Kitchen Keeper Review

About Kitchen Keeper Kitchen Keeper alleges to be an organizer for your kitchen drawer that lets you keep your utensils and kitchen accessories neat and well-organized. With its adjustable and replaceable dividers, Kitchen Keeper assures to hold utensils and gadgets of all shapes and sizes and fits into any drawer. It claims to hold the […]

Crispy Wave Review

What is Crispy Wave The infomercial states that it is a microwave wrap that browns your food to perfection in the microwave. It asserts to be very easy to use and can give perfectly crisp chicken, meats, popcorn and pastries in minutes.   Get the brownest and crispiest foods ever Crispy Wave promises to be […]

Smart Strainer Review

What is Smart Strainer? Smart Strainer is a kitchen accessory that claims to be the quickest, most convenient and neatest way to do five jobs – strain, steam, cook, guard and protect, and serve – singlehandedly. Smart Strainer convinces to let you save storage space since it can be flattened to become as compact as […]

My Portion Review

What is My Portion It is claimed to be a cup that comes with markers with an adjustable base that can be set for different weight ranges. These markers can be easily used to measure appropriate amount of food to achieve weight loss and also maintain the goal weight.   My Portion Features and Benefits […]