Shark Rocket vs Dyson

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Compare What is it?

Shark Rocket: It is a vacuum cleaner that gives you professional quality, deep cleaning results.


Dyson DC35: It is a cordless vacuum that doesn’t lose suction and gives good cleaning results for all floor types.


Dyson DC40: It is a lightweight and powerful vacuum that can be easily manoeuvred into difficult places.


Dyson DC41: It’s an upright vacuum cleaner from Dyson that can give twice the suction so that you can get outstanding results.


Dyson DC44: It’s a cordless vacuum cleaner with a detachable long reach wand for floor to ceiling cleaning.


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Compare What does it do?

Shark Rocket: It can clean bare floors and area rugs brilliantly while it never loses suction or power either. It’s a versatile vacuum cleaner that can clean just about anything, from floor to ceiling.


Dyson DC35: It can clean anything, from top to below and everything in between with tools that are ideal for different floor types.


Dyson DC40It’s a multi floor vacuum cleaner that is quite lightweight for your convenience. Importantly, it has the latest Ball technology with a streamlined machine profile that can lead to easy steering into difficult places.


Dyson DC41: It can be steered easily over carpets and fabrics in the house. The Tangle-free Turbine tool in this vacuum cleaner can remove dirt and hair from carpets and upholstery as well to give you good results.


Dyson DC44: The detachable long reach wand of this cleaner means it can clean from floor to ceiling. The motorized floor tool is quite powerful and drives the bristles deeper into the carpet pile for more thorough cleaning. It can also work with equal ease on hard floors.


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Compare How does it work?

Shark Rocket: It’s a powerful two in one vacuum that cleans bare floors and deep cleans carpets too. In fact its handheld versatility ensures that you can clean every nook and corner in the house and that too without moving any furniture around. It’s ultra light and doesn’t lose suction, which is an added advantage. The swivel steering makes it easier to move around the house and its performance can be enhanced by the Booster Pack so that you can get the tough cleaning jobs done with ease.


Dyson DC35: The motorized floor tool attaches to the wand directly so that you can clean those hard to reach areas. It is powered by Dyson Digital Motor and coupled with Root Cyclone Technology it doesn’t lose suction and has a run time of about 15 minutes.


Dyson DC40: One of the highlights of this cleaner is that the cleaning head self-adjusts to create maximum contact with all floor types. The patented Cyclone technology comes into play here and ensures that more dust is removed when using this vacuum. The Radial Root Cyclone technology has led to remodelling of the airways to offer maximized suction power.


Dyson DC41: The cleaner head that can automatically adjust itself also has maximum suction so that you get precise and most effective cleaning results. The Radial Root Cyclone technology is in action here too, besides Ball technology for smooth steering. Tangle free turbine tool on the other hand can get rid of dirt and hair from carpets, upholstery etc.


Dyson DC44: Firstly, the detachable long reach wand ensures floor to ceiling cleaning and the motorized floor tool is quite powerful to make it effective. Carbon fibre filaments are present in the brush bar and they ensure that fine dust is removed from hard floors. It is powered by Dyson Digital Motor and Root Cyclone Technology enables constant and powerful suction. It has a run time of 20 minutes or 8 minutes in boost mode.


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Compare Features

Shark Rocket: It has ergonomic handle for ease of use, two speed brush roll, cleaning wand, easy emptying dust cup, storage hooks, washable filters and wall mount.


Dyson DC35: Its highlighting features include Root Cyclone technology, Dyson Digital Motor, motorized floor tool with carbon fibre brushes, dual power mode, detachable long reach wand and lithium-ion battery for strong performance and convenience.


Dyson DC40: Some of its powerful features include Radial Root Cyclone Technology, Ball technology and its capability to capture allergens to expel cleaner air.


Dyson DC41: Radial Root Cyclone technology, Tangle-free Turbine Tool, Ball Technology for upright vacuums, strongest suction at cleaner heads and motorized brush bar are some of its salient features. It’s powerful and durable, captures allergens and expels cleaner air, while it’s hygienic and quick to empty as well.


Dyson DC44: Powered by Dyson Digital motor it doesn’t lose suction and is balanced for floor to ceiling cleaning. Its motorized head has carbon fibre filaments and increased power. It brings to you increased run time while the Dual Power Mode is another highlight. There is a docking station for easy storage and you can handle tough tasks thanks to the mini motorized tool with increased power.


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