Sherwood DVD Collection Review

About Sherwood DVD Collection Sherwood DVD Collection claims to be a collector’s DVD set of four films that are inspirational as well as heartrending. Sherwood DVD Collection proclaims to have faith-building movies that focus on integrity, family, and the power of faith. Sherwood DVD Collection assures to motivate you to work on your relationships, the […]

Quiet-Storm Review

Quiet-Storm It’s a 10-CD compilation of 150 songs that create a special, romantic mood one would love to share withthat someone special. These are the songs which a hopeless romantic would reallydream about listening to into the night in the company of the most loved person.   About Quiet Storm A hip and happening trend […]

Pop Goes The 70s

What is Pop Goes The 70s: It is a CD collection that promises to bring back the melodies and magic of 70s music into your living room. Pop Goes The 70s brings you the best of music from the 70s that in many ways became a soundtrack for the decade. If you have lived through […]

Timelife Legendary Voices

About Timelife Legendary Voices A collection of the most popular classic songs rendered by legends on CD sets. Brought to you by StarVista Entertainment/Time Life, the collection is available in two sets of CDs (150 songs on 10 CDs and 272 songs on 18 CDs) you can choose from.   Evergreen gems under one roof […]

The Country Jukebox Collection

What is The Country Jukebox Collection – The Country Jukebox Collection is a series of greatest country songs that ruled in the 50’s through 80’s.   Relive history The Country Jukebox Collection promises to bring back memories of country music with its collection of the greatest hits. The hits are the ones that were famously […]