Rollie Rack

What is Rollie Rack? As depicted in the infomercial, Rollie Rack claims to be a compact, flexible and portable dish rack that rolls out over the kitchen sink and drains the water from the washed dishes, pots and pans. It lets the air circulate to dry them in half the time. It is built tough […]

Shake and Shell

What is Shake and Shell? As per the infomercial, Shake and Shell is a unique way of peeling the egg shells of hard boiled eggs. If the claims of the makers are to be believed, it is the World’s Fastest Egg Peeler. It is a completely painless and non-messy technique of enjoying hard boiled eggs […]

Twisty Lid

What is Twisty Lid? It is a quick and easy-to-use tool that helps you open the lid of any jar or bottle without any kind of hassle. The Twisty Lid claims to open the lids of different sizes of jars, jugs, small bottles, large sized containers and even oil caps for that matter. Twisty Lid […]

Breville Boss to Go Plus

What is Breville The Boss to Go Plus? The Breville Boss to Go Plus claims to be a super personal blender from the house of the famed Breville Food Thinkers. It is used in making smoothies of an extremely fine consistency with minimum pulp, thus ensuring extraction of maximum nutrients. With these smoothies The Boss […]


What is RETape? As depicted in the infomercial, RETape is a tape used for sealing food packets, containers or cosmetics so as to retain their freshness until next use. It is easily removable, resealable and reusable.   How does RETape work? Have you opened a snack packet and tried to seal it with those regular […]

Juiceman Compact Juicer JM250

What is the Juiceman Compact Juicer? The Juiceman Compact Juicer promise to be the perfect kind of juicer that turns your favourite fruits, berries, leafy greens and much more and turn it into the most healthy and spectacular tasting juice with just a click of a button.   How does the Juiceman Compact Juicer work? […]

The Ultimate Jar Opener

About The Ultimate Jar Opener The Ultimate Jar Opener is a jar opener that states to do all the work for you when it comes to opening the lid of any jar or bottle no matter how big or small. The Ultimate Jar Opener asserts that you just need to gab, grip and twist it […]