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Why Chair Gym

The promoters of the Chair Gym use the same time tested method of promoting their product – No time to workout, can’t spare hours in gym, Home gyms too costly, Americans, say no to pain and agony, and similar reasons to sell you their $150 fitness chair. Chair Gym claims you can do 50 exercises including Total Body Conditioning, Upper/Lower Body, Strength and flexibility, core balance, stability, Pilates flow and stretches.


So, What actually is the Chair Gym?

The Chair Gym As Seen On TV seems to be a cheap knock-off of much expensive but good rated Resistance Chair by VQ ActionCare. We do have a comparison between the Chair Gym and The Resistance Chair.

What does Chair Gym Claim to Do

Instead of worrying about getting gym equipments and weights at home you just need to get this innovative chair that you can set up anywhere and start working out whenever and wherever you please whether your kitchen, bedroom while looking after your baby or even by the poolside. You can work out anytime your schedule permits since you do not need to make a trip to the gym.

Get the fabulous Chair Gym home for sure and enhance your health and good looks right in the comfort of your home. Save up big on the expensive gym membership too and pump up as per your convenient timings. What’s more, Chair Gym makes it possible for you to do more than 50 exercises in various positions!

3 Resistance Bands for different fitness level

Chair Gym claims to be easy to use and help in strengthening muscles, improving flexibility and raising your energy levels too. It is easy and convenient and also prevents wrong postures that you might have while working out with weights. And this is possible because of the resistance bands that it comes with in three different bands – a grey band if you wish for light tension, black band for medium tension and a combination of both the bands if you need a heavy work out. Chair Gym helps you work out on your upper body as well as your lower body. You can do loads of exercises on Chair Gym thus getting a complete body workout. You can also use a twister plate with Chair Gym.

The Chair Gym system comes with an instructions DVD, a 30-minute workout DVD, an exercise guide and a nutrition guide all absolutely free of cost. It is also foldable and can be stored anywhere you want – whether under the bed or couch.


What do I get?

  • The Chair Gym System
  • 1 Instructional DVD
  • 1 30 Minute Workout DVD
  • 1 Nutritional Guide
  • 1 Exercise Guide

All this for just $149.85. Official website

For customer service, please call 800-894-2833.


Chair Gym Review

So is it like having an entire gym at home? certainly not. Chair Gym is just one of those many infomercial fitness products that promise us that "perfect body" of the models who endorse such products. Do you really think they built their streamlined bodies using the Chair Gym? -- Off-course not, they have spent years working daily in the gym with correct diet. So face the truth - "You cannot get that body with Chair Gym ALONE". You need to WORK HARD for it and eat right food. Apart from this, some reviewers have said, the Chair Gym is flimsy, falls apart, offers almost no resistance etc. Followed by common issues associated with infomercial products - back-order, late delivery, misleading advertising, overcharges and more. Plus, why spend $150 for can just buy $20 resistance straps that you can tie to some heavy support and do some serious exercises.
Read all Chair Gym reviews here

Summary of Chair Gym Complaints

Chair Gym claims that having this equipment is the same as having an entire gym at home, which is actually far from the truth. According to the reviews, it proclaims to be a fitness product that can get you a perfect body like models. But achieving a hot body with Chair Gym alone as guaranteed by the equipment is impossible. Some customers in their Chair Gym review complain that the Chair Gym is a creaking and flimsy item that offers no resistance and also falls apart. It also has other issues like delay in delivery, back-order, false advertising, overcharging, etc. Unlike resistance bands that cost $20, this costs $150 and unlike stretching bands, it cannot be tied to a heavy support to get serious exercises.


Falls Apart, No refund, Poor Customer Service

Deborah Shultz complains in her Chair Gym review that soon after buying the Chair Gym and it fell apart. Even after trying to reassemble it, it didn’t stay together. All attempts to get a full refund were futile and the customer received a replacement chair instead. The customer care executive argued for a while and asked the user to send the chair back on his own expense for a replacement and no box was provided for this. For the user right from buying the Chair Gym to dealing with the customer care was a nightmare and anyone must avoid purchasing it. She says Chair Gym is a scam in her review.


Useless Crap

Kirsten Mueller who reviewed Chair Gym says that she ordered it on the official website. She thought this is a useless piece and when sent it back, she did not get a refund of the upgrade of $29.95, which was neither mentioned on the website nor in the purchase policy. She mentions in her Chair Gym review that they stole her money and the product a waste of money because he had to pay another $43.94 to send it back. Kirsten also found the customer service poor. She does not recommend the product and calls it a rip-off in her Chair Gym review.


Chair Gym Malpractice

Larry Paulson who used Chair Gym visited their website where it was mentioned that paying an extra $29.95 to upgrade to the Deluxe Chair Gym would get him the delivery the same day. But on checking the order status on the website in the evening did not show the order. He further clarifies in his Chair Gym review that even after a couple of days neither the order was shipped nor did it show in the system. The customer’s credit card was charged but the Customers Service informed him that the Chair Gym was out of stock and the user wouldn’t receive it for a few weeks. The claim on the ‘Upgrade To Deluxe’ did not imply same day delivery, which made the deal false advertising. On asking for a refund of the upgrade, the customer care executive refused to give it. Larry feels the sellers should have disclosed the fact that the item was out of stock and urges that the company should not be able to place false claims.


Assembly Woes

Denis Celona in his Chair Gym review says he found it easy to assemble the chair but says that it squeaks all the time when using. He also complains in his Chair Gym review that it took just a couple of weeks for the pulley cords to lose resistance and when used for various exercises, the cords became so loose and rattled that they had to be jury rigged to prevent the metal pulleys from falling of the anchor posts. Similarly, the nylon straps that attached the grips to the pulleys tore within a couple of weeks, and came off the foam grip handle. This made the cord and metal pulley snap back and bruise the user’s leg. He also says that while customer service could be reached easily, sent him the wrong replacement grip and refused to take the chair back and directed him to Amazon.


Cheap Cables

Doug Hamill complains that cables do not hold up well. After only a month of using the Chair Gym the cable broke. The hand grip also caught on the holder and tattered. In his Chair Gym review Doug does not recommend anyone to use the chair because it is unsafe with poor quality of cable that could injure the user. The customer service refused to give him a full refund since it was 6 weeks to purchase instead of 4.


Flimsy Chair Gym

Joel Burke who reviewed the Chair Gym complains that the wanted to return the complete piece of junk and on returning the piece back he didn’t get the refund of upgrade ($29.95) even though he returned it. This is not clarified on the product website and purchase policy. He also complains that he had to need to spend on mailing it. The Chair Gym comes with a DVD, which had less than 10 minutes of exercises and the rest were on a sheet of paper in such small photos that one couldn’t exercise looking at them. The user feels the disappointing chair cannot be used by elderly people of small frames who want to use it for little movements in the house. The flimsy chair cannot be used by anyone more than 145 lbs either.


Not all is lost

Chair Gym is certainly not the only equipment you will need if you want to build strong, ripped, attractive body. At the most it can be of some help to do upper body, some leg exercises and stretching exercises. It can help elderly people to do rehabilitation exercise and build strength. Chair Gym can be CERTAINLY helpful for people who can not exercise in standing position and if their fitness goal is mere stretching or similar frivolous exercises. But again is it worth $150, As mentioned in the review section you can do all the Chair Gym exercises without the Chair Gym for under $50 (I am being optimistic.)


Chair Gym Video


27 thoughts on “Chair Gym Reviews & Complaints | Don’t Get Scammed, Read This

  1. ordered chair gym with mat, dvds etc on 1/28/15, told me it was on backorder, will receive by 2/23, but instead received early 2/5/15, & by condition of it, could tell it was used, so returned it & paid $20.72 for shipping. My first order with HSN & more & likely my last.

  2. This company sucks I try to cancel with 6 hrs was told it was to late because the shipping labels was a ready print now we no you there is no way they could Ship in the middle of the night so I was told to wait for customers service to open at 8 am so I got through and spoke to cancel was told nothing they could do shipment label had been print so I call my credit card they inform me that it was pending and as soon as it’s post they would dispute. I then call UPS but they need a tracking number and there was not one so UPS told to refuse the package this was so unbelievable to have to involved other companies to make this happen for me chair gym is shady company and need to improve customer service and spell out to customers if you buy this there is nothing you can do to cancel so you are stuck with it sucks it up while we keep your MONEY!!! What A GREEDY COMPANY

  3. I bought the Chair Gym from HSN over 6-months ago. I use it at least 3x per week-sometimes more, and have never had a problem with it. I have been using the Chair Gym, along with walking on the treadmill, to lose 50 pounds. The Chair Gym has really helped with the toning and tightening. Not sure why all of these people had so many problems – but I recommend ordering from HSN.

  4. We got the Chair Gym and it fell apart soon after we got it. We tried to put it back together afterward and couldn’t get it to stay together. We tried to get a full refund and they refused to refund our money and only send us a replacement chair. After arguing with the lady for several minutes I was just told to send the chair back on my dime with no box or anything provided and they would send me a replacement. Not one thing about this from the customer service to the chair itself has been pleasant. My advice, STEER CLEAR of this product!!

  5. I got Chair Gym from Amazon and I like it because I can do the arm exercises (and some leg also). It only came with 2 DVD’s, instruction booklet, diet pamphlet but no extra DVD’s. I would have liked more DVD’s and the Twister to go with it but they seem to be out of stock of all those extras. I bought 2 extra handles so I have handles on the bottom and top. Don’t know if that was a good idea or not but didn’t like to keep changing them.

  6. I also wanted to add that I had no problems with delivery. It came sooner than I expected. I worked out for years in a gym and, after surgery, had trouble finding things I could do. I don’t get why anyone found this equipment to be a piece of crap. I have bought all kinds of equipment over the years and this is truly the best one I have ever bought. I haven’t had to deal with the company so I don’t know anything about that. As I said, mine came sooner than I thought it would. I was surprised to see such negative comments about the gym chair. I LOVE mine!!

    • Carolyn, did your chair gym come with an instruction guide or dvd? I just opened my box, and only the equipment is inside. the additional dvds are SUPPOSEDLY being shipped as a “replacement…” but in the meantime, I have no instructions and have to wait another week for the second part to come from Ca. very disappointed out of the gate:(

  7. I bought the chair gym and love it. There are over 50 exercise you can do and it is so easy to switch the handles to go through a workout quickly. I didn’t order the deluxe bands and worried that the resistance would not be enough, but there are 3 levels and I will be working toward the highest level for quite a while!! I am going to order the twister seat, too. You don’t need it at all, but I want to add the exercise you can do with it. I’m glad I bought it! Easy to set up, too. Took me less than 5 minutes.

  8. Attention everyone! I did not order in amazon, I did in their official site.

    This is a piece crap. And not just that: I sent it back and chair gym does not give the money back of the upgrade ($29.95). They will not tell you this in their website and policy. I consider they stole my money. And remember: you will need to pay the mail to send it back which is another $43.94 (ups). Don’t waste your money!!! I just talked on the phone, again, to the poor customer service and they refuse to reimburse the upgrade.

    So chair gym: if you want to stop me say this all over the web on the different sites where you sell it, give me back the $29.95 for that upgrade which i sent it back, of course.

  9. Huummm… Do I buy, or not to buy that is the question. Split reviews. Had same issue with “Stompeez”. Waited until they were at Wal-Mart. Should I do the same with the Chair Gym?

  10. When I went to the Chair Gym web site it clearly stated that if I upgraded to the Deluxe Chair Gym for an extra cost of $29.95 that it would be shipped that day. When I went to their web site to check the status of my order that same evening the order never showed up.

    I waited to call back on Monday and still my order has not shipped and does not show up in the system. They have charged my credit card already. When I spoke to Customers Service she told me they were not in stock and I probably wouldn’t get my order until mid July. Also, the statement on the ‘Upgrade To Deluxe’ didn’t really mean that my order would be shipped that day.

    I feel this is false advertising! When I asked her to refund the money for the upgrade she said she couldn’t. I feel that at the very least they should have disclosed the fact that the item I order was not in stock. This company should not be allowed to place information on their web site that is not truthful! It clearly stated that if I upgraded my order would be shipped that day.

    • MJ Apple – I know this is a few weeks after your comment, but have you tried going through your credit card company and complaining. Usually if you have a problem with an item or company they will help you get you money back. Give it a try.

  11. I was seriously considering placing an order to purchase a Chair Gym, but luckily I did my homework, and read the reviews of the products I want to purchase, and after reading several discouraging reviews telling how they got ripped off and scammed…I’m declining my decision to order the chair gym…I’ll continue doing my homework, until I find a reputable product and then I’ll make my purchase.

    I would like to thank all the honest people who told the truth! I’m sorry there are so many crooked people and companies in this world. But do pursue getting your money back, after all…it sounds like you all were ripped off!!!

  12. This is my take on the company, not the chair. I wasn’t impressed with the chair gym. Didn’t use it much. I called the company thinking I would get the usual instructions, label etc to return it. Wrong!! I was told I would have to pay the shipping but would be reimbursed—-Wrong!! It had been a month since I returned it, so I called to find out when I’d get my money back. Ha Ha. Just so you know, you get to pay for the rent of the chair for 30 days and as a penalty for returning it, YOU get to pay to send it back. What a sweet deal!! After reading some of the comments about the chair, I guess the whole system SUCKS.

  13. Thank you, Thank You everyone who has posted a complaint or comment on this Chair Gym. You have saved me months of turmoil, Apparently!!

  14. Do NOT buy Chair Gym! They do NOT EVER deliver product! Tried a friend’s and it broke after two uses and I only weigh 92 pounds! Better off to go to WalMart and buy a sturdy folding chair and some resistance bands! OMG this is JUNK!!

  15. I have had the chair gym. For ten days. I like using it. I push myself to do the exercise and am always glad I did when I finish. It definitely stirs up my endorphins and the best perk for me is that I don’t have to dress a certain way nor leave the house for me, it is one of the best investments we could have made. I intend on getting some other chair gym accessories.

  16. The Chair gym comes with a DVD to assemble. If you have worked out for years with free weights and machines, but have the unfortunate experience of having a f150 pickup slam into your drivers seat, this is the device to restart rebuilding your body, flexibility, and balance. Not to many on TV devices offer shoulder presses and with this cable system the resistance pulleys provide a good workout. This is a good device also for those that are getting older, or who want to start the upper body work out. I have a butterfly and pull-down machine that provides heavy weight, but this is great for getting in touch with all the upper and lower main muscle groups. I would purchase again. There is nothing better than feeling the body respond to loving care, of exercise.

  17. NO NO and NO complete false representation, piece of. S@%t

    Simple folding chair and therabands would be the same. So glad I tried a friends out .

  18. Terrible company. Could not speak to any management to resolve my issue. Always put on hold then hung up on. Was told to fax any problems. Never again. Company is not truthful. Chair Gym is crap, company will be turned into BBB.

  19. I ordered a Chair Gym in June, kept calling and was told would be here in 7 to 10 days after 5 months. I cancelled and 2 months later showed up incomplete. When I called I was told I would receive replacement parts in 7 to 10 days. Its been 1 month and a half, this company is a felonious pack of liars. Beware they do not stand behind anything and will say anything. Its been 7 and a half months and I have nothing to show for my money which they got.

  20. Is Chair Gym safe?

    Does it really enable one to do more than 50 exercises?

    Does the Chair Gym DVD and exercise guide help one with exercises for different requirements?

    How long before you see the results?

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