Luma Pots

What are Luma Pots

They are planting pots with LED technology that promise to add a big dash of colour to your surroundings.
Luma Pots assert that they can be the perfect addition to your gardens, doorways etc as they will add a stunning dollop of colour to these outdoor spaces. Like all home owners you want to make sure your surroundings are high on aesthetics. That’s the reason you have pots with gorgeous plants all around. But now you don’t have to make do with those drab old pots because you have a bright and colourful solution in the form of Luma Pots, according to its claims.


Luma Pots are powered by LED technology

That’s the big highlight of these Luma Pots, which ensure that they are glowing in cool colours when it gets dark. The pots have tiny lights that are powered by LED Technology and they will add to the glamorous look you get in your outdoor spaces. The good thing with this technology is that the pots always remain cool to touch. And since the tiny bulbs are water proof, they will keep on doing their job for a long time to come. While the plants in Luma Pots add to the look of your surroundings, the pots themselves will make a dazzling impression for you.
You will also be pleased to find that Luma Pots can be used indoors as well and now you can have that beautiful interplay of colours in your interior spaces too.


Luma Pots has several applications for you

Luma Pots are available in seven cool colours that will have a breathtaking effect on your surroundings. From blue to red and green, yellow, orange, pink and white; you can choose the colour you want or have a combination of different ones. Luma Pots can be used in your walkways or around the pool area, on the deck or staircases in the house. They also make for perfect pedestal displays and colourful centrepieces. You can also use these pots for night lights, ice buckets and tip jars if you want and add to the fun.


Luma Pots are well made

While Luma Pots work wonders for the look of your indoor and outdoor spaces, they assert that they are high on quality as well. For starters, they are made using durable plastic, which makes them long lasting. It also ensures that you will be able to use them over and over again. Now adding that sleek and stylish look to your surroundings in the dark is ever so simple. Luma Pots also emphasize on the fact that they can be the perfect present for avid gardeners, both young and old.


What do I get?

You will get two Luma Pots in your choice of colour with wireless remote for $12.99 plus $13.98 P&H. Official website

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