What is CoreCoach

It states to be a Physical Therapist’s proven workout system that engages and activates the Transverse Abdominis (TVA) muscle to strengthen the core for relieving back pain.



Relieve back pain

CoreCoach guarantees to be a smart solution for strengthening the core and improve the stability to relieve back pain. It declares to use a proven technology to activate the Transverse Abdominis (TVA) muscle that sits deep inside the abdomen to hold the stomach area and take away stress from the back. There are no CoreCoach reviews yet to quantify whether its claims are true or not.


Dynamic feedback system
CoreCoach alleges to feature a lumbar pillow and an adjustable belt that goes around the waist. Once the pillow is inflated, it is stated that the navel should be pressed down. This mechanism asserts to activate the TVA and a live feedback is available on the muscle activation gauge. Such dynamic, instant feedback emphasizes to keep users in the perfect TVA strengthening zone. More shall be revealed once users review it.


Convenient system
CoreCoach promises to strengthen the core and relieve lower back pain with just 4 minutes of regular use a day for days a week. Will users get to perform all activities that otherwise are hampered with back pain using CoreCoach? We shall know once it is reviewed.


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