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Do you often face problems while listening to other people? It might happen that you may need to turn up the volume of television so loud that none of your family members would sit around to watch it with you. Also in a crowded place like restaurants and theaters it might be difficult to listen and can cause an embarrassment. An ear amplifier can solve the problem easily but with all the bulkiness and their high maintenance cost can put the idea off. Also the idea of being spotted with one puts many people to feel ashamed. But now there is one such amplifier, MSA 30X which is not only cheap but also the best amongst any of its competitors.


How Does MSA 30X Sound Amplifier Claim to Work?

MSA 30X is the next generation solution in personal sound amplification instruments. It is the most powerful amplifier and has the capacity to amplify to almost 30 times the original audio level. This amplification is possible by its Micro Sound Amplification Technology. What it does is basically take the sound waves traveling towards the ear canal and amplify its power so that it can reach the ear drums properly. This perceived amplification is thus sufficient enough to signal the brain about the sound reception through the auditory nerve in turn providing perfect hearing for the individual wearing it.

MSA 30X is designed in a way that even the people who are ashamed of wearing a hearing aid will not have to worry. It has an ergo acoustic design with clear tubing which makes it very small in size and barely visible. It is shaped for a comfortable fit and is flexible since it weighs only 0.3 ounces which is far lesser than any other competitive product. The universal contour shape design also benefits the user to change MSA 30X from left ear to right ear with ease.

It has an adjustment setting available for volume to suit per person need to amplify the sound. The most amazing part of MSA 30X is that it is completely rechargeable. This means unlike other amplifiers which work on batteries and need constant cash flow to buy new ones, MSA 30X can be charged through the adapter provided along. For a limited time it also comes with a cleaning brush and 5 soft silicon tips to suit the ear canal size.


MSA30X Uses
MSA 30X claims to be good to be used in churches and congregations, birdwatchers, for courtrooms, theaters, birdwatchers and for nature lovers.

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Is MSA 30X a Hearing Aid?… No

MSA 30X is an electronic sound amplifier that enhances sounds that are of low volume or at a distance. It can be used to enjoy night-time TV without disturbing sleepers or to hear toddlers from yards away. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) wants to ensure that consumers do not think so or use them as substitutes for hearing aids. Personal sound amplification products (PSAPS) and hearing aids both have the ability to improve and boost sound levels. Both are wearable and to some extent the technology and functioning is also quite similar. Still only hearing aids are intended for the purpose of impaired hearing.

Hearing aid is associated with growing old, in poor health or the fact of having a handicap. The cost is often too high. A hearing aid does not automatically work its charm and there is a need of constant adjustment. Also, Hearing aids need proper care and batteries to be replaced regularly, these factors make hearing aids “un popular” and people only turn to them if they notice considerable hearing loss. This is where the PSAs like MSA 30X come in to picture and take advantage of the situation. This is evident from the key selling points of MSA 30 X – “hearing aids are embarrassing”, “small size is barely visible” etc..

Consumers should make sure that hearing loss is not the reason they are planning to purchase a personal sound amplifier. If the consumer loses their hearing ability then a thorough check-up by a health care professional is suggested. If a consumer uses a PSAP as a substitute for hearing aid there can be more damage to the hearing ability and also delay the treatment of impaired hearing. Impaired hearing can be simply due to a wax plug which is easy to remove or in some cases a tumor that grows in the middle or inner ear.


Most Common Complaints of MSA30X

The product is not a better way of watching TV at all since it amplifies every sound around the TV. It picks up sounds from everywhere be it the kitchen, cell-phones, etc which can be more damaging to the ear.

How does FDA Define a Personal Sound Amplifier

The FDA listed Personal Sound Amplifier such as MSA 30X is designed for non-hearing impaired consumers to amplify sounds related to various recreational activities like hunting, overhearing gossip, etc and in no way serves to compensate for impaired hearing consumers.


How MSA 30X Telemarketers exploit thin line between Hearing Aids and PSPAs (Personal Sound Amplifiers)

While marketing such devices like the MSA30X Sound Amplifier the vendors often deliberately try to obscure the purchasers over the “intended” use of PSAP. The example and the wordings are also often twisted to suggest the people with hearing loss that they are the target consumers. Manufacturers and vendors of such devices like MSA 30X have no legal obligation that binds them to clarify the prospective customers about the difference between hearing aids and personal sound amplification products.

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Our Recommendation

Based on all the facts about Hearing Aids and PSAs it is clear that MSA 30X is only good for night time TV watching when there are no other sound sources. Most of the complaints received are related to the bad business practices of the company; overcharges, high s/h prices, backorders etc. We would recommend buying this product (if at all you have to) from, Target, Wal-mart, Walgreens etc or at a local store where you can return it hassle free.


What do I get?

  • 1 MSA 30X Ear Piece
  • 1 Recharging Station
  • 5 Silicone Tips
  • 1 Cleaning Brush

All this for just $29.95 + $7.95 P&H. Official website 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (minus P&H). For Customer Service call 1-877-300-5499.

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MSA 30X Sound Amplifier Video


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103 Responses to “MSA 30X Reviews & Complaints”

  1. kimberly says:

    I am so glad that I read these reviews, you guy save me money, I almost order this hearing aid for my mom. Thanks for all of your reviews.

  2. linda says:

    I ordered on September 17. On Oct 9th I received a phone call stating my credit card did not go through. I gave them the info again they offered $10.00 off. I did not receive anything. I phoned them Monday the 21st. Have my info again. Received e mail from them on the 22nd stating the card did not work. I phoned my credit card company and they informed me that this company was not finishing their end of the transaction. I phoned customer service again and was given the run around again. They wanted a money order I said no. They wanted a different card I said no. The order has been canceled by me. Thank god I didn’t get them.

  3. Lori Glaziner says:




  4. Lori Glaziner says:

    I ordered this MSA 30X and it was sent back on the 24th of Sept. I complained about the shipping charge and half was refunded ON THE 17TH OF SEPT.. This company rec my shipment back to them on the 3rd of Oct at 9:57AM I talked to “EVA” on the 13th of Oct and was given a confirmation # of 00403494 and ask EVA if I could call back if this didn’t go thru. She wanted me to wait another 10 days for my refund!!!!!!! I called today and I can’t talk to EVA I have to talk to SAM,,,, EVA isn’t there HA…Sam confirmed this credited back on the 13th….it was NOT. If you try to get a refund from this company you are out of luck as they will not return your funds even tho they have rec the product back to their facilities. DO NOT DO BUSY WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE CROOKED AND YOU CAN NOT DEAL WITH ANYONE ON THE PHONE AS THEIR ENGLISH IS VERY BROKEN….I REPEAT DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY,,,, YOU WILL NOT REC A REFUND!!!!!

  5. Carla says:

    I purchased these a while back for my mother-in-law for watching TV. My husband and I both tested them, but neither of us heard any sound amplification at all. The unit makes a little noise, so you at least know it’s on. It squeals if turned all the way up. I decided to try again and recharged the units last night. I tested both units this morning, and there’s still absolutely NO amplification. What a waste of money. In the meantime, we’ve purchased real hearing aids for my mother-in-law.

    From our experience, the MSA 30X Sound Amplifiers do absolutely nothing, other than make money for the sellers and exasperate the buyers.

  6. JK says:

    I bought two pairs of MSA 30x sound amplifier. I used first pair for couple of months then when it quit working. I charge the new pair and surprisingly it didn’t worked either.

    I think battery has some shelf life and now my 4 units are useless.

    As the other people mentioned they have no phone number to be contacted.
    Any one please help.

  7. Vernon Standridge says:

    I placed order # 116775477 for 4 MSA30X hearing aids. Where is my order?

  8. Bill Parsons says:

    Checking status of my order. I ordered by phone while talking to someone in returns. I had returned two and at another time one that had quit working. At this time I order another where you buy one and get one free. I have not received the last order yet. Could you check it out? Thank you. My name is Bill Parsons, P.O.Box 365, Inman, Ks 67546 I don’t have an order number.

  9. Martin H.Pashain says:

    I can read the from February 22, 2012 to February 3, 2014 there are at least 100 or more dissatisfied customers trying to buy this MSA30X hearing amplifiers. These rechargeable toys are not meant to replace real hearing aids. I have bought up to so far 10 pairs of hearing aids in my life time. I actually found hearing enhancers for hunters selling at Walmart for $14.99 each that I thought might work?, but they only work for a short period of time, they do not replace real hearing aids that cost up to $25,000 for aids that professional swimmers wear that are water proof. Buyer beware. If it is too good to be true, it probably is a toy, just to make some money for their company. These items being advertised on TV is probably a write off for a large company that needs to have this kind of advertisement. With all the bad reviews I do not see any good reviews as yet? This company is no better then Publisher’s Clearing House that sends you toy junk when you never ordered them, & if you open the box there is no return postage to return the junk toys. Items I did not want I received 100’s of letters from PCH only to have the bill sent to a collection agency to demand me to send them the money, even though I did not ever order the items. Then they threatening me that I will be going to court because they have my home address. I told them, take me to court for me to have my day in court, I will bring the junk toys with me, & ask the judge for them to take back the toys I did not order. They do not have my signature on anything. So far that has been over 3 years ago, they stopped sending me threats & stopped calling me, maybe they are getting the courts & attorneys read to personally sue me, a disabled Veteran living on social security at the age of 70? Time will tell where this all goes? Buyer Beware

  10. bob says:

    Thanks for the info!! As they say… ” If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is ” Thanks again! You saved me some $$$$….

  11. kent kotschwar says:

    After only a couple months of use both MSA30X units stopped working. Since there is no customer service phone number to call, this is the only way to vent my frustration about the poor quality of the MSA 30X amplifier devices. I am sadly disappointed that I cannot contact a live person to find out about what can be done about this. Am posting this complaint for what it is worth, in the hopes someone might do something!!! At this point I would not recommend buying this personal sound amplifier.

  12. Tom says:

    I have not ordered any of these devices but, I saw one that was defective because of about six months use. The braided wire form the ear bud to the amplifier was broken where it goes into the plastic tube near the amplifier. This causes lots of static. Very poorly designed.

  13. Pat Ritter says:

    Thanks to each and every one of you for your feedback you saved me a ripoff! I thought it sounded too good to be true and after reading all these reviews I know it is. Why are these people allowed to continue this fraud? Not one of the governments main concerns I guess. Maybe they own stock in “As Seen On TV”. The BBB should be right on this and a rating should be put in the corner of every commercial they run. Anything you order off the TV or Internet should have there grade up there so we can see it and if we want it any way then shut up you’re an idiot we tried to warn you.
    Thanks again!

  14. Marilynn Flanery says:

    This MSA30X has to be one of the biggest rip offs known to mankind!!! Yes, I was dumb enough to believe the ads on tv and ordered one got one free. But my complaint is not to much noise, but having to be recharged every few minutes to an hour. Does not hold charge AT ALL.

    • M.E. Thomson says:

      I can’t believe this is still airing on tv after reading all the reviews!! Just saw it on tv today! Nov 22, 2013 Why doesn’t the BBB make sure they are shut down & not allowed to continue scamming people!!? I almost ordered this myself till I read the reviews!!

  15. richard Ittner says:

    My product was lost in the mail. Can you send me a claim form to recover this item from the United States Post Office.

  16. CarolZ says:

    I also like so many others was ripped off by the fraudulent advertising on TV by MSA30X. BUY one get one free, what a scam. Like others I was charged the $93.69. I very clearly indicated I only want ONE amplifier. But they scam you by packing two sets together. When you indicate you want the second one they charge your credit card the extra for two more amplifiers and extra postage. You received 4 amplifiers and $9.94 extra postage, that is beside the $7.95 advertised in postage. The total should only be $45.85 for 2 amplifiers and postage.

  17. Mary says:

    My elderly mother ordered these things only to be ripped off. She ordered two and they sent four. They charged $31.80 for shipping and processing. Company refuses to refund shipping and processing and I have to send them back at my expense! They are ripping off the elderly and I am filing a complaint with the FTC, attorney general and the BBB. DO NOT ORDER!!!

  18. Mandy says:

    All I heard was static. I suggest you seek professional help for hearing aid and not “As Seen On TV”.

  19. Maurice says:

    MSA 30X is an amplifier that amplifies all the sounds and should not be considered a hearing aid since it is not. I realized it’s just a scam similar to the numerous other unwanted products from As Seen On TV.

  20. Michael. G says:

    I was unable to eliminate any kind of background noises while using MSA 30X personal sound amplifier. It may have worked for some but for me the turnoff was the excessive background noise that cannot be removed by the ear pieces or simply turned down. I wanted to use it to hear lectures, conversations, etc but it’s unusable for the purpose.

  21. Armando Ramirez says:

    This MSA 30X Sound Amplifier is better than hearing aids; works great in noisy situations, church and other situations where I feel uncomfortable. I’m very happy and comfortable wearing it.


  22. Nick H says:

    I am not surprised why there are not much or very less reviews of this personal amplifier. It is simply because people just don’t use it. You can not select what sound you want to hear with this kind of gadgets. You are going to hear everything LOUD – that is making noise around you. It can be helpful only when there is no other sound other than what you want to hear, like watching TV in the night. Rest all is sales pitch. Also don’t fall for the reviews on other sites, they are promoted by the manufacturer of this product.

    • Phil says:

      Yes the ads are misleading, they think this amplifier is an alternative to hearing aid – which is not. It is like a toy to just play around.

  23. Carol says:

    I am not sure why people call this MSA30X a “Hearing Aid”….this is a “Personal Sound Amplifier” and it will not help you if you are having impaired hearing. Folks…wake-up you need to know what you need this for. Educate yourself.

  24. Rosalind murphy says:

    I purchased this MSA30X and it has been a nightmare. The ad says you get two for the price of one for $29.95 + $7.95 for shipping. Well I received 4 and got charged $91.95 which included $42.05 for shipping after declining rapid expensive shipping. I sent a set back and called to complain. I am still waiting to receive the $45.00 they are supposed to reimburse back to my account. Giving then one more day before I complain to the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, TV station running their ad and news media to inform this scan. The news media are always looking for this kind of opportunity to compete with other stations. Too bad because I like the product.

  25. Kenneth E. Spencer says:


  26. Jim Barr says:

    Available @ Walgreens

  27. ray says:

    They rip you off during the ordering process and do not allow you to go back and make changes. Their shipping charges are exorbitant. I will be filing a complaint with the FTC. very bad business practice. If your product is good then sell it honestly.

  28. rich crawford says:

    They stuck on two extra base chargers that I had not ordered and the shipping fee was nearly $30. Be careful if you deal with MSA30X.

  29. mr x says:

    I almost pissed in my pants laughing at this when I read about all the ninny brained idiots that think they’re getting something at this price. How often do you people have to get screwed over by this junk on TV before you wise up? No wonder the country is all messed up. 99 and1/2% of the people have nothing in their heads but air and dead brain tissue. For all of you who had your pockets and bank accounts emptied by these thieves, GOOD FOR YOU, YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVE. We need thousands of people to storm our representatives to start government action to throw these thieves, the scumbags that lie on the commercials and the TV station personnel who run the ads in prison. They are traitors to the simple minded and gullible and all the American people. Traitors qualify for the firing squad. YES, IT”S TIME TO BRING THIS TRASH TO A HALT.

    • Melissa Gutknecht says:

      Wow! I love it! You speak the truth. I have paid good money for some of these products, but never again! I just love your review!

      • mr x says:

        Scroll down and read Melissa. I’ve replied to a few deserving comments as well. Hope you like those, too. Perhaps, someday the time I take will help initiate the end of these scams.


    • Robert says:

      Like they say theres a sucker born every minute & two to take him.

    • Summer1948 says:

      I was always taught (and I’m an old woman) that “Laws are only for honest people!” Just like locks only keep honest people out.

    • CarolZ says:

      WOW Mr x,
      You are a little hot under the collar over this. There is a simple answer for this. NEVER order anything on TV unless you use a credit card with fraud protection. The credit card company takes care of the problem for you and credits your account.

    • Anonymous says:

      You should get your a$$ kicked for writing such bad things about people!!!

  30. John says:

    Tried finding a review .. took forever to find one not put out by this co. and there where many of theirs .. must be a reason they don’t care for you to find a true review.

  31. James Zakos says:

    After seeing the commercial for this MSA 30X, was contemplating ordering it, but after reading all the MSA 30X complaints stated above, there is no way that I am giving them any of my financial information for them to rob me of what little I have.

    This sounded really good on TV, but now appears to be a big fraud, and as such, they should be charged as such.

  32. Joseph Garcia says:

    I only wanted one set. You trick people into ordering more than what they want.

  33. Matt says:

    Ordered these from their website yesterday and have yet to receive them, of course I know it may take 3 to 4 weeks. Got a call from them this morning telling me that the order would be here soon but then a lady and the guy whom she transferred me to continuously told me they would send me $100 vouchers in gas money and a bunch of other BS that I didn’t even order to start with and said they’d add that to the credit card bill along with the money I already paid to order the hearing aids. Biggest bunch of BS ever.

    • Matt says:

      To add to my review. I received the MSA30x a week after purchase but thankfully that was all they sent along with all the accessories(instruction booklet, chargers and cleaning brush). After 3 days of using the product, this is one dissatisfied customer. Spent nearly $48.00 (100 times less than regular hearing aids) only to go from what I was able to hear without hearing aids to an amplifier that is said to amplify 30 times louder but sounds more like 3,000 times louder. Granted, I can hear but people tend to mumble half of their words and when you can’t understand them, they’re ready to put you in the funny farm. If the reviews already posted are correct and I don’t receive my money back in full, you can bet these people will have one big lawsuit on their hands.

      • Summer1948 says:

        Check the fine print, or have your attorney read it over as it’s written in legalese anyway. They ALWAYS include an ‘out’ for themselves and numerous disclaimer.

        Although there are already laws in place against false advertising and scamming people, these laws are like the too-numerous-to-count other laws that are ignored and unenforced.

        Add this company to the list; Bare Minerals cosmetics, and any of them who sell you the product for a low price but then unbeknownst to the buyer they are put on auto pay and auto shipment, that they are unaware of until they receive their credit card statement.

        Sadly, you may very well be stuck.

  34. DEBBIE says:

    I hope I don’t have as many problems as some of the reviews. My only problem was the ordering process. I had to reorder because they couldn’t find the first one. I told them to make sure I did not receive 2 orders, because she couldn’t find the first one. We’ll see what happens.

  35. DEBBIE says:

    I have ordered 2 hearing MSA 30X aids and waited for ever, nothing. So far I called them; they said my order was canceled. I blew up! So I had to reorder again. Now they say they are in the USPS and told me to wait. I hope that they can fix their orders and when I receive them they will be ok???

  36. Ronnie McKellar says:

    On the 17th of May, I was attempting to order just One (1) , of the special two for one MSA 30X Sound Amplifier offers, but as I was checking my bank statements on line on Sunday, I was being taken for three separate orders: one order for $45.85, another for $91.70 and another for $115.60. Of course this blew my mind. As I finished what I thought was the order form I was then given a bunch of questions to answer (YES or NO) I was pushing NO on ordering more of the devices., then I was take to a free mailing site that I did not request.

    These people need to rework their website. I did receive a confirmation sheet with an order number for $45.85, so why are they trying to take money that was not permitted. That’s Stealing!

    • Summer1948 says:

      The exact same way Bare Minerals Cosmetics can sell you their product at a “HUGE” savings and sign you up for auto refill and auto pay, and the buyer doesn’t know about it until they get their credit card statement, which is usually very close to the time the product is delivered to make it harder to dispute with the credit card company. Chalk it up to another scam the government allows to continue to happen. Laws? Yeah right, laws are for honest people!

    • Phizzle says:

      I just had a similar experience at the cost of $183.15. What a ripoff. Sure wish I had read the reviews before I ordered. Am in dispute with them right now and one way or another I am going to get my money back and they can have their product. I’m going to write refused on the package and hope for the best.

  37. DTB says:

    This thing is not worth $29.99, $19.99, or even free. It might be worth the same price you would pay for X Ray glasses from a Bazooka Joe Bubble gum package offer. It is crap. Plus they give you no way to return and track returns. Its a joke. I want my money back and there is no way to get in touch with them directly. Do NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE!

  38. Marian says:

    I ordered the MSA 30x sound amplifier with a 30 money back guarantee. I discovered you cannot talk with this in your ear as your own voice reverberates in your head, so I tried to return it. Although the price was $29.95, they only offered to return $15. By the time I would have paid to ship it back, it wasn’t worth it. When I asked to speak to the supervisor at MSA, the woman I was talking to cut me off and I got a dial tone. I know you can’t expect much for this price, but you should know what you are getting. If you watch TV with them on, just don’t comment on the show.

  39. Jay Hitchcox says:

    Thank you to all who wrote reviews. Due to your experiences, anyone would be plumb crazy to order these things. I plan to contact the FCC, as I believe this is communication fraud.

    • Huff41 says:

      Thank you for saving me from a heart attack, if I would have ordered this I would have blew an fuse when I checked my on line banking. You know Target and Bed Bath and Beyond has all this “Not Sold in Store Anywhere” shit, well they didn’t have this, so the Red Light when off and I Google it Thanks Guys and Gals

      Come to think about it, if the website doesn’t offer PayPal, not interested.

  40. elbert summers says:

    I ordered 1 set of msa-e30x product today but forgot to put my city and state with zip code on the order so if possible be sure to cancel my order please. Just plain cancel the order period. I only want to be able to discuss this with a customer service rep. Of the company.

    Thank you
    Mr . Summers

  41. herb du toit says:

    This is one big scam please avoid this outfit.

  42. Irene Covington says:

    You are so very right. They prey on the fact you are getting one free and they send you two, but you pay for two. I did the as seen on tv, buy one get one free. I received one that was $57 + and they other was $62+. I argued with them on the phone that I only ordered one and got the other free. They said no, I ordered two. I said if that’s the case why didn’t I get 4!!!! No answer. I am waiting for my refund of $72.14, they quoted on Monday, this is Friday So I am out $50.00. I have told everyone I know not to purchase these, that it is a scam.

  43. Roger Owens says:

    Order # gtvc00140582. I rec’d my order and one of the chargers does not function properly. Who do I contact and the number?

    • herb du toit says:

      1 I ordered one MSA 30X hearing unit for $29.95, after the charge had cleared they billed me $69.75. This is fraud and should be stopped. I have calif fraud postal div. These crooks should be in jail and I am ready to back someone to get it done.

      Herb du Toit

  44. Greg Droege says:

    Total scam. Website is unclear on how many you are ordering, so I tried to cancel – but there is no way to do that. There is no clear indication when your Credit Card is being charged either. I sent two units (unopened) back on March 22 (at my expense) after having received an RMA number, but still no refund as of April 29.
    Do not do business with this company.

  45. brent steves says:

    I got the buy one get one MSA 30X Sound Amplifier deal for $29.95 + insur + free unit + double charger= $31.94+($7.95 p/h x(2)$15.90)+ $4.13 tax=$51.97 total
    no problems so far. Ordered April 11 delivered April 18

    • DEBBIE says:

      I just ordered some also. The only problem I have had is they canceled my order and i had to reorder again not they say it is in the mail process…

    • mr x says:

      Apparently, either you’re so deaf that even these gadgets can’t help or you’re a shill for the company. Let me guess. It’s your daddy’s company and he gave you a job shilling for them?

  46. David macfarlane says:

    Glad I found this site. I am now convinced not to order from them. Thank you all.

  47. Smart Buyer says:

    Wake up people. Do you really believe a $30 hearing aid is going to work? Actually for 2 it’s $15 a piece. I hear they send you 4 and charge $175. Yes this is a total rip off. If it’s too good to be true, then it is! Yes,I saw this on TV and I’m not falling for this dishonest crap. If your hearing is that bad then you need to get a local professional hearing aid company to fit you. You will spend several thousand dollars, but it will work. If you can not afford that, then you just do without and make do. It’s that simple. Don’t fall for cheap scams. The nest time a commercial comes on, mute the sound and take a break.

    • Ripped Off Too - Two says:

      You are right. My 89 yr old friend was also charged $170. He ordered one for $29 + about $7 S&H but they charged him for 4 units + ++++++. Total rip off. We called his credit card company and filed a dispute after calling the company on Sunday to find they were closed. I will call them today and tell them we filed a dispute and will also file a complaint with the Post Office for Postal Fraud since they sent it through the mail IF they do not refund 100% of our money ASAP…

      IF they do refund my friends money then we will not contact the Post Office and will call our CC company to cancel the dispute…

  48. richard grubbe says:

    I do not agree with billing as it is incorrect. Please cancel immediately. You should have the customer review and confirm billing because I needed a correction. There is no way to correct.

  49. Mr. BODE says:

    Thanking Everyone for your MSA 30X Reviews … Finally, a Review Site that actually has VALID Reviews … I’m Bookmarking this site to access later for reviews on other products … and obviously, there is NO WAY I’m even going to get on the MSA 30X site!! Thanks again.

  50. Im Smart says:

    I order NOTHING from unknown sites, much less giving out my credit/debit card info. The only sites I trust are WalMart, I Tunes and Amazon. Period. When I order from a catalog, I send them a check. People are very gullible.

    • Andrew says:

      No comment on website.
      BUT: If you write a check for safety reasons be aware your routing and account number are printed on the bottom of every check you write.

  51. Jim Davis says:

    I ORDERED THIS MSA 30X HEARING AID IN OCT. AFTER NOTING ON TV. Paying by credit card $29.95 plus shipping cost of $6.95 I received my bank statement shortly after I made the transaction, my credit card showed they had charged me $174.15. After a phone call they had sent 4 hearing aids plus enrolled me in a program that you could redeem at local stores.I informed them I wanted no part of this scam just return my money. I received the hearing aids did not open, after they indicated they would return the $174.15 if returned unopened, I then paid shipping again,so far I have received nothing. These people are the biggest ripoffs I have known.

    They work mostly with older people who are easy. Be aware of them.

  52. Mary Sparks says:

    I just put an order in for 2 MSA 30X hearing aids which I found out is 1 order (not 2) so I ended up with charges for 4 aids, and there was no way to change, cancel, or confirm the order once the credit card information was entered. It kept trying to sell more and more services, even tho I was suspect when that started, it was too late as they do not give you a chance to cancel the order. I will call tomorrow to their 800 phone # and see if I can cancel the total order. A reputable company would give you the opportunity to change or cancel an order, before making the order complete. BEWARE!!

  53. sherry porter says:

    Some times if you look at your bank account on line they will have an 800 phone number by the description of the charge, also you can call your bank and they might be able to get the number. My husband had a similar problem with a different product, they charged him 3x the price they should have. also call your bank and instigate a fraud problem on the company. Also call the BBB. Report it on sites like these. You need to show a pattern as to what the company is doing.

    • mr x says:

      Dear Sherry, trust me. Don’t waste your time with the BBB as they are as dishonest as the swindlers who operate these scams. For the right price, anyone can get an A+ rating.

  54. Walt says:

    I also ordered MSA 30X amplifiers and had the same poor quality and a pressure sales pitch for other offers. SCAMMED! Do not bother getting these amplifiers. It is not worth the aggravation to cancel all the supposed deals with over 5 companies as well as deal with MSA 30x. I was successful in returning the amplifiers, though. Customer service was at least very polite.

  55. Jim Davis says:

    I just sent my complaint this is exactly what happened to me,no games please.

    Jim Davis

  56. Jim Davis says:

    I ordered one set of MSA 30X Sound Amplifier for $29.95 got two sets paid $5.75 shipping, they tried to get me interested in buying something you can redeem at local stores,which I indicated no interest, only the hearing aid,it was ordered several days ago still no hearing ad. They asked several times the number on my credit card, today my bank statements arrived they withdrew $175.15 Upon calling them today they indicated they would return the shipping. These people are ripoffs they have no regard for anybody. They ripped me off for $140.00 I am 82 years old they really set me up. This is a valid email address.

  57. Fake reviews says:

    These days finding a genuine review about a product on the net is like finding a needle in haystack. I recently entered the keywords “MSA 30X Sound Amplifier reviews” and many websites on MSA 30X Sound Amplifier popped up. But when I went through those sites there were only reviews that made the product seem like the best thing in the world. Also, there were Order Now buttons along with freebies being offered. These buttons took one to websites where one could actually buy the product without reading a review. Keeping in mind that all the websites I visited had the same pattern, I guessed these fake review websites were manufacturer promoted. But I didn’t fall for them. Instead I happened to come to this site. And, the great part was I could read and benefit from all various the experiences about the product.

    • Re: Fake reviews says:

      That’s the biggest problem with Search Engines. People looking for reviews online are very easily cheated with rave reviews of awful products. This happens because search engines are easy to cheat too as they cannot tell a genuine and a fake review apart. So scammers take advantage of the loopholes in the search engines and swamp the web with fake reviews to promote their products. Almost all the websites you mention belong to various affiliates of manufacturers who get a big chunk of money from the latter for selling the product. Such malpractices are unfortunately commonplace on the web.

      • John says:

        I agree with your comments about searches. When I search for reviews I add the word ‘negative’ at the end, e.g. MSA 30x sound amplifier reviews negative. That’s how I got to this site.

  58. Richard says:

    Bought the msa 30x to much noise. Trying to find out how to return them not much help. I also got 2 sets when I only wanted one. When ordering doesn’t show how much order is until it has been processed. There should be a place to view the order before it is placed. Bad tactics as far as I am concerned. Not worth the money.

  59. dolores says:

    Sound was amplified, but no clarity. Was charged twice for shipment.
    I live in Pennsylvania, not any of the states that were stated.

    May not be worth my money to send back. One of the ear pieces was a returned item because it did not have to be charged.

    Also I received two MSA30X units when I just wanted to order one. Poor communication. Should just have a 800 number and get things correct.

  60. Todd says:

    Ordered 2 for my aunt online. Paid for express shipping. Its been 2 weeks and nothing. More than the 7 – 10 days paid for. Called the company and they are still processing the order. So for her from me, so far your customer service sucks.

    • Gerald Wells says:

      Did you finally get your order? If so, How does it work? Do you recommend this product? Thanks,

  61. Marilyn says:

    I did not order 2 of the offers; only one. However 4 were shipped & I was charged for 2 offers, plus $31.80 s & h, which seems very exorbitant I want a refund of at least $59.90. Is this the correct address for returning the units?

    7850 Ruffner Ave., dept. 4000
    Van Nuys, CA 91406

  62. edward says:

    Check and see if I have ordered this product.

  63. edward says:

    Check and see if I have ordered this product. Edeward Becki 2709 14thst/28th Ave Northport Alabama 35476.

  64. Have you tried this MSA 30X Sound Amplifier, is it any good?

    • DEBBIE says:

      I just ordered 2 (one for each ear) only with a charger. I had problem with the order and i had to reorder. I had better not be billed for 4 MSA 30X hearing aids. Some of the reviews aren’t too good. I hope I don’t have this kind of problems. I will be waiting for my order to arrive….. And we’ll see what happens.

    • Betty says:

      I noticed that the background noises are frustrating and also that such devices can be harmful to the ear. It is not a Hearing Aid and shouldn’t be considered one. Genuine hearing aids have the ability to compensate for varied pitches of sound. Imagine if you are watching something at a set volume and suddenly the sound goes louder. It will be similar to someone shouting in your ear. It can be set for comfortable level but there is no way any precaution can be taken for a sudden rise in volume. And also no such device is totally safe.

  65. Admin says:

    Review MSA 30X

    Does MSA 30X really amplify sound by 30 times the original sound?

    What is the name of the company that manufactures MSA 30X PSA. Is it FDA Cleared?

    How long does the charge last?

    What material is the MSA30X PSA made from?

    Is it flexible for left or right ear usage?

    Is it comfortable?

    Do you like this product?

    • JK says:

      I would have returned this MSA 30X but I didn’t have the receipt and the packaging of it. It works okay in a quiet room but picks up noise in rooms with fans and air conditioner.

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