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The hose is great for watering flowers, but it won’t clean your driveway until now…Introducing the 8-in-1 EZ Jet Water Cannon. It is the first as seen on tv water pressure washer that combines the power of a pressure water with a convenience of a garden hose to blast away dirt and grime from the driveways and sidewalks, pressure clean wood decks, unclog rain gutters and blast pool filters clean, destroy dirt from walk-way stones.


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EZ Jet Water Cannon
And with just a twist to this as seen on tv power washer you have a gentle mist to water all your delicate plants. Another twist and you have a powerful water broom to sweep patios, decks and walkways.

Just fill the dispenser with soap and power clean your 2nd storey windows without ever climbing another ladder. Twist again to wash and rinse your car in minutes.

Fill the as seen on tv power washer with liquid fertilizer and treat your entire lawn and plants.

Water enters the expansion chamber and is stored until you release it and it is forced out from one of the eight spray nozzles. Just twist and you are ready to clean those hard-to-reach places. With 8 built-in nozzles you will have the right spray for every job everyday from power cleaning to flower misting.

Regular pressure cleaners are expensive, bulky and hard to use.

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What do I get?

  • EZ Jet Water Cannon As Seen On TV Pressure Washer
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Is it ever breaks just send it and get a new Power Washer.

Free Bonuses

  • EZ Streak-Free Window Magic
  • EZ Spotless Concentrate Car Wash
  • EZ Sham

Please Visit The Official Website https://www.buyezjet.com

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EZ Jet Water Cannon Video


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21 Responses to “EZ Jet Water Cannon Review”

  1. Cliff Hayes says:

    Absolutely terrible! No power at all…waste of money! What a rip off!!

  2. Phyllis says:

    Could you please let me know where to purchase another EZ-Jet ! I just love it.

  3. behzad says:


    I need the HD video of EZ Jet Water Cannon. The YouTube video is not good.

    Please help

  4. EZ Jet Water Cannon Question says:

    why is my ez jet water cannon leaking?

  5. Did anyone buy EZ Jet Water Cannon, any testimonials?

    Does it really work as shown on the TV?

    Is it really effective?

    Do you recommend this product? OR do you know a better alternative?

    Did you buy it from the official EZ Jet Water Cannon website online?

    Are you satisfied with the ordering process?

    Do you think EZ Jet Water Cannon is a scam?

    Did you receive the complete EZ Jet Water Cannon set you ordered?

    Did you receive your order on time?

    Is EZ Jet Water Cannon backordered?

    How to return the EZ Jet Water Cannon?

    Have you see the EZ Jet Water Cannon in any stores? do you know which store carry this product?



  7. Christine says:

    I ordered a EZ-Jet Water Broom in July 2010. Payment was deducted from my checking account but I never received the product. I tried to call the phone number (800) 951-9872 and was told it’s no longer in service. Does anyone know the current number for customer service?

  8. Deborah booker says:

    I ordered the EZ Water Jet and by mistake ordered 2, I received the first one with a statement that they were out of the window wash, car wash and the EZ Water Jet shams and this will follow in a couple of weeks, never received. I have called about the second order numerous times and have been told a lot of stories, I have never received my money back nor the additional items and now the phone number on my forms does not answer 203-306-5748.

  9. Frank Reddick says:

    I ordered an EZ Jet Water Cannon my mail from a TV ad on July 15, 2010. I contacted Customer Service several times requesting the status of the order to no avail. Each time a representative will tell me the order will be shipped in a few days. As of November 8, 2010, I have not received the product. Attempts to contact customer service department number is not currently working. I am demanding a refund of $37.97 to be returned to me.


  10. Jan Pickens says:

    I ordered an EZ Jet Water Cannon online from a TV ad on July 12, 2010. I accidentally ordered it twice because of website problems. My first order was refunded right away. My second has never arrived, although was promised. I now have sent faxes showing two were purchased, one refunded and the other still not refunded (NOR RECEIVED!). I would like a refund of $37.97 to my checking account. What more do I have to do to receive it?

    thank you.

  11. Car Valeting Products says:

    I got hold of an fantastic cleaning tool for cars the other day at the local market. I’m certain you might have seen the buckets you put on your car and it has a check valve with a brush on the end. Works wonders.

  12. Jack says:

    Thanks for all the EZ Jet reviews!

  13. sandra ebert says:


  14. sandra ebert says:

    It is junk!!!!

  15. Ray Everson says:

    Some debris got into my EZ jet and I can’t figure out how to clean it. The spray is partly blocked. What can I do?

  16. edward arndt says:

    I ordered a ez jet water cannon on their website but could not cancel the order. I called the company and spent quite a bit of time waiting to get through. they have no record of my order even tho I have a order confirmation number.. I am still trying to cancel the order.

  17. NC Frye says:

    Will this work on vinyl siding on my home?

  18. chris says:

    I have a pressure washer with a 5 Hp Briggs & Stratton engine. The pump is made by Water Cannon.

  19. Strobe says:

    is EZ Jet Water Cannon better than the Water Jet Power Washer?

  20. george says:

    warning! I was using the high pressure setting to wash my parking lot. I tripped over the hose while it was on, and it shot back at me.

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