TRIA Laser Hair Removal vs nono Hair Removal vs Silkn’ Sensepil Hair Removal

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Compare How does it work?

TRIA Laser Hair Removal 4X
TRIA Laser Hair Removal 4X is an amazing hassle free hair removal system that can be safely used at home. Hair Removal has always been a chore since decades and women who visit parlors know the amount of money that goes into spending there but home solutions like waxing do not necessarily work effectively nor give amazing results. In comparison to those common age old methods TRIA Laser Hair Removal 4X works like a charm with its suave design and ergonomic handle that does not make the task a pain. The sleek handheld slim handle has the tip angled to give a better visual idea while applying the laser light to the area requiring hair removal.

TRIA Laser Hair Removal 4X when compared to other similar products gives an extra edge with its detailed digital display which provides easy guidance helps in troubleshooting as well. It comes with a display of 5-comfort settings, the battery charge indication and lock status device. It has a Pulse Counter which allows tracking of number of pulses used for the treatment for providing optimum performance and total coverage. Another feature is the built-in skin sensor safety feature that automatically checks the skin tone and decides if the usage of laser is safe on the skin. If it is, TRIA Laser Hair Removal 4X will emit series of beeps and unlock itself for usage.

TRIA Laser Hair Removal 4X is totally safe for effective hair removal and doesn’t need any sort of extra safety equipment while handling it. In fact it is cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be safe after going through most stringent procedures for testing its effectiveness. If used weekly it can provide permanent freedom from endless shaving and waxing within a matter of just 3 months.

Nono Hair Removal
Nono Hair Removal is an all new creation in the field of hair removal products from the house of Radiancy. Radiancy’s Light and Heat Energy technology to clear lesions quickly and easily is a common technology used by dermatologists across the nation. This same technology is used as the basis of Nono Hair Removal by inventing the new Thermicon Technology. This advanced technology in hair removal uses a patented design to provide gentle pulses of heat to the hair for removal. Plus if it’s just heat there is no harm done and is perfect all skin types and hair colors.

Silkn’ Sensepil Hair Removal
Silk’n Sensepil is one of the most amazing ways for total hair removal without even stepping out of home. The drawbacks of taking professional physician appointments for hair removal procedures first of all are very costly and the guarantee of them being effective is in serious doubt.

In comparison to all the temporary and permanent methods out there Silk’n Sensepil turns out to be the best choice and the safest since it is completely clinically proven, FDA approved and above all recommended by leading physicians. It basically uses a light energy which is safe to the skin and provides total hair removal if used as guided. It has unique skin sensor that detects the skin and firstly makes sure if it’s safe enough to go through the procedure. Plus it activates its beam on direct skin contact instead of pressure which makes it easier to use and provides faster treatment.


What is the technology behind it? TRIA Laser Hair Removal uses Laser technology that clears off the roots easily and effectively provides hair removal. Nono Hair Removal uses the patented Thermicon technology vs rest of the methods, it uses heat to clean off hair and is completely safe. Silkn' Sensepil Hair Removal The Home Pulsed Light technology is the reason for Silk’n Sensepil’s amazing hair removal capability. It uses skin touch sensor to start hair removal which is better as compared to other products that need pressure exerted for the procedure.


Who is recommended to use it? TRIA Laser Hair Removal is perfectly suited for men or women who have light to medium skin tones with natural brown or black hair. It is not recommended for white, gray, red or blonde hair since it is ineffective to provide hair removal over such colored hair. Nono Hair Removal is recommended for safe usage by everyone vs other products which have lots of exceptions. It works perfectly well on all natural skin tones and comes with a narrow tip for cleaning up the face. Silkn' Sensepil Hair Removal compared to other techniques is safe for practically all light to medium skin tones but as a safety measure it comes with a sensor which detects the skin tone and only unlocks it if the skin is in the allowable range making it quite a safe product to use at home.


Which Body Parts can it be safely used? TRIA Laser Hair Removal is totally effective for use on the underarms, legs, arms, back, stomach, face and even bikini line which is a great feature if compared to other similar solutions. Nono Hair Removal is quite easy on all parts of the body and is universal except it is recommended not to be used on the genitals and around the nipples. Silkn' Sensepil Hair Removal Silk’n Sensepil is well suited for legs, underarms, arms and bikini line. While using on face some extra care should be taken and needs sun protection before and after treatments in comparison to other methods.


Are there any side effects? TRIA Laser Hair Removal does not have any side effects due to the gentle nature of its functioning. Nono Hair Removal can possibly cause burning, skin taking on dark spots, tanning on light spots, hyper and hypo-pigmentation. Silkn' Sensepil Hair Removal If the procedure of applying heat through the device is followed properly it has no side effects unlike other products which can leave burning and irritating skin.


What is the price and what is included?

TRIA Laser Hair Removal comes with hand piece, skin sensor, battery charger, instructions booklet, instructional DVD, warranty card and storage case at a price of $395.00 Nono Hair Removal At $270, Nono Hair Removal comes with 1 no!no!, 1 narrow Thermicon Tip, 1 wide Thermicon Tip, 1 Buffer, 1 Cleaning Brush, Charger, Quick Guide, User Manual on CD Silkn' Sensepil Hair Removal include 1 x SensEpil unit, Adaptor, User Manual, Instruction DVD, Lamp and a yearlong manufacturer Warranty at a cost of $382.50


Is there a need to replace the bulb? TRIA Laser Hair Removal works on laser in comparison with bulb technology and does not need any replacement since laser is good for indefinite usage. Nono Hair Removal The Thermicon technology in Nono Hair Removal just uses heat to remove hair and thus does not need any change of bulb. Silkn' Sensepil Hair Removal If you compare Silk’n Sensepil vs other products it does need bulb changes and is to be changed after a 750 pulse limit.


How long is one single treatment session? TRIA Laser Hair Removal may take just few minutes for smaller areas but can go up to taking 25 to 30 minutes for covering larger areas like the upper leg. Nono Hair Removal When compared Nono Hair Removal lasts for a less time ranging from 1/2-1hr each session. Silkn' Sensepil Hair Removal can take varied time depending upon the area covered ranging from 10 mins to 30 mins per area.


Is there a need to wear safety glasses or goggles to use it? TRIA Laser Hair Removal No safety glasses or goggles are required to perform hair removal with it. Nono Hair Removal is safe and easy with no such need of glasses to use it. Silkn' Sensepil Hair Removal has been designed to make sure that it does not hurt the eye and thus doesn’t require special protection of any type.


Is it painful? TRIA Laser Hair Removal is designed keeping in mind comfort of the user and is painless if compared vs other solutions. But the experience can be a little painful on sensitive skin, and dark or thick hair which might subside with further use. Nono Hair Removal The thermal energy used in Nono Hair Removal can provide a little painful sensation while using it. Silkn' Sensepil Hair Removal When the pulse is emitted from the Silk’n Sensepil Hair Removal there might be a little feeling of heat on the skin but otherwise it is safe and comfortable.


Can men use it? TRIA Laser Hair Removal Men can use TRIA Laser Hair Removal without any harm if their skin tone and hair fit the requirement. Nono Hair Removal is completely safe to use by men in comparison to other systems targeted only to women. Silkn' Sensepil Hair Removal can work effectively on men except for thick hair areas like the chest which is unlike women.


Is long-term use hazardous to the skin? TRIA Laser Hair Removal Comparing TRIA Laser Hair Removal vs other systems there is no hazard to the skin on a long term use. Nono Hair Removal There is no information available for Nono Hair Removal’s effect on the skin. Silkn' Sensepil Hair Removal There is no damage or hazard ever recorded on long term use of Silk’n Sensepil.


How often should it be used? TRIA Laser Hair Removal is more comfortable and can be used once every 2 weeks. Nono Hair Removal is suggested to be used 2 to 3 times a week for effective hair removal. Silkn' Sensepil Hair Removal It is recommended and proved effective if used once after every 2 weeks to provide complete hair removal.


How many treatments are required to notice results? TRIA Laser Hair Removal provides permanent results in just 6 months. Nono Hair Removal Compared to other products Nono Hair Removal provides total hair removal in just about 2 months. Silkn' Sensepil Hair Removal Varied results by users of Silk’n Sensepil Hair Removal have suggested that permanent hair removal starts working after 4 sessions of treatment.


Is it FDA approved? TRIA Laser Hair Removal In comparison with other systems TRIA Laser Hair Removal is FDA approved and is branded to be safe for home usage. Nono Hair Removal One drawback in Nono Hair Removal vs other products is that it is not FDA approved Silk’n Sensepil has undergone heavy scrutiny and tests to get FDA and clinical approval.

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