partially over me, till I turned it back to off, wasting second bag. What a joke!!!!!! I want a new sprayer Ha Ha no where to find a phone number to call??????!!!!!!!!

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