Funnel 5 Review

About Funnel 5 Funnel 5 states to be a new kitchen tool that is a 5-in-1 funnel system to give you custom-size funnels for no spill pouring of any liquid you need. The system claims that you will find a funnel for any mouth of a container that is too wide or too small in […]

Lid Buddy Review

About Lid Buddy: Lid Buddy claims to be one of a kind add-on contraption for the kitchen that helps in holding the lid of a pot or pan whenever you need to raise it, like while adding ingredients, scooping, stirring, tasting or keeping an eye on food. The caddy for your pot states to prevent […]

3 Minute Oven Cleaner Review

What is 3 Minute Oven Cleaner? Do you spend hours trying to clean your messy oven? Are you tired of using harmful and toxic sprays to clean baked-on grease and grime in your oven but they just don’t seem to go? Now there is a super fast, simple and easy solution to get a spotless […]

Big Boss Ceramic Grill Review

What is Big Boss Ceramic Grill As per the TV Infomercial it is a revolutionary grill that comes with the option of switching from a waffle to a sandwich maker too with ease. It has dual cooking surface that lets cooking evenly on both sides possible. Multipurpose grill: Big Boss Ceramic Grill guarantees to be […]

Oster MyBlend Pro Personal Blender Review

About Oster MyBlend Pro Personal Blender Oster MyBlend Pro Personal Blender is a blender for smoothies, health shakes and whole juices that claims to blend with just one touch and has no blending jar to clean. Oster MyBlend Pro Personal Blender proclaims that it works like an on-the-go cup and you just need to fill, […]

Mister Crisper Review

What is Mister Crisper: It is a ventilated oven pan that claims to let you air fry food so that you can enjoy it without worrying about calories. Mister Crisper asserts that now you can make your favourite fried dishes at home without a care in the world because they will be healthy as well. […]

Nutri-Blast Blender Review

What is Nutri-Blast Blender It claims to be a powerful blender that will help extract nutrition at its best from food ingredients. It can also be used for milling and has a staggering speed in a compact shape which makes it the blender to go for.   Healthy eating made easy Nutri-Blast Blender states to […]

The One Café Review

What is The One Café As per the infomercial it is an innovative contraption that lets the user brew a single serve coffee in a regular coffee maker easily. It helps save the cost of purchasing an additional single serve coffee maker or wastage of coffee in multi-cup coffee makers.   Instant single serve coffee […]

EZ Cracker

How does EZ Cracker work? Who doesn’t like to have healthy, nutritious eggs for breakfast? In fact it’s a good way to start the day on an energetic note for the entire family. But in the mornings when you are often running against time, cracking eggs, separating egg whites and trying to keeps shells out […]