Chair Gym vs Resistance Chair Exercise System Review

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Chair Gym

Bring the gym into the comforts of your home and save yourself time while you get that incredible body you have always wanted. Chair Gym lets you do around 50 exercises from wherever you are and at your own pace. It lets you strengthen your muscles and enhance your flexibility. What’s more your energy levels will get a lift too.

There are three different resistance bands for different levels of workout and you can build your upper and lower body too. Now there’s no reason to worry about wrong postures you get into when lifting weights that can lead to injuries because getting into the best shape has become a lot easier.

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Chair Gym Reviews and Complaints

Deceitful service
You order the chair because you want to start seeing the difference in your body but it takes ever so long to arrive. You are asked to keep waiting but the chair doesn’t show up for months. And if you do get it, there are often flaws and breakages, which is annoying. The customer service is completely hopeless and doesn’t give you any valid information or help.

Shipping scam
The chair is poorly made and doesn’t work very well. That’s why your natural reaction is that you want to return it. You are told you can pay for the shipping of the chair you want to be returned and you will be reimbursed for it. But that doesn’t happen and you are left seething with anger. It’s blatant lying and cheating.

Doesn’t work
It’s really not that effective and a regular folding chair with the bands would do the trick for you otherwise.

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Resistance Chair Exercise System

Want to work out at home but can’t deal with bulky, heavy equipment that takes too much space and is quite expensive? In that case Resistance Chair Exercise System is the right answer for you because it’s quite comfortable and convenient, offering you great results when it comes to building muscles, boosting your cardiovascular health and gaining flexibility.

One of the major advantages of this system is that it is ready to be used straight out of the box and there are no lengthy installation procedures required. It’s a commercial quality chair that is quite sturdy and can take up to 400 lbs of weight. It has benefits for people of different fitness levels including elders who might want to use it for rehab or to gain some mobility.

Health professionals also trust this system, which is a low impact, safe use at home equipment for you. Now there’s no reason to bear those exorbitant gym membership fees when you can get the workout you want from the comforts of your home.

It offers you a convenient way of staying fit and healthy at all times. You can perform several dozen exercises without any difficulty and the How-To DVDs make things a lot easier for you. You can also buy additional accessories to have a well-rounded experience.

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Resistance Chair Exercise System Complaints

Problems with the design
While the chair itself is quite sturdy in spite of being lightweight, the problem lies in the plastic seat. It starts coming apart and breaking in several places after only a few uses.

Delivery and returns issues
The company takes its own sweet time to deliver the chair and when it arrives you might find that it’s already broken or there are parts that have come out. You want to return it but then you are charged shipping fees for that and end up spending money on a chair that’s not even well made.

More flexibility with resistance bands is needed
If you need weaker resistance bands because there has been nerve damage in your hand or because of any other reason, then you might be struggling because there’s no such option here. The resistance bands are a bit rigid when they are meant to offer you greater flexibility.

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Resistance Chair Exercise System Pros

A smart option
If you have found it difficult to work out because of your age or physical condition then this system is very easy to follow and use. The chair itself is quite lightweight and made out of very high quality. It supports your weight and offers you ways to strengthen your back, legs, shoulders, chest, arms etc.

It helps you boost your stamina and keeping up with the exercises is easy because of the instructional DVDs that are quite elaborate and helpful.

Easy set up and storage
You don’t need any screw drivers etc to put it together. It’s very easy to install and you can get started with it sooner rather than later. It can be stored away on its four legs, which means it doesn’t tip over. And it doesn’t take up too much storage space either.

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