ID Stronghold Review

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It’s a cutting edge theft where thieves get access to all your personal and credit card information without touching your wallet! Many credit cards contain RFID chips in them, which store and transmit your personal information like account number, expiration date; but the problem is that you can’t turn them off. This kind of contact-less theft can be prevented by blocking the personal information being sent by radio waves from your credit cards and other ID cards. Even your passports have RFID chips that contain your personal information.


ID Stronghold
ID Stronghold Sleeves can protect you from getting your credit card numbers stolen. These Secure Sleeves from ID Stronghold work as protective sleeves that simply slide over your credit card and protect your identity from thieves. In instances like during quick easy check outs, instead of swiping your credit card, you just hold it up in front of the scanner; this makes identity theft easier. Your card doesn’t even have to be out for electronic pick pocketing, identity theft, and payment fraud; it can remain inside your pocket or purse, for a simple scanner will be able to do the deed.With over 10 million identity thefts each year, don’t wait for it to happen to you, protect yourself.



What do I get? The Secure ID Stronghold Sleeves work as firewalls for your wallet! You also get a free Passport Secure Sleeve! Please Visit The Official Website



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8 thoughts on “ID Stronghold Review

  1. I am the president and CEO of Oralogic Technologies Inc. in Ottawa, ON Canada. I have personally fallen victim to credit card skimming on two separate occasion and thus sought out to find a solution. I have had my company purchase and test the Secure Sleeves and found that they do indeed work and are extremely cost effective. Oralogic is now distributing ID Stronghold products at and providing FREE Shipping in both Canada and USA. ID Stronghold products will soon be available in store, but until then, please take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING.

  2. I purchased the larger ID Stronghold kit with the passport holders also. My complaint is that the sleeves become ratty and harder to use each time a person takes the card out. I like the idea, but am not to happy with the actual product as it does not stand up to wear and tear.

  3. Decent quality but the credit card sections are so narrow that its difficult getting the card out. Also the Trifold wallet is huge when 9 cards are inserted. I am sure its safe but its so big and difficult to use that mine will not see much use.

  4. After I received the Secure wallet mini, and the 2 lady ID stronghold wallets I found NO instruction to go with it. Is the wallet itself secure or what has to be done to activate it.? It smells like strong leather goods but where is the secrete about protection? What proves that I did NOT fall for a scam? I hope I get an answer some how?

    • You shouldn’t need to do anything to activate the protection. The material in the wallet is supposed to be what blocks the RFID signal. I don’t have one yet, but I was thinking about ordering one.

  5. I bought several Identity Stronghold products. I have no way of knowing if they work as promoted. However, I bought the ladies wallet and after a wait to receive it (the order was backlogged due to high demand), I found it useless because of its strong odor. I let it air outside more than a week but it did not help. The smell is so strong that even others noticed when I took it out of my purse. The wallet appears to be well constructed, but that means nothing if it is useless due to the smell.

    • Identity Stronghold answered my email and has offered to correct the situation with the wallet I purchased. Kudos.

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