Pocket Hose Reviews and Complaints

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You understand the importance of keeping your outdoor spaces looking beautiful because they add value to your homes. However looking after your garden is easier said than done and it’s especially true when it comes to watering the plants with the help of regular hoses. They are quite heavy and awkward to carry around, which is why you tend to keep putting off these garden chores at the cost of neglecting your gardens altogether. But now you have Pocket Hose, which is lightweight and easy to use for all the watering needs in your outdoor spaces.


Pocket Hose

You can use the Pocket Hose is your gardens to water the plants or on your terraces, patios and porches for that matter. This path breaking product is known for its ability to grow in size as soon as you open the tap. Till then it will be a lightweight hose that weighs as much as a water bottle. You can easily slip it into the palm of your hands or in your pocket and use it conveniently in your outdoor spaces. And when you are done using it, the hose will shrink back to its normal size so that it can be easily stored away.

You can put away the hose in drawers or hang it wherever you want to. The expandable accordion design is the reason why this hose works perfectly for you and just according to your needs. Another good thing about using this hose is that it doesn’t twist or kink, like other hoses you find in the market thus saving you a lot of hassle. Moreover since this product comes with a money back guarantee, you are also assured of the quality of this hose. Available in different sizes from 25 feet to 100 feet, you can buy this hose according to your requirements and look after your garden spaces just the way they should be.

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You can buy the 25 foot Pocket Hose for $12.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $7.99 at www.pockethose.com. By paying additional shipping and handling charge of $9.99 you can get another Pocket Hose with your offer.

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920 Responses to “Pocket Hose Reviews and Complaints”

  1. Frankie says:

    Leaked first hook up about a foot from the spigot. Waste of money.

  2. Joe says:

    I have purchased three in the past two years. The first two were the original hoses. Both were defective. Leaked like a seve from the connector part. Then the new hose came out that was advertised as three times stronger. I purchased this new hose and used it three times. The first two times it worked great and the problem with the connector seemed to have been addressed. The third time I used the hose to wash down my driveway. Worked fine but when I turned off the water supply two pin holes appeared on the side of the hose shooting out water. What a waste of money. I contacted customer service for the company and got someone from India. When I told him about what had happened with me he said there are many satisfied customers. Great!

  3. Vic says:

    It was a nice idea and had lots of promise, but they are junk. No durability. Hose splits making them a useless pile of bleak. Bought 3 of them and 1 was even “heavy duty”. Don’t waste your money

  4. warren says:






  7. Willaim e johnson says:

    I love the light weight of the hose and how compact they are. Ho-ever I don’t think I will be buying another one. I the past 2 years a have purchased a least 5 or 6 and they just keep breaking. The last one I bought was supposed to be 3 times stronger. Same on me for not saving receipts but I don’t. I did returned 1 last year and I did get a replacement from Walmart but it too broke by the end of summer. At $20.00 dollars a shot I could have bought 2 or 3 stronger hoses.

    Yours truly Bill Johnson

  8. Lisa Quinn says:

    I bought this 2 months ago and I have used it 4 times and it blew up.How do you contact anyone? You cant Dont buy this it is a scam just buy a regular hose.

  9. Kristopher A. Stine says:

    I’ve purchased 2 of these 50 ft. Pocket Hose, one last Spring and the second this Spring. I have a flat cement patio that’s only a few years old and a soft side “Easy Set Pool” in the back yard. No sharp edges anywhere, but I guess even that was to rough because BOTH of the Pocket Hoses failed with multiple holes and we were luck no-one was injured! The concept is awesome, but the actual product sucks! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT- I feel its just a matter of time before we see this in the news regarding an injury and we can only hope and prey that its not a child that gets hurt.

  10. Ben Frascona says:

    At first I thought this was a great buy. After pulling it across my driveway, it ruptured. WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!!!!! Not worth it!!!!

  11. Kathy Suit says:

    Purchased a 50′ Pocket Hose at a local retailer. On second use, it burst.

  12. Kevin says:

    The crimp on the inner tube was a failure on both ends

  13. AuntC says:

    I bought one of these hoses and I just loved it. I used it only on my patio to water shrubs and to replenish the bird bath. I kept it out of the sun and never turned the water pressure on high, but after one month a big white bubble came out of the side – right through the outer material – and burst. The material inside the hose looked like what a balloon is made out of. Very flimsy. This was the hose that was supposedly 3 times stronger than the original. I loved it while it lasted, but a month is not long enough for a hose to last. Will not buy another.

  14. Sam says:

    Garbage!!! I used the product approximately 4 times and it exploded. Ripped apart at the seam. The idea is great, however the product does not hold up.

  15. Mary Hefner says:

    I loved my hose until it broke the other day. The hose was only 2 seasons old. Now I would like a replacement.

  16. Janie Redmon says:

    I have 3 of these hoses. All three burst after the 1st use. Blew water everywhere and really made a scary noise. Total ripoff. All the money down the hole and no garden hose. I had very little water pressure on them, and followed instructions to make sure they were open before turning on the water.

    My son bought me one of the 3X stronger ones and it is still working. (At least for now!)

    People should be given new 3X stronger hoses to replace the others. I would never buy another hose unless it has a full money back guarantee. Beware! Do not buy this hose!

  17. Gloria Kinney says:

    I have purchased 3 of these 50 ft hoses already and each one of them blew out a hole in the hose. I am tired of replacing the hose which otherwise I really like. I am going to purchase a regular garden hose this time. Otherwise I’m just wasting my money and get frustrated. What’s guaranteed are the connections not the hose itself. Poor quality product.

  18. Efrain Girardot says:

    I bought one 50 Ft pocket hose. After two weeks this hose got two holes and started to leak so bad,, The whole idea of the hose is great but more R&D is needed, right now this hose is a Piece of junk.

  19. dw says:

    Was washing my truck this morning, the hose was not kinked or anything, then out of the blue just bubbled up & exploded ! We had one spring a leak before (the green one) I think I’m done with these. As I’ve read in other complaints, we actually used the hose less than 10 times. They seem to only last so long, NOT VERY LONG AT ALL.

  20. d. walker says:

    Bought one and loved it. It was perfect for the application I had. I kept it out of the sun and then coiled up under a patio cover when not in use. exactly 30 days after its purchase, it blew up on me. Thinking I had a faulty one, I purchased another one. As stated earlier, I loved it. 31 days later it blew up on me. My wife got one from one of our kids for her birthday. My guess is it should blow around August 15. DON’T BUY ANY OF THESE HOSES! I could not locate a warranty of any kind so that is a clue.

  21. Deborah says:

    What a waste of money.I took the pockethose,50 ft length out of the package,screwed it onto my water faucet,tuned on the water and it blew a leak in the hose.Not very happy.Will never buy another again.

  22. Ken Germano says:

    Total RIP-OFF….. Why because its made in China !! I was duped purchased 2… both hoses burst at the nozzle connection…. Please human population don’t purchase this hose , lets put them out of business !!!!

  23. Heather says:

    Just as everyone here stated… These hoses only last for a few uses. Too bad too. I really loved it for the short time it worked. Stupid me, I thought the first bursted hose was a fluke. Decided to try again. Bought 2 more, one for the front of my house, one for the back. They have all sprung leaks right through the fabric! And I had followed directions to a T never leaving water in the hose after use. Very disappointed!! None of them lasted more than a few weeks. I’m now out $60.

  24. R.Musty says:

    I bought 2 75 ft hoses and 20 50 ft hoses.This is their bill

    Pocket Hose Ultra 75 ft + elbow 40.99 (7.99 S+H)

    Pocket Hose Ultra 75 ft 20.99

    Pocket Hose Ultra 50 ft + elbow 27.98 (7.99 S+H)

    Pocket Hose Ultra 50 ft 16.99

    Priority Processing 9.99

    Total 125.03

    I read the reviews on this website after this purchase. While I have had these for only one day, I am not looking forward to what others have experienced. But it seems likely I have been duped like many others.

  25. Rick says:

    This is the worst hose ever produced. At first we were happy with the lightweight design. It was great for washing the car and watering the plants. Had it three months and started springing leaks. Not at the connectors, but in the hose. Now leaks like a soaker hose. It’s junk. Buy a soaker hose or spend the extra cash for something way better. Stay away from this hose. I can’t say it anymore plainly.

  26. plainsman says:

    What a piece of junk! Mine burst after a couple weeks. A crappy hose. Don’t waist your time or money on this awful product!

  27. David Johnson says:

    The Pocket Hose is the most returned ever.

  28. ron says:

    I got this hose a s a gift and went to use it and it leaked, badly! I called customer service and was told, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PROOF OF PURCHASE that’s too bad, deal with it, even though I had the UPC and photos. I guess that email is something new and they did not understand the power of the internet? I offered to email them pictures and they said no!!! The hose is okay but if you buy it, and have problems, hold on to all docs about where you bought it, when, the person who sold it to you and where you were and what you were doing when you bought it, you may have a shot?

  29. Tina G says:

    Today was only my 2nd time using the pocket hose. I was washing windows with chemical cleaner and the hose burst, luckily it didn’t burst next to me. Would never buy one again. I purchased for $20 worse 20 spent.

  30. D Graham says:

    Purchased a 25″ original pocket hose at Dollar General w/cash for a Christmas gift. We opened it late spring and used it less than 12 times. The fabric tore just below where the sprayer was attached and the hose went flying. Called customer service and without a receipt they will do NOTHING. Unfortunately, we also purchased 2 50′ Pocket Hose Ultras at Home Depot and got rid of all our older hoses. No wonder they made them stronger, the originals break very easily! The claim is also, however, that the connections NEVER leak on the Ultra….WRONG! They leak CONSTANTLY! (still have that receipt thank goodness!) These products are JUNK!!!!!

  31. r northrop says:

    my wife got 2 50 foot hoses did not last 1 week my water pressure is 32 pounds junk junk junk
    just as I always tell my kids if it got a lot of marketing it not worth any thing as you can see buy the reviews it is junk America will never learn

  32. Margret says:

    Bought the pocket hose, used it the first time and the nozzle fitting broke and then about 3 minutes, is flew off the fitting (on 7/ off switch). It is junk, so I took it back, got another one and it leaked after about 3 times of use. It’s a nice concept of being lightweight and retracts back. These do not work and are not a good buy for the consumer. I keep hoping for something better and stronger to come along. Read up on the other flex hoses and they are worse. Buyer beware !

  33. Max K. says:

    Do not – DO NOT! – buy the pocket hose. As Seen On TV? Hey, Robert Karn, why don’t you show them leaking, bursting, and exploding on TV? One of mine did, after a week of use, and I’m not taking a chance on the other. I’m so disappointed in this product! I’m so happy Walmart has a good return policy!

  34. Juanaquena says:

    Keep the receipt and packaging – Bought a Pocket Hose Ultra from a local hardware store June 4, 2014; Used it about 6 times or so until July 4, 2014, when the hose sprung a leak. Pocket Hose Ultra Customer Service phone # 1-855-235-2083 – after the voice mail run-around, press 0 to connect to a real person. They require a copy of the purchase receipt for refund or replacement. I do not want a replacement, as the item is a piece of junk and there is no guarantee another one will be any better. By the way, there is a class action suit in progress for Pocket Hoses purchased between Nov. 4, 2009 and Jan. 30, 2014: https://www.hosesettlement.com

  35. Linda P. says:

    I bought 2 of the 50 foot pocket watering hoses. They are junk.
    They both popped and water went every where. I will never buy
    another one. It was a waste of money.
    I payed $20.00 each.

  36. Bill Doyle says:

    This pocket hose is junk. Mine isn’t even 2 weeks old and it already has 3 leaks. This is not a good buy.

  37. Joe says:

    Bought 2 50′ hoses. I just 2 short weeks I have returned 4 hose. Why does Home Depot sell Chinese junk. I hope I will eventually have two hose the will not leak. But, I doubt it. Oh well it ‘s off to the Home Depot in a few days for another replacement. Live and learn.

  38. K Medeiros says:

    I purchased 2 pocket hose in March 2014. I paid the extra money for the ultra thinking this would ensure reliability. Imagine my surprise yesterday when one of them burst. I have been extra careful to empty them after each use. I have kept them covered from weather. Loved how light weight they were. Was a little concerned when I saw them came from China. Then trying to contact someone because of the guarantee, that is a joke. You cannot reach a person on the website or on the phone. BUYER BEWARE. I will not buy another of these.

    • Toni Marcum says:

      I agree….Except I received 2 50ft hoses as a gift from my niece and low and behold after using them for 2 weeks I now have discovered 2 holes the second one this morning and it is definitely shot and unusable now!
      I now see they are selling the Pocket Hose Ultra which is supposed to be 3X stronger?
      Why would a company that knows the original pocket hoses do not last more then a couple of uses NOT allow their customers to return the original (green) hoses for the newer, more improved pocket hoses?
      These hoses are NOT inexpensive, my niece paid $40 for two 50ft hoses!!
      I really loved using the light weight hoses, it made it much easier to use on my flower beds.
      But seriously, what are we all to do that do not have the receipt to return them? I know I cannot afford to go out and buy two more hoses to replace the two that I already have!??

  39. BILL says:

    I bought three fifty foot pocket hoses last summer (2013) and they have been used no more then six times and been kept in my garage. One started leaking at the fitting and the other leaks at the shut off valve. I am totally disappointed with this product, I would buy the newer ones but I am afraid I would have the same problem, too bad, great idea, bad workmanship !

  40. Wanda June says:

    Pocket Hose -Made in China JUNK–Got one as a gift–leaked along the hose after a week. Bought #2 – leaks at faucet week 2, thought I had caused it……… Bought # 3 and has leaks all along the hose—. Great idea but these things do not last! No more!

  41. Ernie says:

    I’ve experienced same problem with this product as others. Adapters developed small cracks and leaks. Hose elastomer/fabric was not meant to last. It burst within 3 months. Was unable to repair with available products from our local hardware store. Its sad that the public was taken advantage of with the marketing ploy. Then rest of the story should explain that this product is shoddy and will not last more than a few weeks. The actor promoting this product should consider distancing himself from this company ASAP if he has any sense of decentcy and morality.

  42. L. Fylstra says:

    We purchased one and it worked really great for a very short time. I really think that if they could do some more R&D it would be a great product. But if they are just in it to make some quick money then they have the perfect product. Don’t know where it is made but if it is a USA product then you are making us look BAD! Come on people you should be proud of what you are producing and make it right.

  43. Eileen Golden says:

    Worked a couple of times then decided to split. Inside is NOT fire hose strength but a cheap some kind of light white silicone. Wish I had saved my money and bought an old fashion, dependable hose!

  44. Charlene Gunville says:

    I had purchased two 50 foot of these. I have to say I liked the idea. Both of these leaked with in just a few weeks. Even a good product(these are not) has an occasional lemon, so this time I bought the 75 foot hose. From the first time I used it, it had so many leaks that the only way you could have used it would have been to drape it around your plants and use it for a soaker hose!

  45. d.hladek says:

    Wish I had read reviews. I was happy with my 75ft pocket hose for two days. Day 3 hose sprang a leak in the middle. Just another AS SEEN ON TV scam.

  46. J Newman says:

    My story is the same as everyone else’s. You use it once and it springs a leak. I heading back to Home Depot for a refund. Oh yah, it’s junk.

  47. Shelby Howard says:

    Repaired pocket hose three times waiting for hose to blow again. What a piece of junk. Ought to be banned from selling.. Used hose very little.

  48. Nancy Trionfi says:

    I just want you to know that I purchased 4 of these for my Husband for Father’s Day. He wanted this hose badly because of the large yard we have. Each and everyone of them exploded in the middle when he put them together. Not all at once, but one after another. He would take one off and sure enough another would explode right in the middle of watering the gardens. I could not return them, because I no longer had a receipt. So basically, I threw $80.00 in the toilet. It would be nice if the company that made them stood by there guarantee and replaced each one to all the consumers that wasted their money. But, as you can see, Can’t find the right website to email them and ask for replacements. Don’t buy this product unless you have money to throw away.

  49. lfine says:

    i purchased 6 hoses and each and every one of them either leaked or exploded. What a piece of junk. i call and complain and they send me more they dont last either.

  50. s galione says:

    we purchased a 50 ft. hose. The second time I used it it burst. It scared the heck out of me when it happened. I purchased it three months ago so I cannot return it to home depot. I think the better business needs to be notified by all these people that were scammed. There are many. It is not right that this company is making millions of dollars on us and they are selling us a a product that does not work and nobody is doing anything about it, Great class action suit.

  51. Mike says:

    I purchased a 25 Ft. pocket hose April of 2014 and June 28, 2014 under normal use it blew a hole in it. In one day I had 3 items that were made in China fail. Where are we headed?

  52. chuck kitzman says:

    hi I just wanted to let you know the one I bought last summer late made it only until this spring.
    I hook it up to us it and it leaks so bad from the tap end I can not use it. Its now junk. I did buy another one but I want you to know I am not happy.

    chuck kitzman

  53. Dallas South says:

    Received a new pocket hose, light and flexible like advertised, but the second time I used it more water came out around the couplers than the end. One of the most worthless products I’ve gotten and what a waste of money. Every time I see the commercial I want to throw it at Carnes!

  54. T Parker says:


  55. Kellie says:

    I bought 2 50 ft. hoses from Wal-Mart in April 2013. They were FANTASTIC to begin with. I kept them inside at all times for fear the neighbors would steal them (so they weren’t left out in the weather). In June 2013, I proceeded to clean out my rain gutters on my house. One of the connectors blew on one of the hoses then so I re-vamped it well enough to continue use. A month or so later, during normal use, that same hose sprung a leak. I continued to use it. By summers end, last year, the other hose had sprung a small leak. I stored the hoses inside for the winter. I got them out a couple of months ago to wash out my lawnmower after use and the last hose to spring a leak was worse. Yesterday, I went to wash out my lawnmower again, hooked up the hoses & turned the water on only to find the hose blown at the hydrant. It was a GREAT concept & I LOVE the idea but at 20 bucks a whack, I expect them to last a hell of alot longer than they did. I would say, back to the drawing board guys because this was an EPIC FAIL!

  56. ralph says:

    JUNK. The makers are making money on our stupidity. They keep breaking and we buying the. Wow.

  57. lynn trumble says:

    Bought 3 of these 1 50 ft and 2 25 ft. ALL burst just after 35 days and walmart let me return 1 but Kinneys wont after 30 days. I will tell everyone DON’T buy these because of this bursting problem. loved the ease of rolling back up but spending 50 dollars a year on a hose is ridiculous!!!!

  58. S Maynard says:

    We bought 2 last yr…50ft each, one started leaking at the nozzle and my husband without me knowing threw it away. Then we were left with the other 50ft and it burst. Should be able to get our 40.00 spent back. Bought another 75ft supposingly stronger and it burst just 2 weeks of having it. Returned it back to K-Mart and they said they have had a lot of these returned. It’s a frickin ballon.

  59. Gordon Bennett says:

    I purchase a 75′ pocket hose 3 months ago and it started leaking so bad it was unusable even as a drip hose…. Worst scam I ever came across. The tool time actor should be ashamed to promote such a piece of Crap….

  60. Ethel McChristian says:

    I purchased a 25ft hose last year and the nozzle is leaking already this year. Do you plan to replace this defective hose? I see many, many complaints about this product.

  61. Ken Hall says:

    I bought 2 of the 50ft hoses and thought at first use they were just great. WRONG!!! After the second use one of the hoses burst, the second hose began leaking after the third time using it. Big waste of money…

  62. I purchase 3 of these things so far and each one burst! Such a dissappointment!! It’s an awesome concept but please make it stronger!! I give up finally and will go back to the old pain in the ass rubber hoses!

  63. Brenda Myslivecek says:

    I picked up the 50 ft pocket hose and in the first year it was leaking so bad we tried to tape it but it failed. The plastic connections are junk. We are both elderly and thought it would be easier to have but to now buy a new rubber hose that is made of metal and not leak. I am now telling everyone I know not to buy this product. I purchased the hose at Home Dept in Syracuse, NY.I agree with every comment above to say it is a worthless piece of junk.

  64. P.Maher says:

    These hoses are a waste of money. Bought 4 and 3 failed within the first week. The first 2 I returned and replaced also failed! Very disappointed. Want my money back. Still have receipt since it was only 2 weeks. DON’T BUY ONE!!!!

  65. Vernon Eckdahl says:

    Anyone that buys the pocket hose is wasting their money. I wouldn’t give you 2 cents for one. I bought the original, the x hose pro , and the one they say is 3 times stronger. None of them lasted more than a week using it everyday. By far the most wasted money I have ever spent. I short Its sucks the big one.

  66. Neil Determan says:

    I liked the idea. Bought two of them on line and they both split after about a month of use. I was still a fan so bought 2 more, but upgraded to two differnent brands at higher prices. Of the two new hoses, one failed at the first use, the connecter poped off! I replaced that with a hose advertised at 3x stronger, (which was one of the 2 replacedment hoses I bought). So now I have two hose of the 3x stronger variety. One of those has since poped a leak.

    My total so far, 5 hoses, 4 failures. This is all within May to June. Using them once a day for light watering. It’s a good idea but the execution needs serious work

  67. C Woods says:

    I bought two pocket hoses. After 6 months, one began leaking at the connector, the second blew out about 4 feet from end of hose. I would not invest in one of these based on my experience.

  68. james w. dinkins says:

    Piece of junk. Fiance bought two of them on line, and the second broke this evening while had neighbor’s RV hooked up. Water, water everywhere. Do not ever want to see one of them again.

  69. Dave says:

    I wish I had read the reviews for the Pocket Hose before purchasing the joke. It really is a piece of junk. It worked as advertised for three different times then promptly ruptured. This hose is the 50 footer which I will be returning to K-Mart——hopefully for a refund.

  70. Biff says:

    I loved my Pocket Hose. I used it for about three months. I liked the lightness, and how it retracted. Mine may have lasted longer because it was stored in the shade. Yesterday it exploded. I almost hit the ground, thinking is was a gunshot. I don’t think I’ll replace it with another Pocket Hose if they aren’t going to honor their own warrantee.

  71. Malibu Lou says:

    There is a class action suit GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!!


  72. Stephen Johns says:

    What a great idea,but like most ideas,another failer. You as the company should honor anyone who bought this complete disaster hose & replace at no charge with something that will last more than 5yrs or money back. DO NOT BUY ANY HOSES FROM THIS SELLER ,THEY SHOULD BE OUT OF BUISNESS!!!!

  73. Diana says:

    Very disappointed in my 25 foot pocket hose. although mine lasted longer than the other 850 complaints above, mine too exploded from the bottom. i’ll never purchase another product from this company again.

  74. Jerry Honn says:

    I agree with the majority of complaints listed in this review. I have purchased two of these hoses and my contention is that it is a piece of junk. Not worth the price. Both of my hoses exploded due to a very small rose thorn. I think the company should honor all complaints and pay back to each customer the cost of these hoses. What a scam!!!

  75. Cheryl Burr says:

    I thought this would be the best for me being so light weight…well that is the ONLY thing good about it…it did work for the most part other than leaking, the 1st 3 months, but when I stored it for the winter and took it back out, the 1st hook up it exploded and soaked me from head to toe and then wouldn’t even expand enough to use until I could get another hose! WHAT A WASTE AND YOU 100% GUARANTEE IS FALSE!!!!!

  76. karen says:

    The very first time I used my pocket hose it leaked in the first foot of the hose. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT if you are looking for a hose that works

  77. Masco says:

    I bought 2 hoses. One has pin holes everywhere. The I use the other one my RV hookup. If it breaks and floods an RV park, I will sue this company. Total piece of crap!!!!

  78. Rusty says:

    bought one and now i have three pin holes that leak leak leak….do not waste money buying this product 50ft

    • Gwen Longcrier says:

      I bought this and I am 72 years young a waste of time when I finished water it did not shrink back up so have to go get the big hose out again. I sure wish would stop taking advantage of the people.

  79. D E Lee says:

    I have been so disappointed with these stupid water hoses!!! I was not wise in buying 2 from the beginning before checking out the first one. One of the hoses burst the first time I used it, showering me with water from head to foot before I could make it to the spigot to cut it off. I thought I would try the second one and then discovered it burst on the second use of it. Well I thought they had improved them when the dark green one 3X stronger came out so I was unwise in buying it! It lasted through 3 times of use and would you believe it burst also. Now I have spent 19.95 each for these unbelievable pieces of junk for a total of over $60.00 and didn’t save my receipts!! I want this company to refund my money!! They all are in my garage and I am very angry that the company involved is ignoring this junk they keep selling!!!

    • R. Poirier says:

      I too, bought two of these hoses, spending $40. One for the front yard, the other for the back yard. I had both for about 4 months (Voiding the 100% unconditional guarantee) and on the third use, the front yard hose burst right at the end where the nozzle was. I was showered with water from head to toe. (Sound familiar?) I went to the back yard to get the other on and as soon as I turned the water on, it started blowing a huge balloon next to the faucet. Again, I didn’t manage to get it turned off until I got showered.

      The inner liner is nothing more than one of those skinny clown balloons that they can twist into amusing shapes for the kids. What a piece of junk!

  80. C.Ruddy says:

    I actually talked husband into buying one of those pocket hoses. We used it a couple of times and last time it just popped like a balloon. Completely disappointed in this produce would never purchase another one or recommend to anyone to buy one. Waste of money.

  81. Gary says:

    Bought a 25 ft hose, leaked at faucet after first use, a big disappointment. Explodes under pressure. Don’t waste your money.

  82. Mark says:

    Garbage. The “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” is a joke. I tried for about 30 minutes to contact ANYONE to get a replacement to no avail. They conveniently don’t appear to have an option for “this product is crap!” As so many others have noted in various comment sections throughout the web, my Pocket Hose separated at the end where I had attached a spray nozzle. They are correct that it doesn’t kink and it does shrink back to a more manageable size, however, the product reduces itself to landfill after about 2 minutes of use. I’m very disappointed this turned out to be a rip off. I really wanted this product to work as advertised.

  83. Tamara says:

    I only used mine twice and it BURST ! I really liked the weight of the hose: so easy to carry. But it was total JUNK !!!! Waste of money !!!

  84. david fesko says:

    I pushased four 50 foot hoses though the mail last april 2012 not one off them are any good. Each one of them bursted at the nossel end. I really got riped off. They wouid not replace them, and were very nasty over the phone.

  85. Dennis says:

    Bought 2 of these within 3 weeks both of them burst … Don’t buy there junk !! Save yourself the problem they Will FAIL you

  86. Lana says:

    I bought a pocket hose at Walmart. It had a falty connection that leaked, so I took it back to walmart & got a 2nd one. The 3rd time I used it, it blew a hole. I took it back to walmart & got a 3rd one. The 2nd time I used it, it blew a big hole. I gave up & took it back to walmart to get my money back. I was very careful with all 3 hoses. They just must be made of very poor quality materials. The very few times I got to use one of my 3 pocket hoses, I liked it.

  87. Karen says:

    I bought 2 50 foot hoses at Walgreens in the middle of summer last year. The first one burst just weeks after I bought it. The second one burst just this week. They are a piece of JUNK and I wasted $40.00 on them. I have not found a phone number to talk to rep yet to complain.

  88. Richard Dalby says:

    Your product SUCKS !!!

  89. T. Atkinson says:

    Bought the fifty foot and did not work out of the plastic canister. Big pressure and then the hose limps up again and trickles. Like a man with a prostate problem. Big sense to urinate and then just a trickle. Thankfully I bought it at Walmart and they will return the purchase. Maybe Telebrands needs to come out with Viagra for the pocket hose! I am laughing so hard at the idea and ramifications of that one, but would make a good scam for us sucker hose purchasers!

  90. mike meyers says:

    I have bought 3 pocket hoses and 2 of them have burst right in the middle. How do I get my money back?

    • Hi Mike I’m Andrew S. Meyers, I purchased 3 of these hoses, at Wal=Mart and 2 of them burst, I threw them away so I wasn’t able to get a refund, I also bought (1) from Taylor Gifts guess what it did Burst no refund here either. I had a problem with Xhose, I received a new one no questions asked, the new one has worked find but I will say that out of (4) Pocket hoses I still have (1). Plus I bought (1) new Xhose their new one have not used it yet bought this one from ACE Hardware, I do not by anything more from Pocket Hose or Taylor Gifts. I will buy from Xhose. Oh! all 50′. coastie9608@att.net6-18-14.

  91. Dean says:

    We have had two of the 25ft. pocket hose, one tore loose at the connector and was returned for another one. This one has once again, raveled and came apart at the faucet. We have not been able to return this one. The hose is great except for this problem in both hose. At the time we purchased two of the for both of our outside faucets. How can we get something to replace this one.

    Thank you
    Mr. Summers.

  92. Niel says:

    Bought two of the 100 ft pocket hoses which have been replaced seven times by Telebrands. All have failed within a few days to a few weeks. I sent two of the failed hosed back to Telebrands with the understanding that I would receive the full amount of the cost of the hoses plus the cost of sending back the failed hoses. Well, I am still waiting for the refund. I call once a week and get the same story and that I will receive the funds back in 3-5 business days. Still waiting after several months. Bottom line the product is junk, good idea but defective product and design. The folks at Telebrands are not to be trusted, they are not honest and must have stolen millions with this scam. There is a Class Action Suite that one can apply to recover a bit of the cost by logging onto http://www.hosesettlement.com or calling 866-466-4667

    • mk lahay says:

      Report them to your state’s attorney general’s office, sending a copy to the flaky company. Good luck

  93. Larry says:

    If you need a real hose go ahead and buy the fire truck . Bought 2 of these neither lasted more than 3 months ! Can you say JUNK !!

    • Tiffany says:

      I agree. I’m so sad. Bought two and both busted.

      • John says:

        I got a few of them, and after about a week they all busted, what a piece of junk, then I tried the new improved one that is 3x stronger. Lasted 2 days. Don’t waste your $ and there is no way to fix it.

  94. Bob Isgro says:

    The first time I used the pocket hose the on/off lever broke off in my hand & no way to fix it.

  95. scott k says:

    I have already gone through 4 pocket hoses. They all broke along the seams. The last one broke along the seams only after about 1 week of use. tried to glue it and today it finally gave way DON’T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS JUNK OF A HOSE!!! Just go to lowes or home depot and get a real one..

  96. Richard says:

    This product is total and utter garbage. Might last a month, a week or a day. Some one should be held responsible for the”ads” that promote this product. It should be removed from any store that sells it. Scam – Scam – Scam.

  97. Loraine says:

    I have purchased three of the ultra strong pocket hoses in the last two months and two
    of them have ruptured I the middle of the hose and sprayed water all over. The third one I have only used here times and so far so good. I have heard they have a money back guarantee, but no instructions on how to file one.

  98. Peggy says:

    After the first hose I bought leaked badly from the faucet connection, I was stupid enough to buy another one thinking the first one was a fluke. Hah! The second one did the same thing. This product was a good idea that did NOT work! What a waste of money! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  99. Bob Turpen says:

    I bought the Pocket Hose last summer. I got it out 2 days ago to use it and found it leaked badly around the faucet connection. I was so disgusted I threw it in the trash.

  100. G Edmonson says:

    Purchased (2) of these worthless pocket hoses which are nothing but junk, junk, junk, & put in the trash soon after receiving. One hose in original packaging & the other tried once, leaking connector which sprayed me but good. They’re both in garbage heaven or was that hell. Never again will I buy anything as advertised on TV.

  101. Patricia Bailey says:

    I too bought a pocket hose approximately one and one half years ago and did not use it right away I then gave one to my granddaughter. I then tried using it and I was up on a 6 ft ladder hosing off my roof when the end completely blew off in my face, luckily it did not hit my face. They now have seen me a package as a class action suit has been started. They expect you to fill out this form with your Social on it (no way). then they are only giving you $6.00 you bet if it had struck my face and knocked me off of the ladder they would not just be having a class action suit but a regular suit instead. Did I mention I am 72 years old. My bones would not have survived.

  102. Jim Burk says:

    What a rip off! Wife ought 4 of these and I just tossed them ALL in the trash.

    All four failed the very first time used! Two “exploded” and leaked. and the other two had really significant leaks at BOTH ends. Will NEVER purchase anything from this outfit again!

  103. Lea Irving says:

    I purchased two Pocket Hoses, one the Ultra, and think this is a wonderful idea. Usage and storage is very easy. The outer material however needs to be greatly improved, both outer material of the hoses split within a two week period and will not be replacing them with new Pocket hoses.

  104. Maureen says:

    Purchased two 25 footers midsummer 2013, was very pleased with them, weight and maneuverability.
    Was careful with storage due the fabric covering, put them away drained, dry and loosely bundled on a flat surface. Planted some bulbs today and went to water them, the hose attached to the faucet, the fabric covering split and the inside over expanded and would have popped if I didn’t catch it. So I took the two hoses apart and connect the other to the faucet and began watering, about 5 minutes later the dam thing exploded in my face (funny… but not really).
    Going back to Kmart, soaking wet to return them! wish me luck

  105. Bob says:

    I ordered the pocket hose last year as a gift….that didnt happen as the person got one as another gift… the two hoses sat in the original packages for about 9 months. I decided to use one of them last week and as soon as i connected it the thing started to leak from the fitting…i then connected the other one and within one minute of being water inflated it blew up…..
    contacting the company is impossible as they just don want to talk to anyone except to take orders for their unadulterated SHIT.

  106. Penny Wyatt says:

    I bought one of these in late winter and didn’t use it until spring. After only a week of intermittent use, the side busted out on the first 50 ft hose. I had another hose and the same thing happened. Up until the hoses failed miserably, I had been happy with the weight and the self recoiled feature of the hoses. The plastic nozzles were not durable as well. I wasted a lot of money and at the time the hoses had a 90 day warranty. By the time I needed to use the hoses, they were out of warranty so I essentially wasted the cost of the hoses, taxes, and shipping and handling, which by the way is not insignificant. Would not buy another hose unless I purchase a similar product locally from a store who will stand behind the product. this was an unmitigated waste. I called customer service and the lady there reiterated the 90 day warranty. When I pressed her she said I could return the hose at my own expense, and exchange one of them. How helpful. I decided that to pack up and mail back was not worth it since they’d only replace one. Didn’t really want a replacement hose since the quality in my mind was bad. I would not buy from from the TV or online again.

  107. kimberly says:

    I loved the concept ! but both of my hoses developed huge holes after minimal use. Waste of money if they don’t last….

  108. Joseph Martich says:

    Pocket Hose is a rip off. Its a good idea,the hose expands and goes back like they say…But, the cheap, plastic connections leak, even when tight, and the shut off level sprouts water continuously. Good idea, but, bad manufacturing.

  109. cathy pate says:

    I bought three of the pocket hose’s and all three of them leak , I didn’t know I was getting a sprinkler type garden hose , I want my money back or a pocket hose that doesn’t act like a lawn sprinkler .

  110. keith says:

    WORTHLESS. My wife bought 3 against my better judgement. Exchanged 2. Finally just pitched all of them. The sun breaks down the outer covering. They will split in about 3 weeks if left out. Then the inner tube bursts. Two of the hoses shut-off valves broke first time used. Joints always leaked. Buy a real hose and spare yourself. These are a waste no matter who makes them. By the way, you are always feeling them trying to coil back up if you have a full stream. Annoying!!!

  111. Neil says:

    Everyone that bought a pocket hose please google “hose settlement” and join the class action lawsuit against the company that made this junk .

  112. D.Richards says:

    I too, bought the pocket hose. It worked for a while and I thought that it was wonderful. So much for that thought, mind to also burst. I have kept it in case there is some sort of company exchange to improve their customer loyalty. They should offer to recall All defective hoses to be sent back to them for an exchange of the new and improved version. Why would anyone trust buying from them otherwise. I bought mine through Walmart. I just recently saw that they were selling the improved model on HSN. However, I restrained myself from purchasing it again, because I do not trust their quality or reliably on the pocket hose.

    As, a consumer the company should do something to gain their consumers back. Especially at $20.00 or more depending on tax or shipping. It really is a case of Buyer Beware.

  113. Troy says:

    I purchased 2 50′ and 2 100′ hoses. Was happy to have them arrive. Immediately gave one hose to my neighbor. In 3 months of 4 to 6 per month the 100′ broke. When screwed in it just leaks at the faucet. My Gardner told me when he was watering. So I went to the box and pulled out the 50′ and it was broken out of the box. The second one broke in the middle of using it in the first usage. I may be still dumb, but I am giving this company another try because the concept is excellent. the quality is very poor. I have ordered the Pocket Hose and the X-Hose. I will try both to see which is better. At this point, I have spend close to $300 on the last order and these 2 orders. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  114. Bill F. says:

    Our neighbor said we were wasting our money—he was right. The 75′ lasted two watering sessions before it split about 1/4″ 4′ up from the nozzle end. Great idea–very poor quality.

  115. C. B. Kendall, Jr. says:

    I agree with all other reviews. Great idea but a piece of junk. Maybe a company in the US can make a new, improved version. Until then, DON’T BUY this product.

  116. Deb Greg says:

    The pocket hose is not worth a crap. I don’t see how people can sale this junk and lie about it I am sure they made their millions on it off of hard working people and I will never order anything else from anyone this is not the first time I have been ripped off but I hope that I have learned by now. Not much out there anymore that is worth buying. All this new an improved crap is just that crap.

  117. Iraida Rivera says:

    Yes, I purchased 3 pocket hoses, at arrival one leaked at the value, weeks later one busted and months later the last one exploded. Enjoyed while they lasted which was not long. Great idea for a hose if they could greatly improve the quality. As it stands right now, it’s a rip-off.

    Extremely Disappointed, Iraida

  118. David Lane says:

    This is the worst hose ever. I purchased two hoses and got two hoses free and all of them have burst in a short period of time. Don’t waste your money on this cheaply made product.

  119. Paul says:

    I have bought 3 pocket hoses from wallmart and wallgreens each have exploded or poped a leak at the valve which cannot be fixed-I love this idea but what a scam-and when you try to call customer service could not get through. I will be telling everyone not to buy.

  120. Donna says:

    This hose was great at first except for the connections always leaked. Now, one of them has sprung a leak, so it’s unusable. Thought it was gonna be great but ….not so much

  121. Jerry Trobaugh says:

    This is the worst excuse for a hose I have ever had. Tried a total of three hoses over time and they all burst. Don’t waste your money on this product.

  122. G.McFarlin says:

    First use swelled up and burst. What a rip-off. I was stupid enough to order two 50 footers. Never agian pocket hose..

  123. E. Ayers says:

    I saw these things around and thought it was a great idea. Got one and the middle burst after the first use. I thought it was a fluke, but after reading this sites reviews I know better. Thank you for saving me from further bad purchases. P.S. If this were made in America it would be an awesome product. Save the economy, don’t buy made in China.

  124. linda blanchard says:

    I am on my third pocket hose at $20.00 each and all them split after only a couple of uses. this is a great product. However, I think you need to go back to the drawing board and do some improvements.

  125. Herb Clark says:

    If you buy one keep your receipt and the package!

    My experiences w/ the Pocket Hose are exactly the same. I purchased the first hose and about a month later, a rip broke out while I was watering. Because I didn’t keep the receipt, I bought another one because it was a great product (light weight & extremely portable which encouraged me to work on my front and back lawns) and I thought it was just a fluke that it tore at the seams. However, I kept the receipt and box on my second purchase of the hose. Well, it was a repeat performance, the second hose ripped/burst at the seams within two weeks. But I got my money back this time.

    • brady says:

      i brought this thing on line, it did nothing but leak and stay long. tried to contacy maker and found a complaint page, they wanted $25.00 to send a complaint, and people say it’s a great product. a great product is one the does what they say it would. a rip off is pocket hose. would cost more to return then i have in it.

  126. Christine says:

    Terrible hoses! We bought 8 and not one lasted more than 2 weeks. Anyone have a number or address of manufacturer so I can get my money back? Thanks

  127. LuluLareaux says:

    I did not disconnect it after each use, but the water was turned off, and it was in an always-shaded location.

    Used gently (potted plants within easy reach) POSSIBLY 5 times before it began to leak at the hose-connection point; tried to use once more, blew out completely.

    It’s a shame this great idea doesn’t work, and it’s disgusting that they put this horrible product on the market, and there are no consequences to the importer, sellers, and manufacturer.

  128. Fred Steinhauer says:

    What a piece of garbage. I’ve been thru 6 hoses and now the last 2 are going back to K Mart. Not their fault , they don’t make them. The company that owns these hoses should be sued in a class action suit . If it were you or I we would be in jail for fraud and misrepresentation of the produce. Pocket Hose should mean $$ out of your pocket for nothing. I’ll paid double for American made and not this China garbage. Shame on the company for not researching the quality of their product.

  129. elle says:

    whatever you do don’t water your pets using this house! I purchased two of these houses and they killed all of my back yard plants! I know that they killed my plants because I brought some inside before I watered and water to using my sink, they are beautiful and thriving. The ones I watered outside using the Flex pocket hose are dead! it says inside packaging do not drink from this hose. of course I didn’t keep my receipt so I am out over $45 from Walgreens. I am not so concerned about that as I am getting the knowledge out to people not to water the animals using this hose or let their children drink from these hoses!!! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, DO NOT WATER YOUR ANIMALS WITH THESE HOSES!!!!!

  130. Adrienne Santana says:

    We bought one of these “pocket hoses” at walmart for their advertised price of $19.99. Each one of these has exploded and/or sprung so many leaks spraying out everywhere that we could have used it for a sprinkler. We have followed the manufacturer instructions and suggestions. We never leave it in the yard, we always empty the water out of it totally, keeping it disconnected from the faucet when it is not in use and we store it in a plastic bucket out of the heat and sun.

    Within 10 weeks, we have had to return and replace this hose 3 times! I want my money back !!! You know what, you can’t get your money back, all you can get is a store credit or a replacement! I have never been so absolutely disgusted with a product in all my life. This company should have a class action suit for false advertising and fraud!

    I only write Sincerely, due to the fact that I sincerely hope this company pulls this product off the shelf totally and that somehow they are ordered to pay out to the “victims” the money owed back to them! UGH UGH UGH

    Just Disgusted!

  131. Harold U says:

    Just got off the phone with Telebrands, the so called marketer of the Pocket hose. I was a buyer for 12 years and in sales for 30 years and I have never been so dissatisfied with a customer service dept than I was with this so called company. As with ALL the other complaints, received as a gift, the material was defective, right in the middle the hose grew a bulge then burst, then when you call them you have to have a receipt to return. What are the chances that the gift giver is going to keep the receipt and furthermore how embarrassing to ask for the receipt. I guess the original container with a UPC code on it is not proof enough that this product was purchased. In my spare time I manufactured a round plastic container and created the green insert. I never buy “as seen on tv” but since it was a gift we gave it a shot. But I can tell you this DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM TELEBRANDS. Since I’m retired I have some time to check into Legal issues on the way this company operates.

  132. Rhonda M says:

    I received the pocket hose as a gift from my son. I really loved it at first and was impressed so much that I recommended it to several friends. After a month of use it blew out a the connection to the spigot. I repaired that and only used it twice before the middle blew no exploded. I am very disappointed. Times are hard and $20 for something that doesn’t last 2 months is a waste that I cannot afford. Shame on you people for making such an inferior product. I wish I had a replacement or my money back. How ironic the return policy runs out with in days of the hose blowing up!!!

  133. C. Jenkins says:

    Don”t waste your money on the *pocket hose* it is nothing but junk, I say junk…china makes junk. It leaks at both connections. If you want to throw your money away then go for it, I’ve learned to not buy “anything” that’s made in China. Not so long ago china was painting our children toys with lead paint, then put harmful ingredients in dog food that killed many dogs, this really makes me wonder what is in the pocket hose that may harm us… I certainly am very specious of what china makes…even more so now!!!!

  134. Sharon DeMatte says:

    Good idea, bad material….they should have tested this before it went out to consumers and with all the complaints you think they would do something and they keep selling them…buyer beware. I purchased 2 of these the first lasted 1 week and of course do we save receipts, nope. Purchased a second, that last 4 weeks and then the middle blew up like a balloon and popped. Of course you can’t call the company and complain, no number. Maybe if it was made in the USA it would have lasted a lot longer. Don’t waste your money.

  135. Lina Johnston says:

    I too bought one! It took me awhile since nothing is as it seems! First use I thought ” what a great product” After five uses It burst! I did not keep the receipt so I’m just out the price. Would have been a great idea just poor material. Will never buy as seen on TV items again!

  136. Disgruntled says:

    Valve cracked. Got a nick in the outer fabric. Hose popped.

    Customer service (India?) said, “send us your receipt and we will replace, bye.” Then hung up me. Brilliant.

    $20, 4 months, that’s $5 per month for hose rental.

    Spread the word: Do Not Buy.

  137. alice latouche says:

    I bought this Pocket hose at the Family Dollar Store where they have a “as seen on tv” display. The hose lasted for 6 weekly car washes, and then the connection between the hose fabric and the nozzle plastic spring a large leak. I would not recommend this product.

  138. Lisa Schmidt says:

    I had two of these burst after a few weeks but my mom has had hers since June and it still works perfectly. I recommended not using the connectors that come with it. I have no idea what they are for as they fit fine to my spigot and nozzle without them. The thing doesn’t leak at all if you throw those extra pieces away immediately. They do, however need to find a tougher fabric for the outside, it snags very easily and once you get a hole in the fabric-it will burst and there’s nothing you can do to fix it- not even duct tape!

  139. Lisa Schmidt says:

    I love the pocket hose because it does not get knotted-EVER, when it’s emptied it rests in a very small pile wherever you choose to leave it and the instant you turn the water on it grows to its full size. I don’t know if I’ve simply purchased a couple of “defective” hoses but I’ve had two burst on me. A hole develops in the fabric and when filled the liner full of water bulges through the hole and bursts. I think the outer fabric needs to be tougher so holes don’t develop as easily. The problem could be that it gets dragged across the patio which is made of a rough textured cement. I’m going to hate switching back to a regular hose next spring but at $20 a pop I can afford to keep replacing it every 3 or 4 weeks.

  140. natalia says:

    My gift blew up in center of the hose too. I am seeing these hoses in our trash bins at our local dump. Obviously, not tested before going to market. Great concept but very poor materials. Would not recommend or waste $20.00 again. Very much misrepresented product. It appears there is no quality control on Chinese made products and I find plastics are showing up without the PET seal of safety as well. Very sad indeed, this country is accepting such shoddy products and no jobs for quality manufacturing in the country that once was. Landfills full of toxic products going into the water table as well with all these throw away products.

  141. Harry Lingo says:

    Same story as other suckers. Two Pocket Hoses. Two weeks use. Both spew water from large center hose leaks. No means of repair Great idea. Very poor, useless and relatively expensive product pushed by scam level advertisement. I blame myself for believing in such a scam produced by national level TV who took in advertising money with no testing of the product. Those advertising such a useless product should be responsible for the warranty.

  142. ROY BOY says:

    These hoses SUCK!!!! I went through 4 of them in 3.5 months, luckily I kept my receipts. My Home Depot and Walmart stores stopped stocking them, now they give store credits. Save your money and buy conventional hoses.

  143. Anonymous says:

    Bought 3 hoses – 2 50ft and 1 25ft. They all blew out at the connection of the water source. Please fix this problem. Would be happy to buy new ones if they can be trusted. Now what do I do with the ones that are broke? Walmart will not take them back without a receipt. The idea is great!

  144. Norm Bettencourt says:

    It’s a wonderful product if used properly. Have a sufficient number of people available to keep the hose from touching the ground when using. Otherwise the outer surface is easily frayed and will spring leaks.

    Worthless product!!!

  145. Tom McC says:

    Recently, I purchased the 50′ Pocket Hose and was really excited about its performance and ease of use. It worked quite well for the first ten uses, however, that, unfortunately, is all I got. The hose sprung a leak just about in the center and that was the end of that. Since there’s no way of repairing it, I threw it in the trash. It was an expensive lesson since I got so few uses. The concept is good but the material leaves something to be desired.

    • Andrew says:

      I believe these are very bad hoses I have bought 2 of them they are very new and leak very badly they are not what they say they are. I bought these at Walmart No I didn’t keep my receipt which I should of because I liked the way they stretched they should be banned and government they should shut them down. If you leave the water running for just a short time not using it they will blow up at the connection of water source. You had a good idea but you must engineer them better. I didn’t like hauling the regular 100′ hose around trying to reel it back in. Andrew

      • Andrew says:

        This is me again coastie9608@att.net Andrew I bought a Xhose which I bought from Taylor Gifts, it was the Blue one, it was my first hose I bought before buying the pocket hoses, I threw it away after 3wks. and notified Taylor gifts have not heard from them. I usually buy a lot of items from them the cost was $49.95 plus s&h 75′. The idea is good but needs more engineering done with it, that is why the founder of XHose has brass fittings on his new hose, haven’t tried yet at $29.95 plus s&h but that is for 25′ I need 75′ that is too much money, The Idea is their but too many flaws. Do not know the MFG or founder yet on either the Pocket or XHose, haven’t tried the Dark Green, Yellow, Orange hose yet do not look ,like I will. Andrew

    • Lisa Schmidt says:

      That’s it exactly! If they would improve the durability of the outer fabric this Pocket hose would be genius! and stop including connectors, they’re unnecessary and they diminish the hose’s function. With connectors hose leaks from both ends, without connectors no leak whatsoever.

  146. Marcia says:

    Every single hose springs a leak. Keep returning it to store where purchased; keep getting a new one because of its convenience. Company needs to fix problem.

  147. Henry says:

    I have owned two of the pocket hoses and both didn’t last 2 months. They both had pin holes

  148. clare otto says:

    It’s me again———–would you like to refund my money?
    I bet not.

  149. clare otto says:

    I threw one of my old fashioned hoses away and thankfully kept the other one. Both my pocket hoses are busted and, of course, I have no receipt. They were given to me as a gift. Good concept, bad product.

  150. Krishna Murti says:


  151. Linda says:

    I thought the 4th time would be a charm. All 4 have blown a hole in the hose. I purchased them at Wal-Mart. They have exchanged them. Today I will take back the 4th and ask for a store credit. Learned after the 1st one to keep my receipt.

  152. C Green says:

    Wow, wish I would have read all these reviews first. Piece of CRAP! used it maybe 6 or 7 times, then a big bubble appeared and exploded, there’s a 8″ gap in the hose right in the middle. Shit like this should not be allowed to be sold. It has a 10 year warranty? Try their website and find how to collect on that! Richard Karn should be embarrassed to be a part of this product.

  153. UNCLEWILLY says:


  154. tom says:



  155. wayne oltmann says:

    I had a pocket hose for 2 weeks. I used it to water plants on my patio. I turned off the supply faucet after every use, did not step on the hose, etc. two days ago I was watering my potted plants, KABLOOWY now I have two short useless hoses. I wasted my money. JUNK! I bought it at CVS.

  156. Darlene Barnes says:

    I am really disappointed in the Pocket Hose, the first one I used blew a hole on the second use. Now I have two more and am afraid to use them! I want all my money back, what a piece of junk!

  157. L Breaux says:

    I thought this would be the best hose I had ever used. As an elderly person it offered everything I would need to water plants on my patio & porch. I kept it out of the sun and took very good care of it. I am so disappointed in this product.


    I purchased mine at Bed Bath & Beyond and have never bought an item there that was such a horrible scam. One lasted a couple months and the other is going back to store tomorrow. I had told everybody how great it was the first time I used it and now feel I have been totally ripped off.

    • Anonymous says:

      wish I had read these reviews before I purchased 2 of them. used no more than 3 or 4 times and turned on today to get water. leaking profusely at both black connectors on both hoses. were kept under my deck up off the ground in a clean, dry place. not sure what happened, except they were just made cheap. really disappointed. maybe someone will actually make one that was meant to be used….

  158. Debra Chirichilli says:

    Have used pocket hose fantastic this year when I used it again hose frayed & snapped & got horrible wet not happy, shit product, not what it’s made out to be.

  159. I bought 6 of the “As Seen On TV” green pocket hoses from Bed, Bath, & Beyond because I’m almost 69 y/o and thought they would be great instead of hauling around the usual heavy garden hoses. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of donating all my regular hoses and reels to the Salvation Army. One of the hoses exploded within a few weeks. The others still work but the black plastic connectors leak terribly, especially the little valve that controls the water flow! When I water the 3 window boxes along my back patio, I’m wet, my clothes get wet, and the patio is wet! What a waste of money!

  160. Nuke Johnson says:

    Pocket hose is a big pice of Sh!t. I bought 2 and they failed within 3 uses. Unfortunately Telebrands will make a fortune before people wise up.

  161. Kristy Vosberg says:

    I purchased 2 of the 50′ pocket hoses at the start of gardening season. I loved them because they were light and easy to handle. I used them to water my flowers in my front yard, so they were not stretched at all, there was plenty of hose to reach all my beds. Tonight I went to water the flowers so I got the hose out of the milk crate I store it in, turned the water on, and proceeded to go to my flower bed. I got halfway to the flower bed and the hose bursts up by the connector to the sprayer. Made me really mad plus got me all wet. I am really disappointed in these. Save your money.

  162. Linda sheets says:

    Horrible product…it leaks..the turn on off piece broke and then hose exploded…taking back to store for refund…$20 wasted…the manufacture and designer should be ashamed of scamming the public beautifully…

    Shame on them….

  163. irma courtney says:

    I have a pocket hose that I am very satisfied with. The problem is, even though it is 50 ft. after expansion it is still not long enough to go from my faucet to the front of my house. I have just purchased another one, but nowhere does it tell me that the hoses can be connected. I would like to know this before I take it out of the package so I can return the second one it they do not connect.

  164. B. Dudley says:

    What a joke. I just tried to use my pocket hose for the second time and the thing grew two bubbles and exploded! What a waste of money. I will definitely go back to a regular garden hose.

  165. Fred says:

    Pocket hose is a piece of crap. After leaving it connected to the house for a week, it has turned into a sieve and leaks along it’s entire length. Do not waste your money on this product.

  166. Hank says:

    I keep reading reviews and I don’t understand how someone could purposely scam the public in this manner. But then I remembered Bernie Madoff and how devoid of a conscience he is and it’s easier to understand. Don’t test it for 6 months….we have too much money invested…..get it out to the public and let them worry about it. Modern day snake oil salesmen.

  167. Hank says:

    Bought a 25′ hose at Walgreens. Seemed to work well….light, much easier to move than old fashion hose. So good I order 2-100′ online. Wish I had waited. The first hose burst before the others got here. One of those burst and the other on is leaking and could go any time. It’s a great idea..just not well thought out or constructed. I’m 78 yo and hauling around the old hoses was tiresome and wheeling them in was harder yet. So I was very pleased
    ……..until they started blowing up. Thankfully I didn’t toss the old ones. I’ll use the last pocket hose until it blows a hole because as I said…..it’s a great idea. Just cheaply made…SHAME ON YOU.

  168. Karen Lambie says:

    I have bought three of these hose’s and thought they were great until one of them exploded and the other two ripped off at the faucet. I feel like I have been ripped of and think there should be some kind of reimbursement for at least one. All my friends have had thee same problem and are very dissatisfied as am I.

  169. Barb Hendershot says:

    Bought two 50′ pocket hoses this summer, one blew last week, the other one a few minutes ago, bought 2 for my mom, hers had popped too. I really liked them too, but will not buy anymore now until they perfect it better.

  170. M.L. Harris says:

    Both of these hoses have exploded and the 3rd one broke when I dropped the hose and the connector broke. These are cheap and I wonder why this company has not been looked into for advertising a terribly inferior product. Shame of them!!! JUNK, Junk, Junk

  171. carole Horan says:

    I sure wish I had waited and read some reviews before I wasted my over $60 on 3 of them . Leaky, leaky, leaky at both ends and throughout the body of the hose. I am sure glad that I didn’t throw out my old heavy, dependable hoses. What a wast of money and a complete rip off.

  172. Unhappy Gardener says:

    Great idea, very bad manufacturing. Bought two 100 foot hoses, one for mom and dad and one for myself, neither one of them lasted more than a couple of months.

    • jfisherbear says:

      I agree. I have 2 and both leak or blew out.. The leaking fittings can be correct by attaching a good brass end of another hose to it and tightening with pliers. this re-threads the plastic ends. I love the way it handles but a couple of weeks use for ANY price is ridiculous.

  173. Bob Loghry says:

    I purchased and received two 50ft sections of Pocket Hose in May 2013. In early August, after less than a dozen uses, one of the two sections broke the outer cover and the inner plastic section burst. I called the customer service number provided and after one garbled phone contact did finally talk to customer representative, Zach Carter. He was very polite, took my information, told me the hose would be replaced, and gave me a confirmation replacement number. ( I did have doubts ) I have now received in less than three weeks a 50ft replacement hose with no additional charges. I am very pleased with the 100% guarantee and now hope the original defect was a rarity as I am well pleased with the concept and working of the Pocket Hose.

  174. Chase says:

    Bought 1-25 ft hose and 2-50 ft pocket hoses in June from local hardware store. The 50 ft hoses leaked at the connectors within the first two uses and the 25 ft hose popped after 2 months. Seems like a good product idea but poor construction and no refund on the product.

  175. I bought a 25′ hose very light very nice so I bought a 2nd 25′ hose. My sister-in-law bought me a 25′ hose for my birthday (didn’t know I had one). With these lightweight hoses I could drag around my yard ease. So I gave away my old bulky hose (That was in almost new condition I had purchased them last year). On Monday (8-26-13) my wife went to water plants she had in pots on the front porch, and pow the hose busted below the connection. Today (8-29-13) I started to water my garden and pow another hose exploded below the connector. I forgot about the shutoff on the third hose that had a pin size hole in it that squirted water everywhere. I guess what I’m trying to say is this product IS A PIECE OF JUNK. I would advise everyone to not purchase this product. I would have been better off if I threw my money out the window. Now I have to go buy 75′ of bulky hose.

  176. lorrielynn says:

    the pocket hose ===sucks I went through {4} already cause they get holes in the hose and the plastic connectors they crack ==I would never buy another one And I want a discount ===SO PEOPLE DON’T BUY, it is a rip OFF!!

  177. Mary Anne says:

    I bought two of these at Walgreens and both of them blew out and did not even last a full month. How can I get my money back if I don’t have the box?

  178. susie guilfoy says:

    I bought 2 hoses for my yard and loved that they were light weight and easy to hide. But after about 2 weeks the part that you open to let the water through busted off and flew to who knows where and the other hose doesn’t work now. The water doesn’t flow through the hose. it goes all around the outside of it. So I have wasted 40 bucks on these hoses. I love the idea and very disappointed in how they turned out. I wish they were made better. I hate big ugly hoses and hose reels and I really thought this was the answer.

  179. len marks says:

    Waste of money. It lasted 2 months and blew up.

  180. Nora Stork says:

    I bought one and was really excited about it. So light and easy to use. Talked my 2 sister into buying one. All three broke. So disappointed!

  181. Nora Stork says:

    I really loved the hose, so I got my 2 sisters to buy one. Of course, all three hose’s broke. Really disappointed!

  182. jelmedia says:

    What a worthless piece of junk. I’ve returned three hoses already….They keep sending me replacements and twice the replacements have either sprung a leak or the cheap plastic connectors break. This product needs to be banned, now!!

  183. GZ says:


  184. Roger Huttes says:

    My wife purchased two 50′ pocket hose for me as a gift for Father’s Day. I used it once, drained and put away. The second time I used the hoses, they exploded. The outer cover has frayed and the inner hose is quite thin. Lesson learned and $40.00 wasted. As Seen On TV products with their slick advertising are made to sell, not to use nor last. Save your money. Buy a good quality product made in America and it will usually last much longer. I will never purchase another “As Seen On TV” Product.

  185. Trudy Kreiner says:

    I have had my pocket hose for less than two months and like very many other people, mine blew up!! I agree that the concept is great but need better material!!

  186. sonny says:

    This is a piece of junk. The X hose is a same piece junk as the pocket hose don’t waste your money. I am very disappointed.

  187. Anonymous says:

    Bought 2, they only lasted 3 weeks 4 uses each, no good.

    • Rob says:

      I bought two 50′ hoses…..to use in my work as an air conditioner service technician. I knew to be gentle with them…..and so after each use…..I carefully drained them to their smaller size….and then gently fed them down into a footlocker that I had meticulously lined with 1″ thick foam rubber, and a layer of velvet cloth on top of that [separate foot lockers for each hose]. I then also devised a system in my work van so each locker would securely hang by four strong-but-elastic rubber straps….I didn’t want road vibrations damaging them! LMAO!! Just kidding…..I knew to be gentle with them, but I knew I was taking a chance in buying them because leaks cannot be repaired like can easily be done with normal hoses. Third use with each hose, and the both burst. I’ve just read here about the x hose….its either that or back to the same ole same ole.

  188. Sally says:

    I was so excited to have a hose that I could handle. I used it four or five times and it burst. I had purchased it at Walmart so I asked a lady there if she was aware of any complaints. Her response was that she had also purchased the same product with the same unfavorable result. She then purchased the X Hose on the Internet because of the warranty. That is what I am planning to do. Very Disappointed!

  189. Cindy says:

    Unfortunately, I got the “pocket hose” confused with the “xhose”. My friend recommended the xhose to me, but I got confused and bought this cheap*** burst after two uses hose. Fighting with Bed Bath and Beyond to get my money back! Shocking that this hose hasn’t been taken off the market and the manufactures sued. Ok maybe suing is a bit extreme, but if you could have seen my 80 yr old mother soaked to the bone after the hose burst, Literally, in her face because she was looking at the bubble that was growing. And you were laughing so hard, that she took you out of her will, you would understand. Anyway don’t buy the pocket hose!!!

  190. Lydia says:

    Terrible! One use and now tho hose leaks to the point that no water comes out of the open end! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  191. hennessy says:

    I purchase this hose because I seen it on tv think it a good deal at walmart I wish I would’ve seen these reviews I wouldn’t have purchase this I use it one time and it work for a few hour I went in the house came back out later it had a hole in it and not pushing out water I call the company they told me to take it back to the store and rush me off the phone I just have to take it as a lost 50 foot hose for $19.95 it was just too good to be true. I can’t take it back after a month in a 1/2.

    • Anonymous says:

      Walmart will refund your money just go to management and they will…worked for them for 5 years and they even refunded stuff that wasn’t bought at Walmart.worst that they can say is no right…good luck

  192. Anne says:

    Great hose….bad quality! I purchased 2 hoses and the first hose lasted through 1 summer then split. The 2nd hose lasted 2 months then split. I thought it was just my hoses but after reading all theses reviews it is the product. So glad I didn’t go and buy more but will miss my hose!

  193. dennis bibby jr says:

    I brought two hoses and after a week one of them broke, burst right in the middle return product from where I purchased from got another and that one burst right at the end of the connector this product stinks cannot get money back so I will keep bringing them back and getting another one and spending money on gas thank you Mr flex hose for your product it stinks.

  194. ron desrochers says:

    Don’t waste your money. Within one month of buying this product it developed a hole in the fabric. I taped that hole up and two weeks later it got another hole. Fabric is not strong enough. Also the on/off valve leaked from the beginning. Would not recommend to anyone.

  195. Kathy Scheidt says:

    I bought several pocket hoses for our daughter and ourselves last Christmas season. We thought it was a great idea. We started using them in June and already they are all broken at the connection. I told all my friends how great it was. Now I have to tell them this product is junk! I ordered from a TV add. Rip off!

  196. Stephanie says:

    Guess pocket hose didn’t even consider tearing the durability. So disappointed :-(

  197. Jessie Odom says:

    I have 2-25 feet and 1- 50 feet pocket hose. Two adapters have a crack and leaks.

  198. Debbie says:

    I agree that it is a great concept but the material needs to be heavier or something. Our hose started leaking after only using it a couple times and then ripped right below where the hose connects with the nozzle. We won’t buy another one:(

  199. jb says:

    The pocket hose is the worst buying experience I have ever had. They sent us the wrong product. When we returned the item they would not reimburse us for shipping. When you call no one can resolve the problem. Have tried for four months to resolve but it is impossible. Horrible, horrible company.

  200. Karen says:

    Bought 2 Pocket hoses to be put together to make 50 ft. of hose. First one broke off at the connecter and then today the hose split and blew up in my face. I wrenched my hip jumping out of the way. I will wait and see how bad I am hurt. These should be taken off the market.

  201. pam says:

    We bought the pocket hose through publishers clearing house. It was all right the first time we used it. It did not curl back up though. The second time the nozzle broke, so we replaced that.

    The third time, hubby turned on the water and it got a bubble and burst. The whole hose just popped and shredded. This is a piece of garbage and a waste of money.

    Anything you buy from Publishers Clearing House, has a 120 day guarantee but we didn’t buy it in the summer so by the time we tried it out, it was too late. Then they also don’t pay return shipping and handling.

  202. L ... says:

    Good concept … terrible product. First day cheep shut off valve broke. Bought replacement. Within 30 days … it started leaking from where the hose connects to the faucet. Cheaply built … don’t waste your money!

  203. Don & Julie France says:

    Like many others we’ve purchased 4 of these hoses throughout the summer and all 4 have split one place or another. We purchased from both Walmart and Meinards. My wife loves the fact that the hoses is light weight, doesn’t get tangled but we’ve spent over $100.00 on these hoses. You need to make some changes to make this product work. I would not recommend this hose to anyone….nor will we buy another one. In fact, it would be nice to be reimbursed some of the money spent on these worthless things! If you can’t make these things last for more than a couple weeks pull them off the market and stop ripping people off!!!

    • Raymond says:

      I bought one hose and returned to the where I got it from 4 times for replacements and all blew out. I got my money back because I refuse to get another one. They are weak and do not work and not the time to keep replacing them.

  204. Hilty says:

    What a joke on a product that came with a fantastic design. Loved this hose but after four breaks, three with holes in them after only one weeks use and one where the nozzle just broke away spraying me as well as the flowers. When we walk into the store of purchase, the staff start laughing……not again they say! In one week they told us they had 75 hoses returned. Don’t waste your money.

  205. Mark Rindal says:

    3 hoses “BLEW OUT” in 4 months. Obviously, it was not test thoroughly or they would never have released it to the public. I see the company taking the $ and run ’cause they would go bankrupt if the stood by there warrant on all the hoses that’ve failed. Dozens of stories & even store employees are discouraging customers from buying it.

  206. joJoseph Coluccio says:

    This is my third hose. The first two leaked at the shut off valve. I called the Pocket Hose Mfg. Customer service, they said they said I had to return the hose where I purchased it. They did not tell me the shut off valve was defective. Here is the Pocket Hose co. answer to the problem. They now put a sticker on the product package which basically says valve defective take it off and use with out valve. What a crock, you paid for something they are telling you not to use. So instead of repairing their inventory, they have put a sticker on the product. Disgraceful and shame on them.

  207. DeeDee says:

    I agree with all of the other comments. THESE HOSES ARE A PIECE OF JUNK. We bought two 50-foot ones and after using them a couple of months to water flowers (occasionally), they busted. We kept them on a hose reel in our garage when we weren’t using them so it wasn’t like they were left out in the weather. DON’T BUY THESE!!!

  208. Janie says:

    I have now, bought 4 of these hoses and I get to use them maybe 5 times, the first one, I only used once and it busted at the seems and it wasn’t because I left the water on because I was watering the flowers at the time. So I would say for the price they are junk and not worth it

  209. Christine says:

    I was so excited about this product….30 min after opening the box, the open/shut plastic nozzle broke off spraying everything. Unfixable. I wish I had read these reviews first.

  210. Bonnie says:

    Bought one at Menards, threw everything away before I used it. Got ready to use it and the female end was cracked. I called the company and they would do NOTHING for me. DON’T BUY IT they will not stand behind their product!

  211. Jennifer says:

    I bought 2 of these hoses for my yard, and just like everyone else’s complaints, the hose burst while I was using it, and both leak from the cheap plastic fittings at the top! What a waste of money!!

  212. tom says:

    Purchased two 50′ pocket hoses right out of the box one blow hole and the other one lasted about three week and that blow a hole. They are a piece of junk.

  213. Linda Martin says:

    I purchased 4 of the 50′ pocket hose just 3 weeks ago and 2 of them have already blown up. I have a large yard and had purchased 2 for each side. This last weekend my granddaughter was watering my flowers and it just exploded not 2 feet from her hand. These are very dangerous! Don’t waste your money on such a CHEAPLY made and DANGEROUS items.. I should of known that they were just too good to be true!!

    • Lloyd Shadowens says:

      I have purchase this item and along with the other complains the same thing happen to me. The hoses inner liner develop a hole causing me to get wet or my wife. The only thing good about this item is the warranty but not all stores give the same one. I have been back and forth to Bed Bath and Beyond about once a month to exchange this item. To me it seems that the company could fix this problem since they know there is a problem. Also it seems to me that they are false adventizing by saying this hose will not break.

  214. Richard G.Martinez says:

    Cracked and pin hole by the shut off valve need a replacement how can I get one and how much will it cost?

  215. Kerri says:

    Total waste of money!! We hardly used it, and only 1 month after purchasing I was watering flowers and the thing exploded it scared the crap out of me. This is not safe at all. Then while looking at it, there were several holes through out the hose. Horrible!!

  216. Doug Scrivner says:

    I have bought 5 hoses and none have lasted over 60 days before blowing a hole in the main hose or leaking from the valve shut off. Great concept but poor quality.

  217. linda says:

    this is the fourth time i had to return my hose this time it filled like a blue water balloon and burst on my leg which left welts on my leg 4 trips back and forth to the store 8 miles away is not my way of spending my days. i called the customer service number and the man was very rude telling me to fax him a receipt and they will send me another one so here i go again traveling to find a fax machine to pay to send u a receipt i feel you should send me a new hose and stand behind your products and not put people thru this aggravation and take peoples word that we did buy this hose please respond 858 617 0089 linda jubb 26 road a audubon nj 08106 thank you wait to hear from you

  218. Connie says:

    Do not waste your money. It is a great idea that is poorly executed. They explode under normal use of watering flowers.

  219. dalene maine says:

    I purchased this hose and was filling my above ground pool when it started to swell and broke the material and blew up in my face with such force my face was red for two days. I thought perhaps I just got a bad one in the bunch so I returned it for another one AND bought a second one as I love the idea of a light weight hose. Three days later they both blew up. VERY dangerous.

  220. Helen Verrochi says:

    I purchased a pocket hose a month ago. Last week it just snapped in two – another reason not to buy junk advertised on TV.

  221. Mike F says:

    Great idea!! Lousy manufacturing. Why not make a quality product to begin with? Oh wait I know RIP OFF!!

  222. Jann says:

    I bought a 50ft one and it worked fine until my husband put a nozzle on it that was more of a high powered spray then it developed a small leak near the top, I put my garden nozzle back on with the big holes and haven’t had any more leaks develop. I think you can only use nozzles that have large holes with pocket hose.

  223. John Cave says:

    I have bought 3 pocket hoses. With very minimal use I impress with minimal use 2 out of the three hoses have developed a hole. I am very disappointed in the hose. I was excited about the hose and the possible uses. I am very disappointed in your product. The advertised construction of these hoses is not true. They DO NOT stand up to the use of a regular hose. YES they are light weight and easy to store but the way the hose is built is poor. I have recommended this product to many friends but in the future I will let them know how poor the hose really is. Please review the real capability of this hose and make the necessary changes to make it what is advertised. For me I will not buy or recommend this product to anyone.

  224. Shannon says:

    The pocket hose SUCKS! Bought one and within a week the rubber burst at the top where it screws into the faucet. Did a switch a roo and got another one. The plastic that turns the hose off and on broke. What a piece of crap.

    • Jenny says:

      It happened to me as I attached a spray so I could water my flowers. I stepped away for a minute or two after turning on the faucet and all of a sudden I heard somewhat like it had break and turned around and saw water shooting horizontally towards the brick wall. I immediately turned off the faucet and looked what caused it and saw a tear in the rubber hose. I went shopping @ Kmart and saw it on sale. I slapped a post it note on the ad sign that wrote “don’t buy…worthless crap

  225. Tawanda Waters says:

    Total waste of money! It leaked profusely at the nozzle after less than 30 days of use. We cut the nozzle off and then it started leaking everywhere along the hose. It is a great idea but a really rotten product. Don’t buy.

  226. jerry johnson says:

    Just had my third hose pop this one broke in half when it blew the first broke at the connector the second blew a hole in it waste of money.

  227. Joanne Kopanitsanos says:

    This thing is JUNK!!! My parents bought one and part of it swelled up like a sausage and BURST !! Thank god they weren’t hurt. I bought one and within 2 weeks the plastic switch (to turn on and off) broke. About 2 months later, it sprung a huge leak at the spigot. Hard to believe that TWO of these hoses didn’t last more than a few months!!! Don’t waste your money!!

  228. larry says:

    I bought 2 of these for my house. well I have taken 3 back to Walmart since. They break at the connection of the sprayer. Walmart told me that 33% are returned for defects. Great product keep your receipt because 30 days or less later you will return a broken hose.

  229. Chris says:

    Waste of money I have bought 3 and due to returns have had 8 so far. Now two more will have to be replaced. After using these three for about 2 months two have come apart. One the cloth has rotted. Waste, waste waste.

  230. Mike says:

    This hose is a scam. We bought one we were using it on our yard for the second time low-pressure on the water and the hose popped what a piece of junk waste of time I will never ever understand why it’s okay to advertise lies on American TV. And shame on any retailer that sells this product you are helping lie to the American people this product does not work and does not deserve any endorsement from anyone.

  231. Dianne Franzese says:

    This hose should be called exploding hose not expanding hose! After only three uses it literally exploded!! a friend at work had the same problem. Don’t waste your money!!

  232. Tammie Prince says:

    We thought this looked great on TV, worked OK for 2 months. Now we are having massive failures of the inside part and there is nothing available to repair them. A total waste of money, false advertising. Save your money, don’t buy these.

  233. Clinton H Groves says:

    I bought two 75 foot pocket hoses about 4 months ago. They were great for a while. Now both are experiencing massive failures of the inside blue portion, there’s nothing that size to repair them, a total waste of my money.

  234. Rose Lherbier says:

    The concept of this hose is great only if it worked. The first Pocket Hose I bought had a pin hole in the plastic nozzle that squirted water out. I took it back to Walmart for an exchange. I got another one and it leaked all around the plastic nozzle again I returned it for an exchange, they say the third time is a charm well believe me it is not. The third Pocket Hose leaked at the base of the nozzle also so that will be the last time I try the Pocket Hose. They need to have all those hoses recalled.

  235. Mary Ann Kirkwood says:

    I bought the hose in May, based on all the good reviews by local tv people. It worked well until it just burst at the faucet, & I didn’t have it on high! Very disappointed!!

  236. RJ says:

    My 86 year old dad bought one of these. It had a leak at the point the hose connects with the coupler. He took it back and got another. Same problem. Then, he got a refund. This morning, the Today Show did a feature on these “as seen on TV” products. Their hose didn’t leak…as far as we know.

  237. Janie Purnell says:

    Received pocket hose for Mothers Day gift. Use two times, now the hose is leaking and fabric full of holes. Not a good product at all.

  238. Lisa says:

    Thanks for all your reviews! I was tempted to buy one but wanted to research a little first. Glad I did!!
    I will not be buying this product until I see consistent good reviews.

  239. carolyn dantzler says:

    What can you expect from a product made in a foreign country instead of the USA where there are higher standards.

  240. carolyn dantzler says:

    My complaint is the same as all of the others. I hung it outside on a wrack near the faucet. The hose developed a leak and would not reach the 50′ I had been accustomed to. As I am disabled, this is the only way I can water my yard. My other hoses are way to heavy for me. Very disappointing; I thought this is one thing I can still do. If it worked as advertised, it would be great for people with physical disabilities. Somebody out there, maybe a civil engineer could perfect this hose so people like me could feel useful.

  241. Don says:

    I purchased three of these–each one leaked at the female coupling end–threw them all away—they are a joke–do not buy.

  242. Sandi says:

    Apparently the pocket hose they used for the commercial is NOT the pocket hose they sell!! I don’t think I’d go back and buy a third, fourth, etc. I, for one, am sooo skeptical of most gadgets I see on tv. How any company would waste time and money marketing something they haven’t thoroughly tested is beyond me. I guess they are banking on people just tossing it in the trash, rather than demanding a refund. Must be making money for someone. They keep on doing it and people keep on falling for it. What’s disappointing is the way celebrities will agree to be a part of rip-offs like this!

    • red says:

      I bought a pocket hose for my house from walmart about 2 weeks ago. Today the thing blew out , about 18 in from the faucet and burst out through the material. I was enjoying the ease of use. , but it burst anyway. DO NOT BUY!!!! .

  243. Susan Sherman says:

    I bought a pockethose for my house from Home Depot about 1 month ago. Today the plastic inside the hose, very thin plastic, broke at the faucet and burst out through the material. This was a big waste of money…back to the real kind of hose. The idea is terrific and I was enjoying the ease of use. I kept it in the shade, put a nozzle on it, emptied it each time all per instructions placed carefully on the hose, but it burst anyway. DO NOT BUY!!!! Somewhere there is a guarantee but I have yet to find out where.

  244. ken says:

    This hose SUCKS 4th time using it it blew up and you cant fix it like a regular hose. DO NOT BUY…

  245. Dave says:

    Bought 2 of the pocket hoses ,lasted for about 4 themes I used them,one blew out while my wife was watering her plants, she got soaked, I went out and took the 2 50 ft hoses apart and while I was watering her plants the other hose blew out at the connection at the house. Bought theses at wal-mart. Hope to get my money back. This is a don’t buy item.


    • Dave says:

      Is there any way to fix this hose once it blows??

      • Lynne says:

        I love my flexable hose! BUT, we also got a leak, ours is in the middle. husband cut it to see if he could fix it, now we don’t know what to do.. only had it a month or so, bought online.

  246. Robert Vahle says:

    The pocket hose by far is the worst product I’ve encountered so far. I bought 2 hoses at Walmart. The first one couldn’t handle normal water pressure and blew up like a balloon and then popped. The second one also came apart at the nozzle (2 holes). I can’t believe a product like this was not tested thoroughly. It was a good idea, but the quality is a 0. I threw one of the hoses in the garbage and the other I took back to Walmart. They graciously gave me credit for one hose. I’m afraid there might be a class action suit very soon unless this product is pulled from the shelves.

    • Ray McHenry says:

      Absolutely the worst product I have ever bought. Didn’t last a month, pinholes in the valve, split and explodes, split by the hose bib, just a terrible product. We bought three of these rip offs. A complete waste of money.

  247. rhonda says:

    I loved this hose until it sprung a leak. Took it back to get a replacement at Walmart without a receipt since it was a “mother’s day” gift I asked for. First time I used the new one, it did the same. Off to take it back, just hope Walmart will give money back without receipt.

  248. janelle says:

    DO NO BUY. A total waste of your money. I purchased two 25 foot hoses. I had to use teflon tape to prevent leaking. It required a lot. I tried the hose shut off. It blew right off the hose. I then used just the nozzle shut off after I applied more teflon tape. Two weeks later one hose blew a hole in it. I did not have the sales slip so I just threw it away and purchased another. That one lasted two weeks. It blew apart. The company would do nothing to help me because I did not have the sales slip. This product is a WASTE of your money.

  249. Jeff Rigby says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one that has had problems with this hose. bought two of them in about 2 months and both blew up right under the valve. Very awesome idea cause I really cant stand having a hose kink up all the time when trying to use the thing, but this hose is a piece of crap by far.

  250. Dawn Wilhite says:

    Enjoyed the Pocket Hose perfectly as advertised for about 3 months. Then was watering one day, hose uncurled but causally laying, not stretched, when “POP” the hose burst completely off, right behind the plastic connector to the spigot. $19.95 + tax for roughly 90 days usage?

  251. Ken Mcg says:

    The first hose began leaking within the first week. Returned for another 5′ hose. This one lasted about 6 weeks. Burst at the nozzle end. Pocket hose is a good idea, but requires a lot more quality improvement before I’d buy another. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

  252. Gary says:

    I used this hose three or four times in two months and it came apart, not worth purchasing for sure!

  253. James Waugh says:

    I purchased the hose at Daytona flea market at Items sold on TV tent. The video playing claimed it had a ten year warranty. We thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Well when we got home to ct. and turned it on it didn’t last ten seconds never mine ten years. It blew up like a rubber and exploded. Junk. Save your money.

  254. Cathy Smith says:

    It leaked immediately near the coupler. 3 weeks later – today – IT BLEW UP! JUNK!

  255. j johnson says:

    The pocket hose is nothing but a piece of junk; a total sham! Bet the creator is a Democrat as you come across just the Obama and his administration – full of hot air and nothing but lies, lies, lies.

  256. Anette Ford says:

    Purchased the 25 ft. hose. It lasted two days before it came apart at the nozzle. Junk.

  257. al clark says:

    Pocket Hose is pure JUNK- Fabric on the 3 that I bought lasted about 3 months

  258. I purchased two 75 foot pocket hoses. I also purchased the extra strength outer skin to ensure I would have the best they have to offer. I bought them about two months ago. Both of them came apart at the female coupling end. The rest of the hose is fine but I have no way to put another coupling on. So I wasted $55 on two hoses. Unfotunately I do not have my receipts so I cannot get my money back. I certainly will never buy another one these hose again.

  259. annette schmidt says:

    Haven’t even had my hose for a month and the end just blew off!! Very disappointed in this product,I bought 2…what a waste of money!!!!

  260. Tracy Alberts says:

    Biggest piece of crap I have ever bought, blew a hole in it on the 4th time using it.. AND yes I shut off valve on my house and hose, then drained.. I want my $20 back.. This product needs to be removed from store shelves more and more people are going to be scammed out of there money…

  261. Ang says:

    My mother bought two of the 50 ft hoses and I bought one and all have leaked at the spigot and 2 so far have blew out not just the plastic insides but the cloth material also none had been used more than a few times. A real disappointment, especially for the cost.

  262. Linda Bell says:

    I regret not researching reviews from other consumers on the Pocket Hose. Once again another failed “As seen on TV” Product

  263. Linda Bell says:

    I regret not looking further into the reviews on this item.The Pocket Hose is yet another Failed Product of “As Seen On TV”

  264. Hannelore Taylor says:

    I also bought this hose. First one leaked only after being used about one month, bought second and the same thing happened to it. Both leak around the spigot. Love the idea of this product. So easy to use, light, no kinks. Can’t someone make this product with different(stronger) material?

  265. pl miller says:

    I purchased a 50ft hose about 6 weeks ago. I loved the light weight and ease of use to water the small flower bed and hanging pots in front of my apartment. Today, it blew up in my face right at the faucet. The valve was not shut and I don’t have much water pressure. My daughter bought one about 1 month ago, and after two uses it split right in the middle. She has even less water pressure than I do. I am very disappointed that such a great idea has gone so badly. Of course I don’t have the receipt, so cant get a refund or exchange for another in the hopes the new one would not have that issue. Being on social security, money is too tight to be wasting it on products that fail so quickly.

  266. Louise Smith says:

    I bought 2 of your 50′ hoses from Walmart a couple of months ago. One of them worked fine for 1 month before it started leaking real bad at the spigot connection. I NEVER stretched the hose out all the way or when I hung it back up. The second worked for about 2-mos. only because we got so much rain the 2nd month and I didn’t have to water my plants. Tonight was the first time that I used it since all of the rain and it’s doing the same thing as the first one did. This was a waste of $40.00 + tax!! When I first got them I was bragging about them to my friends, but now I’m going to tell them not to buy them. I’ve already called my mother and told her to return hers if she still has her receipt since she hasn’t taken it out of the package yet. Since I no longer have my receipt or the packages I just lost my money. I’m very disappointed in the product!

    • Shirley Salas says:

      I had the same experience. Two hoses, a 25ft and a 75 ft. Did not use sprayers or nozzles. One blew in the middle on fifth use, the other sprung a large leak at the spigot connection. At $40 for the 75 foot (includes S & H, I cannot afford to replace it. They only have a 30 day guarantee, and I didn’t need to use it that much because of the Oregon rain. I am very disappointed.

  267. Di says:

    My pocket hose exploded almost hit me in the face. Piece of junk.

  268. dennis says:


  269. Kip says:

    I bought a 50 foot hose at walmart and then another of the same at walmart when the first one failed at the nozzle as Randy Martin describes….I will add the following information….This product is actually a bigger piece of crap than Mr Martin states….there is not a superlative in our language to describe how much of a piece of crap this hose is….They are useless.

  270. Dena says:

    I bought one, and after the shut off tab broke and leaked on the first use I bought a second one thinking maybe I just got a bad one. The second one was used approx. 5 times before it burst at the nozzle hook up point. Im happy actually to read all of the bad reviews and see ALL of them appear to be bad, and not just my bad luck. What a shame, good idea, poor design…. This will go back to the store, they will not be keeping my money for a product that is worthless.

  271. Rudy N says:

    Though about buying one for light watering, won’t now. My question is why are there so many people buying 3,4,5 one review even said 7 if they fail so often. Who’s dumber the manufacturer or the buyer?

    • Maggie says:

      My mom and sister each bought one — sister’s failed and she returned it. Mother returned it without testing. But I WANTED to try it, so bought only one. We have four spigots outside, though, and that might answer your question as to why people would buy several. If not for the family experience with the pocket hose, I would have probably bought four. I read the messages, and it did not seem they were serial purchase … they were bought at the same time.
      Mine blew the sprayer off the first time we turned it on! My husband is handy and was able to get it to working condition, and it lasted five weeks, I would say. I have arthritis in my wrists and fingers, so I loved the light weight and maneuverability. Sadly, we turned it on the other evening, and water just gushed from below the sprayer, a major blowout. Someone said it right … the manufacturers and marketers made a big fat bundle on us. A great idea that they didn’t make property — but they marketed the heck out of it, didn’t they?

  272. Sandy says:

    I am very disappointed in the pocket hose I purchase two of them from sears had them for about one month used one of them every other day to clean my bird bath disconnected it each time and kept it in the garage then it started to leak around the connector to the hose got the second one out used it two times and it does the same thing no receipt so I’m out $40. I really liked how easy it was to handle. Someone sure made a bundle off of a lot of people.

  273. Jenni Bivens says:

    This is a very dangerous product!! my mom had one blow up in her face.. Sounded like a bomb going off. She has sent in pictures of the hose. She ended up with a severe migraine all day. This is what you get when you buy something from CHINA!!!

  274. nancy says:

    I am thoroughly disgusted that this hose blew open after 1 month. I purchased 4 of these hoses and 3 have ripped open, What a pure waste of money this company should be reimbursing everyones money.

  275. Kim says:

    Buyer beware, initially I loved it. I used it about 5 times just to water my flower pots on the front porch. One day while using, a huge balloon suddenly formed at the end of the hose. It burst right in my face!!! Buyer beware!!! This should be taken off the market, they are stealing from people!!!

  276. mzkto says:

    I was so excited to finally get one..had it for less than a week and it’s going back…I was watering the garden and heard something; looked down and it looked like a balloon was blowing up, then POP. This is disappointing..I loved the idea of getting rid of my bulky hose, now what?

  277. Renee says:

    Just bought a pocket hose from Walmart and get home and it leaks all over the place! Really $20.00 wasted!

  278. john foulke says:

    We have purchased 7 of these hoses all have burst. Sent back 4 they too have burst. Makes one feel like the sucker of the year.

  279. Chet Olsont says:

    Purchased 4 of the 75 foot hoses,, gave one to my son and one to my daughter, have two at the house and one after after being used around 5 times has broken at the plastic fitting where the hose connects to the threaded section that goes on the faucet,, very cheaply made, not worth the money, do not recommend purchasing one of these hoses.

  280. barbara says:

    Don’t buy it, they don’t last they should be taken off the market.

    • Raymond says:

      I bought 5 hoses in about 4 about 4 months time and all hoses either leaked at the nozzle or burst open.
      I think they should be taken off the market and show a recall.
      They do not last more than 1 month.
      I lost about $30.00 buying this fraud type hose.

  281. barbara says:

    I got 4 hoses and 3 blew out with in 2 months 1 in just a week. Can you get money back or new hoses?

    • Brian Jeziorski says:

      I am very disappointed in the hose. After about 4 uses it leaks around spigot connection. Have no receipt from Walmart. How do I get my money back

  282. Tom Barnhart says:

    My pocket hose is about 2 months old. Today, after turning on the water, it burst right at the fauset connection. My water pressure is not high. I like the product. In fact, I have two of them. Do you have a model that is reinforced?

    Tom Barnhart
    1215 Adriana Way
    Upland, Ca 91784

  283. Robbie says:

    I bought 4 of these hoses. I loved them BUT so far 3 have burst… I have one left and don’t expect it to last much longer. Going back to my old style hoses…

  284. Brandon says:

    I bought 2 of the pocket hose 50ft. LOVED them however they didn’t last long at all. Both were only about 2 months old and neither were used often. I almost threw away my other hoses because I thought these going to be the hoses I would stick with. As many of the other consumers mine broke. The first one popped while I was using so it wasn’t like I was building pressure in the hose and the second one broke at the nozzle. The little on/off piece broke off and water started shooting right out of it. Both ended up in the trash. Disappointed with the product and do not recommend.

    • S. Taylor says:

      This is exactly what happened to me. I only used it about 5 times. Loved it at first but the on/off piece broke. I put my old nozzle on it. It worked for 2 more times and the connection by the faucet exploded and I did not even have the water on all the way and had the nozzle in the open position. I am glad I did not throw my old hose away. This was a good idea but poorly constructed. I will not recommend this hose to anyone.

  285. Peggy Cronin says:

    I bought this hose at CVS and at first loved it because it is so light. Mine has now broken off at the nozzle, they need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

  286. Marilyn says:

    I received this as a gift from my sister about a month ago, and today it started leaking in the middle from a pin size hole. Do not recommend.




  288. Tom Hoke says:

    My daughter bought a pocket hose for me as a Father’s day present. I used it three times before it burst in the middle. This product should be removed from the market. It is a total scam to sell junk like this to the consumer.

  289. patty deane says:

    To whomsoever it may concern, I had bought your hose about a month ago. I still have the receipt & it burst. It was hooked up to the faucet & when I turned it on it burst. Can I return it? I will mail it back with the receipt.

    Thank you
    Patty Deane

  290. Ruth Gibbs says:

    I purchased 2 of the 50 ft. pocket hoses at walmart about 2 months ago. I only used the hoses 3 or 4 times when the end pf one came loose started leaking and the other popped like a baloon. If I can find my receipt, I will take them back and demand my money back. This company should be held liable for false advertising!

  291. sandy says:

    I purchased two of the 50 foot hoses for $19.99 each and both are a piece of junk!. One came apart at the connector and the other popped like a balloon! I purchased them from a store and cannot find my receipt so now I am out $40.00 and am very upset about it! I will never purchase anything that says “as seen on TV” and will never recommend anyone to do so either!

  292. Jeff Caniglia says:

    I purchased two 100 ft pocket hose from the company . Both popped . can I calm on warranty . I bought them in Feb. 08,13 . for $65.97 . of course in Nebraska we waited to use them . telebrands corp. I have my canceled check.

    Nebraska Looser.

    • Jeff Caniglia says:

      Purchased two 100 ft pocket hose from the company . Both popped . can I calm on warranty . I bought them in Feb. 08. 13 for $65.97. Of course in Nebraska we waited to use them. Telebrands Corp. I have my canceled check.

      Nebraska Looser.

      • Jeff Caniglia says:

        Called the company . They were polite and said “replacement will come in 4 to 6 weeks. The concept is great. I used the shut off valve, it builds up pressure then popped. Knowing this will only improve my purchase.

        Nebraska Winner

      • Charlie says:

        Never had gotten around to reviews, just locked on to the ‘good idea’ part. My tiny wife is a real freak with the greenery. Same experiences as everyone else, BUT every time I called, they sent a new one, and after 6-8 replacements, they refunded my total purchase price.

  293. Joe says:

    What a waste of money. The coupling at the spicket started spewing water everwhere when I shut the nozzel off at the other end to go and turn off the water. Save your money.

  294. arlene says:

    I have to return my pocket hose for the fourth time. I spent more on gas than the worth of this very unreliable product. This is the last time because I am getting a normal hose.

  295. Ardith Tondreau says:

    I am so thrilled I stumbled upon your site. I really found you by mistake, while I was browsing on Yahoo for something else. Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a useful post and an all round enjoyable blog. (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read through it all at the moment, but I have added your website to my favorites, so when I have time I will be back to read more. Please do keep up the awesome job!

  296. Jeff says:

    Do not waste ure money with this product, Have purchased 2 of them and both have had problems with the male end when attaching sprayer, the black coupling come apart from the hose. Someone needs to redesign the connecting ends of this hose.

    • c.w. says:

      I HAVE PURCHASED 7 OF THESE ‘GREEN THINGS” gave 1 to a neighbor & have returned 5 for replacement. 1 of the replaced hoses BURST about center. 2 of the replaced and all the returned ones BURST at the connections. I have not heard from the neighbor ? The ones I have left are still in the containers they came in. My wife refuses to try another one(she has been soaked twice, already!) Was a great idea. CAN YOU SAY “QUALITY CONTROL” ?! Guess they all have to go back !

  297. Gail says:

    Last month I purchased (4) 50′ hoses = over $100.00 with tax! ALL (4) leak at the connector AND at the “on/off” switch! Add to that, (2) out of the (4) POPPED like a balloon! I gave away over 200′ of GOOD hose with an automatic hose winder…..guess I’m the LOSER on this deal! What are you going to do about this mess??

  298. psb says:

    I would not recommend this hose. I have bought 4 now and they don’t last very long. I bought one 2 days ago and it already has 2 leaks in it. For $20 a hose, they don’t last very long. Very disappointed in them as I thought it was going to be great to water my flowers with every night.

  299. Marjorie Kraft says:

    First I bought the 25 ft. pocket hose. I was so impressed I bought two 50 ft. hoses, for the front and backyards. I was delighted with the ease and convenience of them. However, after a very short time they all began to leak where the hoses were inserted in the plastic pieces. Now I am faced with trying to return them (I did not save the boxes or the sales slips). I believe they came with a lifetime guarantee so will try to return them. One was bought at Home Depot, one at Grocery Outlet and one at Walmart. Will see how it goes when I try to return them. I will be happy with at least a store credit. Time will tell. Meanwhile, I have hooked up my old fashioned hoses and struggle with them each time I use them. Looking forward to improvements in the “pocket hoses” in the very near future.

  300. Robin Bauer says:

    My advice is to not buy them. The plastic fittings do not hold up. A total waste of $40. I made the mistake of buying 2. Will be posting on facebook to all my friends not to buy.

  301. C. Smith says:

    I bought the Pocket Hose at the local big box retailer. I attached it to my faucet and used it the next day. It worked just as they said it would! I was so happy with my purchase… until I used it for the second time. Within seconds of turning the tap on, only to about half power, a hole in the hose burst open! When I returned it to the store for a refund, the clerk said they’d had a lot of them returned. Now I know.

  302. Charla Howard says:

    I bought 4 of these hoses and within a week they all leaked and the ends broke. I looked everywhere on the containers and there is no form of a warranty at all. They are junk, the concept is wonderful…they just don’t hold up to any kind of use!

  303. D Falco says:

    I bought 2 of the 50 ft. hoses at Walmart. I was very happy with it at first and bought a third. Then one by one, they failed. One started leaking all along the hose. Tonight while watering the garden, a large bubble formed and burst open splitting the fitting right of the hose. I still have one that I am keeping in the garage and taking out as needed but I don’t hold out much hope of finishing out the season. I would not recommend this product and am annoyed that I spent so much money on hoses that I will now have to replace.

  304. Albow says:

    Got this Pocket hose 3 months, ago used it 3-4 times. It sprung a leek 4 inches down from the spigot. Don’t waste your money!!! junk!

  305. Bought two of these things, 50 ft. one still works but I have only used it a couple of times. The other one leaks like crazy. I could have spent the money on a good hose. This is a rip off. I have a hard time carry a big rubber hose but at least I would have gotten my moneys worth.

  306. Jim Ables says:

    I purchased 2 of these 50ft hose, one from Walmart and one from Walgreens. After using them a couple of times they both blew up, Yes, BLEW UP!! Exploded!!! This is dangerous to use and I would NEVER recommend anyone to purchase these hose!! Did not keep the receipts so was unable to return the items!!! So, I lost money by purchasing these!

  307. Peter Marzek says:

    What a scam! I bought two of the 25′ hoses for use on the dock when cleaning my boat. Sounded like such a great idea! First hose completely ripped away from the cheapo plastic fitting (which leaked continuously until it did blow apart!), and the second hose had so many leaks on first time use that it was like trying to get water to flow through a tube of window screen! Neither hose lasted more than that first initial use. Terrible product. Not worth the shipping costs, yet alone the product costs!

  308. Shirley Reynolds says:

    This pocket hose is a piece of crap. I was getting ready to clean my birdbath and the damn thing exploded right in my face. Would not buy another one and I am telling people not to buy it. What a rip off.

  309. david bruce says:

    I too bought 4 of these at walmart… 19.99 each. Within a month and a half three of them have been thrown in the dump… they started leaking at the connection and one even unraveled. The idea is great but the product is not good… since I didn’t have the receipt any longer I just chaulked it up to a good idea gone bad…

  310. Greg says:

    Bought 4 of them in January at CVS. Did not start using them until May. Two of them blew up recently. Called the Company was told to go back to CVS. Went to CVS was told to go to the Manufacturer. Getting the royal run around. Maybe it’s time to start calling the Attorney General Offices and complaining. Maybe a class action lawsuit will help too. Waiting to see when the last two will blow up.

  311. benda ward says:

    I have bought 3 of this so called wonderful hose, $19.99 each!! They came loose tore all the way through. They are crap!! I would like to get my money back!!!! I would like to tell people if they are thinking about buying one…don’t. You will be wasting your money!!!

  312. Carla Hearold says:

    This hose is the biggest piece of crap that I have ever purchased. I took the two I bought back three times because I was so entranced at how easy it was to use. But it leaks. The last one I used today bubbled up and exploded water all in my face. The attachments should be metal. It is not even heavy duty enough to allow a good stream of water to flow. These are disposable. Someone is making a killing on this crappy product. The concept behind it is great, but the materials used to manufacture are lousy. Will be returning two more tomorrow for a full refund!!!

  313. Susan says:

    I work at a returns desk and I see these come all the time. The concept is good, but the product is not worth the time or money! Fix the problems before you loose ALL your customers please! I don’t recommend this product for anyone!

  314. Linda Pruett says:

    Biggest piece of crap I have ever been ripped off for. I bought 2 within 3 weeks one blew apart in the middle and the other is leaking in 2 places. Do not waste your money on this product.

  315. Brenda Barter says:

    I went through 2 of them in 2 months. Holes and rips up to 4in. long happened. They are junk-do not buy!!!

  316. Cindy says:

    I received pocket hose for my birthday in May and it broke in half while watering my flowers last night, gave it a tug and it snapped. What a piece of crap, waste of money…another product manufactured in china!

  317. Kathy green says:

    I am so angry!!! These hoses are dangerous! They should be banded from all stores & advertisements! My mother bought her two, and me two. All four hoses exploded! YES! BLEW UP!!! The last one blew up in my face! Scared me to death! If it would have been a child, it could have really hurt them bad!!! TAKE THESE HOSES and get them off the market now! I have signs made to take to store & put up on the danger of these hoses! I have already been in the stores seeing people looking at them and telling them, they are not safe! You are cheating people out of their money, and putting them in danger! Stop before someone looses an eye! You got $80.00 of our money for nothing, and gas, & having to go buy new hoses!!!

  318. Lorna Hagg says:

    This is a total waste of money! Mine was damaged on arrival, the stop valve was leaking, and the second time I tried to use it, there were leaks coming from everywhere! Its a piece of junk!

  319. Gary Billings says:

    This is the worst hose I have ever purchased. Second time I turned the hose on it started spraying out about two feet from the end. I threw the package and receipt away before the second use, my bad I guess. Hose is pure junk.

  320. AL CHANCE says:

    Junk exploded to about 2 weeks. Hard to find the address if you didn’t keep the box. Can’t understand the folks on the phone, out sourced to another country. Sucks, don’t ever buy one.

  321. Arlene Branum says:

    We bought two 50 foot hoses. BOTH HAVE HOLES IN THEM! Nice idea but poorly made.

  322. BennieBrown says:

    I will not recommend the Pocket Hose to anyone. I purchased a 50ft. hose about a month ago and it is leaking in about 10 spots. I’ve only used it twice and it just started to leak everywhere. I told my friends that it was a piece of junk.

  323. Larry Thibodeau says:

    I bought two 50 ft. pocket hoses that worked just fine for two watering sessions. The third session ended abruptly when the hose was growing like a water balloon and ripped through the seams of the outer layer and exploded. They should have mentioned that this was a disposable hose. Don’t waste your time and money with this product.

  324. Sherrill says:

    Worse product leaks everywhere.sister s hose burst wide open with first use. My hose leaks around couplings. If wanted soaker hose, would have bought one.

  325. Liz says:

    Every single comment on here is true. We’re all excited to buy this product, it’s a great concept but a piece of CRAP. I would like my $29.95 back, but the “AS Seen On TV” store does not give refunds.

    They need to use metal connectors so that they don’t leak and make a mess all over the place. Only then, this will be a great product.

    • Charlie says:

      Every time I called the number on my receipt (obviously not in the U.S.), they sent a new one. After a half dozen replacements, I wrote the California address and received a full refund.

  326. nancy bishop says:

    I bought 2 50′ pocket hoses and both times with first time use, they both broke at the on/off switches! these hoses are not worth the money or the time…..they should not be allowed on the market! I don’t know who approved of these hoses but they are nothing but a rip off and from the looks of it. I’m not the only one who got scammed from these hoses!!!

  327. Karen Randall says:

    Bought this around Christmas time from Bed Bath and Beyond… Hooked it up this spring and use it about 3 times a week to water the flower pots on my deck. I loved it until it started leaking from both ends where it hooks into the black plastic parts at both ends. Leaks so bad it never even expands anymore…….only maybe lasted 4-6 weeks…shameful waste of money.

  328. wayne says:

    Don’t waste your money they are all garbage — I have been stupid bought 4 or 5. The concept is great but they just don’t last some explode first time longest any has lasted is about 3 weeks.

  329. wayne says:

    What bunch of crap how can they get away with selling these worthless pieces of junk

  330. kay says:

    I bought 2 hoses. The first one blew the shut off valve the first time I used it. The other one blew a hole in the hose behind the plastic fitting within seconds of closing the valve.

    These hoses are cheaply made & will not withstand any pressure. I’m very upset & disappointed in this product & it’s false advertisement.

  331. Sherry Trani says:

    I just returned my 6th hose to Walmart. None of them have lasted more than 3-6 uses. I really like the hose, and I keep thinking the maker of pocket hose will sooner or later figure out they have a problem. It’s fantastic to store, it won’t kink, but I did have it tangle, sort of a knot, on several occasions. So far, the problem is at the connection, or it springs a leak in the hose. Walmart always takes it back, and lets me exchange it for a new hose. It has a 10 year warranty, so I just take it back and get another. It really is a great idea.

  332. Suzan says:

    I was so excited when I purchased 3 50ft. hose but, they lasted about 2 weeks before they all leaked so, disappointed that I bought them.

  333. Bob Long says:

    My pocket hose broke on Tuesday am after I bought it Sunday afternoon, is that good or bad or what?

    Thank you

  334. Lynne says:

    I have bought 3 pocket hoses in the last couple of weeks. I bought 2 50 foot ones and 1 25 foot one. I have thrown all three away because each one of them blew leaks and squirted water everywhere. I was so excited to get these hoses because I have a hard time with the big rubber hoses. I am so disappointed. I hope you can do something for me. Thank you!!!!!

  335. sam says:

    So far I have sent three back to the store to get my money back..they should take it off the market..and stop making fools of us.

  336. Nancy Gamble says:

    We bought one 50 ft pocket hose at Walmart. It leaked where the hose joined the plastic connector at the faucet and then the hose cracked and could not be replaced or fixed. Unfortunately I cannot find the 10 year warranty card so I can return it to Walmart for a replacement. Very disappointed in the product. I liked the product when we I used it the first time and then it broke. What a rip off.

  337. Mike says:

    I bought two 50 ft. pocket hoses and they both leaked at the connection, then a few days later they developed tiny holes, (and I only use them on a smooth patio surface) and today one completely burst open…I should have used my $40 on a nice steak dinner. It would’ve lasted about as long, and much more enjoyable!

  338. staci alger says:

    I wish I would have looked at this website before I ordered 2 hoses from a LTD book…. I had the hoses for about 2 months and they literally EXPLODED!!!!!!! I had 2 attached and they both busted at the connector, which went flying and put one heck of a dent in my car……I have learned my lesson…IF IT’S TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, DON’T BUY IT..

  339. jackie stephens says:

    I also bought 2 50′ pocket hose, worked great first time. The second time I used them both leaked like crazy. Like so many others I have no receipt. Worthless garbage. Do not buy this product.

  340. Lynn says:

    This product is garbage. I used it for a few weeks and then the fabric split and the plastic hose split and exploded. The same thing happened to my Mom’s. They sent a new one and the same thing happened. I really wanted to like it because it is so lightweight to carry all around the yard and then it is so easy to store but the quality is garbage. Don’t bother buying.

  341. joe merli says:

    This worked for about 2 weeks then split right at the nozzle. I have not been able to talk to a person when I called the company all I get is a recording that tries to sell me another hose. Terrible customer service.

  342. Dennis Connors says:

    Had the hose for three days. Was cleaning the driveway and BOOM it blew apart at the fitting. I tried to repair it with a hose clamp, but why???? I misplaced the receipt and probably am stuck with it. Will not purchase another one, would like to return this one.

  343. Nikki Barley says:

    I ordered 3 pocket hoses it took 6 weeks. I loved it & bragged to everyone about it. A week later they all sprung pinhole leaks. I liked that it is light weight. I would have to pay shipping to send back. If it took six weeks to get hose how long will it take to get money back? Why are they able to sell this in the USA? This is a scam!

  344. Phil says:

    I bought three 50’ hoses. THEY ALL LEAKED within 2 weeks after only few uses. How can such a great idea for a product be such a piece of junk? Really! I am so disappointed. This product must be removed from the market until the company come with an industrial quality that will last for a long time. Until then ***** DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!! *****

  345. James Stanley says:

    I purchased 3 hoses at Walmart and all of them burst. Do not buy this hose it will not last.

  346. Kathy Akers says:

    I bought 100′ & 50′ pocket hoses from a catalogue. I love the lightness and flexibility, but my 100′ hose sprung a big leak and I had to throw it away after a month and a half of use. I’m pretty unhappy because I bragged about the hose so that my friends bought too and I also purchased a couple as gifts. I don’t remember the catalogue I ordered from, but it’s one of the few places for that long length. There’s a manufacturer’s guarantee, but it doesn’t do me any good without any paperwork

  347. Steve Dauzat says:

    I have purchased 3-50 ft. hoses and 4-25 ft. hoses. All 3 of the 50 ft. hoses and 1 of the 25 ft. hose busted to no end. My daughter and I literally got drenched both ended up with cold symptoms from the wetness and the cool air. This is far the truth than the advertisement being relayed to the public. With the cost of the hoses, shipping and handling, besides the aggravation, I hope other customers find that it is not worth buying this product unless there is major change in the quality of the pocket hoses. This has been wasted money and the trust of this company for me and hope other customers learn from these complaints.

  348. Barbara Watrous says:

    I have 3 of these “amazing” hoses. What amazes me about them is I don’t see how they can leak more water than what comes thru the hose. Don’t have receipts but am hoping Wal- Mart will take them back.

  349. Marshall Reeves says:

    I bought a pocket hose at a Home Depot. Brought it home , hooked it up, turned it on, plastic had a cut in it. Very bad Quality control from the manufacturer. I will take it back and hopefully get my money back and will not purchase another one. Just can’t believe everything you see on TV!

  350. gary varner says:

    Bought two hoses both were 75 foot, they both leaked and one busted.

  351. vester D. says:

    Three days ago I bought three pocket hose’s and when I hooked it up and turned the water on I found a small pin hole in the hose about one foot down from the facet. the second hose had a hair line crack by the shut off valve on the hose and the third on also had two hole’s about half way the hose. to me it seam’s like the hose’s are poorly made . I will admit they are nice and lite weight easy to use but I would not recommend it to anyone.

  352. Mark says:

    Had it for a couple weeks. Started leaking where the green hose goes into the plastic end. Turned it on two more times and it was squirting water everywhere. Had to throw it out!!!

  353. CYPRIEN D CHASSE says:

    I bought a pocket hose and I used it 3 times. The 3rd time it blew up in my face . I have low pressure and I don’t know why this happened. At my age 81 I would have like this for my garden. Where can I get a new one back without having to send this back and pay some more money?

    • John says:

      I’m on my third one from Bed bath and Beyond. I walked in the door with my busted one and the clerk just pointed to the stack of new ones. I threw the junk one on the counter and I was gone. I would imagine the retailer that you purchased it from will do the same.

  354. Mr Ward says:

    I brought 4 of the hoses. They did not last a week. All 4 burst with big holes. The last I will buy any those hoses. I went back to what works.

  355. James Lenhart says:

    I love the product. I have three 50 footers. It is all it is advertised, however I am having a problem with ruptures right at the coupling on both ends.

  356. Susan Hitti says:

    We purchased 3 pocket hoses. They all sprung a leak within a couple days. What a scam. I can’t believe they haven’t been pulled from the market.

  357. Jim L says:

    This Pocket Hose is the biggest scam I have ever experienced! I bought 2 50 foot lengths one month ago. At first, they both worked great! All in one day, both leaked, and I mean in big gushes at the connecting points. They cannot be repaired, because you can’t find anything that will repair them. They are cheaply made in China. What else could one expect??

  358. David says:

    Purchased a 50ft pocket hose and after 10 minutes it bursted at the outlet. Save your money and purchase a good quality rubber hose. This has been the worst product I have ever purchased. The inside hose is cheap plastic and after inspection, I am surprised it lasted 10 minutes.

  359. Rose Ashby says:

    I purchased one of these 50 ft pocket hoses and the 3rd time I used it the end popped off. I was very careful not place a lot of pressure immediately on this thing anyway each time I used it. I am so disappointed in this product. I think it is terrible how people spend their hard earned money and get such quality. I purchased this hose because I have extreme back arthritis issues and thought it would be a great instead of dragging out the old rubber hose being so difficult. What a joke. Now the next joke is I accidentally shredded my receipt just a few days before and now am stuck with this useless thing I purchased from a Drug Store Chain. Apparently these things weren’t tested because they sure would not have passed to be sold on the market.

  360. Nita Baer says:

    Was so excited when I purchased my POCKET hose. Brought it home and connected it right away. It leaked like crazy ! Not only in one place but in three places. I was trying to loosen and then tried to tighten it, all in hopes that it would stop leaking. In doing so …it broke. Therefore I was not able to return it to the store . I was so disappointed because the hose is so light weight, so I bought another one. Guess what?? The same thing happened only in different places. This is just crazy. The hose is going back and I will NOT buy another one.

  361. ms cyberspace says:

    Pocket Hose is CRAP… DO NOT BUY IT. Had it for about a month. Worked great for about 3 weeks. Then I noticed a small leak no big deal. Then a few days ago I went to water my lawn and half of the hose has leaks and I hardly get any water pressure. I will never buy this again.

  362. Diane says:

    Bought 2 Pocket Hoses and received 1 as a gift. All three burst after one or two uses. My son and son-in- law had the same experience. Do not waste your money on the pocket hose.

  363. Carole Mineau says:

    Had our Pocket Hose for 4 months and today in less than 5 minutes 3 holes appeared in it. Will not purchase another one.

  364. Bob Callahan says:

    I decided to buy a pocket hose for a camping trip we just got back from. Well, i hooked the hose up and watched it grow in length as shown on TV. I sprayed a few things off I needed cleaned and set about setting up the rest of our campsite. While taking a break we noticed that there was a puddle of water near where the hose was. I investigated and saw that the hose had split and was leaking profusely rendering this hose completely useless. I had to throw it away. It cost me $20.00 to use a hose for about a minute. Something is wrong with this picture. Now, I ask; how do I get my money back?

  365. Mollie Bair says:

    I will not purchase another one of these hoses. They do not roll up as shown on TV. We bought two so that we could take these with us when camping. Used one day and where water hose connects to house, they blew holes in them.

  366. Bob says:

    Great Idea Bad connector design and lousy quality !!!

  367. susan says:

    I was so excited when I received the pocket hose as a mother’s day gift. Worked great till yesterday. Was watering the garden and it exploded. Great idea but bad product. What a waste of money. Could have bought a regular hose for less and had it for 2-3 years.

  368. kelly breen says:

    This product is a piece of crap. I bought 6 of them and within 2 1/2 weeks 4 of them started leaking making them worthless.

  369. Sandra Hussain says:

    I had my pocket hose I ordered from Publisher’s Clearing House for just two weeks, then it burst wide open, I wish I had my money back, I paid $27.00 for it.. A huge waste of money and so disappointed. I will write consumer’s report on this matter & BBB. Don’t buy this crap!

    • davejohnson says:

      We bought 2 at Bed & Bath had to take back, both leaked. Went to Home Depot to check what they had. They said the had 12, returned in one day. We finally bought a flexable hose — they work fine.

  370. Ross Winters says:

    My girlfriend and I bought two fifty FT pocket hoses and they work great for a little while. Then One of the hoses burst in my hands. The hose looks like someone packed it with explosives. It’s useless. Lasted about two months.

  371. Larry Cooley says:

    Guy on ” Home Improvement” should be ashamed, this thing is a piece of crap. They should have to give everyone their money back.

  372. Larry Cooley says:

    I thought since that dude that use to be on the show ” Tool Time ” advertised this it would be a good product. It is a piece of crap, didn’t last a month. SAVE YOUR MONEY and buy a regular hose.

  373. MARTIN GRAWL says:


  374. Donna says:

    We bought one and it started leaking, back it went. So we tried another one it did the same thing so back it went. Did not try anymore. This product is not worth the money or hassle.

  375. Dave says:

    The pocket hose is just that, it is always taking money out of your pocket because it doesn’t last. It comes apart at the hose ends and by all means don’t drag it across the driveway. It will spring a leak in no time. I would not recommend this hose to my worst enemy.

  376. Cecil Patmon says:

    This may be the shoddiest construction of a retail product I’ve ever seen. I bought two of these hoses in one week. The first had pin holes in it out of the package, and split at the seam on the second use. Returned it to Walmart and got another with similar results, only this time there are leaks in the nozzle connector and additional pin holes along the length of the hose. I fully intend to notify the Attorney General of my state because this is fraud pure and simple.

  377. Frank says:

    Our pocket hose sprung a leak after just one month of use. My neighbor had to buy 3 before finding one that did not leak. The material does not hold up to the water pressure.

  378. Steve Sleboda says:

    Do not buy this hose. I have had four of them go bad soon after I bought them. Two of them the plastic couplings leaked. The other two the hose split, one of them right out of the box. The retailers Offered to replace the hoses but what good does that do if they don’t work.

  379. Karoline says:

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of the company that makes pocket hose? I have had two of these burst and one of them when it busted it hit my 3 year old son. I will never buy one of these again. I want the company to know that they can cause damage when they burst.

  380. George Lent says:

    I purchased my first POCKET HOSE from Bed Bath and Beyond some 2 months ago and the very first time I put water into it, it leaked from no less than six places. I returned it to the store where it was purchased, 10 miles away, and was given another in it’s place. Upon use, it functioned well, as good as a hose can, I suppose. I was then informed that I would have to have a kidney removed and I coiled the hose up and shut off the water supply. It has been about 3 weeks since that time and I just came in from trying to water the shrubs and flowers about the homestead and lo and behold, the hose was spewing water from the joint of attachment in volume unbelievable!!!

    Needless to say, I have had it with this piece of crap and will shout it to the heavens what an absolute waste and rip-off it is. I will not even bring it back to get an exchange or refund; it’s not worth the cost of gas to travel to the store.

    I will make it a point to let every person that I know, what a scam you are shilling to the public and let them know what kind of trash you are selling!!!

    With little respect,

  381. Richard Boswell says:

    I purchased a 100ft pocket hose and within a week it sprung a leak at the connection to the house. I had to cut the hose, remove the metal clamp and reattach the hose the female end with another clamp. Within a week after that it sprung a pinhole leak in the middle of the hose. I found this product substandard to say the least.

  382. Elizabeth Clay says:


    We bought 3 of these at Wal Mart. All broke at the seam after a month of use. We made certain not to leave the water on when the hose was not being used, so water pressure build-up is not the problem with this item. The Pocket Hose is a defective product. I do not recommend anyone wasting their money on this.

  383. mark says:

    Lousy product. Hose leaks. Fittings break, and only after a few weeks use.purchased four of them and no difference. DON’T BUY.

  384. sherry jones says:

    I have bought 4 hoses, reason being they leak within 2 months of use at the hydrant connection from hose connector to the hose, not at connector to the hydrant itself. I do appreciate the lightness of hose. I bought 2 hoses and both leaked at same area within 2 days of each other. I replaced both, however I just went to front yard to start watering and same ole same ole as other 2. Very disappointed now I am out about $80.00. Bad news I have to go back to the old heavy and kinky hoses!! Burnt once shame on you burnt twice as I was shame on me.

  385. linda blanchard says:

    I purchase two pocket hose and both of them burst at the seam. I purchased both at a Wal-mart store. I don’t know if I want to try another one at $20.00 a pop.

  386. normajean says:

    I love the pocket hose all but one problem—the round part that screws onto faucet is not strong enough and it leaks and eventually breaks—I went to pocket hose site and Telebrands but they have no web site that you can register a complaint-just phone numbers. The leak is where the green hose fits into the plastic at the spigot–like the hose fix the problem.

  387. Sandra Bales says:

    I bought four 50′ pocket hoses and all four of them busted within six months. And that is with minimal use and very low water pressure turned on. Very cheap material.

  388. Ted Scribner says:

    Bought two 50 foot pocket hoses to make it easier for my 70 year old wife to water her flowers. They were a big improvement over the heavy rubber ones until my wife forgot one night to turn off the water at the faucet. Shortly thereafter, one of the hoses ruptured. I realize that the instructions said not to leave the hoses under pressure, but you would think that they would be substantial enough to withstand a few hours when one forgets. That was not the case, so suffice it to say, I have bought my last Pocket Hose.

  389. Robin Bendler says:

    My husband and I bought 4 hoses and all 4 broke within 2 weeks. Would not recommend this product to anyone.

  390. Joe Mironack says:

    Placed an internet purchase for three (3) 100 foot pocket hoses for my horse ranch in Montana. They had more than one way to contact me by phone, email and mail. They choose to send me six (6) 50 foot hoses and a little slip of typed message paper that the were doing that because the 100 foot ones were not available.

    What they should have done was contacted me 1st to see if that was acceptable, but they didn’t. Then I called their 855 toll free phone number and spoke to a girl with a thick English Pakistan accent annoying me terrible with her polite “I am very sorry to her that Mr. (me) line over and over again.

    Sending the 6, 50 foot hoses, back for a credit on my credit card and hope it doesn’t get worse. Asking them to notify me when the 100 foot ones are available.

    • Elizabeth Clay says:

      Joe-Were I you, I would cancel the order. These hoses are a waste of money. They are great for about 1 month; after that, they rupture. This is a classic case of “CAVEAT EMPTOR”-buyer beware.

  391. richard cassat says:

    Bought 3 hoses. So far 2 of them have split open. Each one had only been used twice. The first one even had a small hole in the male end which I fixed using plumbers tape. I’m sure this was a factory defect. I work in a marina and have talked many boat owners into buying them. (we don’t sell them.) I hope they have better luck then I’m having.

  392. allen bertelsen says:

    Worst product I’ve ever purchased! Don’t buy the pocket hose !I’ll spend my money on a hose that works! I’m not going to say anymore, if you want to waste your money buy a pocket hose they suck!

  393. Jane says:

    They burst, had 4 of them they all leaked. Wasted money only had them for a week. Need improvement stop wasting people hard earned money.

  394. Scott says:

    Pocket Hose quality is terrible. We have tried several, and we have had bad leaks near the top where assembled, plastic lever break, and more problems, they are really badly built terrible quality,, just hunk.. they work, and are light, but are total junk… the commercials are misleading because they try to show they are built strong which are all outright lies!

  395. Darlene says:

    Don’t waste your money. I have a 25 foot and a 50 foot. The 50 foot spring a leak at the black connection the first time I used it. The 25 foot is of no use to me since I have more than that area to cover. Taking it back even though I don’t have the container or receipt.

  396. Reilly Zoda says:

    Complete rip off. Got mine at Target and hope I can get it refunded. Concept is so good; light weight, no kink, good pressure. By 4th use the water was coming completely out of the join, not the nozzle. A real disappointment.

  397. Rick says:

    Don’t waste your money. Total garbage. After using it a couple of times it sprung leaks all over. The inside must be made out of balloon material. Total junk

  398. G. Jones says:

    I also purchased two of these for the myself + son, both great for about 5 weeks, then the black fitting started leaking and broke away, major leak. can not be fixed. Check the Pocket Hose website, the return policy is with in 30 days. I purchased both at a retailer with same return policy. Screwed

  399. Janet says:

    We bought 4 of these hose’s & in the first 2 weeks one sprung a leak, so I returned it to Walmart & she said a lot is being returned. Then after a month the second one tore & started to leak, that to got returned. I had no problem returning them. We came to the conclusion that they are only good for a small patio where they won’t be drug across the lawn. So far so good with the one off our bedroom patio. We also put the last one in our travel trailer (it won’t get to much use) it’s small & lightweight to store. My daughter also bought one & her’s popped in less than 2 weeks. It’s a great idea but really needs to be made from a type of material made to be drug around a yard.

  400. MELINDA says:

    I thought this was going to be the wonder hose as it is advertised. Boy was I wrong. First off it does not retract like they say or show on TV. I used it for almost a month and thought it was going to be a good hose till it swelled up on me and burst hitting me in the arm. A friend of mine had one that she hadn’t used yet so she said I could have it and see if it was better than the one I paid $20 for, so I tried it and it did the same thing burst in about a week. And to make it worse you cannot get a hold of anyone to make a complaint or request your money back. I will never buy one of these again and will be spreading the word about how faulty they are.

  401. Janette says:

    Fortunately I got mine at Walmarts. I had 3. The first one had a leak in it right off. The second, the black plastic piece at the head broke off. Then the 3rd one exploded. Being I got them at Walmarts, I was able to get my money back. I didn’t have the receipt to return the last and chaulk it up to a loss of $12.95, something like that. Stop buying stuff off tv and try to get things from places where you will get your money back.

    These green hoses are a knock off of a very good USA made Blue one. QVC or HSN, some shopping network warned about the green China ones exploding and was selling the Blue ones. They are much more expensive at around $45. each, but being money back easy and that they are better quality, if you can find the Blue ones, try them out, but make sure you buy from a store and not off the internet or television commercial. I believe the Blue ones are made here in the USA, not sure.

    • Janette says:

      I know I said not to buy off tv or internet, but QVC and HSN or the others that are easy to get a refund from you can rely on. Just the off late tv infomercials you need to stay away from. Just buy the Blue ones. Go onto the web sites of the shopping networks and you may find them in the gardening selection. I am going to buy a couple of the Blue ones later.

  402. pat hagen says:

    This product is a rip off, used it about 3 times sprung a leak, sealed it up and got another leak. will never buy another one, it’s a scam

  403. R.Morrison says:

    Pocket Hose is junk. The guarantee runs for thirty days. The hose died in thirty five.

  404. laura bridgford says:

    I do not recommend this hose. Once you do what is says to get the hose to expand , it starts retracting the minute you open the nozzle. Had I not gotten it dirty I would of returned this in a heartbeat.

    • Janet says:

      Our Walmart returned 2 of them with no box & filthy from dirt. My daughter bought one also & her’s popped & she returned to Walmart also & she didn’t have her receipt, they said no problem they are getting them back as fast as they are selling them???

  405. Teague says:

    Yep. Bought one myself and within a couple days, started leaking profusely from between the hose and the plastic end that screws onto the spigot. It is lightweight and easy to store, but when your house gets soaked because of the spewing, that’s no good.

    I must say I feel ripped off. Had to work over 2-1/2 hours just to pay for something that doesn’t work. Might as well have thrown that money in the trash —

  406. Suzan Zambrano says:

    Bought the 50 foot pocket hose in May of this year, one month later it’s already broken. The end that connects to the faucet leaks. I loved the concept, it was great . I’m not the only person to have problems. My friend bought one before me and theirs malfunctioned as well.You need better quality control. and no way is this the same hose material that fireman use,they would go broke, because it would only them last a week at the most. I think the material is to cheap. A stronger material that can withstand water pressure is needed. If it can’t stand the water pressure that comes out of my faucet, not way can it take the water pressure from a fire truck or fire hydrants.

  407. Grace says:

    My husband purchased a pocket hose for me and I was so happy. That was over a month ago. Now I am terribly disappointed. The seep around the nozzle was the first to go. To day I was using it and the seem my the nozzle exploded and another rip in the hose blew out. I was hit with a burst of water and lost my footing and fell. I now only made my existing condition of arthritis and fibromyalgia worse but I scarped my knee and arm.

    I cannot find a place to lodge my complaint to the company. But there product is far from what they say it is. It’s cheap and falls apart with minimal use. If anyone knows where I can send my complaint to the company, please help.

  408. JON HOULIHAN says:

    My pocket hose, while expanding to its` full length ruptured. I can not get to speak with someone about getting a replacement or refund because there are no human beings to answer a phone call. How does one get in touch with a PERSON???

  409. Bob Scouler says:

    I purchased a 50′ Pocket Hose. Loved it! Doesn’t quite retract like it shows on TV, but it is still very handy and extremely LIGHT!! Does hang very easily. Now here’s my gripe. The ends are extremely light weight and “Cheap”. Have broken two. Fix that and you have a winner!

  410. Richard Dauphinais says:

    Be warned… Do not buy this hose. I was stupid enough to buy something that was made in China. I bought two of these amazing hoses. They lasted about a month before one exploded on me. It blew though the seam and the plastic fitting on one side hit me in the face. I will deal with that one later. Before this happened I bought two more because I thought these were the second coming of Christ. After the second day using the two new ones they both developed cracks/leaks on the fittings. Then yesterday the one blew up in my face. I will be contacting my lawyer on that one… Buyer beware on this product…

  411. Nancy Anderson says:

    I purchased the pocket hose and the second time I used the hose it started leaking in four different places. I exchanged the first one because I did like the convenience of it, but after using the second one a few times it did the same thing again. I even tried to be extra careful with the hose when using and storing it. I am returning it and will never buy another one. A real scam. Ten year warranty, the hose didn’t even last 1 month.

  412. R Leszczynski says:

    Purchased one from Home Depot. Started leaking on Day 2. It’s now been 2 weeks and there are at least 6 holes in the hose, one in the plastic housing, and one in the on/off switch. Junk…do not buy.


    This product is a rip off. I purchased and used only once and it ripped to shreds and flooded my whole restaurant.

  414. Vickie says:

    This thing is so bad but my husband and I are still trying to get a good one. We purchased 2 50 ft. ones on sale at Home Depot for $14.99 each. Got them home the one in the front yard was ok for a few days then started pouring water out of the section where our nozzle connected to the hose and the on/off switch had a crack in it. So we took it back then got it home and the other one went and did the same thing 3 days later. So, took it back to Home Depot. They have no problem refunding or exchanging them by the way and decided to try another one. NOW the other one just did the same thing. Well I just want our money back but my husband loves it when it work, and so do I but he wants to try to exchange it one more time. But when it works its great. But there is a definite defect in them. Home Depot return person told me they get alot of returns and exchanges on them. You make your choice to buy or not.

  415. david omelia says:

    What a piece of crap. It worked for approx. 2 to 3 minutes before the plastic part that the you put the nozzle on came off and I got covered with water. This is by far the worst garden hose I have ever bought. If I got it for free it would have been to much.

  416. Anthony Essex says:

    This is exactly as Orgreenic Non-Stick Fry Pans. When you see a good product ware out; then you see this thing that is touted to last forever for $19.95. I bought both of these at Rite Aid and they were great at giving me back my money.

    The Trojan Condom Company should create a shorter version of this hose for guys that like to brag. Wow, I bet you would like to see that “blow out” on a Video!

    Another peeve of mine is the term used for astonishingly simple solutions for your Health, Finance and Social & Political Problems. This is it: “Try This One Weird Trick”. This goes for Discount Auto Insurance; Belly Fat; Picking Up Loose Women; Picking Up Loose Men; Making Your first Million Dollars. If this is such a “Weird Trick”, why does it take a convoluted 30 to 75 minute Video to try to sell it to you? (Did Pavlov’s dog take this long to teach Salivation to?)

    Then there are “the five secret words” that will get your local Bank to hand over Silver like it was nothing? I am sure that it would be, “I need some rolled coins” and the rest is up to you! This little program probably uses a ten-minute plus video, (at the least). You would think their secret was a Cancer Cure or something that would allow you to speak with the Dead!

    Why don’t you people just admit that your “One Weird Trick” is trying to dredge the Internet for Micro-Cephalic Morons whom can buy these Crap-tastic Products and fill your bank Account!

  417. Judy hong says:

    TERRIBLE. Worthless what a ripoff

  418. richard smith says:

    Bought two hoses and both have sprung leaks after a couple of weeks, and not from any type of abuse. Very defective product. Neighbors hose leaks too.

  419. Jo Holland says:

    I bought the 75 ft and got a second 75 ft for “free?” just pay shipping and handling. Anyhow it cost me over $50 for these 2 hoses. One is still working but I am extremely careful with it. I have one in my backyard and one in my front yard. The front yard hose was only used TWICE and then it burst and sprang water from where it was connected to the faucet on the third attempt to use it.

    It’s Sunday so I haven’t tried to contact Pocket Hose yet. They say they have a ten year guarantee? After reading all the other complaints I feel very angry! I really liked the hose but if it isn’t going to last much longer and one is all ready finished…what’s the use? I’m older and like others my age, I fell for the ad as it seemed to be the answer to watering a big yard!

    I hope my credit card company will help in a dispute. I’ve found another similar hose that has brass fittings. Wonder if that would be more durable?

    Oh well, guess we all helped the economy and China.

  420. Sally Hall says:

    This is a terrible product. I received it for Mother’s Day, followed the directions exactly, have used it 3 times and it is leaking PROFUSELY where the material meets the black plastic connector. It’s going in the trash. My husband wasted $20.00 on this.

    • Shirley says:

      I bought Pocket hose from Walmart a month ago. It bursts a hole after I use it 3 times. Took it back to Walmart and got a gift card back for the amount I’ve paid for the hose. Walmart said they are sold out of the Pocket hose. I bet you lot’s of customers are returning the JUNK hose back. A piece of trash that they are selling to customers. I rather use my old heavy hose, at least I know my old hose would not leak on me.

  421. Anne says:

    I sure wished I had found this site before I bought my hoses. I have not even received mine and they already have the money for it. Now I am worried I won’t get my money back, over $82. for 4 sets. I was going to give them for gifts but after reading all these reviews think better of it. I did got to Pockethose.com and bought them..now I cannot communicate with them at all because the phone number given is just a tease..they have no way of communicating with them..no email or phone. What do you do when you are stupid enough to buy before research?

    • Pam says:

      When I got to their website there were 2 toll free numbers, and the 800 # worked, but didn’t get anywhere, the rep told me to go back to the place I bought it, that they would do something for me! The hoses I bought, all the shut off valves leaked, they sprung a leak in the plastic, and the shut off valve broke off 2 of them already.

    • kathy says:

      I wish I had too. I just got off the phone with a customer service rep. who was not even a nice person! Then I found this website. As I was typing this, someone called me back about the problem. She practically hung up on me when I told her I found this site. Ignorant!!!

    • Janet says:

      Maybe you can dispute it with the credit card company. I bought 4 of them at our Walmart (they sell them everywhere here) 2 have sprung a leak I returned with no problems & they were filthy from dirt, & 2 are still going . They are good just for a patio or small area where it won’t get drug around. My daughter bought one & her’s popped & her walmart returned it without the box or a receipt. Walmart told me they have gotten so many returns on them.

  422. Nicole Smith says:

    Bought three of them and they bursted she likes them because . They are not heavy but do they have to make them so cheap. Start making things better and can last

  423. Curt says:

    I got a 75ft and 50ft hoses as gifts. The 75ft burst a few days after use. The 50ft lasted 2 weeks then burst.

    As gifts I don’t know how to get a refund.

  424. Tonya Maisey says:

    This is the WORST product ever I have had to replace two in as many weeks. I am taking the third one back for a refund. It leaks at the on off switch and it busts in the center very CHEAP. I should have known better it is made in China.

  425. Sheri Clinkenbeard says:

    I bought one, my sister bought one, also my niece. All of them sprang a leak in less than three weeks and not repairable. There advertisement is such an untruth. I paid 28.00 dollars for mine and the others 19.99. All of us say don’t fall for there scam what a disappointment for all of us. We want our money back. DO NOT BUY ONE.

  426. bobbi woitte says:

    What a piece of junk! (& I was stupid enough to buy three!) They leak! They balloon up & explode! Where can I get my money back?

  427. wanda carter says:

    I have purchased 3 hoses and they have all burst. Can my money be refunded.

  428. wanda carter says:

    I have purchase 3 Pocket Hoses, they have all broken.

  429. Terri says:

    I ordered the “deluxe” 100′ hose because we live on a farm. When I received the package, I was informed the “deluxe” was not available and they sent the “regular” version. And it was not 100′, they sent 2 50′ hoses.

    They did adjust the price, but it’s not what I ordered. I went thru the same thing 5 months ago and returned the hoses. Thought I’d try it again, hoping to get the “deluxe” and have decided they don’t even carry the “deluxe.” Would this be considered a bait & switch scam.

    I am not looking forward to calling customer service because it is a nightmare to try and reach a REAL person.

    I will NEVER try this again.


  430. Anita Zarrabi says:

    Do Not Purchase this product. After only five uses, the hose busted and can no longer be used. Poorly tested product! Waste of money! I expected at least a little quality – but was disappointed instead! Don’t waist your money!

  431. Harry Hall says:

    Leaking middle of hose, very little use.

  432. Martha says:

    I am a senior lady and find the regular garden hoses very heavy and difficult to handle. I was so excited when I saw the commercial on TV and couldn’t wait to buy the 50′ Pocket Hose. Well, I couldn’t be more disappointed in the one I bought at a Rite Aid Store in N. California. I used it only a dozen times to water garden flowers and wash my car and the last time I used it, it sprung a pinhole leak about 5′ from the nozzle caused by a sticker weed. I returned it to the store and received a refund. I will not buy another one of these hoses and will caution my friends not to buy one either. Somebody didn’t do their homework before putting it on the market.

  433. Cheri says:

    This is a piece of crap!!! I went thru 4 of them in a 2 week period. They all broke in different ways.. water build up in the middle popped the first one, 2nd one within 3 sec of turning the water on the on/off switch popped off.. 3rd one sprung a leak at the top of it and the 4th one the end of the nozzle just popped right off.. I have finally give up on finding one that works and exchanging them was starting to become a part time job so I settled for an in store credit at the place it was purchased..DO NOT FOR ANY REASON PURCHASE ONE OF THESE!!!! The concept behind them is great but they either rushed these to market without enough testing or just did not give a shit. I would have been willing to pay double the price for a hose like this if it had been better made!

  434. Bill Twigg says:

    Pure junk. Ordered two and used one and after three to four uses the end connection blew off. The other problem yet to be resolved is trying to return these items for credit. Impossible to talk to a real person and their website only allows you to check order status. They provide a “800” number but only for orders and order status. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS JUNK.

  435. K Coleman says:

    LOVE it ! $ 20 for 50 feet of hose.I have 3 Mine has lasted for over a month. I saved my receipt in the box. Then went and bought a spare so that when and if first one goes bad, I will simply return. I don’t expect to much for a $ 20 water hose. I think it the best product since sliced bread ! But, I will say that I believe some people have to much pressure for this type of hose. All 3 of mine have a pin hole in the part that screws off where the off on switch is but I left it on and put a spray nozzle on. I kinda think it my be some type of pressure relief ???? Any hoot, I love my Pocket Hose ;)

  436. angela says:

    Bought my first hose at bed bath and beyond, the on/ off nozzle broke the first time turning it on, exchanged for another and that one lasted about 2 weeks before it blew out, the big clear bubble burst and water went everywhere. I love the concept of this hose however it just does not work as it is made of cheap materials. I won’ t buy another one and I do NOT recommend.

  437. Debra says:

    Pocket hose didn’t even last a month, leaks all over from the top. Junk!!

  438. Robert Burrell says:


  439. Sherrill Munn says:

    The 50 ft does not nearly go to 50 ft, I had a regular hose of 50 ft;. that extended way into my garage, this one ended at the side of the house, way short! otherwise, works good.

  440. donna says:

    Bought the pocket hose (50 ft) at Walgreens. Had it for about 3 weeks, worked great, no leaks, until it blew a hole in itself midway on it…CRAZY! Will not buy another, chalking this one up to a odd learning experience. this hose is a great idea, but poorly made. Hope its like many products and we will soon see the “NEW AND IMPROVED” label on it with a better guarantee.

    • Denise says:

      I too bought mine at local store. It was a 50ft. hose &it worked great for about 3 weeks. Then one evening went to use it as always to water flower bed & BANG it sprung a HUGE leak! It poured out of the seam about 10 inches or so from the top but, you can tell that the malfunction was the hose itself. It must have burst or split inside & the water just gushed out.

      Will return this for another because being someone who has had a stroke it was light weight and easy to handle. BUT, if the next one springs a geyser or malfunctions I will mot purchase another.

  441. Roberta Carel says:

    REALLY,REALLY disappointed in the Pocket Hose (50ft.) that I purchased at The Home Depot in Corona, Ca. I have so far returned the hose for an exchange four times. !st. hose “blew out”,2nd. hose had a cracked nozzle so sprayed all over, 3rd hose also a tiny crack and sprayed everyone (replaced it with a metal nozzle and was okay for two weeks then “blew out” again while I was using it. Returned it again, hooked up my 4th.hose and as soon as the hose filled up and stretched out, it “blew out” again.

    What I’ve spent in gas back and forth to Home Depot (who has been very cooperative in exchanging this product) plus my time has left me extremely frustrated. Guess I will return it for the 5th. time and go back to the old type hose or try a different brand other than Telebrand Pocket Hose. Something is wrong with this picture. How could it have gotten such good reviews with Consumer Services ????(who I will also be contacting)

  442. carol clasen says:

    Will never purchase again… didn’t last a month! leaks all up and down the stupid hose. No refund.


    How stupid we are to FALL for these COMMERCIALS!

    Angry in California.

    • ROSA says:


  443. Jim says:

    Had my Pocket Hose for one month. It did shrink up after use to a small enough size to store in a small bucket but after a month of watering my garden it popped a big hole and I had to throw it away.

  444. Jan says:

    We purchased (2) 25 ft. and (2) 50 ft. hoses in early May of this year. We were amazed at how this hose worked and at first were very happy with the results. My husband showed anyone that came to the house. We found that the one 50 ft. hose was leaking and tried various ways to try fixing it so that it could be used. After trying everything including using new clamps etc that you normally would use to fix any hose, we found that there is no way these hoses can be fixed and threw it away. You need to inform the general public that no matter how very careful you are with these hoses that they probably should be considered a “throw away” and may or may not last part of or even a whole season of use.

  445. kristen says:

    I purchased the Pocket Hose and really like it at first. So I went back and bought another one. And not but a few months of use and both are broken, UNUSABLE!
    on the first hose, the plastic turn valve used to open and close the water flow broke off. Now it squirts you in the face every time you turn it on.

    On the other, the outer green cloth covering ripped in half and exposed the inner rubber tube. This exposed area blows up like a water balloon and eventually it too will break and send water flying everywhere.

    This product is NOT Good Quality! I will not purchase it again! I tried to get my money back and as it turns out, they only offer that for 30 days. And the big 10 year warranty is only if you want to get another one of the crazy things… they will send you a replacement hose. NO THANKS!

  446. Mac McAlister says:

    Purchased 4 @ Wal Mart 3 of the 4 blew out with numerous pin hole leaks. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!

  447. MaxChalmers says:

    DO NOT BUY THROUGH POCKETHOSE.COM. They DO charge your card or bank account immediately and if you have any problems with the order you get a run around. If you really want this hose, go to a local store. The website is a sham!

  448. jackie says:

    Bought it, hooked it up, water blew out the side,TAKING IT BACK!!!!!!!

  449. Tim says:

    Just think. Many people decided to buy one of these “hoses” because those same people were too lazy to buy a good hose only because it required them to roll it up. Now, doesn’t this prove that people are becoming lazier and lazier by the second?

    • Melissa says:

      This is not because people are lazy. Regular hose are heavy and cumbersome. I purchased one of these because I am a single mother and have huge yard to maintain in the spring/summer.

  450. Postal Lou says:

    Really disappointed with my my new pocket hose. First time use ruptured the clear plastic inner hose when I turned off the hose at the end while under pressure. I’m getting my money back from this piece of crap as soon as possible.

  451. Tim says:

    There a so many negative remarks about this hose that one has to wonder… Does anyone look at Reviews BEFORE they go out and purchase crap??

    • G. Smith says:

      I did read them before purchasing and WILL NOT be buying one. lol I thank all who put a review up on this site.

  452. Alex says:

    Recommended by 2 co-workers and apparently they do not use them much. Wish I would’ve read these posts before I bought one. Mine lasted for about a month. Sounded like a balloon popped and scared the poop outta me. Couldn’t return it without a box or receipt, so they got another sucker to spend $20.00 on a piece of poop that wound up in my trash can. Good riddance to bad rubbish… Last time I buy an as seen on tv deal.

  453. merle says:

    Simple… worst item we ever bought. Took back 4 before got one that still leaks at control ends. Don’t buy it, garbage products for us…thanks.

  454. jeff alford says:

    I purchased 3 of these hoses, the second time I used one the black adapter exploded, the plastic adapter broke into several pieces. I’m not feeling good about this product.

  455. W. Howland says:

    I to purchased two 50′ hoses. The first lasted about 40 minutes before the end blew off. The second lasted less than 30 minutes before exploding out the side near the center. The 2nd hose blew as I was using it to add water to a fish tank so now I know why they advise against using it inside. They know it only has about a one hour life expectancy for actual use. This is the worst product I ever purchased. Never use this hose if you actually need a hose to last for more than 30 minutes or where bursting might cause damage! ;~<

  456. melonie kobal says:

    Horrible! buy one get one free any size, I ordered a 50ft hose and paid 1/2 price for the 2nd. the first week the first hose sprung a leak right in the middle, used the 2nd hose and exact same location leak. Called customer service and they sent me the 1st hose replacement, 2nd hose replacement on back order. USED the 1st replacement hose AND SPRUNG A LEAK AGAIN!!!, guaranteed only if you save the original containers and its up to them, after they receive your return, to determine if a refund is warranted, if they do not agree with you-you get no refund, no replacement, nor will they send you back your item, so your OUT EITHER WAY!! DO NOT BUY HERE. All within a period from 5-1-13-6-10-13.

  457. MaryLee says:

    I accidentally dropped the nozzle and it broke. Now I can’t turn the water off and on. It is a cheaply made hose with plastic parts that are quite fragile.

  458. Carl Takahashi says:

    Is there a guarantee for the Pocket Hose. I know that the hose does not kink, but my hose broke at the hose fitting. I bought my pocket hose on 2/28/2013. I appreciate your help.

    Thank you.

  459. Sue says:

    I have two Pocket Hoses…..one in front and one in back yards. I loved everything about the Pocket Hose for a short time. It truly does everything as advertised. However, neither of my Pocket Hoses performed to my satisfaction. From the beginning, when I attached my sprayer, there was a major leak at the connection, even after putting new rubber washers in the sprayer. Not only did the hoses leak at the sprayer, one of them began to spray from the connection where the hose itself attaches to the female end. I wish these hoses had been all I expected them to be. I dread dragging out the old rubber hoses again!!! It could be one of the worst $19.99 I ever spent (twice).

  460. Lizzie says:

    Well, I hate to say it, but I love this hose. Why do I hate to say it? Because I will keep buying them even thought they blow up every month. The ease of use makes it so worth it for me. Of course, I’m hoping that eventually I’ll get the ‘good’ one : )

  461. Bonnie Bailey says:

    I purchased one of these hoses last week on vacation. I can’t return it though without driving hours round trip. The first time I used it the little nozzle switch leaked some. I could live with that. The second time I used it the whole side blew out and it soaked me before I could get it shut off. I will never recommend this hose to anyone!!!

  462. Cynthia May says:

    What a disappointment! I purchased two (sucker that I am). The first one had a miss-shaped hose connection, so it would not twist on the hose bib. The 2nd one exploded the 2nd time I used it. I would return them, but I didn’t open the package for at least 30 days after I received them. Thus voiding the warranty…. There goes $50 bucks that I could really use.

    I will never purchase from As Seen on TV again. Total rip-off.

  463. dale says:

    Your hose sucks. I had one for two months. I went to use it the other day and water came out every where but the end. I have had regular hoses for three years or more and it’s still as good as the day I bought it. The Pocket Hose is not worth blowing to h. e. double hockey sticks and back. Thank you very much for stealing my money (notice the sarcasm.)

  464. Lorrie Oliver says:

    I too purchased two of these. One for my mother and one for me. Total waste of money!!! Broke the on/off knob on my moms and when I attached mine to my water hose AFTER reading the directions, it exploded on me. Never even got the chance to use it. I still have my receipt so it will be going back to the store!! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

  465. Mary Ann Hines says:

    I had purchased a 50 ft. pocket hose from a Walgreen’s store. It was fantastic for about a month. The plastic fitting that attaches to the hydrant has been the problem for both hoses. I returned the first hose when this happened and now I will return the second one for the same reason. Come on…put some metal fittings on these things! Is the glue bad….what gives?

  466. Andy says:

    Bought one of these pieces of junk at CVS, used it twice and it started leaking badly at the water connection. Took it back, got another and the same think happened again. This product is a sham.

  467. Jan says:

    Purchased two hoses and both have torn up with the nozzle end coming completey off. I would not recommend buying this product!

  468. Robert Meyers says:

    Hose worked well but within a month the hose leaked profusely at the fitting that connects to the outside spigot. It is a total waste of money.

  469. margaret says:

    Oh what fun!!! I bought the 50ft. pocket hose at Walmarts,had it for 2 month’s….The outer layer ripped open yesterday,then a big bulge formed,like a balloon,then it burst wide open!!! The little on/off thingy broke the 1st day! I loved that hose…..But will never buy another one!!

  470. maggie cash says:

    This hose was fantastic,until it exploded!! Scared the hell out of me!There is nothing more then a long balloon inside the cover! I live in Fl. and have never had a hose explode!! Be very careful people,you could get hurt!! Maggie

  471. Tammie says:

    I bought 2 of these hoses at Walmart and within a few months the first on broke at the joint so we put a different sprayer on it and couldn’t get it to stop leaking, the 2nd on split just below the valve. These are a wonderful idea but I’ll never buy another one.

  472. RACHEL says:

    I bought the pocket hose at Wal-Mart. Used it the first day and was excited it was light and easy to use my four year could handle it. I went to use it the next day and water gushed all over from the hose itself. I don’t know what could have happen in one day. But I will return it to the store and go back to the heavy clunky water hose I can trust.

  473. Lynn Moore says:

    I just bought one from Walgreens. I don’t know if it works or not because the little on/off switch broke as my husband was removing the tag! The employees at Walgreens warned us to save our receipt as the plastic end piece snaps off easily. I would have liked to have tried it once. He returned it and I’ll go back to the clunky garden hose. At least I know it works.

    Do NOT waste your money or time.

  474. Marian Milnor says:

    I purchased a 50 ft. pocket hose about 3 months ago. I really liked the way it worked and went and bought 2 more. The second 2 I bought were just a piece of junk. They both leaked so bad and would not hold any pressure to keep them inflated. I will not recommend to any one. Is there any way that I can get them replaced? If not they will get a very bad review from me.

  475. Linda Smith says:

    The first time I used the hose and turned on the water faucet, the whole end of the hose with nozzle blew off, ruining the hose and spraying me with water. Complete waste of money.

  476. Evy Goss says:

    We were so excited about the pocket hose and find, after 2 month, it leaks at both joints. We bought 2 and WILL never buy another. Cheap plastic on ends . I do not recommend

  477. Norman O. Bryant says:

    I purchased my hose at Wal-Mart, and have been very pleased with it. Recently I went to turn it on, and just below the connection to the faucet, the hose split right below the connection. I’ve only had the hose for a short time, and was disappointed that it gave out so quickly after all the hype on the commercials for its durability.

  478. DiAnn Pierce says:

    now I know why they give you one free (freight is extra of course). The first breaks in one week, then the second breaks about three days after that. What a joke and a disappointment to boot. A WASTE OF $50 DON’T PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.

  479. Becky Kukoski says:

    Total piece of crap. Bought 3 of these 50 foot hoses. 1st one worked like a champ, loved it. Bought another for the back yard. After 3 uses it developed pin holes and I blamed the cat for biting it. It did not explode but started leaking in one place like a sieve. Through it out. Bought a third hose, into this product not for 60 bucks. Third one started with the pin holes, spraying every where on the first use. Back to the 1st one…it flat exploded, tore a hole in the outer lining. It seems this hose cannot take any kind of pressure. If you are not constantly releasing the pressure it will start leaking or explode. Walmart in my town would not take it back, said we left it in the sun, our fault. Who would imagine a garden hose that cannot tolerate sun???? This product is a great idea but horrible design. Hope some one can figure out how to make this work because it is a wonderful space saver. As it stands right now, don’t waste your money.

    • BOB KOTICK says:

      On our third hose. 1st one squirted from pin holes at first use. 2nd one leaked water from below hose bib connection. 3rd one ok—-so far where can i return 1st and 2nd hose for rebate?

  480. Cory says:

    Very disappointed in this hose. I bought the heavy duty hose and it leaks at both ends. The couplings should be made of metal in my opinion. When you try to attach a plant sprayer it comes out in a dribble. Save your money and buy a regular hose. Contacted customer service and they offered to replace hoses, but I did not get any confirmation to that effect by e-mail. Costs more to send them back at this point. Not a happy customer!!!

  481. Bonnie Sanderson says:

    I purchased two 50′ pocket hoses and both blew out. I returned both hoses to the store where purchased and got a refund. While the concept is good, the hose components are of a poor quality. Manufacturer should go back to the drawing board. I would not recommend this product.

  482. Benedeane White says:

    I love the idea of the hose. However, I have had very little luck getting one to last more than 2 days. I have exchanged my hoses without any problems but it is getting old now. I purchased 3 hoses and I have exchanged 11. Picked up a new one yesterday, connected it this morning and it leaked as soon as the water was turned on.

  483. Tony says:

    I bought a 50ft pocket hose. The first time I turned it on, it exploded and got me all wet. I instantly threw it in the garbage can. It is a piece of junk. What a ripoff…..

  484. lois tracey says:

    The part with the open and close valve has a crack in it. And it is leaking. How do I get another valve?

  485. Jan Finn says:

    Total waste of money. Leaked from day one no matter what kind of nozzle I put on it. Then it split down the middle after about 2 weeks. Couldn’t find my receipt so I just have to accept “Lesson Learned”. SCAM!!!

  486. Holly says:

    Should have read these first… What a waste of money!! Leaks at both ends and sprays a fine mist the length of the hose…. I want my money back!!!!! I got 2 50fters….. I want my money back!! You ripped all of us off…..

  487. pat whitis says:

    I purchased a 100ft. hose and was in love with the convenience and weightlessness. Within 3 or 4 weeks of regular use, it exploded on me. What a waste. wish it was more durable and dependable. At my age being light weight was what I truly appreciated. My brother bought one and his exploded also, about three weeks into use. Perhaps a replacement could be considered.

  488. shelley says:

    Will watering my grass with this hose hurt my dog my grass or anything living.

  489. loren dittmeyer says:

    The pocket hose that my wife purchased turned out to be a waste of our money. First the control knob broke off when my wife was using it, secondly while using the hose I lost water pressure coming out of the hose and when checked the hose the seam about half when down split and all the water was coming out there. I thought about cutting that section out and splicing the hose but decided against that and tossed the hose in my garbage can where it is currently, so much for your great warranty which would probably take a year for any response from your company.

  490. Dee Bond says:

    The worst garden hose ever made. I purchased 2 of the 50 foot size and within two months they both were leaking from both end attachments and one had puncture holes in several places. IT does not shrink back to actual size after the first use and never ever will again. BUYER BEWARE!!

  491. Gene Bower says:

    Totally agree. It’s the biggest ripoff I’ve ever seen. I bought a 25 ft. and a 50 ft. hose. It didn’t take long for them to start leaking. I wouldn’t give you a nickel for these hoses. Really feel ripped off on this one. Big time. If you’re thinking of buying these hoses, take my advice, DON’T. Please DON’T.

  492. Connie says:

    I have purchased 2 Pocket Hoses that have spruge leaks. The idea is great the product not so great.

  493. Jane Maxwell says:

    I purchased the Pocket Hose (50 feet) from Bed, Bath & Beyond about 2 months ago. It worked really great until about a week ago, when, like so many of these other reviewers, the hose seal burst at the spigot attached end. Now it is totally useless. As with the others, I did not keep my receipt after about a week or two, so now I have paid $19.99 for something that is completely useless. How can we all get our money back on these?

  494. Beth says:

    This is the absolute worst product – ever. I purchased 2 of them early this year. The top assembly burst while I was watering the garden and the seam of the hose sprayed water everywhere. And, the shut-off toggle came off in a few pieces to boot. I thought perhaps it was just one bad hose so I bought a replacement for it. As I was watering the garden – using it for the first time today – the hose just below the coupling, started to balloon out and then popped spraying water everywhere. I have the receipt for one of them – the other 2 – wasted money. I would recommend to anyone – DON’T buy this product!

  495. Paul Marsala says:

    Just to day 6/4 I saw the ad on TV for pocket hose, saying it was guaranteed for 10 years, so I went to this site and read all these reviews with not one giving it a good or even close to good rating. Thank you, I will continue to use my 10 year old rubber hose, that kinks now & then but keeps on working.

  496. Betty Ward says:

    I purchased a 50 ft hose for washing cars. Was only used in the garage area but within two weeks, the hose started leaking. Didn’t save my receipt so could not take it back. Great idea, worked great as long as it lasted!

  497. Seth Parsons says:

    I bought the 50 footer at Home Depot and the hose seems to operate as advertised but the cut-off valve is a piece of junk. It leaked from the first use so I replaced it with one I had. If the hose doesn’t come apart at the connectors it s/b an okay product. It could, however be made much better.

  498. R. C. Butler says:

    I purchased two 50 foot pocket hoses. No matter how many times they are used a white foam comes out of the hose with the water. I hesitate to use these on anything we eat or for any animals since there is no way to find out why the hoses foam and information about the materials used. Now one hose leaks. I’m returning them. Realized in washing down my deck the water went into my rain barrels. Now I have to dump 150 gallons of water and scrub them clean before using them again! I will be buying potable water hoses instead.

  499. Gary Ernzen says:

    Bought two pocket hose s. 19.99 each, second time I used it became a super soaker. Cheap plastic connectors broke. Do Not Buy!!

  500. Tracey DeCowsky says:

    I’ve purchased 2 of these hoses. BOTH of them have broken. The first one broke where it was connected to the spigot from the house. Water started pouring out when I turned the water on and it wasn’t an issue of the connections being tight. The 2nd one just broke this morning as I was watering my plants. The fabric just disintegrated and the hose inside started swelling like a water balloon right below where I connected the spray nozzle. Needless to say, I’m very disappointed with this product and, as I purchased both over 2 months ago, I can’t return them to the store. Buyer Beware!!!

  501. Pam Smith says:

    Bought two, used first one for 2 minutes and the connecter on hose burst off leaving me soaked and hose squirming around my feel shooting water. The second one my husband used, worked great first time, second time the same thing happened – the connector on hose flew off and water everywhere until we could capture the hose. Two hoses bought – two hoses broke almost immediately. Don’t waste your money

  502. Lavita says:

    Loved this product, until today. It just started spraying water everywhere near the connection point of the spigot. I think I got more watered than my plants. I have only used it maybe a 1/2 dozen times. Definitely a design flaw. Love the concept but needs to go back to the drawing board and give people their money back. I don’t have my walmart receipt. :-(

  503. Debbie Davis says:

    Have only had my hose for 2 weeks and it already has turned into a soaker hose!!!! Do not recommend buying!!!!

  504. Bonnie Pan says:

    There is a darker green Flexible Hose https://www.flexablehoseoffer.com and a blue hose “X-Hose”. They all seem to do the same thing, just from different manufacturers. Has anyone tried one of these other color hoses??

  505. Brian Ahern says:

    This hose is garbage. Hose connection to plastic at head blew within the first five minutes when connected to an outdoor fitting.

    I will say again. Garbage

  506. john says:

    This hose is a pile of junk I am lucky to get three uses out of it before it bursts I am not sure the pocket hose has had any kind of quality control this is my 6th hose thank god Walgreen’s takes them back come on pocket hose do your testing before you take our money.

  507. Amy says:

    Used the 50′ for 2 months, liked it a lot, then it sprung a leak.

  508. KARIN HO says:

    I purchased a 50 foot pocket hose and really liked it. However after I used it 3 times, the hose made a bubble where the hose meets the nozzle and then the bubble broke which makes the hose useless.

  509. greg maloney says:

    I ordered and paid for my pocket hoses on 5/17 ($40.00) and never received them.

  510. mary ann says:

    The pocket hose does not come with any attachment for watering … Messy opening for watering … And no … No watering nozzle fits the opening at all…. None nada nothing works so that photo of a nozzle they show is a fake…. And they do not allow anyone to contact them by any means … The ph # they list is for ordering through an automated system … No contact… Ha

  511. Jim Wilcox says:

    I watched the demonstration on television and it looked great. I purchased a 25 foot and a 50 foot hose at Wal-Mart in Texas just before leaving in our motor home for Iowa & Wisconsin. When we arrived at a campground in Kansas I connected my new 25 foot hose to the coach and we left for dinner for about an hour and when we returned our new hose had blown apart in the center and water was running down the street. I, like so my others did not keep my receipt so we are stuck with both worthless hoses. I thought it was to good to be true and I was right. It looks like they are very poorly made. Another lesson learned!!

  512. Cheryl Ditzel says:

    As excited as we were when we so the T.V Ad for this hose we could not wait to buy one….Well what a disappointment – The 1st hose bought from Big Lots in Rochester NY worked great, we were unsure how good it would be so we only bought the 25ft hose.Awesome worked great just like the ad showed,now we want to add on to have a longer hose and what a joke.We have bought a total of 5 25ft hose from Walmart here in Batavia NY and everyone had to be returned – either it would not connect correctly and leak or it would leak further down the hose and the one we took back AGAIN to just plain out busted in the middle.When we got up to the return desk the young man said to us – Let me guess ” It leaks ” correct he was and stated that many of these hoses have been returned for that very reason..Because we do like the hose we will keep trying until we find one that does not leak when joined to the other,but when friends or family ask how we like the hose we are sure to tell the truth about it.Thanks for letting me comment, Cheryl D. June 1,2013

    • Bonnie Pan says:

      Don’t these come in longer sizes so that they don’t have to be joined together? I saw some that were similar, but not the light green color of this brand, and they were in 50 and 100 ft.

  513. PK Mills says:

    I own a small townhouse and full sized hoses take up a lot of room and are cumbersome. Thought my prayers had been answered by this product. Bought a 25′ at Home Depot (of course, not saving the receipt) and absolutely loved the hose, but I noticed that it was leaking at the little turn off thingy. I though “no big deal” until it EXPLODED after having it only for two weeks. EXPLODED! My kid was using it when it happened. Thank the Lord that she was not injured! Found this site when I was online looking to buy another and boy am I glad I did! I had thought that I had just gotten a faulty one and was prepared to repurchase. RUN FROM THIS PRODUCT!!!

  514. Delores Kimbrough says:

    I purchased a pocket hose and when we put it on our outside faucet it started to come apart. It started to tear on both ends before we could even use it. Definitely is not worth what I paid for it. I could buy a cheap hose and use it all summer and get more use out of it than this one. Not worth what I paid for it!!

  515. penny breslin says:


  516. Tammy says:

    I bought the 75 foot hose, was really excited. Used it about 2 weeks. Turned it on last week, the green material on the outside disintegrated and a large bubble formed in the rubber hose. Before I could set the hose down and turn the water off it exploded, literally. There was a large boom followed by a rather complete soaking. I also have a burn mark across the whole width of my arm where the rubber hit me when it exploded. Not only are these devices worthless they are also very dangerous. Imagine if it had been a child using the hose and not an adult. If you value your safety stay as far away from these things as you can.

  517. ricki allen says:

    I purchased the 50ft hose I was pretty excited to get it home got it all hooked up turned on the water that was a month ago im still waiting for it to shrink back to its original size never did now today when I turned the water on to water my plants the hose blew apart at the seam the water pressure really sucks here maybe 30lbs at the most I live about a 1000 ft of the main road so its not the pressure that blew it apart I am very unhappy with this product I will never buy another

  518. Sandi Pond says:

    I purchase the pocket hose at Kmart brought it home only to find out I guess you need a special nozzle for it, I have bought 3 still leaks like a sieve, it was so nice having a hose that I didn’t have to fight with, even got used to being soaked wet each time I water the lawn, but after having the pocket hose only 4 weeks it springs a leak in the middle of the hose , I think someone needs to go back to the drawing board , I know I only spent 20.00 for one 50 ft. But I think it should have lasted more than 4 weeks. So disappointed

  519. Susan Mueller says:

    I boght a 50ft pocket hose from Bed BAth & Beyond. I loved that it was small and lightweight and it expanded with water as advertised. After each use I would put this hose in my garage to keep the sun from eating the outer material. The 4th or fifth time I used it, it sprung a leak. It was just a pin hole, it was like a small slit. There wasn’t anything on the ground to have made this slit it just happened. I am so disappointed and leary about getting another.

  520. SB Omi says:

    I happened to find these reviews online AFTER I bought mine yesterday. I kept thinking …this is too good to be true! I had a gut feeling it might NOT be such a great invention. The hose is still in the box…never used it…sooooo I’m taking it back and getting my money back. Thanks for sharing…I put this site on my favorites!

  521. David Myers says:

    I have purchased 4 of these items and each one has failed within 30 days. The only warning on the package(s) is to not leave them in outside in either extreme cold or hot weather and that is understandable. However, I have a wide yard with much vegetation that I water every other day and the hoses simply did not hold up. Bubbles formed in the plastic which burst and another hose became detached at the nozzle after the second use. I am not certain for which purpose these ill-conceived contraptions were made but they are totally ineffective and poorly constructed for anything but minor chores. I would not and do not recommend this product in any way from anywhere.

  522. Dianne says:

    I had such high hopes for this hose. It’s a shame it busted completely the 2nd time I used it!! I wish I had thought to look at these reviews online before I bought mine. WHAT A BIG WASTE OF MONEY!!!

  523. Judith Koraido says:

    Absolute rubbish. We bought three 75 ft. hoses. Two for us and one for our neighbor. Within two weeks all hoses had burst. Stay far away from this product!

  524. alfrd wolf says:

    Your pocket hose is a disaster, it does not work. I purchased two hoses at separate times and after a week they both stared to leak.

  525. sandi schroeder says:

    Got the 50′ hose from PCH a month ago. Just tried to use it today. What a farce! Followed directions to a tee. Didn’t expand or retract, and leaked at nozzle. Love that it’s so lightweight, but that’s about it. After reading other reviews, it’s going directly in the trash. Buyer beware.

  526. Mercedes Houghton says:

    These hose look great on tv and that is where it stops. They leak from the hose going into the connector and two are now in the garbage. What a waste of my money. save your money do not buy.

  527. Angie says:

    Wish I would have visited this site before I purchased the 50 ft hose @ Home Depot. Threw away the receipt before I used the hose and wish I would not have. First use both connectors leak very bad. Thank goodness for duct tape, at least it’s usable (somewhat) now. Great concept, cheap connectors. Don’t waste your money.

  528. Tom kiliany says:

    Purchased one at Home Depot. Used it twice and multiple pinholes in hose occurred. Very displeased. Don’t you do product test more than once??

  529. Tom says:

    Bought three of these hoses at Lowes. In one week, two of the hoses blew off the faucet. Some clear tubing material blew out onto the yard. Waiting for the third hose to fail. Can not believe that Lowes is continuing to sell this junk. What a waste of money!

  530. Fauxrich says:

    The design/concept of all these flex hose ,pocket hose is good. However, the quality control of all similar products are terrible. The hose itself or the joints leaks or cracks very easily after several use. May be they should manufacture all the products in USA, instead of have them made in China.

  531. Greg Barstad says:

    Very poor product! worked well for only 7 days then two big leaks appeared. Do not buy this product!!

  532. Barbara says:

    Wow a whole page of reviews and every single one is negative. This hose clearly is a failure, not one positive review and it appears no one from the company is reading them. I was pretty excited about purchasing the pair of 50 foot hoses but not now thank you all for your reviews this is so very important when you’re on the fence about a new product. One last thing i don’t believe there was any mention of money back guarantee.

    • Fauxrich says:

      I call the company a short while ago and asked for refund. At least they have promised to give me a free replacement within 2 weeks. They claimed that the pocket hose has life time warranty. But at the end of the conversation, the Indian accented representative wanted to sell me some other products. I refused.

  533. polly says:

    I bought two One was used one time the other four times they both busted 19.95 each can’t find anyone to contact about getting the money back.. Hope everyone reads these reviews before they buy.

  534. phyllis finn says:

    purchased in Jan 2013; loved the product . Didnt abuse it (even tho it is shown on tv being handled roughly). By May, it had a significant leak at the bottom of the plastic female adapter that connects to the faucet. no tear or visible damage. Purchased at WalMart, but past their 90 day policy so they said to go to the mfg/distributor. Dist’d by Telebrands to WalMart. Trying to contact. The TV ad said 10 year life…Ha Ha

  535. Maggie Runes says:

    I bought a 50′ hose and have used it 4 times and it “blew”. The on/off switch came off in my hand. I’ve ordered more, and am cancelling my order. This a huge rip off. Great idea, loved the concept, HATE THE PRODUCT.

  536. Tom says:

    Bought three, one lasted 1 week, sprang a hole in the middle, 2nd lasted 1 day, sprang a hole in the middle, 3rd lasted 1 and a half weeks sprang a hole in the middle. Use the product as suggested after use emptied the hose and stored in the garage. Useless product!!!

  537. Gary says:

    Total junk! Broke after one use..returned it for a new one and it also leaked all over the place … Pity such a good idea was not backed up by a quality product.

  538. Doug McCoy says:

    Bought 4 of these hoses… Within the third use the hose connections at both end started to leak so bad I had no pressure. That was on 2 of them the third one first time using it, it developed these leaks. These things are not repairable either, don’t waste your money. It’s just a surgical tube inside a woven sleeve that expands.. their system of attaching the tube to the connections is atrocious!

  539. Linda says:

    Don’t waste your money… Ordered the 75 and 50 foot. Used 3 times and the 75 foot split apart at the faucet and the 50 foot is leaking like crazy. Been trying to reach their customer service. On hold 20 minutes and they still don’t answer… Big big big ripoff…

  540. Judy says:

    I tried to order this hose and both web sites I ordered from lost my order. I guess I’m glad as I am reading all these reviews. I think if they can not even get an order right I am pretty sure the product isn’t any better

  541. Pat H says:

    I bought two of these 50 ft hoses and both did the same thing…..they started leaking and the green material tore and the plastic tube underneath broke and I had water everywhere. This leak was at the spigot where you connect the hose. I do not sales receipts so I cannot get refunds. Buyer BEWARE!!!

  542. Joan Thomas says:

    Got a pocket hose as a present and at first it worked great but that did not last long. It now leaks where the material goes into the connection. A friend of mine also had one and it blew apart. Would never recommend or buy another one. Rip off.

  543. Ruth Baugham says:

    I ordered 2-100′ pocket hose on May 14, 2013 and used it today for the first time and the off/on level came off in my hand. The hose began to leak badly where the hose goes into the spigot. It did not retract like they said it would. Off back to the company because this is a mess and want a full refund. Don’t waste your money because this is garbage.

  544. Linda Pavlos says:

    The pocket hose and the xhose, neither one has a contact us to let them know they should put metal ends on their hose.

  545. Linda Lengacher says:

    I purchased two 75′ Pocket Hoses in March and used one of them about 6 times and the other about 3 times and both ends came loose at the back of the faucet fitting. They are worthless. I am hoping to get my money back. This just happened to both hoses this weekend so I have not had a chance to contact customer service but will do so Tuesday.

  546. Judith says:

    Total crap and a total rip off! Didn’t last 5 minutes! Within 2 minutes the plastic fitting came off and within 4 minutes it sprung a huge hole and within 5 minutes the whole thing was shredded.

  547. Lisa Wilson says:

    We recently purchased 2 25ft pocket hoses. They are absolute crap. Started leaking really bad within 2 weeks of minimal use. These things should be removed from the shelf because they do not work. Very misleading ads. Cheap useless product.

  548. Barbi H says:

    This is the worst hose I have ever purchased in 50 years! First few days of use it was fine. I attached a sprinkler, turned it on and it literally blew a four inch hole. Then I was going to just use it to fill a tub nearby and there were so many holes it didn’t even come out the end anymore.

    Total junk.

  549. doug mauro says:

    What a piece of crap!!!!!!! the plastic fittings leak from everywhere. I even attempted to put Teflon tape on fittings. Then today it exploded on me. I BOUGHT THREE OF THESE HOSES AND ALL ARE GOING BACK TO WALMART TODAY.

  550. Susan Melton says:

    Broke immediately.

  551. Pam Morris says:

    I have had a pocket hose for approx. 2 months and the valve that turns the flow off to fill it with water broke off. This renders the hose totally unusable. I loved this hose so I’m very disappointed! It’s unfixable as I examined it closely and the water now shoots out of this opening. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  552. juanita pick says:

    I bought a pocket hose at Walmarts, it did not have a nozzle on it. I used it twice and it blowed a hole in the hose. It is no good! And is falsely advertized. I want my money back. But I did not save receipt.

  553. frank vest says:

    Eyes crossed after seeing all of those complaints, thought it was too good to be true. Thanks to all for the warning, because of you I saved a little of my hard earned money…

  554. Ronald says:

    This is the poorest quality product I have ever purchased. Two weeks after using, two of the four hoses I ordered sprang leaks and are unusable. Don’t waste your money on this product.

  555. Paul Barnum says:

    Ditto to all of the above. Do I get a replacement or money back? Please contact me at listed e-mail address.

    Thank You

  556. jane says:

    I bought 2 pocket hoses and they both broke within 1 month. The first one broke at the nozzle and the 2nd burst and split. Cheap crap. Do not buy!!

  557. Dawn Gantzler says:

    I loved my pocket hose… for about 10 short uses.

    Then it broke. The rubber hose broke at the attachment. It is such an easy fix but the company does not provide a replacement fix kit. Too bad. I paid $50 for my 50′ hose and it is now worthless. I can’t afford to buy a new one.

    I am very disappointed and feel everyone should know that this Great product is a waste of money. Too bad because the concept is the best ever.

  558. Lana says:

    Purchased a pocket hose at Wal Mart. Used it three times and it developed a huge leak at the connector. Would NOT purchase this product again. Good idea but needs to go back to the drawing board for much needed improvements.

  559. Tom milner says:

    Had five. Loved them! But, so far, four developed pen hole leaks. Fixed the first one, turned on the water, had another ph leak. Yesterday, two more ph leaks in two other hoses. Oh well, great while it lasted. Now I am back to hose reel. These hoses are less than two months old.

  560. Jerry Nichols says:

    I have purchased a total of 3 Pocket hoses. I first purchased 2, then after 3 or 4 uses one of them started leaking at the faucet end. So, being unable to repair it I threw it away and purchased the 3rd thinking this was just an exception to the rule. Now the one just purchased started leaking on the faucet end just like the 1st one did. So, we have now returned to using a conventional hose after having spent $60.00 on a poorly manufactured product. The concept is great but the quality and durability is poor. I won’t be purchasing any more of these hoses. I have learned my lesson the hard way. A very disappointed customer.

  561. Roger Christianson says:

    I have purchased two 50′ pocket hoses. The first one I purchased about two months ago. It sprang a major leak today 05-22-13, I purchased this one over the internet & I have no recourse. I purchased the second one three weeks ago at K-Mart I had to replace it last week when the plastic lever broke. Today I had the same problem the plastic lever broke again & they are not fixable because the screw that holds it on is too small. I attempted to put a nozzle on it in place of their cheap nozzle. No matter what you do it leaks where you attach the nozzle. In my opinion they will not hold up and I will not purchase another one.

  562. Wilson Evans says:

    In my opinion this product is garbage. I returned one for the female connector leaking and the replacement developed the same problem. Barely lasted longer than the commercial.

  563. Joan Hanson says:

    I found the pocket hose very light. The one I got at CVS has a hole.

  564. Deb Johnson says:

    Bought the Pocket hose at KMart. OMG, I loved it. It was light weight and did everything the tv ad claimed it did. Then ONE week later, it blew a big hole in it. Went back to KMart and traded it for a new one, because lets face it all products have flaws. Enjoyed it for another week and, you guessed it, it got a hole in it ??? Went to KMart and got my money back. The ad did not say disposable hose, did it, and I missed it??

  565. marvin Leid says:

    What a piece of junk. Bought 6 Pocket Hoses because I have 3 outlets at my house, gave 1 as a gift and was going to give more as gifts but not after my no. 1 sprang a leak, my no. 2 leaked at the intake end and my no. 3 sprang 7 pin hole leaks, and that after only 2 weeks of use. Called sales rep. and he wanted to replace them with hoses that he guaranteed would not leak. Why not ship them to me first.

  566. Jo says:

    Too good to be true it was. It popped in 45 days. A waste

  567. Chet Burdick says:

    Bought 2 25′ pocket hoses at a Home show. Used for a couple of weeks and it blew up. Unfortunately, my grand daughter was using it and did not realize that it was broken and left the water faucet on and the basement was flooded the next day. I am not a happy camper!

  568. Jane says:

    Bought one 25 ft one, used 3 times and it swelled up like a balloon at the nozzle end and burst. Don’t waste your money on this rip off.

  569. Tom says:

    Had the pocket hose two week, already sprung a leak. We liked it up till then.


  570. ray rico says:

    I buy a pocket hose in April it has 5 or more tiny holes. I like pocket hose I would like a replacement. 214-326-8048

  571. Richard Stokes says:

    I’ve bought 6 of these hoses. Love the idea but hate the product. I’ve taken 4 back to the store, they are so sick of seeing me they won’t take the other two back at all. Same problem with them all major leaks at the connectors. I’ve totally wasted my money, money I’ll never see again. They worked for about a week total then boom, water all over me. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

  572. Lou Porn says:

    Hose exploded on third use.

  573. kneil anderson says:

    Bought 2 and got hosed, hooked one up turned on the water then hose expanded and then it blew up and soaked every thing, unhooked and threw it in the trash. Hooked up #2 hose and same story blew up, unhooked it and in the trash it went, hooked old hose back up I had for 5 years and moved on.

  574. James A. Simmons says:

    After reading these reviews, we will Not be purchasing these hoses. However, if you regard the video with a more erotic point of view, one cannot help but be impressed with the verbal and visual imagery. The wife and I look forward to the ads on Sunday afternoons and cannot help but be aroused by the double entendres contained therein. Makes for a fun afternoon. Thank you Pocket Hose.

  575. Roger Comer says:

    Don’t buy a Pocket Hose, poor quality breaks within 2 weeks. They don’t honor their return policy, don’t buy it unless you want to be ripped off. Bought 6, all developed leaks.

  576. Pat says:

    I wouldn’t waste your money on this product. I’ve used my 50′ 4 or 5 times already with nothing leaking or breaking. What I DON’T LIKE is the fact once you release the water out of the hose it starts to shrink, wanting to return to it drain state. Madding! You’re watering your plants and the hose is pulling away from your hand! Stop watering and the hose starts to grow again. Save your money buy a regular hose. Remember any good reviews you read here could be posted by the Pocket Hose people themselves, to many bad reviews and they’ll be out of business.

  577. marian says:

    I have 2 Pocket Hoses and both blew at seams within 3 to 4 uses. Lousy product. Need to know how to get refund from pockethose.com. Any one finds this info please reply. Thank you. Sorry that this sucks so bad.

  578. WILLIE says:

    First of all the plastic thing to turn to water off while you moved from plant to plant broke. Then in few days male in of the house broke completely off. loved it if it was made out of something besides plastic.

  579. Don Wisthuff says:

    I have purchased five hoses from you on two different orders and four have started leaking where the green hose fits into the plastic at the spigot. The leaks make the hose unusable and can’t be stopped. Poor merchandise. Please call me re your packing slip TELB 12401370 plus one other order for which I don’t have the packing slip. Your statements says “100% guaranteed.” Therefore, I except directions on how to return the merchandise and get a refund of the money for the merchandise and the shipping charges.


  580. Richard Gluckman says:

    The PocketHose is a good idea. I purchased four right off the bat. I wanted to give two of them to friends. Here’s my problem: The “ON/OFF” lever BREAKS OFF TOO EASILY. All I need to do is turn it to the ON position and it breaks off from the outlet. It breaks at the plastic “connector,” through which that tiny screw goes that holds the mecanism together. The entire mechanism — made of plastic — is really not strong enough. I am unable to reattach it because the little screw does not hold it and I am unable to loosen the screw, and even if I could it is too short to hold the lever in place. Bad design on this product, I am sorry to say.

  581. Mike Ingalsbe says:

    Wife bought one – it leaked around plastic shut-off valve, returned it. Replacement leaked in same spot – returned it. Third one blew the valve right out of the hose, returned it out of curiosity – when will I get a “good” one? The fourth one has now worked flawlessly for two days. My wife bought one for our daughter for Mother’s Day – guess what??? Chinese junk

  582. Anne Prantl says:

    THANK YOU to all who wrote a review. You saved me from investing in two (2) 100′ flexible hoses. It just seemed too good to be true so I went online to see what was being said about it; this is why it is so important to write reviews…you help others from suffering the same fate as you.

    • Curtis Steinhour says:

      I totally agree with Anne, these posts about this hose were great and saved me money. Every time I see a product on TV that I am interested in the first thing I do is check the internet for reviews like this, I also will check to see if there are similar products locally..

  583. Cervera says:

    Don’t buy….it is a piece junk! in the second used broke in the middle, I put a tape, and make another hole, put tape again, and make another hole, its three hole in the same day, commercial show very strong when towing with the truck, liars.

  584. D Hey says:

    So glad I read these reviews. I did not mail my order yet and now I never will. Thankyou

  585. Cecilia says:

    About a month ago I bought a 50 foot pocket hose from walmart, Well I tried to use it today and it fell apart. The plastic thing where you would put your nozzle on came apart and there is no way to fix it. I feel I just threw away $20.00. Don’t throw your money away like I did. Maybe In a few years they will improve it. Another cheap product, DON”T BUY. If I had my receipt I would have taken it back to the store.

  586. Marcia Bird says:

    I wrote my comments before reading and wanted to add this… It appears that maybe it isn’t being used correctly by purchasers. I use it every day. It needs to be emptied right away and not be left on full of water or it states it can be blown out. I know that I cant leave it out in the sun even if the water is turned off or when I turn it on it will blow out. The sun will weaken the exterior. I empty it and store it in a flower pot 10 inch size. I am ordering more through Carol Wright Gifts.

    800-345- 5866. A 50′ and A 75′.

    Thanks Pocket Hose.

  587. Marcia Bird says:

    I love pocket hose it also has a 10 year warranty. I have 14 herniated disks ans 4 metal joints. I have been waiting for years to garden and now that I am 65 I am delighted to be outside in the garden. I can manage it with my only right hand and I put it away instantly when I’m done in a small flower pot.


  588. Estelle Lopes says:

    I just bought one and it’s not long enough, Can I add another one to this one?

    Estelle Lopes

  589. maurice shanefield says:

    I have bought three of these hoses. while I really liked it,it sprung a leak in the middle of the hose three times. I bought these at walmart. I think the inner core has to be strengthened to hold up. This is only on garden hose pressure in my home. Consumer reports listed as good. I think i’ll have to write them a letter. All the ads I have seen lists all them as “pocket hoses”.

    Walmart says they had returned to them six hoses just in that morning. What’s going on??

    I am bocamur1@att. net

  590. william kesler says:

    I purchased 4 pocket hoses. After 2 weeks of use, 2 hoses ballooned out and busted open. What they don’t tell you; is that you should turn the water on SLOWLY and have all your valves OPEN to prevent the flimsy hose material from busting apart from the water pressure. The lightweight, thin pocket hose cannot take the water pressure or ANY abuse that a normal hose can. These pocket hoses, as with anything else; you get what you pay for.

  591. Living dead says:

    I absolutely loved it after I put in 2 washers so it wouldn’t leak at the nozzle. I got just one wonderful week of use before the hose separated from the black plastic end. I’m very upset. I wouldn’t have cared if I was able to get at least one summer out of it but one week is not acceptable.

    • Sparky says:

      Living Dead you got a whole week? Lucky You! I bought mine at Walgreens – 50 ft. for $ 19.99, come home to read instructions & hooked it up. I thought in the first 5 minutes this was the greatest thing since sliced bread UNTIL 5 minutes later BaM. The hose came out of the plastic nozzle end throwing the nozzle & plastic out of my hand, and the hose proceeded to balloon up.

      Before I could get to the house water handle since their shut-off valve wasn’t on the hose anymore at this point the green material on the hose started shredding because of the balloon effect. As I was shutting off my water the balloon popped soaking me in water, and there is no way to fix it! Hopefully I didn’t just toss twenty bucks out the window. PURE JUNK – TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

  592. Lori Neal says:

    Make it short and to the point. We are on our second and last Pocket hose (made in China). First blew a bad leak in the side half way down. 2nd sprang two pinhole leaks in the hose. Save your money and time buy a good non kinking hose. NO MORE POCKET HOSES……… Junk Junk Junk…ps. I have the pictures … don’t wait for the movie.

  593. ben hunter says:

    I bought two pocket hoses the parts that come with them are plastic and breaks real easy. However the hose lets out and retract as seen on tv BUT my hose pop like a balloon, now I do not want to use the other one.

    My Advise to consumers is not to buy this product.

  594. C. White says:

    Loved my pocket hose, used it daily until the inner tube burst after about 23 days of daily garden use. Great in theory, but not so great in durability.

  595. Karen Johnson says:

    Piece of junk. It pulled apart from the plastic grip the first time I used it.

  596. Daniel Richardson says:

    Hose did kink and blew out . Would like a 50ft replacement . Can phone me at
    916-987-7768 or e-mail me .

  597. Pete O. says:

    Wife ordered a couple of 25′ hoses. One lasted two days and ruptured at the inlet, the other ruptured immediately at the inlet when it was turned on. They’re junk and the BBB or someone should shut them down. I wish the wifey would have read the reviews before she purchased this trash.

  598. Eve says:

    We have tried 5 of these hoses and each one of them has sprung huge leaks. Would not recommend if you live in a desert climate with desert landscaping. The concept was great, very lightweight and easy to use, but apparently they have a design flaw. Would advise not to puchase these items.

  599. GP Smith says:

    Thank you all for your reviews. You may have been taken, but you stopped the sale of others, costing the company instead of you. Thanks again.

  600. Donna Platt says:

    We purchased two of these wonderful hoses…but unforturnately they did not live up to the hipe. First of all they did not retract like they said it would (all pressure was released) and second they leaks like a sieve… even putting a washer in end of hose which it did not call for but tried anyway. took them back for a refund.. It was a good idea.

  601. Audrey Dyer says:

    Purchased 50′ hose at Walmart. In less than 3 weeks hose is broken off completely where the green hose fits onto the plastic at one end. Concept is great but hose is not worth the money. Save your money and invest in a real hose!

  602. Pat Perez says:

    Oh my God I bought a hose for my garden in the front of my house and I heard a loud POP…there went my hose. I can’t believe that it didn’t even last 2 months!!

  603. Donna says:

    The idea is great but we are now on our third hose in less than two weeks. The first had a small crack by the lever that leaked all over, the second hose worked great two times, and then developed several leaks along the hose, when the lever is off and the hose if full of water it sprays all over. We are going to try one more time, is it’s returned a third time that’s the end of this hose for us. Give me something we can repair is necessary and with this hose it looks like that’s going to be mandatory.

  604. eddie wiatrek says:

    Thought it was a good idea to buy a pocket hose to use in my garden. Used it a few times. It started to leak at the connection. Then the inner rubber hose came loose and plugged the hose up. What a piece of junk. I wouldn’t buy a pocket hose again. Hope to get a refund.

    what a junk

    used it

  605. DONNA BOBIK says:

    I loved the pocket hose. Told everyone how great it was. Today was dooms day for the hose. The extra attachment for off and on broke. Handle snapped completely off and had roaring water everywhere. Then when I finally got over to hose connection the water is pouring out of very beginning of green hose. No way to fix that. I will keep trying.

  606. RAY says:

    Received our pocket hose; couldn’t wait to hook it up to spigot and try it for ourselves; HOWEVER, the ball valve at end of hose arrived in two pieces! Need to go out and make additional purchase before we can use it….disappointing

  607. carl penney says:

    I’ve bought 4 of these hoses and every one has sprung a leak. First one three days second one immediately 3rd one 5 days 4th one one week some in the fitting the rest in the hose good thing they are money back guaranteed but I won’t be buying any more they are junk, another ripoff. Buy a good garden hose for the same money and use it for years these things don’t last till you get home from the store.

  608. We purchased 5 hoses and were given a 6th for free. These hoses were of the worst quality we have ever experienced. I stepped on one and it caused a major leak. Two others blew out at the hose bib, one after 2 uses, the other upon screwing it to the hose bib the first time. Another is presently hanging on fence (we do not want to chance stepping on it) and it has developed leaks in at least 4 different places after using it once. The leaks are small sprays, so I will continue to use this crappy hose until it also blows out at the hose bib. You could not have possibly not known how truly awful this product is….I mean, every single one of the 4 we tried to use were complete trash. We gave one to a neighbor, and he just came over with the same story. Shame on you!!

  609. Mary says:

    I bought two of the 25′ hoses from a store. One has been ok so far. The other leaked at the connexion to the water faucet at first. I put a washer in and it was ok for a few days. Then there was a pinhole leak in the black connector. I removed it and used another connector, ok. A few days later the hose exploded at the outlet end and soaked me and my clothes and hair!!! I hope to get a refund as I bought it at a store that does do so. When it worked, the hose was a boon. So easy to use, move around, and store. I guess it is a nine day wonder, too good to be true. Do not buy, especially online, as you may have trouble with refund.

  610. Joel S. says:

    Bought a pocket hose from WalMart. I like it regardless of the negative reviews. Mine started to leak at the connection. Fixed it easilly. The hose inside the fabric covering is surgical tubing. Simply cut mine back with scissors and secured it back on the end with a zip-tie. Works great again. We will see how the long term works out.

  611. Mike says:

    Second time I used the hose, the turn off lever, which was off, blew off the connector narrowly missing my eye. Dangerous device. Do not use.

  612. tom says:

    Pocket hose was a good idea, but it just doesn’t work very long before falling apart. The connections are not fastned properly and they allow water to go outside of fittings and outside of hose. I have tried two of them. They wont refund my money, but they want to send me another. I didn’t want another , but their money back guarantee is not a money back guarantee, it is we will send you another hose guarantee. So, it doesn’t matter how many they send, they just don’t last for more than two or three weeks. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  613. martha says:

    Great idea but needs much improvement. The plastic connector that attaches to the sprayer came off the second time I attached to the sprayer. What a waste of money.

  614. Talmon says:

    Wow, I couldn’t find one good review for the “Pocket Hose”. Glad I read these reviews before buying one!!!

  615. suruj pal says:

    I bought 3 hoses 1 leaked right away another 2 used for 1 week started bubbling every 2″ and leaked, these hoses sucks, don’t spend money on it.

  616. Gerald Burdett says:

    I bought a 50 ft. Pocket hose at CVS. I pulled it out of the plastic box and found the shut off mechanism broken, well I put it back in the container and was going to return it, but got side tracked. After a couple of weeks too late to return it, I needed to use a hose so I took it out, bypassed the shut off and hooked it up to the spicket, turned on the water everything was fine for a couple of minutes and then the water started coming out of the mesh covering. The inner hose had burst. This product is crap. I used it once and it is trash.

  617. Marlene Ryder says:

    I bought two 50″ pieces and am very disappointed. The hose has a much smaller hose inside of it. With the two of them hooked together it does not have enough pressure to run a sprinkler. I called the water dept to come out and see if there was something wrong with water pressure but it was fine. They looked at the hose and then told me that the hose inside was not big enough for enough water to go through it to work as other hoses. Wish I could get my money back because these cost me over $50. If you are thinking about buying one of these, my advice is NO.

  618. carrie says:


  619. Tommy Turner says:

    Pocket hose is a scam and will be reported to the state attorney general. Both my 50 ft hose exploded on day one and two! Do not waste your hard earned money on this product. My fault, I should have read all the negative reviews before purchasing. Good luck!

  620. Amanda says:

    Yes this product looks very cool and works great a few times but in my experience they get holes in the lining somehow and break, I am preparing to return my second hose to Target tomorrow. I purchased one and it broke and thinking/hoping it was a fluke I purchased exchanged it for another one, this one broke in less than a week. I’d just go ahead and buy a standard hose and deal with the occasional kink. Its worth it not to be frustrated when you turn on your hose and discover the water gushing out of the center somewhere.

  621. Lucky Mathews says:

    I was impressed with the hose at first. Used one in a garden area that required a hose that would not take up a lot of space when not in use. It worked well and I was happy. Tried one for washing down my boat and as soon as I turned the water on the hose burst about two feet down the hose. Not happy. Great Idea, think you need to do more homework on the design. Hope you get the kinks out. I’d be willing to try an new revised version.

  622. WILLIAM HEIL says:

    The hose works just as advertised — except for one thing — i happened to get one that leaks at the faucet connection. Because of this, the hose never expanded so it did not work.

    • Living dead says:

      I had the same problem use two washers instead of one. It lasted one week after that then separated from the end.

  623. Paul says:

    Purchased two hoses to fill my pool from the front of the house since that was the only source of fresh water (rest of house on soft water). Went to use the hoses a second time and they leaked all over the place. Worst purchase ever.

  624. Michelle C.d.y says:

    I have only used the Pocket Hose twice. It so happens that when I turned the water off by the valve it came with, The HOSE PULLED OFF! Not happy with this at all.

    The Pocket Hose is a 50′ length. I bought it at Wal-Mart for $20 plus tax.

    The Hose works great except for this incident. Now I can’t use it.

    I need some help here. Can you replace it?

    Just thinking that maybe you could do something a little bit stronger instead of the frayed hose that popped off. Maybe some clue around the edges or even some heat (if it is capable) to melt the edge that goes on the nipple.

    Not satisfied at all with the structure of the hose.

    Please don’t send anything by email that I need to print, I don’t have a printer.

    Again, can you do something about this defective hose?



  625. Horst O. Eberspaecher says:

    I bought 5 pocket hoses a coupe of months ago and used one so far about 6 times. Last time used it exploded, blew up with a big bang. I would hope it doesn’t happen with the other hoses and how do I get a replacement.

  626. Jeannie says:

    My mother is 86 yrs old and received a pocket hose for a gift. She loved it and wanted several more so I purchased her four more. She was so excited, but now after just a month they are all leaking at the connection so badly that when she turns on the water she gets all wet. She can no longer use any of the hoses unless she wants to take a bath each time she waters. We are so disappointed as this was one way to get her to get a little exercise, but now she has gone back to just sitting inside.

    This product is not what it is advertised to be. It is very disappointing.

  627. david says:

    Wish I had read the reviews. Good idea perhaps but the couplings are inferior. Hose leaked at both ends. Piece of junk.

  628. Sue says:

    I just purchased one of these about a month ago and already it has stopped working. It started leaking at the top where it connects to the faucet and no pressure of water going into the hose. Worst hose ever!

  629. henry says:

    The hose works pretty good, it” the couplings that are not good they leak and is unsafe for drinking so so much for RV use.

  630. Kathy Foster says:

    Just tried to use pocket hos for the forth time. As soon as I turned the water on the on/off valve broke. The connections have leaked every time we’ve tried to use it. What a waste of $20! Will not make the same mistake again. Idea is great, execution is horrible! Wish I had researched a little more before I wasted money on it!

  631. Crystal says:

    The first pocket hose I bought worked well for a day and then sprang a leak on day two, and then several leaks, so I returned it and the cashier told me there were a lot of them being returned but I decided to give it one more try and when I got home I took it out of the box only to see that once I turned the water on the valve broke off, its going back and I won’t get another.

  632. Suzanne Gross says:

    Bought three of these pocket hoses and all three split. Very disappointed. Had to return all three.

  633. Robin Garcia says:


  634. Robin Garcia says:

    I have bought 2 at different times, and have had to return both. They leak at the part you hook into your faucet. Why is that, I don’t know. I was bummed that it does not hold up. I only got to use it may 5 times maybe.. Maybe they need to re do the plastic where it connectes to the actual hose. Other than that, I do like the fact that they are light weight..

  635. Dale Nuelle says:

    I attempted to order ONE pocket hose from the website advertised on TV.The first thing they wanted was my name, address, credit card no., etc. THEN, they kept a barrage/inundation of REPEAT offers to order more hoses. I only wanted ONE, so I typed 1 in the box, BUT then they asked again “how many hoses” did I want. I typed 1. Then, they send me through another order routine, and again I typed 1. Upon checkout, they said “thank you for your order of THREE hoses”, and they promptly charged my credit card with 3 hoses ($80 with shipping) with NO option to back out. I quickly contacted my credit card company and placed a block on my account, but the 3 hoses arrived they next day!!! What a SCAM!!!

    So, now stuck with 3 hoses, I opened one hose package, connected it to the garden water outlet valve, turned ON the water, and the CHEAP plastic end fittings were leaking everywhere!!!

    POCKET HOSE is a SCAM, and they ONLY want to POCKET your money, and then GOODBYE when you complain to their CUSTOMER SERVICE which is simply an endless wait with elevator music.


  636. Lori Neal says:

    Well Well should have read the massive complaint files.

    This hose (our 2ed) leaks described as Junk Junk Junk….

    No washers with this POS have pictures.

    The guy at HD said oh we have had many returned.


  637. Isobel Gordon says:

    I bought 4 50ft. Pocket Hoses on2/27/2013 As seen on T V and the first one started leaking like a sieve , no added nozzel and I don’t think it is a washer or anything simple that I can fix.I know it is quaranteed, but where and what do I have to do to repair it?To tele brands order #TELB11721527 0n D27,2012 but back ordered for almost 2 months. I really loved it but am now taking a shower every time I turn it on :) Can you help me,I gave the other ones away. Very sincerely and slightly desparate Isobelincg@gmail.com

  638. sergs says:

    It’s a good idea but the construction is very poor, mine didn’t even last a month and already breaks and leaks on different places. No wonder why they didn’t send me a receipt of purchase. Can’t even figure out who to complain to.

  639. Sam says:

    I have recently purchased the pocket hose at my local retailer. It was neatly stored inside of a plastic container and looked very professional. So I decided to get one for my elderly grandmother who loves gardening. In my opinion, I think the pocket hose could have been much better; but it will still work fine for watering some of her plants. First, I turned the water on with the nozzle closed, and the pocket hose expanded quickly and without any problems. I then opened the nozzle and let the water spray out. The water has a pretty good distance on how far it sprays; but it sprays outward chaotically instead of a stream-like shape like a regular hose. Yet it is perfect for watering bushes and trees. After I played with it for a few minutes, I turned the water back off with the nozzle completely open. The pocket hose does contract back to its original size, but it does not contract as strongly and as fast as it does in the commercial. Still, it does contract in about ten seconds; you just have to lift it up a few times. Another thing, when you attach the nozzle onto your water source, make sure it is twisted on very tightly. Even the slightest bit of slack will allow it to easily jet out and soak anything near it. The main problem I have noticed with the pocket hose is attaching a spray nozzle to the end. I tried to put a spray nozzle on the end of the pocket hose, but no matter how tight you twist it on, it leaks and sprays everywhere. Then I tried to untwist it because it just kept leaking, but it was stuck. It felt like it had been glued. So I finally had to go get two of the strongest men in my family to untwist it. Thankfully, they were able to get the spray nozzle off so I could use it again. So I would not put any kind of spray nozzle onto the pocket hose because it will leak and get stuck. The last thing I would like to say about the pocket hose is its weight. It is true that the pocket hose is very light-weight. The only problem with it is the pressure at the tip. Whenever I was holding it while it was spraying, I could feel a lot of pressure on the nozzle. If I gave it a little of slack, it would start shooting all over the place. So make sure to have grip of it, and not to let go of the end nozzle. That is all of the experience of the pocket hose I have had. Honestly, this hose does have a few problems, but I would suggest this as a gift to someone who loves gardening – just remember to warn them about the few glitches it has.

  640. KD says:

    Received the 50 ft pocket hose with a birthday gift on April 29th.. used it 3 times before the hose exploded on May 1st. The hose broke right at the connector at the end of the hose near the nozzle. I was soaked from head to toe. When I called customer service at 855-235-2083, I gave my address to the rep 4 times. When I asked her to repeat it back to me.. she repeated the wrong address. When I asked to speak to a supervisor she stated he was not there. So I gave her the correct address again and when I asked her to repeat it back to me once again she said she was no longer on that screen. When I called back and got someone else on the phone it turned out the order for the replacement had not been placed at all. The hose is made in China and their customer service is in India. It is a great concept.. just very poorly and cheaply executed. What a shame!!!

  641. Cat says:

    They mass-produce these crap products with cheap materials, then mass-market them in a rush to see how many suckers out there will buy them before they get shut down or just go defunct, and all the remaining inventory gets sold to the dollar stores for pennies on the dollar, to be sold 2 years from now when the “craze” is over. It’s not surprising that hopeful consumers fall for it, but why do reputable retailers like Home Depot, Target, and Amazon buy the stuff without product-testing, risking pissed-off customers??

  642. J Fitzkamp says:

    Complete scam!!!

    can’t review order….all of a sudden order jumped from $27 for two to $81 for 2 sets of two (only wanted one set tried backing out….Too late….called american express within 2 minutes….NO HELP _SORRY! For years I thought AMEX was the consumer’s advocate they are just as bad as any card out there…Richard should not be affiliated with this scam site!!!

    • Sheila says:

      I won’t buy the pocket hose based on negative reviews – not one single positive one. However I wanted to let you know I have been a Discover Card user for about 9 years and have called them on a few occasions when I have had problems with a seller. They always followed up and got the issue resolved.

  643. VyAnnG says:

    I liked the concept of this hose as I hate dragging around the heavy garden hose. Tonight was the first I used it and had an immediate leak. It also does not shrink back up like advertised. Very, very disappointing. Sure wish I had read all these reviews before I purchased mine. This product is a waste of money and total junk. I should have known better than to buy a product manufactured in China.

    • ben antrim says:

      If anyone were to start a site for “MADE IN U.S.” manufactured products only it would be a very small list but absolutely the most beloved of all!!! personally, I’d pay a subscription fee to use it!!

  644. Sherrie says:

    After reading all of the reviews, I’m glad I didn’t purchase a pocket hose, even more happy I didn’t do it from the website!

  645. Bob Gross says:

    I WAS in the market for a flexible hose such as the pocket hose but after reading these reviews I think I’ll pass. Thank you all so much for your reviews, you saved me some hard earned money.

  646. Ronald W. Dawson says:

    Recently bought the Pocket Hose and really like the hose BUT it leaks profusely from the hose to plastic connection making it completely unusable. I have been looking at some way to repair it but it looks like the the hose is pressure (or suppose to be) fitted to the connection. No recourse but to throw it a way! What a waste!

    • Cat says:

      It’s supposed to have a money-back guarantee–why not send it back?

    • Kathleen Insley says:

      My pocket hose also leaked at the faucet. I’ very disappointed with the pocket hose.

      • Joel S. says:

        Easy fix! I fixed mine. Cut off the leaking end with scissors. There is surgical tubing inside. You can buy a new end at any home improvement store for a couple bucks. Pull the inside rubber tube over new end, then the outer fabric and secure with included hose clamp or zip-ties (tighten them really good.) Done!

  647. Steve Huestis says:

    The hose sprang a leak at the connector. I was told by costomer servise to contact the store where a purchased it they could do nothing.

  648. joe battistoni says:

    You will never find a nozzle that will work with these hoses. They will all leak. The nozzles are fine, but plastic end that nozzle would fit on will always leak. Returned three to Home Depot and actually had salesman hook up hose in store. Its fine until you attach nozzle and now leaking will start. This makes the hose actually work like the TV commercials show but they never took in to account putting the nozzle on which now renders hose a piece of junk.

    • allan says:

      You”re absolutely right. I got mine to work by getting rid of the on/off connection at the end of the hose. I found an old plastic type adapter that I had laying around that also had a shut/off. Put that on and spray nozzle now doesn’t leak. The problem with the pocket hose seems to be the connection. You have to have a nozzle with a short thread depth or it will leak. Good Idea but need improvement. Now I’ll see if it last through summer.

  649. Tom G says:

    Bought the two hose. One had a pinhole;e leak right out of the box. Customer service send a replacement out immediately. Second one sprang a leak at the connector. Sending all three back. Nice Idea though….

  650. Aaron S. says:

    WORST HOSE EVER!!!!!! Bought a hose to try it out hoping it would work better for my 79 year old mother. We hooked it up,turned on the water and got soaked. Both connection end leaked like there was nothing there,the shut off broke, and the hose did not hold up to the pressure. The good old water can is still the best for watering the plants….

  651. Diane says:

    I am on my third pocket hose and am taking it back. The first one the on and off thing broke, the next two popped where you connect to the faucet. The concept is a good idea but not if they keep breaking. I’m taking this third one back and won’t buy another one

  652. Shelia W (Decatur, GA) says:

    I have purchased two of the 50 feet hoses and the one from Home Depot has sprung a leak in both the original and replacement. This is such a good idea love the light weight and easy management of the hose for my 86 year old Mother who loves to garden. Hopeful something can be done quickly to fix this problem otherwise this is not a good buy in store $19.97.

    • Sharyne Dorne says:

      You should buy one of those hoses that look like a slinky. Granted the pressure is lower and it does sometimes get tangled, but it is very light and easy to pull behind you. I’m not as old as your mother, but I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and this hose works great. Have one in the front yard and two that are connected to make one longer hose, which makes it possible to water anything in my back yard. A spray handle that locks the position works great too, you don’t have to hold the trigger down. This is NOT included with the hose.

  653. margaret crandal says:

    I purchased six pocket hoses, 1-25′, 4-50′ and 1-75′, and every one of them has sprung a leak. Today, I opened the last 50′ hose and as soon as I hooked it up, it too leaked the entire length of the hose. The top actually snapped off one of the 50′ hoses. They are total garbage. Shame on whoever made this product and shame on the person who promoted them in catalogs, on TV and in the stores.

    I guess it’s back to the old rubber hoses.

  654. LG Robbins says:

    In addition to my previous comment.. If this hose does leave a bad taste /odor in the water, rework the product it to eliminate that negative.

    Having a hose take up so little space is a fabulous idea and would be ideal for boating and RV’ing!

  655. june says:

    Look at all these negative comments. I think if you all got together and got in touch with the BBB,that maybe it would shut them down & maybe get your money back. I am grateful to have read these reviews because I was going to be the next victim. If you are on Facebook, Twitter etc. send a complaint to all your friends & they could do the same & it will reach a lot of people. Good Luck… June

  656. JS says:

    Bought 50 feet pocket hose and within a month the material tore as the water was being turned on and a large thin plastic intertube was exposed and then burst and threw water all over me and a child before you could quickly turn the water off

  657. Bill Ledford says:

    I didn’t expect much but even so these things are garbage. I bought two 50 foot size and opted to pay for the “sturdy reenforced option. Never-the less both broke on the second day.
    This is a terriffic idea but the products are flimsy and not worth the price. I highly reccomend you don’t purchase.
    BTW even though I paid for the expedited option it took months to get them. As it turned out it would have been better if someone stole them enroute. Live and learn.

  658. shelley says:

    I bought 2 of these as the idea is great! But after using both of them for no more than 1 month each, they both broke exactly in the same place, at the connection to where the nozzle attaches! I wish they would have made them sturdier and able to hold up under the water pressure as I love the idea! Very DISAPPOINTING!

  659. Letha Cleveland says:

    I brought 2 100 ft. pocket hoses.I purchased them on March 10,2013, received them on March 19,2013.It was a few days before I used them.

    I have had them 1 month 7 days one spring a pin hole leak.I called them on April 26,2013 told them of the problem.They said I had them over thirty days..So they will not make good on them .Don’t purchase them they are bad.They have no problem taking your money and they could care less if you are happy with their product,I told them I was going to tell everyone I talked to not to buy them,they are scammers…

    • Dawn King, Calif says:

      I bought this 50′ pocket (junk) hose thinking it would help my 76yr old mom water her garden.. the second time she used it, it it was leaking from little pinholes next to the end connector to the sprayer attachment. she was sprayed all over.. Called Telebrand Co. and was I sent to India.. couldn’t understand her hardly at all But what I did get from her is that there is no warranty after 30 days!! Even tho I didn’t get it till 2 months after I ordered it as it was on back order! What gets me is it was stated on TV there was a 10 yr warranty. Told her they were a rip off and only wanted our money.

      Warn everyone interested it this hose to steer clear of it!!

  660. Roger Comer says:

    Pocket hose is a scam, bought 6 they all broke and leaked within month, company says 10 year money back guarantee. Trying getting they argue and say its only 1 month and on tv says 10 years, they are scammers selling a worthless product so don’t buy is my advise.

  661. Karen says:

    The hose leaks, tried washers and nothing helped.

  662. Kristin E. says:

    HEALTH WARNING….did you know the pocket hose has a health warning? Do not drink from it or let your pets drink the water from it. Harmful chemicals from the materials it is made of.

    • Joel S. says:

      It has latex tubing(similar to surgical tubing) inside it. Not sure why it would be harmful to drink from. Might not taste too great though. I’m thinking about buying some heavier surgical tubing and upgrading my hose. The tubing isn’t cheap though.

  663. D W Kline says:

    Of the 3 Pocket hoses I purchased-2 of them broke apart in 2 days. The 50ft blew apart the first time I used it. The fabric cover tore apart and the plastic “balloon” inside, expanded thru the fabric and burst-showering me with water. I’m afraid to try the 3rd one How do I get my money back? The idea is great–but the product is inferior.

  664. Shar says:

    I bought the 50′ pocket hose. Used it twicee and the on/off switch broke. Water went everywhere. Don’t buy it. I’ll keep my old hose.

  665. delores milton says:

    I am so glad that read these reviews, I wont be buying one. They make it sound so great on tv, I just saw the advertisement just a few minutes ago. Sad when you can not get any communication with these thieves, Supposed to be a 10 year warranty, best to check the complaints first.

  666. Colleen says:

    I purchased the Pocket Hose at a Weis grocery store. Brought it home… Waited for a nice day to hook it up.. Within 10 minutes of hooking it up and turning it on, it got a clear bubble coming out of the end, and completely busted open. For the few minutes that I got to use it, it leaked water everywhere.. Huge letdown. Don’t waste your money. Unfortunately, I didn’t save my receipt, so I cannot return it to the store..


    After reading all the comments as to quality of Pocket Hose. I could not believe we all had the same complaint. There is no way of contacting the manufacture. How convenient for them not to reply for any kind of help. Will tell everyone what a rip off this product is.

  668. Roger Womack says:

    Hose leaks at the nozzle and had to tighten the hell out of it at the faucet. Hope I can fix bought one at target and one on line!

  669. Ken McCoy says:

    I ordered 1 100, and an additional 1 at special price. Before the order was complete they put 5 plus 5 hoses on order and I could not change it and no calls were accepted. I immediately called amex and stopped charge Now they want me to pay shipping on return of 10 hoses. These folks are crooks and if you can contact cust service you will hear a language that is not understandable

  670. BB says:

    Had it for one day and it had 2 leaks. Piece of junk from China! Good Luck!

  671. Tami bigby says:

    I bought two hose in one of our local stores, the hose has horrible pressure. Greatly disappointed.

  672. Carolyn says:

    When will we Americans learn NOT TO BUY PRODUCTS MADE IN CHINA?!? I had thought of buying one. I did my research, and sure enough, Pocket Hose is made in China and 99.9% of the Pocket Hose reviews say the same exact thing – JUNK. It is a shame. Most “as seen on TV” items are great ideas. Once the wonderful ideas make it to the part of manufacturing, however, the decision is made for it to be made in China to cuts costs. I would gladly pay more for these type items if they were high quality products that were made right here in the USA!!!

  673. Wheeler J.R. says:

    My order # 12851206 was incorrect therefore I was promised e refund of $12. On my Discover Card …..last four # 7513. This has not occurred.?? Two phone calls were made and each time credit was promised….Do I get the credit as promised or return the order for full refund? JRW

  674. theklutz says:

    PS: After reading a lot of the Pocket Hose reviews, I’m afraid to turn it back on for fear of it bursting. Already got soaked once. Actually twice, one for buying it and the other when the on/off knob blew out. Guess it’s back to the heavy hose.

  675. theklutz says:

    I bought the 50 ft. hose at a local grocery store. Having arthritic hands I need something light weight, plus I don’t have the strength to lug around a heavy hose. The first time I turned it on the on/off knob broke and gushed water through the hole it left. Fortunately, that section can be removed, but was not happy with it breaking on the first use. It did shrink back up when turned off, but not as much as they show.

  676. George Mauliola says:

    This is my second complaint on your pocket hose.

    Previously bought 4 each 50′ hose. 3 of them has already burst at the faucet connection and the other is already leaking water and ready to burst as well. The hose is always in the “open position” and even if I use hose sprayer, I try to leave the water running so it doesn’t build up any pressure in the hose. My faucet pressure are standard home pressure as set by the local water supplier. Needless to say I am absolutely disappointed in the quality of the hose and it’s function. I would not recommend this to my neighbors or anyone else. I’m sure I not the only one with this problem. These hose were purchased only about a month and a half ago. It’s more of a problem to send these back from Hawaii as they burst at different intervals and would have had to send 3 separate shipments back from Hawaii for replacements or refund. Terribly disappointed.

    Note: sent a previous complaint and had your error function come on but was not able to get back to my original message??? problem!

  677. Sam Lock says:

    I was so excited by this new hose! I bought 1 & loved it, so I bought another. No sooner than I had brought it home did the first one break at the open/shut valve. Returned it for another one. That one sprung a leak at the connector junction. The second one sprung a leak at the other end of the connector junction. Great idea, but total garbage! Don’t waste your money. They need to go back to the drawing board.

  678. Leo Gambadoro says:

    The worst hose I have ever work with. It leaks. I took 3 back already.
    Very weak with plastic to your faucet. BAD BAD.

  679. Gromit says:

    First use was fine, second time it sprung leaks at multiple places. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  680. Karol says:

    Is this hose fixable? I loved mine, had it about three months and hose has started coming apart from connector, I can’t figure out if it is possible to open connector or not so that it can be fixed. If it can then I would recommend, of not then I guess it would be a no. Very lightweight so I love using it but I want my hose to last more than three months.

  681. Mary says:

    I received the Pocket Hose as a Christmas gift and just tried it now that it is Spring. Hooked it up, and there is a rash of leaks, so it is not even useable. What can I do? Thanks

  682. Ken-o says:

    I bought a 50′ and liked it so much I expanded to 75′ and bought additional 25′.

    After one week use (4-5 times) the 50′ section “sprung a leak”..5 minutes later the entire seam split for 4-5 feet.

    Will try one more time,. Great product if stays together.

  683. B Branham says:

    I purchased a 25 and 50′ hose. The second time we used it, the ends began to leak and we had to discontinue its use. I do not know if there is a repair kit available. I do not recommend this product. The quality is deficient.

  684. John Zellner says:

    Just bought a 50′ Pocket Hose from Home Depot. Tried it out. Worked well, except haven’t figured out how to get it to retract onto itself. Yes, I did shut off water supply at bib, and then opened up stop-cock on hose itself. It did retract, but only about half way. Then I had to drag the rest back to its beginning point, not that that was a big chore. But, the point being that it did not fully retract, as I was led to believe from ads that it would.

    • elayne brown says:

      When I purchased mine, it only expanded a few feet. Turned the water off and it did not retract. Took it back right away.

  685. Terry Marshall says:

    Just tried pocket purchased at Home Depot. What a joke, leaked at every joint, only retracts to approximately 50 percent of length. I am a constant Home Depot customer and I am amazed that they would sell such a piece of junk. It seems ,no, it is a fact that greed controls business today.

  686. Susan Howe says:

    Product exploded on second use. Took back to store for refund.

  687. Terri says:

    My 82 year old Mother tried to surprise my husband for his birthday and ordered of the TV commercial Buy one get one free. Upon ordering the special the rep told her is she gets a 3rd one there will be no shipping and handling. A couple weeks later her package arrives and has 5 hoses in it and she was charged $85. When I called to complain to the Customer Service Dept in India, I was told it was my Mothers fault she placed the wrong order and she could return the order at her expense and credit card will be credited within 5-7 days. Shitty product, misleading advertising and the worst customer service experience. DO NOT BUY POCKET HOSE.

  688. Claire Cyr says:

    I purchased this hose in a 75 foot length on December 17,2012. It arrived on December 28th. I actually love the hose, but on April 11, 2013, we turn the water on and began to water as normal. The hose blew out at the nozzle attachment and the inners retracted leaving the hose leaking and un-retractable. (I paid 49.99 for this hose, having upgraded it, and paid the shipping for a second one, upgraded, also for a total of $69.99. I called the company and Ryan said, SORRY, its after the 90 day warranty. Yes, it is. 10 days after the 90 day period. I would not purchase from this company as they refuse to stand behind their products.. I learned my lesson. If its seen on TV, its too good to be true. So hopefully, if you purchase one, it will burst before the 90 day warranty runs out.

  689. robyn sikder says:

    I bought this Pocket hose in Rite Aid and the first time I used it. It broke right at the end, I have tried to get in touch with them by phone and can only get a recording so please let me know how to get my money back as I used this hose for less then 5 minutes. DO NOT BUY THIS HOSE!!!

    • Sherrie says:

      I’m so glad I read these reviews before I purchased a pocket hose, which is what I was about to do.

      Kind of sounds like, customer service waits until the tiime limit for returns/refunds is up befoe responding to complaints, so they can say…” sorry, it’s been too long”.

      I’m so glad I didn’t order what seems to be, even MORE chinese CRAP!

  690. A Morgan says:

    I bought one 50′ hose and tried it out for about 10 minutes (mainly to see if it shriveled back) before buying another 50′ hose. Second time I used the hose it blew! right at the connector. Just like most others on this board. It’s a great product but REALLY? They can’t figure out how to keep the connector on the hose? Very disappointing but I bought it at CVS and they give me 60 days to return items. Both will go back today. DON’T BUY online especially! so you don’t have to worry about sending it back. In fact, DON’T BUY AT ALL.

  691. Val says:

    I bought the hose at a local store and absolutely loved it until it burst. Could someone from the USA design one that works? I would definitely buy another if it were remade to last. Like I said wonderful idea but needs to be redesigned in our country. Then it will last.

  692. Jack says:

    I hope the FTC sues the distributor – they intentionally are selling a defective and dangerous product.

  693. Tim Lilly says:

    I recently purchased a 50′ long Pocket Hose and after the second use it sprung a leak near the connector. I read all the packaging and surprise there is no warranty on this product and limited liability for any damage cause from a defective product. And by the way, it does not retract as the commercial shows, but turns into a sloppy long wet hose that still needs to be hung up on a rack to keep it off the floor. Shame on TELEBrands of Fairfield, New Jersey for promoting and selling this type of garbage.

  694. ken weber says:

    I ordered a 50 ft. hose in January and I opened the box last week to use it and the threads leak when I connected it to the faust. We don’t need to water here in the winter, so the hose wasn’t connected until last week. When I turned on the water the treads leaked . I flipped the washer over tried it again and it still leaked, I called today asking for a refund and they said that all they could do was send me another hose. I have had enough of that hose, I don’t want another. The 30 day return policy should be extended to allow me to get my money back. I’ll return the hose if you’ll give me a RMA. Ph: 503-440-2349 It is a valid email.

  695. Richard says:

    This is a Genuine piece of junk. All they do is Pocket your Money. My advice Please don’t get hosed by Pocket hose.

  696. Herb Wilson says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I almost bought one. shew!

  697. Doug says:

    The Pocket Hose was given to me as a birthday gift. If I had paid money for this, I would have been pretty upset. The on off valve located on the end of the hose lasted with only 3 turns… The nob shot off and nailed me in the forehead and soaked me in water… had to laugh…. I cannot believe what a SCAM this product is… JUNK JUNK JUNK…. another fine “made in china” piece of crap…. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY……

  698. Jerry Arasim says:

    I ordered 2 (75) foot hoses and had one spring a leak. I complained to the company by phone, BIG TIME ! The company representative was very understanding and offered me the option of getting my money back AND THEY would email me or send me a return label OR send me a NEW 75′ Flex Hose. I chose the new hose because they are perfect watering my indoor plants ! !

    I just received my replacement hose (one week wait) and when I opened the box, I FOUND TWO 75′ HOSES INSTEAD OF JUST ONE REPLACEMENT ! ! ! !
    I’m very pleased with the outcome and thought I would let you know. Jerome Arasim

    How could ANYONE NOT ORDED a FLEX ABLE HOSE from this company ? ?


  699. Kelley says:

    So thankful for all of these reviews…the infomercials always make them look so fabulous. Will not order. Thanks

  700. Mike says:

    NEVER buy from Pocket Hose on line. I placed an order on line and it appeared the website wasn’t working. Therefore, I ended up placing 3 orders not knowing they went through each time. I called the following day and cancelled all 3 orders. The man I talked to overseas said the orders have been cancelled and he could place the correct order for me. Today I ended up with 4 boxes on my doorstep. When I called and spoke to the call center for Pocket Hose he said it was my fault. Offered me $20.00 to keep all the hoses. Refused to pay for the return shipping. Refused to let me speak with a supervisor, refused to give me a number I could call and talk directly to Pocket Hose. Worthless company.

  701. Jamie says:

    This hose is crap with a capital c. bought one for use in my garden and the first time I used it the end with the on/off valve blew completely off. It sprayed water all over my little girl who was in the garden with me. and the end that blew off flew over gate and hit my neighbor in the back. needless to say he was not happy nor was my daughter. tried to fix blew off the hose but valve would not stay on three times. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.it is also a safety hazard.

  702. B barthell says:

    My husband had two brand new pocket hoses explode on him in one day! No cash refund available…….as expected. B. in TX

  703. Jim says:

    The first time I used it to wash my car the hose had a blowout, a split about a foot long. The Pocket Hose is certainly not worth the money.

  704. Gilbert Deming says:

    Great concept for a garden hose. I have both brands. However, the end connections on both have failed. What’s more, if you try to repair them then continue to leak and separate. Seems like a big problem. Keep your receipts and packaging for at least a dozen waterings. Hope they get this problem resolved.

  705. Caroline Thomas says:

    It’s advertised as the hose that grows, they should call it the hose that blows…as in blows up the minute you turn the water on. Our Pocket Hose lasted all of 2 seconds…as soon as we turned the water on, the on/off valve went flying (we’ve yet to find it). I’m taking it back to the store now, wish I would have read these reviews before buying.

    • KD says:

      I laughed out loud at your comment. It was perfect and the laugh felt good especially after 20 mins trying to get a replacement from customer service in India. Was so frustrated but your comment was hilarious because that is exactly what my hose did… lol

  706. Ray Smart says:

    I bought the Pocket Hose and the first time I turned it on with full pressure the small plastic lever on the on/off fitting on the end of the hose blew off spraying water all over my garage. I tried another spray nozzle that was metal instead of plastic,but it leaked so bad around the fitting that it was not usable. Very dissatisfied!

  707. Patricia Troutman says:

    In November I ordered a Pocket Hose in the 100-ft length. When it arrived, instead of a 100-ft hose, there were two of 50 feet, with a note saying the substitution was at no extra charge to me. (!!) I didn’t want two 50’s so I called and was told they would send a 100-ft out immediately. I asked about returning the 50’s but was told I did not need to return them. Some time later a box arrived with, again, two 50-ft hoses. I again called and was told if I was not satisfied (with the wrong item) I could return them—at my expense. Since I didn’t think it should be my expense to return their mistake, I kept them, and then saw a second charge on my credit card. They charged me as if I had made a new order. I have to wonder how many people they have misled. It may turn out to be a good hose, but it is shabby customer service.

    • Kathy says:

      Well, can you screw them together and extend?? Other wise, is it good. I think I can take a chance with 12 dollars. But if they are so good, everybody would have one.

  708. Mary Merx says:

    I called & spoke with a woman with an accent name Maria. She took all my info & told me to call back next morning. I spoke to a young man who corrected my order. About a month later, my credit card was declined. My credit card company caught 3 fraudulent charges 1 for $1.08

    At a New York Wendy’s & 2-3 attempts to charge $600!at Apple stores in New York. Maria never entered the order as the young man could not find ANY record of my call to Maria. Not only do i believe this company is underhanded, but I feel they are thieves. I closed the credit card & don’t even want to do further business with this company. Live & learn!

  709. Vanessa says:

    Hi, my opinion, is not worth it! It is a great idea, but the material is not good, is cheap and mine broke exactly 33 days after I bought it, so, I can’t return it to the store and it doesn’t have a warranty to claim. I was using it only for the maintenance of my garden, I also follow the instructions and keep it inside of the house, in my laundry, I consider that I took good care, but It just broke! So, in my opinion, not a good product.

  710. Bill Smith says:

    Pocket hose is toxic and killed my entire family!! Initially, I read the comments about the hose leaking and was concerned that this would happen to the one I bought. Little did I know that I had much bigger problems waiting for me. Each one of my 6 children used the hose and died shortly after being diagnosed with toxic hose syndrome. Then the same thing happened to my two cousins. Next week, my wife will try to water the lawn using it and if she passes away, I am clearly going to try to get my money back on this hose. Maybe I am old school, but HOSES should not kill all of your family members. In fairness to the hose manufacturer, it still has not leaked even with so many family members using it. All in all, I give it a thumbs up! If it starts leaking, though, I may write an angry letter, but keeping my fingers crossed.