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There are times when you wish you could save money on simple things that you have to buy over and over again. Like disposable batteries for that matter and it can burn a hole in your pocket. Rechargeable batteries are not the most cost effective solution either because they cost you a fortune as well. But what if you were told you could make the most of your disposable batteries by recharging them over and over again? Yes, that’s now possible with the help of the revolutionary Mighty Charger.


How does Mighty Charger Work

Now you can stop wasting your money on disposable batteries and ensure that your get your money’s worth from them by bringing Mighty Charger home. It’s a powerful standard alkaline disposable battery regenerator that you just cannot do without. Mighty Charger means you can re-energise and re-use all your regular types of AA, AAA and 9V alkaline batteries. Importantly you can do that up to 70 times and you can do the math knowing how much money you have saved at the end of it.

You know that batteries can be renewed if you clean and reorganize the cells. Mighty Charger takes this idea to a whole new level thanks to the technology that is at the heart of it. Now you have a solution for the menace of disposable batteries that will not only save you money but will be good for the environment too. And Mighty Charger is very easy to use too; you can simply plug it into a wall outlet and pop the dead batteries into it. Every battery cell is then charged with the revolutionary technology and before you know it you will have a battery ready for use.

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Mighty Charger lets you know when the job is done because the light will turn from red to green. Mighty Charger gives you many options because you can simultaneously charge different types of batteries that are of various sizes too. And it works on all brands of batteries, which makes it so versatile. It’s extremely safe for use and gives brilliant results every single time.



What do I get?
2 Mighty Charger Standard Alkaline Battery Regenerators with bonus C and D battery converters. Price $19.99 + $19.98. Official website MightyCharger.com

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Mighty Charger Video

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8 Responses to “Mighty Charger Review”

  1. Tim M says:

    yes…it does work. I work in an entertainment showroom and I use it every night on an actors mic. It starts out with 3 bars showing on the indicator but quickly goes down to two bars after about 15 mins. It stays with 2 bars for about 70 mins. The actor turns his wireless transmitter off after the show and I turn it back on when i get in around 2pm. It’s usually on 1 bar by then. I pop it in the charger to charge up until 7pm and it’s back up to 3 bars. Very cool and saves the producer money. I would always have a brand new alcaline battery ready to go just in case. Not all batteries are created equal.
    Good Luck!

  2. uri says:

    Would love to know is this working or just a scam?

  3. wtf says:

    This piece of equipment is a scam as alkaline batteries cannot be recharged with something that simple. Rechargeable batteries are different and the batteries are going to explode dumb shits.

  4. wffe says:

    It will explode and does not work.

    • Jut9800 says:

      How do you know? Have you bought and actually tried it? What was your personal experience? Very seriously thinking of trying this. Please help. Thanks.

    • yard dog says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about. I have been recharging non rechargeable batteries for years with standard battery chargers and none have exploded. I recall one started leaking and I just threw it away, but the rest recharged fine. If they don’t except a charge then just throw them away, since they are most likely shorted.

  5. Have you tried this Mighty Charger, is it any good?

    • Glen R says:

      I bought Mighty Charger from the As Seen On TV section at Walmart the other day because I am going through batteries like crazy for my Beats Studio Headphones. This device does work! It’s not perfect I must say.. but it does charge any battery AA, AAA, or 9 volt. Doesn’t make the batter have a charge as if they were when they was new but it does charge them to working potential! Whomever says it don’t work obviously hasn’t really used it.

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