Swivel Sweeper Max Reviews and Complaint Reviews

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We can’t escape cleaning our homes even though it tends to be taxing, so why not make the task simpler, quicker and a breeze? Introducing the Swivel Sweeper Max, the super new sweeper that’s incredibly innovative and helps you clean your home like nothing ever could.


Swivel Sweeper Max

The Swivel Sweeper Max is a versatile sweeper that works on power and performs better than even the vacuum cleaner. It is a cordless and lightweight sweeper, and takes your cleaning experience to the max.

Swivel Sweeper Max brings you a whopping 33% more power to pick up really tough stuff along with a stronger and sturdier pole that helps you have greater control on it. The way it rotates and cleans is sure to leave you fascinated. It picks up anything and everything and cleans all the rubbish that comes your way, be it in the kitchen, hall, bathroom, stairs or anywhere. It has sliders that make it swivel 360 degrees with easy maneuverability as it slides and glides on any surface without changing its settings.

A highlight of Swivel Sweeper Max is its unique RCR technology; the removable, cleanable and reusable bristles that effortlessly strips off hair and other obstructions effortlessly to clean all the unwanted stuff. Have a look at the exceptional features of Swivel Sweeper Max:

Touchless dirt tray: The Swivel Sweeper Max does not need the hassles of expensive bags as it has built-in tray that captures dirt and trash. All you need to do is press on the tabs at the top of the sweeper. The dirt trap door opens when you want, after which you can empty it without touching the tray.

Low profile design: The Swivel Sweeper Max has a low profile design which makes cleaning areas under furniture and spots difficult to reach convenient. It has a flat shape, which can fit under tables, beds, couches or anywhere easily.

Corner brushes: Swivel Sweeper Max has corner brushes that spin at an amazing 4000 rpm (rotation per minute) and clean grime and dirt along base board and in the smallest corners quickly.

Magnetic holder: After cleaning with your Swivel Sweeper Max, its head swings up to the pole and locks on with the magnetic latch attached to it. You can then easily store it anyway you like, place it in a closet, hang it wherever convenient.

Swivel Sweeper Max can clean all types of floors and reach the tightest of corners. It is not only easy to use but also perfect to handle as it weighs less than 2 lbs. Swivel Sweeper Max sure helps you keep your home impeccably clean, so why not buy it outright and also avail of exciting offers that come with it?

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What do I get?

  • 2 Swivel Sweeper Max
  • 2 Batteries and Chargers
  • 2 Sticky Sweepers

All this for just $39.98 + $29.98 s/h. Official website SwivelSweeperMax.com

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21 Responses to “Swivel Sweeper Max Reviews and Complaint Reviews”

  1. B.B. says:

    Save your money!.., Even a cheap sweeper should not break immediately and the (simple) replacement parts should be accessible through the company (as advertised). With the Swivel Sweeper Max neither of these “should” qualify. An end brush snapped clean off on first use followed by a miserable account of (trying) to acquire ‘the brush replacement kit’. When they (finally) decided to give me information on how to acquire the brushes by ordering (through) Swivel Sweeper (Ontel products) I put in my order and a couple of days (later) they informed me the order would take up to 8 weeks to ship. I asked why so long and (why) I was not informed of such a delay (when) I made the order. There was no reply. I made several inquiries. There was (no) reply. After 2 months went by I repeatedly asked what happened to my order. ‘NEVER” a reply. I search on line to find that this has been a huge scam to others and what (very) little customer service web-sites there were suddenly went off line and vanished. I also noted big price reductions for their product at retail stores. “OUT of BUSINESS”???…, SCAMMED!

  2. Angel Notes says:

    I called to get one swivel as advertised on TV. They first get the credit card details; then they proceed to ask you if you want more and more stuff. I started to be concerned and questioned if I will get a swivel that works if I do not order all the other items. Finally, over the phone I told them that I was not comfortable with their company and I do not want a sweeper and told them I cancelled the order.

    A week ago I got a call from their sale people and told me they are shipping the unit. Again, I told them I cancelled at the end of the call. Then they told me to call their customer service; and their customer service told me that they are contracted and cannot do anything.

    This morning, I received a package for 4 sweepers and my credit card was charged $188.20.
    This company is dishonest!!!! I am returning everything!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I ordered this product 2 months ago for the buy one get one deal. contacted them to day and they said they are still on back order for another 6 weeks. Cancelled my order! How ridiculous? Stop selling them or let people know that you are that far back ordered! Terrible customer service!

  4. Kathy says:

    I bought the deal for 2 of these and also ordered 2 smart chargers. These were bought in August, one for me and one for my mom. The trap door on both of them has broken off! Mine broke off when I set it down gently on the floor, as shown in the video. Mom closed hers by hand and it just broke off. Swivel Sweepers are great while they work. The problem is that they are flimsily built and do not last long. I have gone through about 4 of them and my mom has had 2. The previous problem was that the handle is weak where the 2 pieces join and ends up breaking. Both of us tried to be very careful when using them, but they broke anyway. Very frustrating. They are so convenient to use. Wish they would build them to be sturdier. Then they would really have a great product.

  5. Kay says:

    I had a sweeper and liked it but it wouldn’t hold a charger after about five years so, I ordered a swivel sweeper on line on Oct. 13, 2013 it said I would get it within ten days. I called three weeks later they said there was a problem and would request a new order, then I called again after six weeks getting the same reply I even talked with the manager on duty they said they would personally handle it. It is now Jan. 12, 2014 I still have not received anything but they did recently make a charge to my credit card so now I have to call again on Monday Jan. 13, 2014 and find out why they are charging me for something I still have not received. I’m not happy with customer service.

  6. greg says:

    nearly 30.00 shipping NO will not buy

  7. Nancy says:

    I bought the Swivel Sweeper and was excited about using it. It did a good job on my kitchen tile, but when I tried to sweep under the bed, the handle broke off where it attaches to the sweeper part. I did not force it or push it crookedly, but it broke off just the same.

  8. Mark A. Hicks says:

    Just a positive comment about your Swivel Sweeper Max…I bought it a Wal-Mart on the “As Seen On TV” isle. Thought I would give it a try…


    It is ONE of many products I have tried and I think this product might even me a MIRACLE ! It is VERY easy to use, clean up, and the BEST thing I have ever seen to do the job I need done. I would HIGHLY recommend the Swivel Sweeper Max to anyone ! I could easily sell this product….I don’t know of any product I have ever purchased that I LOVE more. It actually does what it is produced to do…Easy to clean up. Does excellent in ALL corners and around furniture legs and appliances. It picks up EVERY I mean “EVERY” crumb…I can’t say it enough “I REALLY DO LOVE THIS PRODUCT – I SERIOUSLY COULD AND WOULD SELL THEM ANYDAY BECAUSE IT DOES WHAT IS ADVERTIZED…..I only wish I had purchased ten years ago. If the home office needs a true believer spokesperson…I am that guy. My respect and admiration for the engineers who produced it, invented it and made it available to the masses….A TRUE CUSTOMER HERE !!!!

  9. Tracy says:

    I have the original Swivel Sweeper and the G2 and I love them both. I have to say that I liked the original better than the G2 because of the way the original one emptied but I eventually got used to the G2. I am considering buying the Max because of the removable brushes since I have a cat, not to mention that I have long, thick hair and the tool that comes with the G2 doesn’t work all that well for as much hair as I get wrapped around the brushes but before I drop another $40 on yet another sweeper, I want to find out how it works. I was very close to purchasing a Dyson stick vacuum for over $300 but I didn’t like having to hold the power button the whole time so I am hoping that the Max gets good reviews.

  10. Nikki says:

    Okay I’d like to buy this product. I haven’t seen it on an infomercial, just a regular TV commercial. How do I avoid the “scam” product? Where do I buy? I checked Amazon.com (since that was said to be the place to go) & they are advertising the exact same “as seen on TV” product that others are saying is a scam. Appreciate any help!!!

  11. Diane says:

    I ordered the swivel sweeper elite pro back in the beginning of February after seeing their infomercial. I have contacted the company twice since than and have been informed they do not have the product and have no idea when it will be available. What a scam.

    • Excallibro says:

      Scam is right! I ordered in February after seeing it on TV and they kept saying it was on backorder when I would contact them. I wanted it as a gift for Mother’s Day, and I ordered it in February.

      Someone should contact the broadcaster’s about this, and let them know we’ve been had! It’s false advertising.

  12. Tom says:

    Is it a Li-ion battery or is it the old Ni-MH battery? Any comment on that?

  13. Debra says:

    I owned the original swivel sweeper and it worked really well. I did not like cleaning the bristles when they got tangled with hair and string. However, I just ordered the new Swivel Sweeper Max and upgraded for $20 each to the Swivel Sweeper Pro which they claim is 33% more powerful. I am not really sure it was worth the $20 but I am willing to try it. It original sweeper was plenty strong enough to pick up anything that you would sweep up with a broom. I did opt for the separate battery charger to avoid overcharging. It is too stressful to remember to take that battery off the charger after 8 hours. I have two additional batteries from my old swivel sweepers that still work just fine so I did not opt for replacement batteries, but I did opt for an additional set of brushes. I figured I would order them now than try to hunt them down later. I have to say the improvements they made from the original, the ease in emptying the middle tray and it does not fall off into the garbage can, and the removable brushes should make this a much better product. I have yet to receive it, but I will write back to let you know if it is truly powerful enough to warrant the extra 20 bucks.

    • Kerry says:

      Hi Debra, I did the same as you, I paid $6 for rush handling I got it 2 months later. The Max is suppose 2 be 33% more power than the Red G2 sweeper and the Max Pro is suppose 2 be 33% more power than the Max, I’m not convinced. The one they sent me has swivel sweeper max on it, there are no labels or marking that say Elite Pro. I’ve called them twice this week, they say they’re going 2 contact me 2 let me know how 2 tell the different between the Max and the Max Elite Pro the one we paid extra 4. What dose yours have on it.

  14. Sherry says:

    Love it! I have one of the earlier ones with the touch less tray. Still works still charges!

  15. Sherry says:

    I have one of the earlier Swivel Sweepers. It is still workings, still charging! We love it for quick pickups.

  16. Swivel Sweeper Max Questions says:

    Did anyone buy Swivel Sweeper Max, any testimonials?

  17. valinda says:

    I’m waiting for my Swivel Sweeper Max to arrive — I am so excited!!!!

    I have had about 7 swivel sweepers over the years —- I have used them at home as well as at work (classroom).

    The G2 back saver may have been a plus for many – but for me, it was not.

    MY MESSAGE – I LOVE the swivel sweepers!!!!!!! I’ve been through this many as I use them at work, use them at home, bought a couple as gifts, and purchased one for our 2nd home.

    IT IT perfect for me – bending over to pick up small debris is tough for me; this is a super tool to quickly surface-vacuum your floors!

    BTW, kids love running it as well – might be a great cleaning tool to get kids to help out at home. :)
    ts love them (unfortunately a couple were broken from students who were trying to clean out the tray and didn’t know how to open it up).

  18. Has anyone tried the Swivel Sweeper Max, does it really work?

    How is the quality of the Swivel Sweeper Max?

    Does it work on all types of floors?

    Is it durable?

    • valinda says:

      I’m waiting for my Swivel Sweeper Max to arrive —From using swivel sweepers for years, I can honestly say I LOVE them —- They are so convenient! Easy, easy to use@@

      Easy to get debris off floor — and stuff in unreachable areas.

      Keep your bristles cleaned — they provide a tool to use, or at least they have in the past.

      If you have pet hair on floor – it will get clogged up a lot quicker —

      We had a cat for 15 years — Did I say I LOVE the swivel sweepers??

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