Bionic Steel Hose

What is Bionic Steel Hose?

Bionic Steel Hose asserts to be a highly advanced and user friendly stainless steel hose. It claims to be the lightest, strongest, most durable garden hose that is rust and corrosion proof. Even with the stainless steel built it promises to be flexible in use. This claim of the Bionic Steel Hose will be attested only once users review Bionic Steel Hose.

The stainless steel characteristics and its patented design maintains to make Bionic Steel Hose lightweight, compact and flexible. Easy in use it declares to be durable and guarantees to not get damaged by sharp objects. Bionic Steel Hose emphasizes to stand up to a powerful grinder. The stainless steel built also proclaims to make it puncture resistant unlike normal tube hoses. At this point of time there are no Bionic Steel Hose reviews to verify this claim.

It states to have a kink free design that never twists, tangle or kinks enabling to give a consistent water flow. Weighing under 3 pounds it also alleges to have weather proof characteristics. It convinces to works even after frozen in ice or after being exposed extreme heat. Does Bionic Steel Hose really work as promised? send us your Bionic Steel Hose review.


What do I get?
get a one 25ft Bionic Steel Hose for just $19.95 and 2nd 25ft hose, just pay $6.95.
Order one 50ft. Bionic Steel Hose for just $39.95 and 2nd 50ft hose, just pay $26.95.
Order one 75ft. Bionic Steel Hose for just $49.95 and 2nd 75ft hose, just pay $36.95.
Order one 100ft. Bionic Steel Hose for just $59.95 and 2nd 100ft. hose, just pay $46.95.

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