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What is Sit N Cycle?

Sit N Cycle is a stationary exercise bicycle that claims to offers you a fun and efficient way to workout in your home. As you pedal on the Sit N Cycle bike, your core is engaged thanks to the hands free design of this bicycle. Hence while you get your cardiovascular exercise, you build your strength too.

It all sounds too good and easy doesn’t it?…remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Read the Sit N Cycle reviews below to find out if Sit N Cycle really works. According to the Sit N Cycle reviews it is nothing more than a cheap exercise bike with no back support and handles, many customers think it is a scam.


Sit N Cycle Complaints/Disadvantages

  • Cannot be used for Arm Exercises – According to the Sit N Cycle reviews the bike does not have an arm exerciser like traditional exercise bike.
  • Sit-N-Cycle does not offer back and hand support – Catherine who used the bike says in her Sit N Cycle review that she finds it very uncomfortable to use this bike as it does not offer back and hand-support.
  • Resistance Bands Break – Magali Acevedo in her review mentions that Sit N Cycle does not work as claimed and calls it a piece of junk. She complains that the resistance bands are of poor quality and break very easily
  • Manufacturer (Smooth Fitness) of Sit N Cycle does not mention the type of resistance (tension) used (magnetic, mechanical, digital, fluids etc). They also don’t tell you how many levels of resistance it comes with.
  • Most customers complain that Sit N Cycle is expensive, most other similar Exercise bikes cost under $25
  • Some reviews point out the fact that there is no calorie/distance travelled counter

Not Very Effective?

According to Lisa Ballard – a disappointed Sit N Cycle customer, It is difficult to focus on what one’s doing and get an effective workout. She mentions in her Sit N Cycle review the exercise seems to be equivalent of what one would get by walking for about an hour or tapping feet to music. Sit N Cycle could be a bit boring too she discloses in her review.


Things fall off

Smooth Fitness say that you can do whatever you want while pedaling but that can be a risky proposition. That’s because the SitNCycle bike is not really sturdy and things start coming off. You can fall over and hurt yourself in the process.


Returning Sit N Cycle is a nightmare

Deborah Krieger in her Sit N Cycle review says there are issues with the Sit N Cycle, including the lack of tension. Rather than fixing the problem you are asked to send it back so that it can be replaced. However that’s where the real problem begins as returning it is a complete hassle. And you have to bear the costs for it, which can burn a hole in your pocket. It just doesn’t seem worth the effort, she mentions.


Ridiculous claim

One review points to the claim that "you can do whatever you want while you cycle" is preposterous. Huffy exercise bicycles are durable, made in the US and they don’t go on to make such silly claims. It’s not possible to do practically anything while pedaling and getting a workout.


Sit N Cycle warranty is disappointing

Catherine in her Sit N Cycle review brings into focus the fact that you are paying big amount for Sit N Cycle and all you get is a 90 day limited warranty on integral parts. That doesn't instill a lot of confidence in the bicycle. She doubts the short warranty is probably because it’s made somewhere in China and is nothing more than a piece of junk.


Short people struggle with it

Corey reveals in her Sit N Cycle review that if you are shorter than say about 5 ft then you are bound to struggle with this bicycle. You will need something to step on in order to get on it. You can’t even reach the pedals, which makes it a waste of your time. Sit N Cycle is clearly not made for everyone.


Assembly woes

Darren Samuel complains in his review that Sit N Cycle has 11 parts and 23 screws, which would be manageable if the screws were identified. But they are not, which leaves you with no option but to use the ruler to measure them. Only then can they be differentiated and that’s a huge hassle. Yes, there are drawings to help you, but they are too small and quite pointless.

When you normally buy things that require installation, you get detailed instructions on how to go about it. But that’s not the case with Sit N Cycle, he says. You just wish there was a close up video that would tell you how to identify the screws and install the bicycle. The least they could have done is included a CD or led you to a YouTube video. But there’s no such help available, which is a shame he says.

Darren further discloses in his Sit N Cycle review that after taking a lot of effort, wracking your brains and getting into arguments about what the right way to install this bicycle is, you finally manage to start putting it together. But you realize that the job can't be done by one person alone. You need someone to hold the bike in its position while you work on the pedals. Now that’s an added nuisance, which has you at your wit’s end even before you get on the Sit N Cycle.

Getting on the bicycle is another hassle because you keep worrying that it might tip over. Thus all in all it’s a lot of time wasted over nothing.


How does Sit N Cycle Claim to Work

Smooth Fitness, the manufacturer of Sit N Cycle use the "Active Sitting" fitness multitasking workout method to promote their bike. According to the Sit N Cycle reviews Active Sitting is doing activity while in a sitting position, it is also called as dynamic sitting. Active Sitting is the latest fitness trends and is becoming popular amongst office goers, busy moms, elderly people and all those who have to sit and work. There are many "Active Sitting" products like exercise chairs and workout balls available in the market. Reviews claim that with the Sit N Cycle exercise bike, Smooth Fitness has come up with the first "Active Sitting Bike".

Dorothy Hamill claims in the Sit-N-Cycle TV infomercial that you can burn calories and stay in shape no matter how busy you are. As per the promises made in the TV commercial, Sit N Cycle Portable Exercise Bike offers you a fun and convenient way of staying in motion and thus burning calories, whatever you might be doing. You might want to sit on the Sit N Cycle Portable Exercise Bike and burn calories while you are reading or knitting, you might be working on some documents or any other task for that matter. You will be losing weight as you do it. Sit N Cycle Portable Exercise Bike will be your source of at-home aerobic activity with minimum resistance and core-engaging design will bring its outstanding benefits for your body as well.

Sit N Cycle claims to be easy to use and features hands free design, which should work for you - in theory. Smooth Fitness boasts that it is designed such that you sit up straight, which not only enhances your posture but builds your strength too. They also claim that the peddling with Sit N Cycle Portable Exercise Bike is completely effortless and can be done without any strain. Smooth Fitness says that the Sit N Cycle Portable Exercise Bike is lightweight and can be wheeled around wherever you want to use it. It has a low adjustable resistance, which is ideal for longer workouts. And the design is conducive to hours of use while you get optimum benefits. Losing weight has never been easier and Sit N Cycle Portable Exercise Bike has given you a shot in the arm.


Sit-N-Cycle Features

  • Features a space saving design as it takes up about 6 feet x 6 feet space in your living room.
  • Warranty: One year warranty on all parts, 90 day in home labour.
  • Sit N Cycle doesn’t require any power.
  • Ultimate comfort: The pedals are non slip and you are offered comfort due to the extra wide seat.
  • Lightweight: It weighs about 26.5 pounds and has wheels to take it wherever you want.
  • It’s commercial grade and can support up to 300 pounds.
  • Efficient workout: Depending on your intensity level you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour.


Sit-N-Cycle Specs
Maximum User weight: 300 pounds


Size and weight:

  • Foot print - 24"L x 17"W x 30"H
  • Unit weight: 26.5 lbs



  • Frame Warranty: 1 year
  • Parts Warranty: 1 year


What do I get?

  • 1 Sit N Cycle Portable Exercise Bike

All this for $19.95 with FREE SHIPPING Official website |


Sit N Cycle Video

30 thoughts on “Sit N Cycle Review, Does it Work, Complaints & More…

  1. Directions are available for correct assembly & safe use in both video and manual. Just a matter of looking. One place is is on QVC. Very clear, easy to understand and follow. Specifically, Video under ‘Assembly Instructions’ Step 1 states “Take Styrofoam from box and place upside down & place SitNCycle main frame in the Styrofoam” which steadies it so one person is able to work on it. Also, part of page in Manual reads: “Unpack the box in a clear area. Review the Hardware Kit List below. This chart is provided to help identify the hardware used in the assembly process. Place the washers, the ends of the bolts, or screws on the circles to check for the correct diameter. Use the small ruler to check the length of the bolts and screws. Do not dispose of the packing material until the trial period has expired

    NOTICE:The length of all bolts and screws, except those with flat heads, are measured from below the head to the end of the bolt or screw. Flat head bolts and screws are measured from the top of the head to the end of the bolt or screw

    Note: Please review the contents of the hardware kit pictured below. Some small parts may have been pre-attached for shipping. If a part is not in the hardware bag, check to see if it has been pre-assembled. You can refer to the exploded diagram on page 13 for hardware placement HARDWARE KIT Part No. and Description Q’TY
    #16 Bolt (M10x13mm) 4 pcs
    #34 Screw (M4x12mm) 4 pcs
    #33 Screw(M5X15mm) 6 pcs
    #35 Screw(M5x30mm) 2 pcs
    #3 Bolt (M8x13mm) 5 pcs” ( part of the page didn’t copy -the pictures of the screws)
    Any negative reviews on that site also appear to be from those who didn’t follow directions. BTW, have been a QVC customer for nearly 10 years and have never had problems when calling CS with questions, issues, problems with products.

    In addition to assembly, it is explained, the point of the SitNCycle is core strengthening in addition to lower body exercise, weight lose, and increased endurance while cycling. A person can incorporate light weights or something similar if so chose for upper body but the main goal is for sedentary people can benefit from some sort of exercise even if for short period of time. For those c/o too high of seat, they should have read dimensions. No big deal to put near chair to hold on to back for a second while getting on or use a step stool. I have to use a step stool every time I need something from my kitchen cupboards, so quit whining & get cycling.

  2. My, My, My, I read 28 review online. I was surprise all the neglect feedback. First saw SitNcycle on Steve Harvey show 2014. Purchase from Bed Bath and Beyond on 31 January 2015. Watched Superbowl with friend and family. Which in 11 days later lost 10 pounds. Maybe it’s water weigh, time will tell, use it for 4-5 hours per day. Installing was easy within 30 minutes. I read instructions and watch youtube prior.. All the hardware and materiel was included. You have to use additional screw driver and wench if the on in package isn’t strong enough. I used WD-40 on the area in which was difficult. Anyway, no problem, Tips: REVIEW YouTube and read instructions will save time to install and easy installment. Second tips: start will lowest number tension and move to next level. It’s a new machine will need break-in. Third tips: stand in front of machine with your hips touching the seat is the best way to get on the seat. It wasn’t make with handle because the purpose is SitNcycle. I was hesitate to purchase. I am 55 years old female, License Massage Therapist/Physical Therapist Done research prior to purchase. Like the concept sitting and exercise, watching tv, reading, computer and laptop. If you have a high condtianer top or kitchen island works well. Was diagnose with orthoarthritis and bursitis. SitNcycle is the best relief I felt in years. Bottom line everyone isn’t going to be happy with everything in life. Happy!! SitNcycle. Thanks of reading this review.

  3. I purchased the bike on the 20th January only to find that a bolt that holds the left pedal was missing. I’m constantly phoning and emailing and getting no where. After reading all the comments of how bad this machine is I think I will be sending it back forth with. I’ve paid my money and got a bike that I can’t use its disgraceful!

  4. I saw the commercial with Dorothy Hammel which said 90 day trial for $19.95. BY LAW, products must have a disclosure statement… This one does not. I wanted to order it, but when I found out it was nearly $200.00, I said “no way.” DO NOT ORDER IT!

  5. All the SitNCycle reviews I’ve read are accurate and similar to my experience. I love the concept but after 5 minutes I have to get off to fix the tension that doesn’t really work and tighten the foot pedals. If I cycle in reverse I can last maybe 6 minutes before having to stop. Too bad about this because otherwise it could be a good bike for me. Now it is just waiting for the next large item trash pickup day.

  6. I purchased the Sit N Cycle, I put it together myself and was pretty proud of what I did. was not that easy to get on, but I did and I was peddling fine for a couple of days. After that, the right peddle came off and I could not get it back on. My brother was able to reconnect it. Started back using it again, and now the right peddle and arm are loose and wobbly. I should have read the reviews before.

  7. My husband ordered SitNCycle for Christmas, when putting it together, he looked inside and saw that the frame around the main pole was broken. Item was then on back order for almost 5 months. After he put the second one together I was testing it out and want to test all 8 levels, so, when I got to the 8th level, the noise was unbearable. My husband called and let the representative hear the noise and proceeded to send yet another one. Well, guess what, it makes that same horrible crunching noise on 7 and 8. We will be calling yet again to send it back, only this time we will NOT be requesting a replacement. If 3 bikes have defects to the same customer, then there is something REALLY wrong at the manufacturing level that NEEDS to be rectified.

  8. I have no problems with this bike… took awhile to put together but I did it myself and I am a 56 year old female!!!! I don’t have problems getting on it and it is plenty sturdy.

  9. Sit N Cycle is a piece of Junk

    I bought this piece of junk from QVC, the pedal kept getting loose and I had to buy a step stool to get on it because I’m only 5 feet tall. When I finally got through assembling the Sit-N-Cycle, I got on it and a clacking noise started, all of a sudden no more resistance. When I disassembled it I found one of the resistance bands torn. I exchanged it and the same thing happened. Don’t waste your time and money. Piece of crap!!!

  10. I bought Sit N Cycle. And I like it.

    Sit N Cycle does have a couple issues though, getting on and off. Because there are no handles means you must be very careful not to lose your balance. Also the wheels work great on hardwood floors. But not so well on carpet. Not having a back or handles actually means your workout does better for your core. It works, gets your heart rate up. For those that think it does not work. I don’t understand why they think it doesn’t. Its cycling, and cycling DOES give you a workout
    Also there were issues with a couple holes drilled too large. And I had to search for larger bolts. That is a quality control issue. That should be addressed.

    • Mary, you are lying!!! this piece of crap does not work. It is a flawed design, maybe your company did not have the funds to put a back support and handles. Low grade morons…you should be ashamed of yourself trying to sell this POS to older people. GOD IS WATCHING.

      • Why there is no backrest and handle on Sit-N-Cycle bike? — to promote active sitting. With no arm and backrest to support you, you naturally engage core muscles to maintain the balance thus working your core muscles. Active Sitting engages your core and abdominal muscles while a pedal will exercise your legs. I am not promoting this product but the concept really looks good…ofcourse I am aware of the quality of “As Seen On TV” products. If it were from a reputed brand I would buy it.

        • How do you think the elders can workout on a bike that does not have a backrest and armrest support??….wrong design to start with.

  11. The Sit N Cycle is too short for most people causing them to pedal in an unnatural position. This can cause problems in the knees and hips. As a short person, I find it ridiculous that I am having to buy an additional seat to raise me up so that I can pedal. Very sorry I bought this item.

  12. I received Sit N Cycle for Christmas. I tried it for a few days. The pedaling on the cycle is jerky and after a five minutes I noticed that my muscles were not affected at all. I get more burn by going up a flight of stairs once. The ad says that you could watch TV or text while on the cycle, but the seat is so uncomfortable, that you would not want to be on the cycle for more than 5 minutes. I have been calling every day to get a label to return the cycle, the representatives are courteous on the phone, they give me a time frame when I should receive a label but have yet to receive a return label. It has been 8 days now. I think they delay so you would not be able to return in a timely manner. I told my daughter to put a hold on her credit card. Do not buy this cycle unless you do not want any results and are willing to spend your time calling every day to get a return label.

  13. Do not get the SitnCycle. It is junk. My wife bought it from QVC and the pedals would not bolt on. I had to retap the holes for the pedals to go on. Very poorly made.

  14. Did anyone buy Sit N Cycle, any testimonials?

    Does it really work as shown on the TV?

    Is it really effective?

    Does Sit N Cycle wobble?

    Does it offer adequate resistance?

    How is the quality of the product?

    Is it noisy?

    What type resistance does it use?

    How is the quality of the exercise bike?

    Do you know a better alternative to Sit N Cycle?

    • Yes Sit N Cycle works.

      Yes its effective. Its cycling and cycling is a effective workout. Does not wobble.but getting on and off should be done carefully as there is nothing on the cycle to hold onto. Yes the resistance is good. When it gets easier, tighten it up. IF it comes to the point its easy and can’t tighten any further. Go longer. Thats how it works in the gym on all exercise machines. Quality of Sit N Cycle is good. Only problem is the one I got had two holes drilled too large and I had to get larger bolts, frustrating but fixable. NO real noise. Slight hum, the other alternatives are larger and take up more room. I like the Sit-n- cycle. Because its mobile and is attractive and I can leave it out.

      • Buyer beware of such paid reviews!!! Sit N Cycle does not work, don’t waste your money on this crap. Go for reputed company not “as seen on tv”. This is what happens when you vote for Obama.

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