Bell + Howell Torch Lite

What is Bell + Howell Torch Lite?

Bell + Howell Torch Lite is a super bright LED light source that is powerful enough to light up a wide area and is perfect for backup during emergencies.


Perfect Light Source

Regular torch and flashlights have the capacity to direct their beam in a very narrow way but Bell + Howell Torch Lite claims to have no such drawback. It is said that the light from Bell + Howell Torch Lite reaches every corner thanks to its revolutionary design that has a set of 33 bright LED’s that generate such high power beam. Plus there is apparently an option to switch its 2-in-1 light from a wide range torch light source to a 5 LED flashlight too for directed light beam. Bell + Howell Torch Lite is said to have 72 lumens of light output and the amazing ultra bright LEDs are said to last for over 100,000 hours.



Apart from being superior in lighting, Bell + Howell Torch Lite is also versatile when it comes to handling. Its unique design has a magnetic base that can firmly stay on any metal to become a fixture of light source. In fact, the sturdy base also stays put when placed down making it act as an extra pair of hands. Bell + Howell Torch Lite supposedly has a built in hook that can also be used to hang it anywhere and turns 360 degrees for better placement. When placed on the base there are 6 different positional settings that comes on Bell + Howell Torch Lite which makes it swivel between a whole of 180 degrees angle to provide more flexibility.


Universal solution for lighting

Bell + Howell Torch Lite promises to be the brightest of lights that one needs during emergencies at home or at camping trips. It also can be fun for outdoor areas and comes in handy for repair work in areas where the light doesn’t shine well. The Bell + Howell Torch Lite is also said to be impact resistant and weather proof making it the best universal lighting solution.


What do I get?

Get 2 Bell + Howell Torch Lites for just $10.00 + $11.90 S/h. Official website


15 thoughts on “Bell + Howell Torch Lite

  1. Received 4 flashlights for christmas and all 4 lights at the top do not work. I would say this a piece of junk and would not recommend this to anyone. Need a recall for this product and give everyone their money back.

  2. Got three from HSN for $19.99 + Shipping & Handling, but
    these were the Torch Lite plus, the quality seems good,
    rubber like plastic, secure battery cover, Light seems bright,
    maybe these are a different batch, I have an whole house
    standby generator Kohler 14kwRESA, but my dad does not,
    will see this weekend with three major storms coming up !?

  3. This led flashlight is a piece of crap. Lights burned out and replaced with new batteries and doesn’t work. Don’t buy this product. I am in awe as to why the good company of Bell & Howell put this on the market.

  4. Thanks for the reviews, I was about to buy some for four of my son’s for a bug out bag, when in rough survival condition’s you sure don’t need junk…

  5. Gave 5 of 6 torch lites as gifts. Found out recently from one of the recipients that one of the torch lites has a broken on-off switch.

    There is a 30-day money back refund policy. However, I couldn’t locate a 24/7 online contact customer service address to ask about a refund.

    Customer service by phone is only available 8am to 8pm M-F, EST.

    More hassle than it is worth on the deal because on returns you have to pay shipping and handling.

    I should have looked at customer service and product reviews before I purchased this product.

  6. What a waste. Bought 3 of the torch flashlights a few months ago. have used 1 about 4 times and now switch is broken. What a piece of junk. Did not save receipt so have no info to tell them I want refund. You get what you pay for.

  7. Had to return one because it was defective, waiting one month so far for replacement. Don’t buy this product. Customer Service is very bad. Gave another as a gift and the button on the second one is defective.

  8. The Bell & Howell Torchlite is a piece of junk It was suppose to pivot positions, but would not pivot in any position! And when I did get it to pivot, it broke! And I did not force it either. Also THE VERY SAME THING happened on the other three (I ordered 4). So all four easily broke and the stand with the magnet in it, won’t stay connected to the light anymore.Too much trouble returning it. Will just go to EBAY and find one almost exactly the same, BUT BUILT BETTER AND MUCH CHEAPER. DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF JUNK from Bell & Howell!! rated from 1 to 10 a MINUS 10!

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