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Everyone wants their house to look sparkling clean! You can dust and wipe all the nooks and cranies, but the baseboards have you crawling and crouching on the floor. It is so messy and time consuming. Here is the answer you are looking for- Baseboard Buddy! This is the fast and easy way to clean your base boards. All you do is hold the handle, and the micro-fibre cleaning pads do the rest. Finally, here is a product that makes cleaning a pleasure!


Baseboard Buddy
You can clean off years of built-up dust germs and bacteria, and the allergens in the bedroom, all in one simple step. Just walk along your base board and your buddy does the work. It pressure sweeps any baseboard, no matter what its width or style. Baseboard Buddy rides right along the top of your baseboard, conforming to its shape. The specially designed soft bristle cleaning head rests on top of your baseboard, and the penetrating fibers reach down and whisk away stubborn dirt.

You can make your baseboards look great, without even bending down! It can be used wet to get the most neglected baseboards look like the day they were painted. The swivel head helps you clean the corners easily and what’s more, the telescopic handle reaches right up to the ceiling. No wonder the great Martha Strand Living recommends Baseboard Buddy for a floor to ceiling clean!

Make or break the whole look of your room. Place your order now and get a Miracle Maid with it for extra S&H. The Miracle Maid is a cleaning glove that helps you clean without chemicals. It helps you to wipe off the worst finger prints on glass without using even a drop of spray cleaner.

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What do I get?

  • 1 Baseboard Buddy
  • 1 Miracle Maid

You can now place your order the Baseboard Buddy for just $14.99 + $10.98 P&H. This is not available in stores. Official website

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3 Responses to “Baseboard Buddy Review”

  1. Mary walker says:

    I ordered the baseboard buddy, I thought from “as seen on TV”. I got a confirmation page which after I looked at it did not have as seen on TV on it…just baseboard Never received the item and the baseboard website is “under construction”. Now I fear my card info is loose in cyberspace which is worrisome. Haven’t seen the item around my area either. Needless to say I am puzzled, worried, and a little unhappy.

  2. Baseboard Buddy Questions says:

    Did anyone buy Baseboard Buddy, any testimonials?

  3. Admin says:

    Can Baseboard Buddy be used on all kinds of baseboards?

    Does it sweep the corners?

    Does it require kneeling and scrubbing?

    Is it easy to use?

    Can it reach up to the ceiling?

    Can Baseboard Buddy be used wet?

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