Bacon Bake Review

What is Bacon Bake As per the infomercial it’s a baking pan that gives crisp and tasty bacons in minutes. It asserts to give perfectly baked bacons using half the fat thus being a low-cholesterol and healthier option. It states to let you make thick and thin bacon strips, turkey bacon and even Canadian bacon […]

Mighty Clips Review

What is Mighty Clips As per the TV infomercial it is a set of clips that are designed to seal and secure food packets and bags. It keeps the food fresh, crisp and delicious. It is made from stainless steel material to increase durability and effectiveness.     Perfect seal Mighty Clips claims that it […]

Egg Pops Review

About Egg Pops Egg Pops states to be microwave egg cooker that gives you perfect hardboiled eggs without the shell within a minute. It assures to save your time while boiling eggs since you do not have to boil or peel the eggs. Since Egg Pops cooks without the shell, it claims to let you […]

Better Bacon Press Review

What is Better Bacon Press – It claims to be a revolutionary kitchen utility item that lets you cook crispy bacon every time. It basically flattens the bacon helping heat to pass evenly so it cooks well. Plus its glass body lets you see through while the cooking happen.   Cook bacon perfectly Better Bacon […]

Dual Wave Review

What is Dual Wave? Dual wave is an incredible microwavable cooking system that is a combination of a plastic and ceramic bowl that allows you to heat and eat your food without burning your fingers. Dual Wave comes with a tight vented lid that prevents food from splattering in the microwave. You can also use […]

Dough Genie Review

What is Dough Geni As per the infomercial it is a ground breaking way of preparing dough, which is otherwise a tedious job. It ensures that the dough does not stick to it and no mess is created in the process. Magic dough maker: Dough Genie assures to be the number one idea that will […]

Funnel 5 Review

About Funnel 5 Funnel 5 states to be a new kitchen tool that is a 5-in-1 funnel system to give you custom-size funnels for no spill pouring of any liquid you need. The system claims that you will find a funnel for any mouth of a container that is too wide or too small in […]