Wonder Wallet Ultra Light

About Wonder Wallet Ultra Light Wonder Wallet Ultra Light claims to the thinnest and most organized wallet that’s indestructible and protects cards from identity theft. The patented wide design of Wonder Wallet Ultra Light is laid out like a photo album to carry twice as many items on both sides while staying five times slimmer […]

Lock Wallet Review

What is Lock Wallet It claims to be a wallet designed to safeguard personal ids and cards from getting skimmed. It basically shields away scanners that can read the RFID from these cards and saves from identity and money theft. Lock Wallet claims to be a lightweight and compact wallet that stores, secures, and protects […]

Security Sleeves

About Security Sleeves It is a new vault-like cover that offers foolproof protection to confidential information embedded on your cards. It features metal-lined polymer that blocks radio wave transmission and prevents your private information from unauthorized access.   No fear The creators of Security Sleeves state that even though owning cards has replaced carrying cash […]

Bella Plus

What is Bella Plus: It is a sleek looking purse that claims to let you charge your phones just about anywhere. Bella Plus promises that you won’t ever have to worry about your phones running out of battery. It can become the bane of your existence because you just can’t do without your phones today. […]

Scan Stop

Stops your cards from being scanned unlawfully Scan Stop, a set of two cards that claims to build an electronic shield around cards, guarantees to protect your personal information from getting scanned without your knowledge. Technology may have advanced to great heights and made life easy, but data theft and transmission for wrong intent can […]