Nutri-Blast Blender Review

What is Nutri-Blast Blender It claims to be a powerful blender that will help extract nutrition at its best from food ingredients. It can also be used for milling and has a staggering speed in a compact shape which makes it the blender to go for.   Healthy eating made easy Nutri-Blast Blender states to […]

The One Café Review

What is The One Café As per the infomercial it is an innovative contraption that lets the user brew a single serve coffee in a regular coffee maker easily. It helps save the cost of purchasing an additional single serve coffee maker or wastage of coffee in multi-cup coffee makers.   Instant single serve coffee […]

EZ Cracker

How does EZ Cracker work? Who doesn’t like to have healthy, nutritious eggs for breakfast? In fact it’s a good way to start the day on an energetic note for the entire family. But in the mornings when you are often running against time, cracking eggs, separating egg whites and trying to keeps shells out […]

Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soup Maker Review

How does Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soup Maker work? If you are conscious about what you and your loved ones eat, soups probably are an important component of your daily diet. However making homemade soups is a task as it involves chopping veggies, slicing meats, adding herbs and other ingredients in the right measure, prepping […]

KitchenAid Torrent Blender Review

What is KitchenAid Torrent Blender It states to be a revolutionary blender that works on the toughest recipes and ingredients easily and quickly. It assures to have speed controls and pre-set blending to give you perfectly blended recipes with just a push of a button while you walk away.     Toughest of recipes easily […]

Optimum 9200 Review

About Optimum 9200 Optimum 9200 states to be a most powerful, next generation and a high speed vortex blender that can crush fruits and ice in seconds. Optimum 9200 convinces to be ideal for domestic and commercial needs. It claims to let you make iced beverages, smoothies, spreads and dips, juices, cocktails, and even grind […]

Andrew James Power Juicer Review

About Andrew James Power Juicer Andrew James Power Juicer states to be a whole fruit power juicer that lets you increase your intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet. The juicer promises to give 30% drier pulp since it extracts more nutrients and vitamins from the produce. The feed chute of Andrew James Power […]

Zip Chopper Review

What is Zip Chopper It is a pull string chopper that promises to make your kitchen prep easier and save you a lot of time on a regular basis. Zip Chopper asserts that now you won’t have to feel daunted by your kitchen prep, which can be quite tedious and time consuming as well. Although […]

Sharpdini Review

What is Sharpdini It is a kitchen knife sharpener that promises to help you sharpen all types of knives you might use in the kitchen effortlessly and within hardly any time. Sharpdini maintains that now it won’t be a hassle for you to sharpen the kitchen knives in your house. If you like spending time […]