Kleva Chef Review

What is Kleva Chef It is claimed to be a kitchen accessory that suffices the need of every kitchen with its unique design. A perfect tool for left and right handed individuals, it has the ability to easily slice, peel, julienne, garnish and much more easily.   All-in-one Cutting Tool Kleva Chef is asserted to […]

BBQ NU Review

What is BBQ NU According to the TV ad claims BBQ NU is a grill cleaning solution that cleans them in an instant without the need of scrubbing. Its cleaning solution and bag works together to provide a new-like feel to the grills while removing any new or old burnt-on messes effectively.   Clean Barbeque […]

Burrito Perfect

What is Burrito Perfect? It is a foldable and versatile device that helps you wrap perfect burritos in three steps. It is a simple and mess-free way to fold stuffed tortilla packed with any ingredient neatly.   Relish delicious, manageable burritos If you are a fan of burritos, you must check out Burrito Perfect, a […]

Marshmallow Puff Pop

What is Marshmallow Puff Pop: It is a simple kitchen tool that promises to help you make delicious treats for your kids in hardly any time. Marshmallow Puff Pop assures you a simple and quick way of making mouth watering treats for your kids whenever you want. You know that every now and then your […]

Big Boss Juicer

A top quality juicer is practically indispensible for all kitchens. And it’s particularly true for our times where we put a lot of emphasis on healthy eating. But good quality juicers that are reasonably priced are hard to come by. Thankfully now you can buy Big Boss Juicer, a strong, powerful and convenient juicer for […]