About RotoSweep

RotoSweep proclaims to be a hard floor sweeper featuring its own rotating broom and integrated dustpan that allows you to clean any mess, picking up the smallest speck of debris or an entire piece of bread. RotoSweep claims to clean hardwood, tiles, laminate, vinyl and practically every hard floor thoroughly without scratches or scruffs. It guarantees to be completely quiet and doesn’t disturb a sleeping baby or someone watching TV. RotoSweep emphasizes to clean under furniture, baseboards, and along the walls, and ideal for RVs and boats.



How does it work

The Triple Rotating Brushes of RotoSweep assert to loosen, lift, and feed dust, debris and dirt onto the onboard dustpan that can be easily emptied into a garbage bin. The brushes of RotoSweep rotate 360 degrees and the handle folds flat so that you can reach under the furniture, while the unique Edge Cleaning Technology cleans along the baseboard and walls to get a thorough cleaning of the house, as the creators of RotoSweep allege.


Most efficient hard floor sweeper
Whether tiles, marbles, linoleum, or vinyl, RotoSweep promises to clean any hard floor thoroughly without causing scratches or scruffs even to hardwood and laminate. It is cumbersome to get the bulky vacuum cleaner out to clean a small mess and a broom and dust pan cannot pick up all the rubbish effectively. RotoSweep convinces to help on both these counts and pick up any mess big and small quickly, easily, and efficiently. RotoSweep claims to work without cord, batteries, or bags, adding to its convenience of use. Just by rolling it on the floor it promises to pick up a whole slice of bread, corn, fruit, paper, or any other rubbish easily like it was never there. RotoSweep emphasizes to be as effective at cleaning wet rubbish as it is at picking up dry rubbish. We haven’t analyzed user reviews yet to verify whether RotoSweep is this efficient at cleaning.


Edge cleaning technology
RotoSweep declares that its Triple Rotating Brushes rotate in 360 degrees and direct the debris and dust into the dustpan onboard instead of spreading the mess like traditional brooms. RotoSweep’s handle folds flat to reach under furniture and difficult to reach places conveniently and cleaning every inch efficiently. RotoSweep also asserts to have a unique Edge Cleaning Technology that cleans in and under baseboards and walls. This states to make RotoSweep ideal not only for household use but also boats and RVs. RotoSweep guarantees to be made from high-quality materials that lend it durability. These claims sound too good to be true; let’s read RotoSweep user reviews before buying it.


Lightweight and quiet
Alleging to weigh less than 2lbs, RotoSweep is easy to maneuver and more convenient than lugging heavy and bulky vacuum cleaner around. RotoSweep also assures to fold comfortably, making storage easy and convenient without occupying space like a vacuum cleaner. Unlike vacuum cleaners, RotoSweep also convinces to make absolutely no sound so it won’t disturb a sleeping baby or family member watching TV or annoy you as you clean. RotoSweep alleges to cost just a fraction of a vacuum cleaner but provide the same proficiency to keep your floors spic and span. The integrated dustpan of the sweeper is easy to empty into the bin. RotoSweep maintains that it can pick up shards of broken glass easily without the need to touch them, adding to the safety. RotoSweep also proclaims to pick up cat food, dog food, cat litter, and pet hair just as efficiently to make floors absolutely clean. We’d like to hear from you if you found RotoSweep this effective. Send us your reviews of RotoSweep.


RotoSweep REVIEW

RotoSweep review says it was mistaken to be electric and buying it was a mistake, too.

RotoSweep review calls it a piece of crap that only picks up dust and nothing else. Money must not be wasted on buying it.

RotoSweep review alleges that it was meant to be easier than lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner around. But the sweeper picks up nothing, including cat hair that was only rubbed into little felted balls and left behind. RotoSweep passed crumbs by. It’s a very disappointing sweeper and being returned.

RotoSweep review accuses it of being the worse thing ever bought. The sweeper doesn’t pick anything up on bare floors. It deposits dirt from one area to another.

RotoSweep review calls it just average and doesn’t meet expectations considering its reviews and the price tag. It was bought to clean wood floors and area rugs between weekly vacuuming. RotoSweep seemed to do a good job initially but started scattering more debris than it picking up, needed multiple passes to clean floor. Using a canister vacuum to clean the floors is easier.

RotoSweep review reveals that just like every manual sweeper, this one has quirks that need working around.

RotoSweep review praises it for working well on uneven tiled floors and low nap carpets of up to 1/4 inches. However, in spite of the adjustable carpet nap dial, RotoSweep cannot handle carpets heights more than 1/4 inches, because of the design flaw in the handle attaching to the unit.

RotoSweep review states that its handles are just tough pieces of metal wire that snap into the slots on either side. The handle pops out and has to be reinserted after bending inward on dense plush carpet or irregular nap carpet, even when the highest nap setting is selected. RotoSweep picks up large pieces of paper with difficulty and does not pull fine materials out of tight corners. RotoSweep was tried to be used for the office, but it did not pick up paper and didn’t work on 1/2 inch nap area rugs.

RotoSweep review complains that it does not get into tight corners to clean in the kitchen and the refuse area. RotoSweep only scatters finer material such as coffee powder and flour. It’s only used for picking up pet hair, big crumbs, dust bunnies, which it does a good job of cleaning. RotoSweep falls short of expectations compared to other sweepers that could handle normal and plush carpets without falling apart but could not work on corners. Unless there are a lot of dust bunnies, pet hair or crumbs on uncarpeted floor, one can skip RotoSweep and save their money. But, if the above-mentioned scenario is true, RotoSweep does a good job of cleaning in-between vacuums. A good groom or mop is better than this sweeper for picking up dust or fine particles between vacuuming sessions.

RotoSweep review calls it handy, but adds that it does not pick up all the pet hair. The sweeper is disappointing because it doesn’t clean up mostly wood floors and small rugs.

RotoSweep review points out that it is a non-electric sweeper. Its function is just about all right and it does not pick up all the stuff in the first pass.However, RotoSweep is good at getting the job done for a quick picking up of mess.

RotoSweep review discloses that it’s not as good as it is claimed.

RotoSweep review criticizes that it’s ineffective for use with pets, as pet hair gets tangled in the brushes.

RotoSweep review reveals that it was tried on hardwood floor but it pushed the dirt around instead of picking it up. It’s not impressive at all.


What do I get?
the Roto Sweep™ for only $19.99 plus $7.95 S&P. we will also include
the Handheld Sweeper just pay separate $7.95 S&P for that.

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